When I’m Away from You – Fetish

This is a story about my wife and I’s long distance sexual escapades with each other due to a yearly 13 day out of state hunting trip that I go on. This story has a slow create up to the main event, but is true and contains some cum fetish, so if that isn’t your thing look elsewhere. Also, if you’re here for a hunting story, I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to look elsewhere as well.

My name is Karl, my wife Helen and I are in our early 50’s, we’re empty nesters and have been really enjoying our freedom together since the kids are out of the house! I have been pushing Helen to expand her sexual boundaries. With more freedom and privacy, she has created some great advancements from where we started 30 years ago at the start of our marriage.

Helen and I are an attractive couple and are both in great physical condition due to working out about 5 days a week. Helen is 5’6″ has long highlighted blond and brown hair with just a hint of red thrown in. She is fair complected, has C cup breasts with large nipples and areolas and weighs about 130 pounds. She has a submissive personality and usually looks to me to initiate new things in our sex life. People are always mistaking her to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s. She is the mother of three and is a total MILF!

I am 5′ 11″ with salt and pepper short hair, muscular create, slightly dark complected and weigh 180 pounds. I have a dominant personality and am completely comfortable with myself. Most people are surprised to hear I’m in my early 50’s, usually mistaking me for mid 40’s.

Every year for the past 12 years or so I go to my brother-in-law’s to deer hunt. He lives one state over from me and I can get to his place in about 6 hours. This is a big yearly event for my brother-in-law and I, the wives are not involved in this adventure but someday the kids will probably take part in it. We have a great time deer hunting, drinking, relaxing, and watching some violent movie series with lots of sexual gratuity.

A normal day at deer camp goes something like this. We get up at 5:15 am eat a quick breakfast and get to the deer stand and hunt until 10:00 am. Come back to the ranch and get some lunch, do whatever chores need doing. If we have time, we’ll watch an episode of whatever movie series we’ve picked out for the year. Then at 2:00 pm we head back out to the deer stand and hunt until dark. Once we’ve returned to the ranch, we’ll get supper on or go out for a meal then mix up some drinks and watch our movie until anywhere from 10 to midnight. Get up the next morning and repeat the process.

This gets to be a pretty rough schedule to keep depending on the ratio of drinks to the time we hit the sack. By the end of the hunting trip, I am more than ready to get back to reality and Helen!

After 13 days of separation Helen and I are so horny for each other we begin acting like a couple of teenagers when we finally get back together. Sex usually follows pretty quickly upon my arrival home. These long trips aside from each other have definitely spiced up our sex play.

The first years of this trip is when I started to “sext” my wife. This usually happened about day 3 to day 5 of being aside and depended on how much I had to drink and how horny I was for her. Originally, she was a little taken aback by my forward texts that described in great detail what I would do to her if I was home and how horny I was for her. She would tell me to behave and call me a bad boy.

I was so horny for her I didn’t stop the sexting. Sometimes I’d even look up images of anime porn doing whatever act I was describing of doing to her and screen shoot it to send to her in the text. I used the anime images because I felt she would be able to handle cartoons of explicit sex better than pictures of real people. She is not a fan of pornography. Also, the anime pictures were very explicit and showed large amounts of cum dripping from whatever hole had been used on the female.

There were many nights my brother-in-law couldn’t handle staying up late to watch movies and drink so I would lay in my bed and read stories on Literotica. This caused me to be even hornier. That coupled with the absence of Helen and sexting her made me very frustrated. It usually ended up with me finding a porn clip of whatever fantasy was tripping my trigger at the time and having a late-night jerkoff session. I would tell Helen in a text that I had gotten so horny from being gone from her that I was forced to jerkoff. I was hoping she would do the same thing and tell me about it but that didn’t happen.

About four years ago, while on my annual hunting trip, we made a massive advancement in our long-distance affairs. That year I was determined to get Helen to take nude pictures of herself and send them to me for my jerk off material, she had never sent nudes before. I also hoped to get her to masturbate and tell me about it. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna convince her to do it, but I was damn sure gonna try!

The season started out just like all the time with me sending her texts in the day time of how wonderful, gorgeous and sexy I found her to be. In the evenings I would turn up the heat on the texts and would tell her how horny I was for her and ask her if she was horny for me? I would ask her to give me details of what she would like done to her. I would also tell her what I would do to her if she was there and send graphic anime images depicting the act in attempt to get her horny.

Several years prior to this I had bought a life like dildo for my wife. It was for her to use to masturbate with while I watched her, or on her own if she got the urge.

In one of my texts, I told Helen to not be shy about taking care of her needs with that cock of hers. I told her that she had my permission to use it as long as she told me about it afterwards. I wanted to hear about her fantasy and if the “Cock” made her cum!

I told her that I would love to see pictures of her fucking herself with that cock. That nothing she could do would make me hornier than her sending pictures of that cock sliding in and out of her sweet little pussy.

This texting went back and forth for several more days with no pictures and no story from my wife about satisfying herself with the “Cock.” I was getting extremely horny just thinking of the possibility of her actually doing this for me.

For some background information, somewhere along the way I have developed a bit of a fetish with cum, I have no idea why, but I’m obsessed with getting Helen to enjoy it, accept it, and swallow it. This has been a slow progress for us, since she doesn’t really like the texture or taste of it. In this process I have come to the conclusion that I need to be OK with my own cum if I expect her to do these things. I’m the type of person that isn’t gonna ask my wife to do something I wouldn’t do. So, on the rare occasion Helen blows me to the point of cuming and swallows it, I immediately pull her up for a long deep kiss, letting her know I don’t think it’s disgusting that she still has my cum in her mouth and that I’m eager to taste it as well.

I have also tried wiping the pre cum from my cock, telling Helen to open her mouth and stick out her tongue so I can feed it to her, which she will reluctantly do. Her reluctance can ruin the mood for me. So, I began wiping the precum from my cock while she watches and place it on her nipples then I lick it off of her myself. I explained to her that my cock leaking is a sign of how horny she has created me, that she should be proud and feel good that she can make me that horny.

I also began to tell her during our love making that she made me so horny that I would lick my own cum from her pussy. I would feel this total lust filled obsession and desire to do these things, I totally meant every word of this; I would be so horny for her that I wished I had fucked her earlier just to lick the cum from her pussy.

I would think about the cum leaking from her shaved pussy and imagine it glistening on her meaty lips and engorged clit, licking every drop from her hot little pussy. These thoughts would fill my mind all the way up to the moment I shot my load in her. Then, just like that, the wondered just disappeared. The need to lick my cum from my wife’s pussy vanished into thin air and I never got myself to actually carry through with it.

So, back to the story.

After about 5 or 6 days of no sexual release I was worked up enough one evening where I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and needed to release the pressure in my balls. That night I had been reading Literotica, was super horny and had a decent amount of pre cum leaking from my hard cock. I got out my cell phone and took pictures of the precum leaking from the tip of my cock. I also took a picture of myself from my cock up to my head showing my bare chest and raging hardon.

I had taken multiple pictures of myself with my cock out and naked. I started to touch the precum leaking from my slit and watch it string away from my cock head as I pulled my finger away. I wiped the precum on my nipples and then I fed it to myself, taking pictures of every step.

Then I pulled up a vintage video clip from the early 80’s and began stroking my cock and continually wiped the precum from my slit, licking it from my fingertips. I did this for quite some time, edging myself closer to the final moment where I would unload onto my chest. I would think of licking cum from my wife’s pussy, leaking the whole while, thinking of possibly licking some of my own cum up I finished jacking off. Then it happened, I’d cum and instantly the urge to eat my cum left me.

I took pictures of the cum all over my stomach, then I began a sext to Helen, telling her what I had done. I attached a picture of each step of my masturbation, explaining in detail what I was thinking about while the event took place. By the time the pictures and story of what happened were sent, it was late and I didn’t expect Helen to respond that night, knowing she was probably already asleep.

The next morning, I didn’t receive a reply to my obscene sexting until Helen had her lunch break. Helen has to get up pretty early for work and usually doesn’t have time to text much while at work. To the best of my recollection, she responded with her normal “Oh my, you are a bad boy.” I could tell by the text that she was surprised by the explicit photos but not much else was said.

With the pressure relieved I was back to typical texting with Helen for a few days. Then late one night while I was lying in bed half drunk and almost asleep my phone kept sounding the alert that I had received a text. This went on about a dozen times. I was a little confused since it was so late and I figured Helen would have been in bed several hours before.

I grabbed for my phone and opened up the texting, immediately noticing there were pictures from my wife! I felt like a kid at Christmas, my pulse quickened at just the wondered of the possibilities! I quickly scrolled up to the first one and realized that I might actually get nudes from my wife!

The first photo was a selfie of Helen standing by our bed wearing a skimpy white lacy bra and panty set, along with some heels. The bra was a little small and her tits were practically spilling out of them. The panties were lacy with a transparent panel covering her shaved pussy! Her legs looked even longer in the heels, she had her hair down and was giving me a very sexy look! I could see the want and the desire in her eyes!

I couldn’t believe my luck; this was actually happening! I had been trying for years to get her to do this! The second picture was of her cupping her breasts over her bra and giving the camera a sexy look. It was taken a little closer up and only showed the upper half of her body.

The third picture was of her sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide and her hand just beginning to slip into the top of her panties! Next was her in the same pose and pulling her panties to the side showing her hot little pussy! It looked swollen and engorged, my cock was officially hard at this point!

Next, she was pulling one breast out of her bra, her breast was engorged and her nipple was hard! On the following picture she was out of her bra and lying back on our bed with her head propped up with pillows. Both of her nipples were at their most aroused state, she had a come fuck me look in her eyes!

The next picture is where things really started to heat up. She had her cock poised at the entrance of her pussy. Her vulva was glistening and she was about to shove that cock right into her swollen pussy! I started to leak right then and there!

The follow up photo was even Hotter; she had the tip of the cock in her pussy forcing her lips open and her hand was pinching one of her hard nipples. She had a look of pure lust and desire on her face! The next one was of her with her legs drawn up, feat off the bead and spread wide with that cock buried to the base in her leaking wet swollen pussy!

The next shot was the same pose but a close up of the cock buried in her. You could see her juices glistening all over the cock and the outside of her pussy, her clit was completely swollen and her meaty lips were open like a flower in bloom.

Then she had both hands on the base of the cock like she had just thrust it into herself with some force! Her breasts were amazing and she had a look of complete pleasure on her face, it was obvious she had cum on that cock! The last photo was of her blowing me a kiss with the words “I came baby, sleep tight.”

I couldn’t believe it; I had been working on this for years and it actually happened! My shy reserved wife gave me one of the biggest gifts of our marriage. I was so proud of her for this and felt more love for her than ever at her trust and willingness to do this for me.

So, for the next few years on my annual hunting trip this would play out around the middle of our absence from each other. We would basically get each other hot and bothered with our sexts then we’d have a big photo shoot of our self-pleasuring.

This long-distance play really added to the awesomeness of my hunt! I was more pumped about what Helen and I would get up to than anything else about the trip. I was to the point that bagging a big buck was secondary to Helen and I’s sexting.

This last season of 2022 was a little different than the previous seasons. Here’s what happened.

I had left for my brother in laws after work on Tuesday evening. My plan was to get there late that evening and begin hunting the next morning. I was a little over half way to my destination when I saw a sign for a strip bar. I couldn’t help but laugh a little to myself remembering how much I liked to tease Helen about wanting to see her perform for an amateur night at a strip club.

I pulled into the parking lot and snapped a picture of the sign with my cell phone. I sent her a text with the picture I took of the strip club sign and told her that I had signed her up for an amateur night the following month and that she needed to pick out an outfit and two songs to dance to.

As I recall, her reply was short and basically said “in your dreams.” Oh well cannot blame me for trying. This is something I will continue to work on. As I truly would love to see her dance on a stage.

I got to my brother in laws around 9 pm that night and had a few drinks to reverse the effects of all the caffeine I’d drank on the road trip, so I could sleep that night.

The next few days went by and Helen and I began our usual sexting and it was basically just like the previous few years. This year it was about two thirds of the way through my hunt before Helen was able to make the photo shoot work out. The photos she sent were totally amazing as usual. She really has gotten good at taking erotic photos of herself and has even incorporated a tripod to get even better pictures than ever.

This year, she had some kind of red bow lingerie, she looked like a wrapped present. The bow covered her breasts and the ends went down her sides over her pussy then turned into a thong in the back. It looked amazing on her.

She stood by our bed in some high heels and gave me a “come fuck me look” for the first picture. The next photos were pretty much like the last few years photos. They were “Hot as Hell” and she put that fake cock to good use! She has really upped her game in the photography department, had me thinking she could go pro! The night I got her photos I was already asleep when they came through, so I didn’t see them until morning.

That morning hunt had my cock leaking after looking at all the “Smokin Hot” pictures that Helen had sent me. It was obvious she didn’t just take some pictures. This was a documentation of her lust and desire, and it was obvious on the last few photos that she had cum! I was really looking forward to that evening to return the favor for her, however that wasn’t to be.

My brother-in-law and I had some deer to work up that night, we do all of our own processing, and by the time we finished we were both exhausted. We had a couple of shots of bourbon and called it a night. It seemed there was something the next couple of nights as well, either late chores or more deer processing. It was coming down to about 4 days until the end of my hunt.

I started thinking about how long it had been since Helen and I had sex. The last time was on a Sunday two days before I left on Tuesday. I wasn’t gonna be home until almost 2 weeks later, Sunday afternoon. That meant a 13-day dry spell if I didn’t take care of company myself.

The thing about deer hunting is, you have a lot of time to think. I began thinking of saving it up until I got back home. That would be 13 days of cum building up in my balls! The more I wondered about it the more I liked the idea. It was arousing to think about how much cum I would be pumping into my wife. I decided I’d try my best to hold out for the remaining days and save it for home.

I would think of this on and off for the remainder of my hunt, the buildup had me highly aroused and I think my dick pretty much started to leak randomly night or day every time I’d think of it. The anticipation of it all had me thinking about all the things I would do to Helen when I returned. Thoughts of licking my wife’s pussy after I came in her surfaced, along with positions I’d fuck her in and how I’d have her straddle my face once I finished. Just the fact I was thinking this way about eating her pussy after I came indicated I was filled with lust from our time aside. Licking up my own cum isn’t a usual desire for me unless I’m extremely worked up, and I had gotten to that point.

The day of departure finally came, I left around 9 am Sunday morning, which would put me home around 3 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it was close to Christmas and Helen had to help out at a Christmas event at our church. She wouldn’t be home until after 9.

Once I got home, I had a lot of work to do putting up gear and putting meat in the freezer. Once I finished that I took a shower, shaved and did a little manscaping. I wanted to be perfect for Helen when she got home. I put on some cologne and some lounge wear and waited.

Helen walked through the door a little after 9 and we gave each other a big hug and many kisses, saying how much we missed each other. Then Helen went to our bathroom and got herself ready for what we both knew was coming!

I went ahead and took off all my clothes and started to warm up the bed while I was waiting. We tend to keep our house fairly cold in the winter and this is something I do for Helen nightly as she gets ready for bed. She tends to be fairly cold natured and I am not, it’s a perfect combination, and she really appreciates the gesture.

When Helen came out of the bathroom, she had nothing on but a smile! I held the covers up for her and she slid into bed. We snuggled with our bodies pressed tight to each other until it was nice and toasty in our bed. We started to kiss and caress each other, running our hands all over each other’s bodies. I would kiss the side of Helen’s neck and around her collar bone, slipping my mouth and tongue to her upper breasts.

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