Under His Command: A Dominant’s Desire

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As she stood in front of him, ready to be under his command, she could feel his dominant presence taking over her senses. He was tall, muscular, and radiated a sense of authority that left her breathless.

He motioned for her to approach him, and she obediently followed his orders. As she drew near, he grabbed her firmly by the waist and hoisted her up onto the table. With his hands on her hips, he spread her legs aside, revealing her wet and ready center.

His eyes roamed over her body, filled with desire and lust. As he leaned in to kiss her, she could feel his mouth trailing down her neck, making her shiver with pleasure.

Before she knew it, he was inside of her, dominating her with every thrust. With each movement, she could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Her body was now fully under his command, and she was completely at his mercy. He continued to pound her relentlessly, his hands gripping her body tightly as he brought her to the edge of orgasm once more.

As she climaxed, he continued to push her limits, coaxing her body to the heights of pleasure beyond imagination. She moaned, writhing beneath him as he continued to take her higher and higher.

Finally, with a powerful thrust, he released himself within her, filling her with his hot seed. She collapsed beneath him, breathing heavily, completely spent.

As he gazed down at her, a smile stretched across his face. “You, my dear, are under my complete command,” he said. And with that, she knew she would at all times be his to command, whenever he desired.

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