What do You Want Me to Do? Ch. 11 – Anal – Free Sex Story

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My Wife Jane, has frequently met other men and had Sex with them – some of her encounters I have detailed in previous chapters. I realize that my stories must, by definition, be somewhat repetitive – this is understandable, – when I find a way to get what I want, I return to it, time and time again. I am unable to create readable fictional stories, although, believe me, I have tried, therefore these accounts are bound to feature very similar themes. Most of our adventures are fairly bland, and often totally unsuccessful, but once in a while, Jane encounters someone who offers something that I find worthy of sharing.

Very occasionally, Jane meets a guy who has a liking for something a little unusual, and I would like to take this opportunity to share our (her) experience with an early ‘boyfriend’.

The guy in question was a work colleague, who had enjoyed Jane in every way, (he has been mentioned, several times, in previous chapters). He, almost always, insisted on Anal Sex, often enjoying double penetration – he had also asked her to go with other men, which she invariably did – (I guess, if I am being honest, he ‘pimped’ her out, but he always made if seem as though they were both simply enjoying their mutual relationship).

She always did everything he asked.

After they had been together some months, he asked her if she could provide another girl to spice up their relationship, and, as Jane was besotted by him, she agreed to try. He told her to invite a work colleague, a junior nurse called Debbie, to join them for a meal.

Young, single, doctors had a certain cache among the nursing staff, and Jane was told to indicate that he was interested in her. Debbie was, at this time, single and, following Jane’s reassurance that, as a married woman, she would not get in their way, readily agreed to come along.

Jane informed me of her ‘boyfriend’s’ demands and asked if I would allow her to play along with them. I saw the possibilities and, after insisting that she would meet them without underwear, told her try and make it happen, she raised her eyebrows and told me that I was a ‘pervert’, but, that she would do as I asked. – (interestingly, he never asked her to turn up dressed this way, but I have always enjoyed the thought of her being so obviously available),

The following Friday, the three of them went out to a local Thai restaurant before returning to his hospital accommodation for a nightcap. Once he was alone with the two girls he began to openly flirt and get friendly with Debbie -Jane, at this point, was no more than a spectator as she watched the two of them get more and more intimate. Of course, Debbie knew that the doctor and Jane had been an item, and repeatedly asked if she (Jane), was OK with what was going on -Jane, of course had known what was intended all along, and reassured her friend that she was fine with it all.

After some heavy petting, they eventually got down to having Sex, he soon made his usual demands for Anal Sex, which, following some gentle persuasion, Debbie agreed to. In order to reassure her, he told her ‘Jane does it all of the time, don’t you?’, before looking over in Jane’s direction.

Jane replied, ‘that’s right, just relax, you will enjoy it, once he is in’. This reassurance proved unnecessary, as a small, shrill small yelp, indicated that he had penetrated her.

After a short while he groaned as he ejaculated into her bowels before allowing his cock to slowly slip out of Debbie’s arse.

She got to her feet and walked, gingerly, to the bathroom.

As she left the room, the Turk stood up, naked, and faced Jane. He looked down at his flaccid cock, then directly at Jane, and said ‘do it’

Jane knew what he wanted, but hesitated, before he repeated…. ‘do it’.

Jane agonized over her humiliating position for a few more seconds. before walking over to him, falling to her knees and opening her mouth.

As Debbie walked back into the room she was greeted by the sight of Jane’s head, bobbing back and forth on her new ‘boyfriend’s’ cock. Jane continued until he was hard, at which point he withdrew from her mouth and told her to stay where she was, but lower her head and raise her arse. She did as he instructed, and, knowing what was to come, she waited as he lifted her dress and straddled her from behind.

Jane looked into Debbie’s eyes, as her friend watched, shocked, but fascinated, at the sight of Jane offering herself – while the Doctor, now enjoying his familiar dominant role, obliged Jane to, once again, ‘take it up the arse’.

The threesome never met up again, and I recall Debbie getting married, a year or so later, to an Insurance salesman. Jane continued to see the Turkish doctor for some time, but he never again insisted on another girl joining them.

We have continued with our, slightly unusual, lifestyle and I hope to bring more experiences to your attention as they happen.

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