Untamed Lust

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As soon as their eyes met, they both knew what was about to happen. There was a frenzied lust in the air that was simply too palpable to ignore, and neither one of them could withstand the temptation any longer. It was like a wild flame had been ignited in their souls, and they were both consumed with the fire of untamed desire.

Without a word, he reached out and took her hand, pulling her towards him with a strength that left her feeling both vulnerable and excited. She could feel the heat rising in her body as he pressed her up against the wall, his hands roaming freely over her curves as he devoured her lips with his own.

As they kissed, his hands continued to move downwards, sliding over the smooth fabric of her dress until they found the soft expanse of her thighs. She moaned softly as his fingers traced the outline of her panties, his touch making her feel both aroused and powerless.

Unable to stand it any longer, she tore her mouth away from his and gasped for breath as he continued to explore her body with his hands. She reached down and fumbled with the front of his jeans, willing to return the favor and explore him in kind.

As she touched him, she could feel his erection throbbing against her hand, and she knew that he was just as overwhelmed with lust as she was. Without a word, he pulled her closer once more, his mouth now traveling down her neck as his hands moved upwards to unbutton the top of her dress.

She let out a soft moan as he exposed her breasts, his lips now lavishing over her nipples with wild abandon. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before, this moment of unbridled passion and abandon.

As they continued to embrace, she felt herself growing more and more lost in the pleasure of their shared lust. It was a feeling that she never wanted to end, a sensation that she hoped would last forever.

And as their bodies melted together in a frenzy of desire, she knew that she had found the ultimate expression of what it meant to be driven wild by untamed lust.

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