Wartime Comfort House Day 03: Instructor – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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I was the Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in occupied Shanghai during the Empire of the Sun conquest. Born in a honorable military family, I was destined to become a great general. My genes gave me an outstanding physique, improved by committed Samurai training started at an early age.

Day 3 Miss Yamaha’s turn

I was eager to learn about Miss Yamaha’s progress after vented my anger yesterday on April’s gigantic breasts and butt. Instead of wearing her traditional kimono, Yuko wore western style today. When she bowed as always, I couldn’t help but noticed her cleavage through her low cut v-opening blouse.

‘General Tanaka, good news. I made great progress. She has come around after I showed her the good life compared to the other servants. I told her she will serve the great General exclusively. I promise her lots of rewards if she learns fast and behaves as you expect. I let her watch how I comforted one of our senior officers last night. She was observing intently and appeared interested and aroused because her nipples hardened and stuck out. She even pressed her hands on her breast and between her legs. I did not allow the officer to touch her and told him she is yours. I am teaching her personally so she can master the service you like!’

‘Excellent! I know you are capable’.

‘She will learn some more tonight.’ She smiled lustfully when she noticed my stare down her blouse, her hard nipples poked against the thin silk material. ‘It’s so Hot today! Would you like a bath first?’ Yuko was obviously anticipating.

‘Bring her so she can learn then!’

‘Right away, General!’ as her bowed to show more of her firm breasts and backed out. As the commanding officer, Miss Yamaha did not service our warriors except for those high ranking officers. But my officers were all aware of our complex relationship and did not normally demand service unless she offered, which would be really rare. I sometimes wondered how she maintained herself.

I walked into the opposite room and found the huge bathtub already filled. I liked Miss Yamaha’s planning. I sat on the floor to meditate. I opened my eyes when I heard footsteps, two Chinese ladies dressed in traditional Chinese cheongsam (dress) walked in. Wait, Yuko had changed too. I liked how the cheongsam tightly enhanced the female figure, particularly the curves. The deep side slits exposed the long legs of Miss Yamaha, making her more attractive than when covered up in a Kimono. ‘Does she like the food? She looks much better, not so pale. Tell her I will call her Cherry from now on. I missed the cherry blossoms back home.’

‘Certainly General. Cherry ate lots many times a day. She was so starved. That was the reason she was stealing food when she was caught.’

Looking down at the floor the whole time, Cherry avoided my sight so I lifted her face up. Her large brown eyes looked more intriguing each time, even when frightened. I lifted her to put her in an arm chair. Yamaha moved Cherry’s legs so the long slit of the cheongsam exposed her legs all the way to her hip. Yuko carefully took off my boots, uniform, then finally my fundoshi cloth (underwear). Miss Yamaha began to tease me by stripping slowly while maintaining her sensual glance at my powerful physique. She talked to Cherry, I assumed she was explaining her techniques. She wore no under garments, displaying her beautiful figure, full firm breasts (C-cup), small waist, big round butt and shiny pubic hair. I sat in the bath tub and she started a gentle massage of my body starting from my neck, relaxing my tight muscles. She continued to explain her techniques to Cherry, who was watching intently.

Yuko gave me a very relaxing bath using a wash cloth, cleaning away the dust and sweat everywhere. Then Yuko carefully rolled back the foreskin to wash my manhood and balls. She washed my butt hole by slipping a finger in and out, then gently massaged my prostate. I always enjoyed her techniques. After rinsing off, she massaged my feet, using the techniques she learned back home. Suddenly she licked, then sucked my big toe while massaging the other toes. Then one toe after the other in sequence, followed by the other foot, then she licked the sole of each foot. I noticed Cherry was intrigued, staring wide eyed at one of my favorite services. ‘Tell Cherry I expect this service from her!’

‘Certainly General, I will make sure.’

After Yuko rinsed her mouth with Hot tea, I stood up for her to wipe me dry. She offered me her body, head tilted, passion in her eyes, her red lips slightly parted, her tongue licking her full lips. I lowered my mouth to take her in. Her tongue snaked inside to explore my mouth, massaging my tongue as I sucked the nectar she offered. When I pushed my tongue in, her lips and tongue went into overdrive. She had indeed the best skills, surpassing even my loving Wife. I could never resist Yuko when locked in a passionate kiss with her.

Her hands knew exactly what I wanted too, scratching my highly sensitive nipples. When she felt the expansion of my manhood against her hip, she kneel down to take my semi erect member into her mouth, rubbing the foreskin and shaft with her tongue and lips. At the same time, she caressed my balls while keeping the other hand to gently scratch my hard nipples.

I always took the time to enjoy the sensations, somehow I found this relaxing and comforting. As my manhood expanded, Yuko’s tongue tried to slip under my foreskin to roll it back. Once I was in a good mood, I jokingly told her to improve her skills. But she thought I was giving an order and apologized. I knew she kept trying to figure out a solution. I liked her spirit. As my manhood grew, Yuko started bobbing her head while maintaining suction. She was the master of oral skills and allowed my full erection to enter her throat smoothly in and out.

After enjoying her oral manipulations, I lay down and Yuko climbed on top of me. Taking my rock hard manhood to rub up and down her slit and fat clit, she moaned, shivering. Then she separated her soaked lips and slipped my big red mushroom inside. I took the opportunity to thrust up fast, instantly nailing her soft ending. Yuko screamed, ‘Oh General, I Love your power thrust!’ She began riding up and down my shaft for a few minutes, putting both palms on my strong pecs, holding my hard nipples for balance. I reached up to fondle her big soft C breasts and her swollen nipples. Then she began riding forward and back, rubbing her big clit and shiny bush on me, still squeezing my hard nipples. ‘Oh Oh Oh, I am Cumming!’ She fell on me, our lips touched, I pushed my tongue inside and she sucked hard while her tongue rubbed mine. I rubbed and squeezed tightly her large firm nipples as she took a deep breath and moaned sensually, her Vagina tightened and pulsed as warm liquid coated my entire manhood.

After she calmed down, I brought us both to sitting. I held her smooth firm Ass up with my hands, her arms around my neck, her large firm nipples rubbing my chest, her legs around my waist, her hips grinding her clit against me. I slowly stood up and used my strong arms to hold her steady so I can thrust deep and hard. Yuko clammed onto me tightly and licked my earlobes and starting panting. Her cream leaked from her Pussy onto my balls and ran down my leg. After a few minutes I put Yuko down on her back and aimed my throbbing manhood at her soaking wet Pussy lips. She held my rock to rub her big clit as she moaned louder and louder. Slowly she raised her hip to slip my huge red mushroom into her creamy Vagina. I thrust my powerful hip forward all the way to nail her cervix, resulting in a big gasp. Then her vaginal muscles contracted in rhythm, squeezing my fully erect manhood.

She was the best I experienced probably because of her powerful martial training. I took one large breast in my mouth and the other in my hand. My tongue and thumb swirled around the half inch hard nipples. She started panting as I thrust full length deep each stroke. “Oh General, you are just too powerful. I am Cumming again!’ Eyes closed tight, body totally tensed up, she took a deep deep breath and went straight into another long climax. Miss Yamaha, gradually recovering from her body shaking spasms, looked in my eyes and smiled sweetly ‘General, would you honor me by spreading your seeds deep in my Love canal? I finished my period completely yesterday and is therefore ready!’

‘Very well, I missed that too.’ My thrusting sped up as I squeezed both her soft breasts together. She groaned when my thumbs rubbed those large firm nipples. She lifted her head to lick and suck my hard nipple and her fingers concentrated on my other nipple. Suddenly she crossed and locked her feet behind my lower back to pull me in deep while squeezing hard, panting. I really enjoyed this sensation and dropped my upper body on her but thrust my hip at lightening speed. Finally I nailed her cervix and let out a deep grunt. She slipped her other hand to massage my tightened sack, pushing my seeds that were being pumped into her womb. At the same time her Vagina tightened and pulsed, her body shook as warm liquid coated my entire manhood. I stayed still inside her tight Love channel for a few minutes to fully enjoy the experience.

‘General Tanaka, you always give me complete fulfillment by stretching my Love canal with your huge manhood and your Hot seeds just gave me yet another unbelievable Orgasm. I am very honored.’

‘Miss Yamaha, you always give me great comfort. I want you with me where ever I go in China.’

She smiled shyly and turned to instruct Cherry. That was when I noticed Cherry had one hand on her breast inside her partly unbuttoned cheongsam, her other hand between her legs through the long side slit. My interest in Cherry elevated but I wanted Miss Yamaha to train her properly in comforting me. So I must wait. ‘I will test her sensitivities tomorrow to ensure Cherry is ready to serve you. General Tanaka, would you like to observe since the three days deadline is up. You can then decide when you want to be comforted.’

‘Good, you two start with a bath so she will be clean for me!’