Unexpected Fun after a Walk on the Trail – Anal – Free Sex Story

I used my arms to slowly rise and separate myself from Jeff. Looking down at his handsome face and powerful body made me want to lay back upon him but it was best to separate now. Pushing upwards I peeled myself off because the amount of drying semen had stuck us together almost like glue.

I’d recently met Jeff while walking the shoreline of Tiger Tail beach in Florida. Oddly enough we had on the same yellow bikini bathing suit. Normally I do not speak to other walkers but decided a quick hello was in order.

Jeff was like a mirage when seen from a distance. As he got closer I recognized a man perhaps five-feet ten and one-hundered sixty pounds, wearing only a bikini and sunglasses. Seeing him more closer revealed muscular pecs, abs, shoulders and a thirty-two inch waste with powerful long legs. There was definitely the outline of a firm long penis in his bathing suit. I’m a short five foot seven one-hundred fourty-eight pounds, fit body but older, clearly my solid penis was revealed in my thin, unlined bikini.

When we were about ten feet apart I gave Jeff a wave and said hello. To my surprise he stopped. Jeff’s bright smile and greeting made my cock stir in my bikini. I noticed he, like me was wearing a wedding band. We began chatting and he mentioned he was visiting from Chicago. He was attending a business conference in Naples saying he would be here for a week.

Jeff mentioned my tan and how good it looked, I said he needed to be careful as the summer Florida sun burns skin quickly. Jeff said he was staying at the Bayfront Inn and conference center. Jeff had come alone and asked if I’d be Free for a drink at the bar at The French this afternoon? I responded yes and agreed to meet at four this afternoon.

Casually dressed in shorts and collared shirts we met at the bar. Clearly we dressed up for the occasion. We ordered Manhattan cocktails, we had seats at the far dark corner of the bar. We talked about everything, you named it we talked about it. After two drinks we secured a table and ate an early dinner. We both ate lightly and after a grouper dinner salad and wine dinner was over.

We walked to the restaurant entrance heading for our cars when Jeff offered a nightcap at his hotel. Being Free I agreed. Arriving at his hotel he suggested rather than consuming more alcohol we might visit his suite and relax. Jeff’s suite was two large rooms a livingroom with a large television and two sofas. There was a separate bedroom, king size bed with bathroom attached. He offered club soda with lime and I accepted.

We walked to the large sliding door and walked onto the balcony. The sun had set and the view of the harbor was enchanting. Jeff said his sunburn was uncomfortable and he removed his shirt. He asked as we sat on lawn chairs, barefoot if I’d like to remove my shirt an offer I quickly accepted.

It was clear that we both had raging hardons. I suggested the we might consider going to the bedroom and without a word we left our chairs and drinks and went directly to the bed. Quickly we removed our clothes and climbed on top of the bedspread. Jeff’s hairless cock was a seven inch long monster. Mine was a hairless six inch rock hard cock.

Few words were said as our highly excitied bodies began turning red. We started to suck each other’s cocks. sucking harder and faster licking sucking and making eye contact we both exploded in each other’s mouth. Incredible waves of semen were swallowed gulp after gulp. Now it was time to rest. Face to face we began making out passionately kissing and touching each other as sweat poured out of us.

As our erections returned I said I’d like the pleasure of fucking him. Jeff joyfully agreed. On his back with me standing at the bottom of the bed I took my cock in my hand and began pushing it into Jeff’s firm muscular Ass. The harder I pushed the deeper I went. Pushing brought a natural lubricant into play. Now my glistening cock was gliding in and out of his Ass that was slippery and easy to fuck. His hard penis began ejaculating semen. My excitement caused me to pull my penis out so our semen would blend on his lower abdomen. Exhausted I lay on top of him and rested.

I peeled my self off of Jeff as we lay together smiling about this unexpected day of extreme sexual pleasure.

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