Vikings – Lagertha Pt. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story for adult entertainment purposes.

Now, to the story…

Clad in a cloak green, hood up to hide her gorgeous features, Lagertha, Queen of Kattegat, moved quickly through the forest. Her kingdom was under threat by the jarls that had descended upon the coastal town. They sought her hand in marriage and rule of all her lands. It had become clear to the famed shield-maiden that she had to choose one, but the selection had proved elusive.

Seeking guidance, she had set out to visit the Seer. The blind one, who spoke prophesies, cast the bones and read the runes was both revered and feared. He straddled the two worlds, living in the land of men, but communing with the hidden world of the gods. Fate was already decided by the gods, and Lagertha would have their counsel, know the fate of herself and Kattegat.

Passing a rune-carved tree, she spied the house of the Seer. Animal bones and charms hung from the trees and adorned the wooden portal to his sanctuary. Small offerings of fruit, bread and dried meats were placed in small baskets by the door. An earthen jug stood, its top sealed.

Taking a deep breath, Lagertha pushed through the door and entered. Inside it was dark at first but her eyes quickly adjusted. Cold light cast about the gloomy room, shining from more totems hanging from the low rafters. With a warrior’s grace, she moved deeper into the house. Then she spotted the Seer, his hunched form facing away from her.

‘All hail Queen Lagertha. Queen of Kattegat,’ the ancient one said, his tone coloured with mockery.

Lagertha removed the concealing hood. Her honey-coloured hair in its intricate braiding shone, her porcelain skin reflected the light, and her pink lips glinted. She would not be intimidated, not by man, woman, beast or prophet. Stepping closer, she took a low stool and sat by the small hearth in the middle of the room. Embers glowed, dispelling some of the chill in the air.

Turning, the Seer moved closer the fire. Head bowed, he moved slowly as if picking his way over a dry riverbed, picking the safest path. With a grunt, he dropped into his rune-carved chair. Head tilting back, he revealed his horrific visage.

His skin was a waxy, pale white, the skin of a corpse. Where his eyes should have been were twin cavities, fleshed over with his corpse-hide flesh. His mouth was a black cave, guarded by thick lips of darkest midnight, slick with saliva. Scars crossed and re-crossed his face, as if a murder of crows had set about him, clawing and scratching.

‘What is it you wish to ask the gods?’ he asked, his voice rasping in the chill air.

‘I have only one question: who must I marry to safeguard Kattegat?’

The Seer looked at the blonde beauty seated before him, as if seeing her through his eyeless gaze. No answer came forth. Pale, gnarled fingers pushed a cold piece of meat into his mouth.

‘Did you not hear me?’ Lagertha asked, leaning forward on her stool. Light from the glowing embers from the fire shone on her skin, giving her a radiant appearance. She was the only thing of beauty in the dark hovel.

‘Yes, I heard you,’ rasped the Seer, face still turned to her as if he studied her beauty.

‘Then what is the answer, oh wise one. Who must I choose to protect my kingdom?’

A hiss escaped over the gross lips of the Seer, bubbles in the saliva. Leaning forward he said, ‘Already have I answered questions of your future, Queen Lagertha. For Kattegat I foresee strife and battle. But it will endure and grow. Like barnacles on a boat, it will spread, its grasp firm. It will become the envy of the Viking world, far beyond the avarice of the jarls now gathered.’ With another hiss, he leaned into the back of his chair.

Unfazed by the disfigured mask of the Seer’s face, the gorgeous ruler leaned forward. ‘But tell me, how do I bring that to pass? How should I deal with these men?’

‘The gods have shown me what they wish for me to see, and no more.’ The words spoken, his head turned away, hidden once more in the dark recesses of his hood.

‘There is more, isn’t there? I can hear it in your voice,’ Lagertha said, a frown upon her face. ‘Tell me! I must know.’

Turning, the hood faced her once more. Movement, then the corpse face slid forward, empty eye sockets looking at her.

‘Take the words I have given you. For anything else, you have nothing I want. Nothing to barter with or bargain with, Queen Lagertha,’ he said, his ghoulish gaze on her.

‘I will have the knowledge I seek,’ the warrior said, angered that she would be denied, concerned for her kingdom and its people. Throwing her cloak from her shoulders and sliding off her stool, she knelt before the Seer. Behind his power he is still but a man, she wondered. ‘A woman all the time has something to bargain with,’ she said out loud.

Reaching forward she placed her hands on the Seer’s knees, his dark robe rough. Beneath, she could feel his bony kneecaps, felt a tremble from the man. As she looked directly into his blind gaze, Lagertha’s hands moved downwards, feeling the hard stems of his legs. Hands moving under the hem, she touched the Seer’s shins, cold and thin. Ignoring the clammy flesh, fingers wrapped around the legs and moved upwards, drawing the robe up. Two pale sticks were revealed, the flesh appearing burned and scarred.

Pausing with her hands now on the prophet’s knees, the queen smiled at him, sure he could see her countenance somehow. Gently, slowly, she pushed his knees aside, opening his legs. A tilt of his head and an in-drawn breath were his only reactions. But as his legs were opened further, the Seer moved his feet outwards, creating a space between them.

Ha! All men, farmer, fisher, warrior, Seer, they’re all the same, she wondered. No matter their power, they can be seduced.

A grin of defiant triumph now on her face, she pushed the black robe up to the wizened waist of the seated man. Twin pale and wasted thighs emerged, looking too gangly to support the weight of the man. When she looked between them, her grin fell to a grimace and her eyes widened in horrified shock.

Light from the hearth provided illumination enough for Lagertha to peer into the rune-priests crotch. What she saw looked like a withered twig, white and flaccid. Grotesque, it was knotted with lumps and growths. Below was a shrivelled sac of fleshy pale skin.

Determined to get the answer she came for, the gorgeous queen girded herself and leaned forward, her hands on the earthen floor. Against her cheeks, the Seer’s thin thighs were cold, but as her face inched closer, she felt some warmth from the man’s crotch. A faintly spicy aroma hit her nostrils as she looked at the disgusting cock scant inches from her full pink lips.

A moment of hesitation then Lagertha stuck her tongue out. Using it to lift the head of the abomination, she took the cock into her mouth. Fighting not to gag, the hot blonde woman sucked gently on the tip. She found the foreskin was dry and there was a faint taste to it. Above, the Seer gasped at the contact and in her mouth, the member slowly began to harden.

Behind her sealed lips, the woman hesitantly forced her tongue to quest forward. Brushing the underside of the swelling tip, she tasted the man again. To the surprise of Lagertha, it tasted faintly of some sort of ripened fruit. Eyes closed so as not to see the hardening gnarled cock, she let her tongue probe further.

At the end, her tongue found the entrance to his hood and pushed in. Under the foreskin, the fruity taste was stronger. Slowly, she moved her tongue, circling the head as it continued to grow. More of the agile organ explored the hood, bulging it as Lagertha took more of the fruit flavour. Pulling back, she ran her tongue around her mouth, investigating the taste.

‘Tastes…it tastes good,’ she mumbled, glancing up at the blind Seer. He nodded his head slowly but said nothing.

Looking back down, the man’s cock was harder, having gained a few inches. The fleshy lumps and growths spread over its length nearly turned Lagertha’s stomach. However, having already had the man in her mouth, she was determined to continue, to get the answers she needed. And the taste is not so bad.

No need to lift the cock this time, the gorgeous queen took the Seer back between her lips. Fighting a reflex gag, she pressed forward, accepting some of the thickening shaft into her mouth. Feeling the first of the fleshy lumps against her lips, she nearly spat him out. She grimaced, as if sucking a lemon. But the sudden hard sucking sensation elicited a moan from the witch, his prick twitching.

Swallowing her rising bile, Lagertha took another inch, taking its strangely sweet tasting but lumpy length into her mouth. Within, her tongue was at play, the agile tip licking the dry rod. Touching one of the lumps, Lagertha timidly ran her organ over it, tasting the skin. It’s not so bad, she reasoned. I have sucked on the pricks of warriors and slaves who tasted far worse than this.

Emboldened, she began to suck in earnest, feeling the cock growing between her lips. Quickly the member swelled and she could feel the lumps and growths against the inside of her hollowed cheeks. Leaning forward, she took more of the man, his flavour tingly on her taste buds. Now with half the length taken, she slowly pulled back. As each lump and growth pulled from between her lips, the strange sensation sent frissons of delight sparking down between her legs.

As the blind ancient moaned with pleasure, the sexy shield-maiden swallowed him again. Mouth almost full, her tongue roamed along the shaft, the tip of it licking around the protrusions. Her excitement and arousal building, saliva welled up in her mouth. With wet moist sounds, she worked it along the prick, slicking the dry rod. With its engorgement, the skin of the cock had smoothed out, the lumps and growths had stretched, becoming raised elongated bumps on its sides.

Dragging her lips back along the bumpy shaft, Lagertha discovered the foreskin had retracted, leaving the hot hard head exposed. Eagerly now, her tongue washed the crown, chasing the flavour. It probed at the hole in the end, burrowing. The hooded man moaned, his hips hunched as he tried to push further into her mouth.

Knowing she had the Seer under her own spell now, the queen sucked him deep into her mouth. Delicious wanton delight thrilled her body as each stretched bump along his prick entered her mouth. Her lips tingled as they passed through their clasping, sucking grip. As the head found the entrance to her throat, her nose pressed against his torso.

Queen Lagertha, the gorgeous blonde ruler of Kattegat. On her knees, the grotesque lumpy cock of the elderly withered Seer filling her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucks, head bobbing up and down, lips drawn back and forth over the bumps of the obscene looking prick. Wet slurping sounds joined by the queen’s feminine moans and the deeper sounding groans of the black-clad soothsayer.

Quicker now, the blonde goddess bobbed her head back and forth. Saliva dripped from her pink lips, escaping as each bumpy protrusion moved through them. Her whole body rocked to and fro with her movements. Twisting her hips, Lagertha massaged her pussy between her legs, feeling the outer lips sliding against each other, her hot cream escaping to slick her inner thighs.

Pulling her mouth from the obscene prick she looked up at the Seer. His head was thrown back, his black mouth open as his groans escaped. She smiled, thinking she had succeeded.

‘Now will you tell me the future? Who must I choose to protect Kattegat?’ she asked. Her hand finally made contact with the grotesque cock as she waited for a reply. Freakish in appearance, it was slick with her saliva as she stroked up and down it. Lagertha couldn’t help but notice that with every pass, her palm was massaged by the bumpy shaft.

‘I…No! I will not. The god’s will demand a price. Not…not everything they say should be heard. Even…even by me,’ the Seer gasped out, the wasted muscles of his stomach rippling beneath his robe, his hips trying to push up and fuck the queen’s torturous grip.

Scowling, the shield-maiden refused to succumb to defeat. Her hand continued to move on the member, moving over the hard lumps and bumps. Despite his refusal to answer, the blind man hadn’t pulled away and his groans continued unabated.

It was a foul looking phallus, but she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like inside her. It feels strange in my hand. Strange and exciting in my mouth, she wondered.

‘Very well,’ she said, releasing the prick and standing.

‘Please…’ the Seer begged, his empty sockets looking at her, managing to appear pleading. The abomination between his legs waved in the air, throbbing with obvious need.

‘If I bed you, will you reveal their words?’ the queen asked, knowing she had the upper hand.

‘I…yes! By the gods, I will,’ the blind Seer declared.

‘Very well then.’

Lagertha bent down and grasped the hem of her forest green dress. Straightening, she raised her garment, exposing her smooth legs, her toned thighs. In her crotch, her womanhood was already swollen with need, her open pink cleft shining with her escaped honey. Her inner thighs were slick with her cunt juice and her blonde bush was matted with it. Immediately she could smell her own heady scent.

In front of her, the blind man peered at her crotch, as if he could see every detail of her wet folds, her pink flesh. Certainly he could smell the queen’s pussy, his nostrils flaring as he dragged in the scent.

Holding her dress up, the blonde avatar of Viking womanhood straddled the black-clad mystic. Her smooth porcelain thighs brushed the wasted sticks that were his. Excitement building, cream dribbling from her pussy and running down her leg now, Lagertha grasped the lumpen shaft of the Seer’s prick. Lowering herself, she brushed it along the crease of her cunt, smearing it with her rich scent. Heat from the hard crown seared her lips, frissons of excitement spiking her clit and tingly along her spine.

With twin moans of pleasure, Lagertha sat down on the man’s abnormal, hideous looking cock. The smooth spear-tipped head easily passed through her lips, sliding easily through the entrance to her tunnel. When the first of the now hard bumps along the shaft entered her, Lagertha gasped. Causing the mouth of her cunt to stretch, the bump teased the queen as it passed through and into her. It continued to tease her, scraping delightfully over her inner walls even as the next bump pushed through her opening.

‘Oh, Freya,’ the hot blonde cried out in worship to the god of sex, fertility and sorcery. Sinking lower, she felt more of the Seer’s hard cock entering her. Each misshaped lump and bump sliding into her made the clasping lips of her pussy tingle, teased the entrance to her cunt. As they pushed in they delighted her inner walls, exciting her as they moved ever deeper.

Rising slowly, she teased herself, captivated by the strange sensations of the roughened protrusions against her slick grasping walls. With a grunt, she sank down again, taking more of the Seer’s strange ugly prick. Lagertha couldn’t deny that it felt amazing, feeding that thing to her wanton pussy. Slowly, she drew herself up and down the weird shaft, pleasure rippling through her body, clitoris throbbing.

Finally, with an obscene squelch, Lagertha dropped down, impaling herself fully on the equally obscene cock. Holding herself down on it, she felt her cream squeezed out around the man’s base, felt it smearing on her thighs and knew it was running down to coat his wrinkled sac. Breathing deeply, she began to ride the ancient one, enjoying his prick scraping her cunt, giving her chills of pleasure.

Head thrown back again, the man croaked out moans of delight. Never in his long begotten life had he felt such pleasure as he experienced now, as the Queen of Kattegat rode his cock. Within, the blonde shield-maiden worked her womanhood. Slick hot pussy gripped him, sliding up and down, drowning him in her womanly nectar. Bony gnarled hands ran along her smooth, strong legs, felt their strength as they propelled her along his shaft.

‘Gods…gods…’ the Seer moaned. ‘Freya has blessed me.’

As they fucked in the chair, Lagertha took hold of the backrest. Using it for leverage, she worked herself up and down faster. Rising up so only the man’s tip remained between her fluttering cunt lips, she dropped. Over and over, she impaled herself repeatedly. The lumpen cock embedded itself again and again within her. It stirred up her juices, churning her butter until it was forced out by the fucking prong. Smearing his fucking shaft, the queen’s cum dripped on his body, splashed on his legs and ran in rivers over his balls.

Lost in her climax, body trembling and spasming, Lagertha pressed down. Filled utterly, her cunt convulsed and squeezed, milking the mystic buried inside her. Each contraction brought into stark relief the sensation of the shaft’s bumpy surface pressed into her body. Gasping, the flushed, sweaty blonde swore she could feel each and every protrusion, every rough-skinned lump delightfully torturing her womanhood.

For several minutes, the queen sat astride the rune priest, feeling his hard strange prick throbbing within. Trying to bring the man to his own climax, she rocked her hips, grinding their bodies together. It was delirious torture for her, pleasure coming in waves from their impalement. However, the old man didn’t finish.

On shaky legs and met with a groan of bliss from the man, Lagertha pulled herself off him. An obscene wet slurping sounded as she let him out of her embrace. As she stood, tingles still travelled her spin, clitoris still throbbed. Green dress falling back down into place, she could feel her cum running down her legs, coating her inner thighs again.

‘Finish me off, Queen Lagertha, and I will reveal what the gods show me,’ the panting Seer called out.

Triumphant smile on her face, knowing she had vanquished his obstinance, Kattegat’s ruler returned to her knees. Licking her lips, she took in the vision of the grotesque phallus coated with her own cream. Thinking of the pleasure it had stirred within her set butterflies loose in her belly.

Hungrily she took him back into her mouth. The rich musky flavour of her own cum filled her mouth. Lips closing over the head, she sucked the old man. Head bobbing up and down, she eagerly took more and more of the shaft between her lips. Tongue twisting and twirling, it ran all over the shaft, roving over the bumps and lapping up Lagertha’s own rich taste.

A surprisingly strong hand grasped the back of her heard. Pale fingers entwined the golden hair, gripping the braids of the famed warrior woman. Moaning, the Seer hunched his hips, desperately trying to fuck the queen’s mouth.

Resisting the pressure of the grip on her head, Lagertha held the throbbing crown of the gross cock between her pink lips, her tongue lashing the tip. She heard a deep groan before wads of thick salty semen exploded into her mouth. Hand pumping the shaft, she encouraged the ancient one to spill his seed. Pulses ran along the foul looking but sensational feeling cock. Hot sticky juice coated her tongue.

On her tongue, she could taste the strangely ripened fruit flavour of the Seer’s spend. It mixed with her own nectar that she had slurped up. Taste buds tingled and the temptation to swallow was strong. However, as the last spurt was drawn into her sucking mouth, a sudden need to reject it overwhelmed her.

Pulling her head from the cock, she spat. A enormous gob of mixed cunt cream, spunk and saliva splattered on the floor, splashing against a rusty iron fire poker. Coughing, Lagertha spat another gob onto the ground before grabbing a deep breath, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. After a moment, she turned to the panting old man.

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