Wedgie for the Asian Office Tease – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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The office eye candy, or office tease, was a young 20 something year old petite asian girl named Jessie. She had long dyed hair, and looked like a white washed slut. She struts around in tight pencil skirts that shows off her shape and low cut figure hugging tops.

She would often lean over my desk, exposing her soft breasts, and sometimes in the summer, she would give us an extra treat by wearing thin tops where you could see her rock hard nipples through, I wanted to violate them hard. I am confident she did this on purpose, she would hold her gaze with me a little bit too long, with her big fuck me brown eyes. Holding her gaze, she would subconsciously rub the table or her chest, which made me imagine her rubbing my dick. But she did not only do that with me, but many men, so I didn’t feel special. She also had a fiance, a big meaty sportsman who was three times her size. Sometimes I envied him, but sometimes i pitied him because I wondered if he knew how much of a teasing whore she was at work, and how many of us wanting to fuck her. Jessie was one of those girls who was smart and educated her somehow ditzy and annoying at times.

She heard it was my birthday and excitedly suggested going for after work drinks. We didn’t take much convincing. It was all a group of men, as we work in IT. Jane, one of the other women that worked with us, did not want to attend. She was very vocal in her dislike for me, and described me to others as “arrogant” and “sleazy”. She would warn other women of this, but for some reason, it only attracted Jessie more to me, and flirt with me more. I did not mind if Jane did not come, as my attention was all on one small asian cunt tonight. She had been extra wordy lately, and after months of teasing I felt a stronger urge to play with her tonight.

Three wines in, Jessie is vibrant and flirtier than her usual self. Loudly proclaiming that the best place to find a root is at work, and talking about how her partners dick is the perfect size for her, so far. She proudly tells the group her preferred Porn searches, which were Consensual Non Consent and Punishment Porn, which I found interesting. She knew what she was doing with her sexual talk, staring into my eyes in the group, again with the fuck me look in her eyes, almost begging me to play with her.

Some time goes by and I get caught up in conversation. I turn to see her at the bar doing tequila shots with Alex, who has his hand just above her Ass, rubbing it seductively. The sly guy, I was not going to let him steal my play toy.

I walk over, “Well, now you will just have to do another shot with me!” I proclaim. Jessie shakes her head and stumbles, as she processes the strong taste of the shot she just held down.

“I don’t make the rules! It is my birthday after all, you owe me” I joke as i signal for the bartender. Jessie laughs and tries to walk back to the table, and it gives me an excuse to get handsy. I grab her body, noticing Alex’ hands have slipped down her skirt, holding onto her thong. Jessie pulls away, inadvertently giving herself a small wedgie. Her red thong now visible, I laugh and find it Hot.

I look at Alex, who nods. At the same time, Jessie protests, “Don’t you dare, Don’t you..” She screams as Alex pulls upwards, tensing his bulging muscles. The fabric sears into her tight Ass but gives her no relief as he easily he lifts her onto her toes by her thong. Her hand shoots behind to try lesson the pulling, failing. The humiliation of being publically wedgied was enough to make her red as others subtly watched, but it was not enough for me. I slip my hand down the front of her tight beige skirt and grab her thong from her front. Her eyes look startled at me, almost surprised that I would dare.

With no warning, I yank the front up, which does lift her into the air. The fabric stings her already wet Pussy, and is painful on her clit. Thong wedged into both her asian cunt and into her tight Ass, she is violated in both holes by me and Alex, something I am sure she fantisises about. Jessie is flailing her legs, which burns the fabric on her Pussy and Ass more, moaning with each movement yet she cannot keep still. She has no choice but to take it.

“I think she likes this!” I laugh, “You naughty slut”. Her thong holds strong and after a few minutes of having fun bouncing her up and down, and her nearly in tears, we place her down.

“I would rip it but let’s save more for later”, I winked, patting her sore Ass.

“You assholes.” She stomps with a more serious tone, fixing herself up, and pushing my chest. “Watch it”, I sternly tell her. She needs to remember who is in charge. She nods sheepishly.

The bartender silently leaves the shots on the counter, maybe nervous to get involved in our games. “Here you go Jessie, all three for you”, I signal at the shots.

“What?! No!” Jessie exclaims, but I cut her off. “Did you not just learn what happens when you don’t listen?” and I go to grab her Ass for another round of wedgies but she quickly agrees and submits. She takes the first two like a champ but hesitates for the third. I slap her Ass hard, and she goes red because we are still in public, something I have forgotten as I get carried away. The slap felt good, and I decided then and there I was taking her home tonight to give her more of what she deserves. Alex starts chanting to egg her on, and she takes the final shot, adding to her intoxication.

Jessie excuses herself to the bathroom, stumbling slowly away. I follow her, and as we get close, I shove her hard into the disabled bathrooms and shut the door behind us. She is on the dirty floor, too tired to get back up quickly and a bit disoriented.

“Fucking get up” I tell her, which startles her and makes her realise where she is. In her drunk state, she gets up and tries to leave.

“Not so fast”, I stop her, “You have been teasing me for way too long so it is time I get to enjoy you”.

“W-Wait.. what?” She stutters “Mitch, stop, you are taking this too far now.” I shove her into the wall and rip her top and bra down. Her perfect size C perky breasts now out in the air, hard brown nipples saluting me. I take one into my mouth, biting down to cause her pain. She begins to squeal so I put my hand on her mouth to shut her up. I chew and suck her sensitive nipples. Then I move back to admire my tease, and pull her skirt down. The asian slut just submits as expected and I move her panties to the side to fonder her Vagina to see how wet she was. Dripping wet, I knew it. She wanted this, whether she would admit it or not. I smirk and move the panties back, grabbing a fistfull of material and wedging them into her Vagina, hard. I wanted to cause her more pain first before I gave her pleasure. She didn’t move more than a small squirm and had stopped squealing but she looked at me lustfully.

“What are you going to do to me?” She asks, standing against the wall, with sore nipples and only wearing her stretched out red thong which had disappeared at the front into her wet Pussy.

To be continued.

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