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Maple stood in front of the hallway mirror admiring her costume. It was every witch’s favourite night,, and Maple was no exception to this rule. She adjusted her pointy witch’s hat, complete with an authentic metal buckle, and tied the sash on her black floor length robe, showing off her hourglass figure.

The sun was starting to set, and the fun would soon start. Maple ran through her mental checklist to make sure she was ready. Costume? Check. Decorations? Check. Consensual ward? Check. Of age ward? Check. Treats? Maple looked at the plastic orange jack-o’-lantern bucket that was filled to the brim with bags of fun-time goodies. Check. Alright, looks like we are good to go! Maple ran over to the adjacent room, and looked out the window of her Victorian era styled home. She could see that people were just starting to get out and trick or treat.

It would be a while yet before she got her first visitor. That was the unfortunate part about living in the scary old home on the top of the hill. It took a brave enough individual to make the long trip up her walkway and to knock on her door. But they would come, of that, she was sure. After all, she had built up a clientele of regulars over the years. All it took was one visit, and they would be coming back year after year. And sometimes much more often than that.

Maple was more than content to sit there in her comfy armchair, now pointed towards the window, and watch all of the neighbourhood run about in their costumes. If they only knew the truth of what was out there, Maple wondered to herself. But still, it’s so refreshing to see everyone having a good time, even if it is a bit of a mockery.

Parents who were escorting their children would eventually end up making their way to the end of the street, only to stop and look up at her house. They would usher their children back down the street, saying that her house was too far of a walk, or some other excuse, proving that her wards were very much in effect. There were rules to being a compliant witch, and Maple made sure she was following them down to a ‘T’. The last thing I want is the Witch’s Council showing up and putting me on trial.

It didn’t take much longer before Maple spotted her first visitor making a beeline for her walkway. She put down her cup of tea and drew the curtains. There was no need for anyone to know that she was watching them so eagerly.

Moments later there was a knock on the door. Maple had to contain her excitement. She refocused herself, slowly counting to three before opening the door.

“T-Trick or treat?”

A young school aged man dressed up in a red flannel shirt, a woolen toque, and a plastic imitation woodcutting ax was at her door. Maple looked the lumberjack up and down. The man was nervous, and it was clearly evident. He must have been dared to come up here, Maple wondered. It was a common enough occurrence. Her house was rather scary looking, especially with the decorations. It made sense that this guy’s buddies probably dared him to come up to the scary house on the hill, and pose as a trick or treater.

“Well, well, well, that is quite the question, my dear,” Maple said. “A trick, or a treat. I’m not sure which one I’d rather this evening.” Maple flicked her hand.

“I… umm…” the man stammered, clearly not expecting things to turn out this way. Or maybe he was just caught off guard by the shivering sensation that just passed through his body.

“You know what, I’ll let you choose. What will it be, big boy? A trick, or a treat?” Maple asked. She looked down at the tightening crotch of the man’s pants. She took a commanding step forward and grabbed his package, feeling it up in her hand.

“I-I shouldn’t be here. Sorry.” The man twisted trying to leave, but found that his feet were stuck to the ground.

“Mmm, that’s not very polite, young man. I asked you a question. You’re not going to leave without answering it, now are you? Maple asked. She grabbed a hold of the man’s package and squeezed it just enough to elicit a gasp from the man.

“T-t-treat, I guess,” he stuttered.

“That’s a good choice, now come on inside and I’ll give you your treat,” Maple said. She pulled her new toy inside, leading him on with the threat of more pain being administered to his balls. To the guys credit he came along under his own Free will.

Maple closed the door behind them and flicked her wrist once more. A localized time spell. Just a little something that she had picked up early in her witching career. Time would pass much faster inside her house then outside, but any observers would experience the passing of time normally. This would allow her to spend as much time as she wanted with each visitor, and then send them back outside as if only five seconds had passed.

Maple flipped over the comically large sand hourglass that was resting on a side table. The sand hung there, as if it were waiting for something to start before it began to count time.

“You see the lines on the hourglass there, stud?” Maple said as she got on her knees in front of the wannabe lumberjack. The man looked at the hourglass, then at the colourful poster board on the wall above it.

“Yes, there we go. Very good. Each line is colour coded. The longer you last before blowing your load, the better your treat. As you’ll notice, there are ten lines. The first couple aren’t the best treats, but you don’t have a choice in the matter,” Maple said. She pulled open the man’s pants, and fished his junk out of his underwear, allowing it to hang freely in front of her. She leaned forward, and as soon as her tongue touched the tip of his dick, the first grain of sand began to fall.

Maple began to tease his dick, slowly working it over, from the tip, down the shaft to the base of his balls, and then back again. She felt his cock quickly stiffen to its full hardness almost immediately. Oh no, she thought, this poor boy isn’t going to last too long. From the tremors she could feel, he was already trying to hold off from losing his load. He was already letting out the cutest little moans.

Unfortunately for this lumberjack, the game propelled Maple to do her best, and she took the glistening cockhead into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, once, twice, and on the third go around she felt the meat in her mouth spasm, and she was quickly rewarded with three Hot pumps of the man’s pathetic load.

Maple looked up to see the man’s face stuck halfway between expressing pleasure and horror. She finished up, sucking the man’s mess off the tip of his cock and stood up.

“Well… It’s not often I run into such a quick shot,” Maple said.

“I… Umm… Well… It’s just been a while since I’ve, you know… Played with it. We just finished our midterm exams, and I was hoping tonight at the party to get lucky, and get to blow off some steam, you know?” the lumberjack said.

“I feel so bad for whatever girl you may have ended up in bed with. You didn’t even make it past the first line. I’m afraid that I’m gonna have to go ahead and cancel that plan of yours. I doubt any girl is gonna want to play around with you tonight,” Maple said.

“Now for the other half of your treat,” Maple said. She pointed to the poster on the wall. The first line was glowing in red, fading out the rest beneath it. She began to read the line. “Level 1. Lasting between 0 and 30 seconds. Cock shrunken down to quarter of its size. Sensitivity heightened severely (effectively ‘Orgasm-incontinent’). Cum generation greatly increased. Nocturnal bladder incontinence. Bladder capacity reduced by half. All underwear will transform to be absorbent. Time length: 1 month.”

The boy stood there with his mouth hanging open, struggling to process what was happening. Maple flicked her wrist, doling out his ‘treat’. There was a tingle in his groin and he reflexively grabbed his dick. The poor guys favourite toy was shrinking away, going from a respectable six inches to being a pathetic one and a half incher. He withdrew his hand before tucking it away in his underwear. But from the glimpse the Maple caught, it looked like an overcooked button mushroom, barely managing to stand up.

His underwear didn’t fare any better as is quickly puffed out, expanding, transforming itself into an absorbent pullup diaper. He probed the odd feeling between his legs, but decided against feeling it any further, and did up his belt. Maple could tell he was eager to run away before anything else could happen to him.

“Here you go, Babyboy,” Maple said. She pulled one of the small gift bags out from the plastic pumpkin and put it into the lumberjack’s hands. “You make sure that bag gets home with you tonight. You can open it up and show your buddies. All that in there right now is a couple treat sized chocolate bars. But when you get into your room for the night, shake it out, you’ll be needing what falls out.”

With that, Maple grabbed the man by his lightly padded Ass, and maneuvered him to the front door. By the way he was trembling, Maple could guess that the heightened sensitivity had just kicked in.

“Okay, Babyboy, it’s time to go back to your friends. Try not to cum too much in your padded undies. And if you want to get out of this early, you can come back tomorrow and we can try again, only the treats get a lot steeper on the second go around,” Maple said with a wink.

She closed the door behind the man, and watched through the small window in the door as he carefully waddled down her walkway. Down at the end of her laneway there was a group of guys waiting for him, eager to hear about what he experienced. It’s probably a good thing none of them can talk about what happened behind my closed door, Maple thought. All they say is that a woman dressed as a witch invited them in to give them a bag of treats. Nothing more exciting than that.

The group walked off, probably eager to get to the party the quick-shooting lumberjack had just mentioned.

Later that night the lumberjack waddled back into his bedroom. He immediately ripped off his pants and pulled off his sticky pull ups, leaving his one-inch wonder to hang Free for a moment. He grabbed a towel and wiped himself off, unable to believe what had happened to him. A witch made one of his most intimate fantasies come true. At this thought his little cannon shot off once more, firing a pathetic string a cum onto the floor.

He remembered what the witch had said earlier, and grabbed the empty plastic bag from the back pocket of his pants. He had long ago eaten the small chocolate bars that were hidden inside it. He took the thin plastic sac and shook it. The half-dressed lumberjack nearly dropped the bag in surprise as he felt a couple of heavy objects fall out.

On the floor there were four rectangular plastic bale-like objects. Immediately the lumberjack had an idea of what laid inside. He grabbed one of them and turned it around. On the front of it, there was a big burly cartoon-looking lumberjack dressed much the same way as he was, in the patterned red flannel shirt with a big ax over his shoulder. But instead of pants, the figure was wearing a big puffy white diaper with two thin blue lines that ran up the crotch.

Adult Diapers for Pathetic Pissers’, was the name written across the top of the package. In the corner there was a giant golden star with the size information, and it read: Male, Size 2: 1-2” erect length. The lumberjack blushed while reading over the bag, partially wondering why the size depended on his cock length.

He wasted no time and ripped open the package, and pulled out his first Adult diaper. Bringing it to his nose and sniffing it, he smelt a baby powdered-like scent. He quickly laid on his bed and opened the diaper, sliding it underneath himself, barely managing to bring up the front in time to catch another round of sticky fireworks.

He pulled the tapes tightly and patted the front of his diaper, marvelling at how it felt between his legs. This of course caused him to shiver in Orgasm once more. Exhausted at the night’s events, he pulled the covers over himself, and turned onto his stomach to fall asleep, like he always did. The sensation he felt on his little cock was too much. He began to uncontrollably hump the bed, firing off several more loads into the previously dry padding until he passed out with a smile on his face.

The next brave souls to make their way to her door came a couple of minutes later. Maple opened the door and was greeted by a boy and a girl dressed as some sort of muscular anime characters, complete with fake scratches, dirty torn clothes, spiky hair, and a mysterious set of eyewear. Maple’s initial guess was that they were an item together.

“Trick or treat?” the two said in unison. Maple looked them up and down, but something felt off about them the longer she looked. Then it dawned on Maple.

“Oh, you two aren’t a couple, are you?” she asked.

“Nope, just two single gay best friends hanging out with one another before the party,” the girl said.

“Right on, well, that changes things a bit,” Maple said. “but the question remains the same, nonetheless. Trick or treat? Hmm, which one do I want…” She stood there tapping her chin with her finger as she thought about what she could do. “I think I’m gonna go with a trick this time. Say, what are those weird eyewear things supposed to do?”

“They’re scanners. They are supposed to tell you the power level of your opponents, and give you other information on them,” the boy said.

“Hmm, alright. That actually sounds pretty useful. I can work with that. I’m sure you two are pretty familiar with the term ‘gay-dar’, right? One’s ability to distinguish who’s gay and who’s not? Well, I’m gonna make those scanners of yours into a real, working version. I’m sure that’ll make things a lot easier for you at the party,” Maple said.

She flicked her wrist and saw her two visitors recoil slightly, bringing their hands up to their heads, clutching onto their plastic costume piece. Maple watched as their respective eyepieces began to light up, displaying information to the wearers. They turned their heads around, seeing the world through a new lens, so to speak.

“Wow! This is so cool!” the boy said, turning to look at his friend. “Let’s see what it says here. Hmm. Name: Melanie (Mel), female, 21 years old, 5’6″, 140 pounds, D cup, 75% homosexual, 45% arousal. 46%. 47%. 52%. Wow! It’s climbing pretty quickly. Do me next, tell me what you see.”

Mel blushed. “Okay, here we go. Name: Sebastian (Seb), Male, 21 years old, 5’10”, 185 pounds, 7-inch cock, 81% homosexual, arousal currently at 65%. That’s awesome. This will make it so much easier to hit on the girls now!”

“That’s not all. If you tap on the side here,” Maple pointed to the arm of her own imaginary scanner, “you’ll be able to tab through some more information.”

“Let’s see here,” Seb said. “We have a disease scan, looks like you’re both clean, girls. A Sex stat page. How many guys/girls slept with, how many orgasms, time since last Orgasm, average refractory period. The list just goes on and on.”

“There’s a kink page too. Hmm let’s see here,” Mel said looking her friend up and down. “I see that someone enjoys water sports a little too much. And you enjoy being a bottom bitch, among other fun restrictive activities.”

“You’re one to talk, girl. You enjoy pissing yourself just as much as I do. Although I guess you’re more about making others piss themselves, given your dom/sub ratio,” the boy said.

“Why don’t you two step inside for a second?” Maple asked. She stepped back and gestured for them to come inside, which they jumped at the opportunity.

“Wow this is a nice place you have here,” Seb said. He was looking around, but when his gaze passed over Maple he stopped. He kept tapping on the arm of his scanner, but from his expression, he wasn’t finding what he was looking for.

“The only thing my scanner says about you is that your name is Maple, and you’re a witch,” Mel said.

“Guilty as charged. I think I’d prefer to keep some things hidden,” Maple said. “But that’s enough about me. I think you two have something you want to do to one another first.” She flicked her wrist, causing her two guests to shiver.

“W-what do you mean?” Seb asked.

“Come here, boy,” Mel said. She grabbed Seb by the shirt collar and turned him around. “That’s just what I wondered. Arousal, 70%. Bladder capacity, 98%. Looks like someone needs to pee, don’t they?” Mel grabbed a hold of Seb’s package, clutching it tight.

“Yeah, I suddenly have to go really bad,” Seb said. He raised his gaze, matching Mel’s. “Oh, I see. Arousal 95%. Bladder capacity 90%. You have to go too, don’t you?”

“That’s right bottom boy, and I think you’re gonna help me with that,” Mel said. She tugged down on Seb’s balls and he fell to his knees. He watched as Mel undid her pants and let them fall down to the ground. Her panties followed and she kicked the mound of clothes away. Seb was shocked to see his friend half naked in front of him.

The shock didn’t last long as Mel grabbed a hold of Seb’s short hair and pulled his mouth onto her Pussy. He struggled there for a second, producing muffled incomprehensible sounds into Mel’s Sex, but was quickly drowned out as the first couple drops of pee flooded his mouth. Seb began to eagerly swallow, his cock stirring to attention in his pants. Mel released one of her hands and used it to gently knead her breasts.

Seb started to pull away, but Mel’s hand held him firmly there. A couple rivulets of her piss dripped down his face, soaking into his shirt. That was the least of Seb’s worries as he tried his best to squeeze his legs shut. But it was pointless as his crotch began to darken. At first it was just an almost inaudible trickle, but as he soon lost full control and the room was filled with the sounds of a dripping fountain. It wasn’t long before he was kneeling in a puddle of their combined piss.

“Ah that’s much better,” Mel said. Now make sure to clean me up. I can’t be getting any piss in my undies, unlike a certain someone.” Seb was reluctant at first, but after being nearly suffocated in her folds, he got to work.

“That’s a good urinal slut. Now get to work cleaning up your mess while I talk to Maple about getting you a change of clothes,” Mel said. Seb dutifully lowered his face down into the puddle of warm pee, and began to lap away at it with his tongue.

“That was quite a performance, you too. It’s too bad you’re not romantically, or sexually compatible with one another,” Maple said.

“That’s true, but a thirsty mouth’s a mouth, and I’m sure that piss boy down there will agree that piss is piss. It’s going to be much more fun now when we hang out,” Mel said. “But, a lot messier. Do you have a spare set of clothes for Seb, or can you do something with your magic to help him out?”

“I think that’s the least I could do,” Maple said. She waved her wrist and all the piss on the ground was gone. Seb stood up and dusted himself off. He turned and twisted about checking to make sure that there was no sign of wetness. Mel pulled her clothes on, and tightened the sash that held her pants tight to her waist.

“There we go. Good as new. And now for a parting gift,” Maple said as she fished around inside of the plastic pumpkin and pulled out two bags of treats and pushed them into their hands. “Those are some party favours for later. If you open them now, there are a few chocolates to enjoy. But don’t lose the bag. When you make it your room for the night, open it again, I think you’ll enjoy what’s inside. Now off you go.”

Maple opened the front door and ushered the two trick or treaters back outside.

“Thank you for this,” Seb said, from down the step, pointing at his scanner.

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