Wait for Me (Nabooru and Zelda) – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

A.N: An Ocarina of Time fanfiction set after the seven year period (post-game). Characters that are featured are Nabooru and Zelda.


Seven years of darkness;

seven years of death.

There’s nothing but stillness;

And nothing could be said in one, easy breath.

“Why has the Shadow Tribe come here? The last remaining survivor, too,” Nabooru thought, keeping hold of her spear while her amber orbs watched the blonde-haired person in front of herself, “a voe, too.”

Nobody answered Nabooru, not even the standing Sheikah. A long blonde fringe covered their forehead, covering one eye while the other was left visible. Red eyes they were; a colour that represented mystery, war, and courage. When the Sheikah pulled down the mask that concealed their nose and mouth, Nabooru’s eyes widened in surprise. The image gave her flashbacks.

“You’re…? I remember you,” voiced Nabooru while her golden-painted lips curled into a smirk, “I definitely remember you, my love. You were my childhood sweetheart, but now that I’ve seen you again, it’s no longer childhood. More than that now.”


Lips danced and a kiss was performed,

and fortunately,

this wasn’t something to be warned.

“Princess…” Nabooru whispered, “I didn’t think I’d see you again. Your last visit to Gerudo Desert was seven years ago. Believe me, I’ve been counting the days. Your presence has always been welcome.”

Sheik merely nodded, not yet uttering a word.

Slipping two fingers into her moist canal, Nabooru observed those crimson orbs that watched her keenly. Leaning inward, the Gerudo woman caught those lips into a tender kiss, albeit quick it was, it was still enough to distribute one another’s saliva. The long ponytail that tailed down her back swayed gently when she moved closer to the woman beneath her. Amber hues continued to observe the other, observing that long blonde braid that laid across the white sheet of the bedroll.

Nabooru snickered, “Sheik, I wonder how this feels for you. Being a Sheikah outside this world, and knowing that male-diguised people aren’t allowed in our vai land…and yet, you’re the Hylian Princess underneath this disguise.”

“I’ll be fine,” she gasped at the incoming fingers that pounded her womanhood, as she kept her legs spread open. Nabooru rested a hand onto Sheik’s inner thigh, and this caused the blonde to laugh. “Don’t worry about me, Nabooru. I can handle it.”

“I find that sexy about you!”

After that one tender kiss that was planted on Sheik’s lips before, Nabooru placed a peck onto Sheik’s soft cheek, and then one onto her collarbone. Yellow painted lips concentrated on the collarbone. Amber orbs flicked their gaze upwards again, eyeing those crimson hues that just stared back at her. Their contrasts complimented each other; Nabooru’s dark skin over Sheik’s paler form.

“And you smell rich of journey, Shadow Warrior.”

From the collarbone, Nabooru kept up with her kisses, moved down to Sheik’s abdomen, and then pecked her inner thigh. Both fingers pulled out of Sheik’s canal, and soon enough, they were replaced with Nabooru’s tongue. Wet, willing tongue. Sheik’s legs rose, coiling around Nabooru’s collar. Reaching up with a lone hand, Sheik pulled off the bandages from her long blonde hair.

Skin felt warm; the blood rushed through the body due to the pleasure that was to come.

Amber orbs were concealed by closed eyelids as her hot breath glazed Sheik’s womanhood. Tongue trailed along Sheik’s velvety folds like a snake slthering through scorching desert sand; it tasted salty, albeit sweet, and it was a nice taste. Hands held onto Sheik’s thighs, as golden-painted fingernails pressed firmly into ashen skin; bronze fingers pressed against white flesh.


Sheik’s fingers grabbed onto the bedsheet, gathering the fabric into her palms. Head threw back onto the pillow, and her legs tightened around Nabooru’s collar. Blood rushed to her face, causing a pinkish blush to dust over her features.

This felt sweet, during the time that felt bleak.

“Is my Princess going to cum?” Nabooru checked, talking amidst her working tongue.

The atmosphere of this tent reeked of sweat, and all that could be heard were the cries of growing pleasure.


Much like a poe wandering through the vast field;

wandering for ages with an ancient purpose.

Acting as a shadow to discover black magic to seal;

and rid forever of the great King usurper.

Living in a world that was currently roamed by the dead, the Gerudo Desert felt somewhat safer than the rest of Hyrule due to the King not being present on the sand at all. Although, the poes still wandered far in the east of the map. The desert sands were clear of foes for now, but that never spoke for later.

Nabooru sat beside Sheik on the edge of a stone wall, having her spear laying on the ground next to her.

“Will you ever come back to the Gerudo Desert after your quest?” Nabooru questioned, tilting her head to one side. Amber hues watched the side of Sheik’s face, observing those blonde locks gently dancing in the calm breeze.

“I might…” Sheik trailed off, while her gaze seemed lost in the distance.

“Hmm, you might?” Nabooru never let her finish, and with that question lingering in the air, Nabooru shuffled closer beside Sheik. Her hand went on to rest in the blonde woman’s lap. “I know what you’re doing,” she added while pulling a bittersweet smile, “you’re saying goodbye to the places you’ll probably never see again. If the world is saved…and that’s only a maybe for now.”

“Yes,” was Sheik’s simple answer.

Turning her head to face Nabooru, the Sheikah rose a hand and brushed her fingertips along Nabooru’s cheek gently. Sheik didn’t show any emotion, and even then, any smile Sheik wore expressed no happiness. There was nothing to be happy about right now, and even if there was, it was the little things.

“But there’s hope, and that’s all I can carry right now. Hope.”

“Hope? I guess so.”

“But after Ganondorf’s defeat, I shall go on a pilgrimage to the Spirit Temple far into the desert. There…I hope we will meet again,” she shared, “I suggest you always wait by the Spirit Temple, okay?”

Crimson locks bounced gently when Nabooru performed a single nod of the head. Her fingers pinched the material of Sheik’s mask, and Nabooru tugged it down to reveal her lips. Pale lips that weren’t touched by any paint. The Gerudo woman leaned inward and caught Sheik’s lips in a simple kiss, and when she pulled away, Nabooru snickered when she spotted a golden lipstick print on the blonde’s lips.

This made Sheik smile.

“I shall wait for your return, Princess Zelda,” she stated.

And when those words were declared, Sheik vanished into thin air, leaving behind only a deku nut.

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