Wedding Disaster Pt. 02 – Fetish

The next day, Jack woke up at the hotel, confused about where he was. He looked down and was completely naked, with his little penis smaller than ever. His friend, Andrew, opened the door because he had a key from last night. Jack gasped and covered his little penis.

“Rise and shine, baby dick—no need to cover your teeny weenie Vienna sausage. There isn’t much to cover anyway. And if you do, just use your little pinky. You don’t need both hands to cover something so damn tiny. I already saw it last night. It’s time to go.”

He was angry, “What the hell is going on here?”

Andrew showed him every recording of the event, and the difficult times of having a really tiny baby boy cock came back to him, the tears he shed, and the laughter that reverberated the night before. He ran to the bathroom and threw up. He worked hard to hide his little nub from everyone in his life. His father saw his little penis and shared his struggle with being very tiny too.

Jack saw his and couldn’t believe how small it was. It couldn’t have been bigger than a little inch, like a little peanut, and it was hard for him to be intimate with Jack’s mother because she would constantly laugh at it. Jack felt very insecure about the size of his penis. After that, he vowed never to show anyone his ridiculously small penis. It doesn’t matter; he couldn’t give up, not now.

“There has been a change of plans. Kelly is marrying Sean. They sent an announcement in the morning.”

Utterly dismayed, he unconsciously uncovered himself, “This can’t be happening. We need to stop this.”

Jack’s micropenis stood straight out and cutely rested on his little, tight virgin balls. Andrew unabashedly glared at the little pencil.

Andrew snickered, “I don’t think she wants to see you or your incredibly small penis.”

Jack looked down at the smallest his penis had ever been, even as a newborn baby, and covered himself again, “Stop talking about my penis like that.”

“If you can call it that.”

Through clenched teeth, he said, “It is. It is my litt—I mean, it’s just my penis!”

“Haha, even you admitted it is very miniature. How embarrassing. That sucks. Are you still a virgin? I mean, who am I kidding? Of course, you are.”

“Argh. I am going to stop this ceremony. Are you with me?”

“I’m not going, but good luck looking like a fool again, baby dick.”

Jack went to his father’s hotel room with tears in his eyes, and he answered the door.

His father looked disappointed, “Jack, what the hell do you want?”

“Andrew showed me last night’s recordings, and I vomited. I am so upset, and I don’t know what happened.”

“I don’t want to hear it. You ruined my image last night, and everyone thinks I am smaller downstairs because of you.”

“Wait, you are mad at me? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“What do you mean? You stripped naked and showed that little ding-a-ling of yours. You seemed pretty proud to show the little guy off.”

“I don’t get the big fuss, it’s just my penis, and that’s it.”

“Boy, your penis is freaking tinier than anything anyone ever saw. How can you be proud to show it off like that? Everyone laughs because they know you can’t do anything with it.”

“Who are you to talk with your little sausage? Where do you think I got this from?”

“I don’t know what happened to you because I am bigger than you and on the smaller side.”

“I don’t believe you. Show me.”


Jack’s dad completely stripped down, and he was sporting a three-inch soft dick.

“It grows to a measly five inches. Your mother thinks it is really tiny and teases me for it. I told you. Let me see yours because I am sure you are still in denial.”

His dad grabbed his shorts and brought them down to his knees. Jack was incredibly embarrassed to be naked next to his nude father. He quickly covered his little penis.

“Move those hands, boy.”

He moved them, and his father looked directly at his son’s little baby penis with disgust, “Yep, just as I expected. The majority of my dick is bigger than your little softie. Next time, be a little smarter before you strip down.”

“Okay, forget about this. I am smaller than you. How can I get Kelly back?”

“Forget about Kelly. She doesn’t want you, and I thought I raised a better man. She said you treated her like garbage. How could you do this?”

“It doesn’t matter right now. I need to save my marriage.”

“It’s too late. You messed everything up; ironically, your incredibly tiny minuscule pill-sized little dingle brought everything down. How can something so tiny do so much damage?”

“Whatever. I will do this on my own if I have to.”

“Expect to be lonely with that little mushroom down there.”

He looked at Jack’s little boy cock and started giggling involuntarily.

He pulled up his pants and said, “I will just take my motorcycle.”

The official ceremony was happening, and Jack was still determined to marry Kelly, the love of his life. He arrived at the church to see Sean and Kelly about to be married. He screamed for Kelly, and she looked appalled to see him. He ran up and tried to assault Sean, but Sean eluded his efforts and pinned him down effortlessly. Many of Sean’s friends grabbed and held him back.

He shouted, “Kelly, you rotten bitch. How could you do this to me? You are supposed to be mine forever.”

“Jack, I am sorry, but your dick is just way too tiny for me. Everyone saw it last night, and there is a collective agreement that I shouldn’t marry a boy pretending to be a man. You’ve always treated me abhorrently, and it didn’t take until seeing your useless teeny weenie shrimpy to muster up the bravery to leave our horrible relationship. I could handle the abuse and mistreatment, but your tiny little, weirdly-shaped deformed grape, shorter than your pubic hair, takes the cake. You are just a big loser with a tragic baby peen. You probably stole a newborn’s dicklette and placed it on your crotch. That’s what it looks like. I can’t forgive you for subjecting me to something so dreadful.”

“Shut the fuck up. It isn’t even that small. You just witnessed it from a weird angle, or it was cold. I don’t even remember what happened last night.”

Sean raised his eyebrow and decided to challenge his claims. He approached Jack, “All right, boys, let’s see if Jack is lying.”

Jack tried to fight them off, but each grabbed an article of clothing, seamlessly stripping Jack, proposing his naked body as the day he was born. He was surprised at how swiftly they evaded his efforts. He was down to his underwear, and a little, unnoticeable lump formed in the front, reminding him of his shortcomings in the basement.

“Tsk tsk, look at that, no bulge whatsoever.”

Sean yanked his underwear to his ankles. He looked down at his prepubescent little wee-wee and laughed, “Damn, that is one incredibly tiny dick you’ve got there. This is hysterical, and no woman would ever touch that little, tiny thing of yours. No wonder you wanted to wait to have sex with Kelly until after marriage. I get couples deciding to do it for religious reasons, but yours was purely pathetic.”

The strong men covered him, but they moved out of the way, presenting his little nub to the curious crowd. It really was something to admire and simultaneously giggle at. In a flaccid state, it barely hung down and sat atop his small soft balls. There wasn’t even a shaft, and it was hidden behind a small, tiny Baby Bella mushroom covered in some foreskin. He was so small that it looked like he was uncut. What a little baby boy down there.

The final reveal brought the group to a peak of halting laughter yet again. As Jack’s humiliation unfolded, time seemed to slow down, stretching each agonizing moment into an eternity. The air in the room grew thick with tension, as if the universal embarrassment was tangible, weighing heavily on everyone present. The sound of stifled laughter and muffled snickers filled the space, creating an insurmountable wall of ridicule that encased Jack. He looked down to see his little, scared nub tinier than his balls.

He tried to cover himself, but they all held his arms, so the audience received a good look at his little, short boy-like penis and underdeveloped balls. He couldn’t believe he was exposed again to a enormous crowd, many of them from his family. He couldn’t believe his family would attend his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, but they knew what his little penis represented. He was at all times a enormous jerk and even treated his family with hostility to conceal his precious little baby penis from the world.

Kelly smirked and giggled, “Shit, that is the tiniest penis I have ever seen. What can you even do with all that?”

Jack regrettably shouted, “Three inches can do plenty of damage.”

This caused even more laughter as he just admitted how tiny it was. His eyes darted around, desperately seeking an escape route, but every corner of the room seemed to hold a pair of judging eyes, magnifying his shame. His heart pounded in his chest, the rhythmic thumping becoming an incessant reminder of his humiliation.

Sean held his little pickle with two fingers and said, “You look like this macho man, but naked, that persona completely disappears.”

The sharp pang of tears threatened to well up in Jack’s eyes, and shortly, there he was, a very “masculine” brute man whimpering like a woman because his clit was unveiled to everyone. He saw his family and many women in his past who fancied him laughing and wiggling their pinkies out to mock the petite size of his feminine genitals. He will never have a chance with those women now, from his despicable attitude and little cocklette.

Sean says, “I want you to look down right now.”

“I will never answer to someone like you. Kelly will be mine.”

Sean walks up to Jack, grabs his neck, and forces him to look down.

“I have a question for you. What do you see?”

“I see my normal-looking cock”

“Is that really what you see because we all see something entirely different? What are we missing that you see?”

“This is my dick, and I don’t understand why everyone is laughing so hard at it.”

Jack’s humiliation was discernible as his cheeks flushed a deep shade of flaming maroon, betraying his inner embarrassment. Every gaze felt like a piercing arrow, mocking his toddler-sized cock, and penetrating his vulnerable state. Beads of perspiration dotted his forehead, evidence of the nervous sweat that trickled down his spine. He knew why everyone was laughing, but he didn’t have the balls to admit it.

“You know because you admitted how you felt about it several times.”

Jack sighed and remained quiet.

“The longer you stand there like a little toddler on a timeout, the longer you stay here, displaying your micropenis to everyone. We can wait all day as your naked body entertains us.”

Almost mute, Jack said, “Please don’t make me say it. I know it is really tiny, but please, not in front of all these people.”

“What was that? I am going to need you to speak up, little girl.”

His trembling hands fumbled, unable to discover solace or stability as if they, too, felt the weight of his disgrace. The once confident and composed Jack was now reduced to a quivering mess, his self-assurance devastated, leaving only the residue of his public humiliation. Even though there were hundreds of photos taken, he was even more horrified as Kelly started taking very detailed closeups of the little disaster in his pants.

“I have a really tiny penis, and I am ashamed of it.”

He gestured to the audience, “I don’t think everyone can quite hear your little mumbles. Can you all hear in the back?”

They all shouted with enthusiasm, “No!”

“Okay, fine, my penis is very, very, very, very small, and I am super ashamed of the little guy!”

“Haha, it’s nice to hear you admit the truth for once. See, was that so damn difficult?”

“No, sir.”


His throat constricted, making it difficult to swallow, as if his embarrassment had settled there, suffocating him from within. This was vastly different from before because now, everyone clearly knew how tiny Jack was from his verbal admittance. They could see the humiliating little inch of all its glory. They could see how pink the little earthworm was hiding underneath the dirt-like pubic hair. He couldn’t handle this torment anymore but couldn’t do anything about it. It was the most embarrassing moment of his entire life, and there was no escaping this purgatory.

Kelly approached him and massaged his little olive-like penis with her pinky. His little gherkin was very sensitive to her touch.

“I just want to feel how tiny it is before I officially depart from this arrogant little micro pee-peed asshole. I would never squirt to this little thing.”

It almost sprung to life immediately in her grasp and leaked pre-cum. Sean grabbed his little three-inch erection with two fingers and started to stroke him in front of everyone.

He whispered, “This is what you get for treating Kelly like dirt for years. It must be awful for you—a grown man who has shown you up in the most pressing area of your manhood is playing with your baby boner.”

“Please stop. This is incredibly embarrassing.”

“Let’s see how long this little strawberry can last.”

The arousal, the anxiety, the adrenaline; his very small boner twitched and jumped while his little balls reeled in. Jack prayed this wouldn’t happen, but in less than a minute, his little penis detonated droplets of steamy, white cum to the floor. He screamed like a girl from the visceral pleasure and debilitating anguish. He gasped for air as his knees hit the cold floor. He trembled from the waves of pleasure traveling through his body. With his balls drained, his dick receded to an innie state—the smallest it ever was for these people.

“Wow. A man’s touch got you off. Very interesting. Maybe, you should date men. They would have such fun with your little hole.”

Sean spanked Jack on the ass with pleasure.

“And what a little premature ejaculator. That’s where your cum deserves because it is so damn useless and pathetic. You are disgusting, you nasty little prick.”

Sean pushed in his very small dick like a clit. The once-confident stride in Jack’s step had been replaced with a hesitant shuffle, his body language betraying his deep humiliation. His shoulders slumped as if burdened by the entire room’s judgment. Each step he took felt like trudging through quicksand, the ground beneath his feet seemingly mocking his every move.

The piercing gazes that met Jack’s eyes seemed to strip him bare, leaving him exposed and raw. It wasn’t the idea of him being naked, but everyone will never forget what he is packing. He could almost taste the bitter flavor of humiliation on his tongue, a constant reminder of his public downfall. The laughter would not stop.

The hushed whispers pointed fingers, and offensive laughter constantly reminded him of his failure, amplifying his feelings of inadequacy. The once vibrant colors of the room now appeared dull and gray, mirroring the bleakness of Jack’s spirit.

In that moment, Jack felt as though he had lost a part of himself as if his very identity had been tarnished by the humiliation he endured. It was a wound that would take time to heal, leaving scars that would forever remind him of this agonizing moment.

He looked at Kelly, “Please, Kelly, I love you so much.”

Kelly responded, “It really isn’t about your baby penis, but you’ve treated terribly, and I’ve wanted to leave for a long time”—

“See, Kelly just isn’t the girl for you, Jack. Go find one to tolerate that tiny garden snake in your pants.”

All he had to do was look at his little child-like pussy and be reminded of his role as a beta male. They finally let him go, and his little willy wibbled and wobbled up and down above his equally tiny balls for all to see as he ran out the doors. He was stark naked in broad daylight, glistening from the sun’s rays and revealing every inch of his glowing body—his little incher gaining all the looks. The smallest part of his body was the one with the most attention.

He had no choice but to drive home on his motorcycle naked, with his little penis lying on top of the seat—mostly, it was squished inside him. Many people laughed at the poor naked man and his heartbreaking predicament. After everything and driving through the cold evening, the little thing was tinkering on the edge of non-existent.

The videos of Jack went semi-viral, and each one had thousands of views, hundreds of shares, and comments, all about his uniquely tiny penis.

“Well, I’ll need a better closeup photo. There’s only so much enlargement on my phone.”

“Is this baby sized, embryo sized, or just molecule sized?”

“His little pecker needs to be magnetized a million times to even see it. 😂”

“Playing ‘hide the pickle’ must be so easy with his teeny gherkin.”

“I guess I gotta play ‘Hide and Seek’ and never find it, haha.”

“It’s like a little, flat collar button. It’s so cute!”

“No wonder he’s always so angry. 🤏🏼”

No matter what, this haunted Jack for the rest of his life. Even years after what happened, someone is at all times compelled to remind him of his baby cock and the infamous exposure, and it doesn’t fail to put Jack back in his rightful place.

Sean and Kelly married each other and were very happy with many children. They enjoyed each other, and Kelly was lucky she had someone like Sean, who made her feel valued and appreciated and could actually pleasure her.

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