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All characters, locations, companies and such are fictional in this story.

This short story is based on Fallout universe after the happenings of Fallout 4 where we follow the story of Isabella Blackwood, a 110% vault dweller and survivor of the vault experiments. Not sure what they were doing to her, Isabella is suffering blurry moments in her memory since she escaped the vault. She understands something had been done to her, and others in the vault, and has a sneaking feeling that it was not all good. Our heroine is / was everyone’s favorite “people person”, she is standing 5’11” (181cm) tall and is in her early twenties. Isabella has platinum blonde hair reaching over her back close to her hips. While inside the vault she kept herself in shape with various exercise options, gym, yoga, weightlifting you get my drift, keeping her body slender and toned. This first story will not contain any NSFW material but works as a base to upcoming stories — so if you’re interested in her backstory please do read on. Enjoy…

Where it all started:

[Recording is playing inside of a small room where roof lamp is blinking time to time] Hello dear listener of this recollection of things that happened after the bombs dropped. When the world was turned into a wasteland of radiation, dangers and… well you will hear later what else. I guess first things first, I was one of the lucky people who were chosen to program that sheltered people inside large underground vaults to protect them from the nuclear devastation. Lucky my ass if they would have told what kind of things, we would be going through I would have opted out and either died or became a ghoul I guess, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Isabella had vague recollections about the doctors inside the vault, those that had taken care of the residents, they had kept injecting people with several different serums. She wondered if those injections were the reason also for her blurry memory of the past inside the vault. Isabella remembered how one night power went down, sirens blared around the vault, there had been screams and blood. She had tried to escape, tried to hide somewhere. Then the screams had stopped, finally the sirens died down also and there had only been the red emergency light flickering. It had been a day or two before Isabella finally found her way out to the vault entrance and she stepped in the growing morning light, insect buzzing, to the new world after the bombs. She dared herself to look back at the entrance of the vault one more time before stumbling out, her vault suit was torn from several spots and she was full of bruises, scratches but still alive as she limped to a small shack. Closing the door behind her Isabella slumped down leaning the door with her back and let out a long breath of relief, she had survived. At least to this point, she had to remind herself, she needed water and food and new suit. Exhaustion took Isabella over and she slumped in the shack dozing off.

As she woke up the sun was already setting down, she gathered herself and headed back to the entrance of the vault to peek inside, vault was still powered up with red light flickering in the entrance hall, there were bodies like ragdolls on the floors as Isabella ventured little bit more inside. Finally, she spotted a few boxes and backpack next to them. With haste Isabella filled the backpack with rations and bottled water, counting her blessings in her head she also spotted vacuum sealed vault suits, she ripped one bag open and cursed who ever invented the idea one size fits all as she stripped naked in the darkness and started to put the new suit on. It was little bit tight on the ass and Isabella had to leave front zipper halfway open giving anyone an ample cleavage show. She also cursed her luck that she had not been issued the famous pip-boy module. (I heard it should be a standard issue right reader?) With a quick look around Isabella grabbed the backpack and headed out in the cool evening breeze, passing the shack she noticed a few boxes and crowbar on top of them, now she was also armed if there was a need to hit something.

Isabella felt the weight of the crowbar on her hands and felt a surge of confidence as she started to walk downhill into her grand adventure. As the sun went down behind the horizon Isabella spotted an abandoned-looking diner. With a quick look inside and circle around the diner everything seemed to be safe, and she slipped into the darkness of the diner, someone had been sleeping here since there was an old campsite and sleeping bags on an old mattress. As she settled in for the night Isabella took a few sips of water and ate some dried rations before laying down on the mattress and falling quickly into a dreamless sleep. Sun was already up as Isabella sprang to action, the noises outside had startled her out from her slumber, and she was wildly looking around, her hair all over her face and still disorientated from her sleep. There was something happening just outside the diner, she could hear her pots and pans clattering around as she moved close to the edge of the window and peaked in. The sight made her slump back and look out again and slump back down again. Bulls, two headed bulls… wait two headed bulls were pulling carts right past the diner. Isabella’s mind ran wildly in circles, how could there be two headed bulls. As Isabella looked again, she also spotted two humans older couple walking beside the carts, they were wearing worn out clothes patched with animal hides.

There was a moment of hesitation where Isabella considered stepping out and announcing herself to the caravan, she wanted to, but she wasn’t sure about them, so she waited things out. After the caravan had passed, she counted still for a moment inside her head before she started to follow clear tracks after them. Isabella hoped that they were heading to close by settlement so she could get some more rations possibly through barter or hard work, she kept remind herself that everyone loves her she was the god damn people person. Night fell and the caravan kept still moving and Isabella kept still on their tail, if they knew that Isabella was there, they did not consider her as a threat. As soon as the caravan settled and the moon had risen to its peak, Isabella made up her mind about things she would announce herself to them. She started to approach slowly towards the caravan hoping that they were indeed nice people who would take one lost vault dweller in, maybe let her sit by the fire and explain what had happened in the world.

Isabella bit her lip and kept repeating in her head “I am a people person they will love me, and they are nice to me”, she was so in her thoughts that she did not see how large dog had sneaked behind her and jumped on her knocking her off balance and down to the ground. This knocked the air out of her lungs, and she could hear the dog growling right next to her ear. Isabella was able to squeak with her less confident but still sweet voice “Nice doggy, I am nice person, could you get off me now nice doggy” while she slowly turned her head to see the dog. All she saw was shotgun barrels pointed at her head. The old man waved his shotgun at Isabella and barked commands to the dog “Fargo off, let the lady get up now, slow nice and easy now.”

As Isabella rose slowly keeping her hands visible the old woman walked to her and motioned her to come and sit down by the fire. Fargo settled between the old couple and Isabella, while the old man visibly relaxed as the old woman started asking Isabella questions, how had she ended up here, where did she come from, what had happened… suddenly Isabella felt exhausted, safe and tried to explain her escape from the vault, make sense about what had happened with her limited memory of things and how she had ended up here. Old man spat his chewing tobacco in the campfire and just grunted clearly unsatisfied with Isabella’s story, the older woman rose and shushed her husband, then walked past Fargo sitting next to Isabella. She patted her leg with a soft smile on her face telling Isabella not to worry, clearly, she was not a raider or scary super mutant.

Then they exchanged looks and the old man rose, cleaned the dust from his pants noting just that Isabella was welcome to stay and travel with them if she pulled her weight in work, to which the old woman added that Isabella was in good hands and safe now. Isabella thanked them for the possibility and moved her things in one of the wagons and climbed in, settling between things there as comfortably as possible dozing off to sleep. Isabella’s dreams were filled with the horrors inside the vault, the doctors experimenting on their subjects, medical tables, and syringes. Then the sirens and screams and the blood, this made Isabella bolt from her sleep as the wagons jumped and tumbled because of the potholes on the road.

For a moment Isabella was not sure where she was, and to add to the confusion and her surprise Fargo had been sleeping on top of her, now as Isabella was sitting up, he also rose with her, and Fargo’s face was nestled between her breasts. As Isabella was hit by a minor panic attack Fargo started to lick her neck and face to calm her down. It felt just right to give him a scratch behind the ear and tell him that he was a good boy, before Isabella gathered things and hopped off the wagon. As the days passed old woman told Isabella as much as possible about the current state of the wasteland, about the super mutants, raiders, and all other horrors that lived in there these days.

It took over all few days to arrive. in a large settlement called “Ember point” where they stopped leaving wagons near the entrance of the gates to. Isabella was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells, and everything. The old couple told her that she could sleep in their living room for now at least, as the old woman showed Isabella their humble house which was more of a trailer attached to another with some extra walls and one side sloped roof.

There was a small garden in the back with some exotic looking plants growing. Isabella promised that she would try to get her own place as soon as efficient, to this the old woman shushed me and just smiled to her.

[Recording is playing inside of a small room where roof lamp is blinking time to time]

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