When Elvira Met Bettie Ch. 06 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Chapter 6

There were three tentacles, Elvira wondered. At least three, though they were so long, with so many coils, that there seemed to be more of them. Maybe there were. But she only had room for three tentacles, so that might as well be how many there were. She named them Larry, Moe, and Curly.

Curly was curled all around her, climbing up her like a creeping vine, one loop or another holding her, embracing her, pressing into her mouth. Larry played with her bare ass. Moe was between her and Curly, squeezing her left breast hard. She moaned and writhed against all of them. Her cunt burned—feeling so many phallic hefts rubbing against her naked skin left her almost able to imagine how they would feel inside her. The reality just out of reach…

Naked and horny, Elvira ached for more than she was getting—as much as she could get. Enfolded by three prehensile cocks… big, horny cocks… she was dying for them to use her.

For once, I’m glad a guy is thinking with his dick—not that these fellas have anything else to think with. Wonder if it counts as being into bondage when they’re the rope…

She was in a haze of racing lust and the tentacles finally acted on that. She’d only been on her feet in so much as her toes touched the ground; now they swept her off them entirely and bore her down to the shallows. Stretched her body out as if to have all of her available for their multitudes of perversion.

Through her dazed need, she felt Curly loop itself around her neck and pull her mouth down onto its shaft. She licked and sucked the intrusion, was rewarded with something big and stiff entering her hungry little cunt. Elvira gurgled on her oral penetration while twisting her pussy on the new arrival.

It fucked her. It fucked her as hard as she was sucking off its brother. An entire length of phallic girthiness plunged in and out of her; she humped and rutted, trying to give as good as she got. Elvira didn’t know if her lover saw stars, but she sure did. She choked on the insertion into her mouth while a big swollen feeler shoved deep into her heaving body.

Excess length slapped against her ass and she came up out of the water, only to drop down again in an exuberant splash. It felt like she was getting fucked with every solid inch of cock that her womanhood could take.

How could she not come? And when she did, she did it wildly, as though she orgasmed for all three of her lovers—writhing and rubbing her body all along each of them. Curly kept pumping into her and her arms slipped loose of their restraining grasp, flying out to either side like she was crucified.

It seemed inevitable that Larry and Moe placed themselves in her hands. If that was them. It was a little hard to tell with her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Just something about a girl with opposable thumbs, huh boys?” she quipped, curling her fingers around the two stiff, hot tentacles, while Curly… or maybe not Curly… kept fucking her cunt.

Happily, she jerked off and got reamed out at the same time. With most guys only having one dick, she rarely got a chance to show off both how good her handjobs were and how well her pussy could take cock. It made Elvira wonder how she’d ever lost out on those secretary jobs with the multitasking she could do.

Speaking of, she wanted to treat all the tentacles to a shot at being inside her—not just Curly. Closing her legs, she tightened her inner muscles and worked her hips. Massaging, stroking the tentacle until it spurted hard for her. Every pump of its thick cream inside her made Elvira’s toes curl, right up until it buried what seemed like foot after foot of itself into her throbbing sex and shot the last of its load far enough up her for Elvira to taste it.

Curly came out of her. A moment later, she felt Larry’s big, heavy bulk snaking around her skin. Then its hulking tip between her thighs.

Elvira’s eyes blinked out of her fugue state while she experienced it feeling its way into her. Then, like it’d been waiting for that, Larry shoved so much into her horny body that she felt like it knew just how much room she had… and gave her a little more. She gasped, then moaned, then panted like a bitch in heat. She couldn’t see when she was feeling so much; her eyes fluttered shut. A smile played at her lips, Elvira knowing she was gonna come again.

Those Japanese schoolgirls didn’t know how good they had it. This was worth having to dodge Godzilla’s toes every other day…

Her breath came into her like it was sucked in by the emptiness produced as Larry pumped into her, getting sucked off by her convulsing pussy. She thrashed her ripe body like she was trying to escape the tentacles holding her, though that was the furthest thing from her mind. Ripples of thunderous delight exploded from where she was impaled—she fell in love with every last jolt of sensation.

After what seemed like no time at all, Larry came inside her. Even if he was a minute monster, Elvira still came beautifully with him… or it… maybe even she. The thing sure seemed to rub against her clit with great consistency…

She trilled with happiness when Larry came out of her flooded pussy, releasing a cloud of white to billow in the water. A moment later, Moe entered her. Elvira swooned. Her cunt had a mind of its own, an appetite, and it sated itself with or without her.

As Moe drilled into her ravenous sex, Elvira’s head bobbed and her breasts heaved. Her hips bounced. Her legs stuck straight out. Her toes flexed and her fingers balled into fists they couldn’t get out of. It was the sort of fuck she all the time needed, reminding her why she needed it. Elvira didn’t know if she’d ever go back to one single cock again. It would feel like fucking an amputee.

Though, given the width of these things, it kinda already felt like fucking an amputee…

Larry and Curly laid across her palms. She moaned and squeezed them tight. But they wanted more. They wormed through her fingers, leaving her still gripping them while they came up to her face.

The next thing she knew, Curly kissed her, one big tongue licking her moans. She rubbed her lips against it before opening her mouth. It slipped inside and gave her its taste—Elvira sucked approvingly. Moaning with tentacles in her mouth, tentacles in her stroking hands, tentacles in her cunt. Her eyes shut in ecstasy. Lady octopuses had to be the luckiest creature in existence.

Larry rubbed her bulging cheek, so she turned her head and sucked it while she rubbed and while she fucked. Then she sucked Curly again. Then Larry again. Back and forth, feeling them getting bigger and bigger for her. Her jaw felt like it would unhinge. Her fist felt more like an open palm, she could so barely get her fingers around them. She knew this wouldn’t end in her mouth. They would fuck her. The wondered of it was enough to make her cream all over Moe.

He cum it (emphasis on the cum) liked that. Her sex churned and swallowed all of him until he erupted; Elvira whimpered her enjoyment as her pussy gulped and gulped. As if it weren’t enough that she had to take all that tentacle, she had to make room for their loads too. At least the lakewater washed it right out of her and made room for more. Otherwise she’d end up looking like a water balloon. Or that rich bitch who sued Wonka for child endangerment…

Moe finally left her body. She kept pumping her hips, rolling her belly, her body pink in a spreading field of white, practically glowing in the thickness of the fluid under her squirming ass. She felt the heat of the cum all around her waist. It held her as tightly as the tentacles did.

“MMMMMPH!” she moaned on Larry—her voice had to vocalize something while all her body was purring with how well-used it was.

Taking Curly into her mouth again, she reached down to pet her clit as she sucked it-him-her. Elvira swam in cum now. All thanks to three total dickheads.

She’d all the time wondered a hard man was good to discover—but now that she wondered about it, being flexible was what she really looked for in a guy.

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