Uncharted Waters: The Boundaries of Intimacy Between Two Women

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As she lay in bed, Ashley breathed in the scent of her lover’s skin. Soft and velvety, it had a hint of salt from their latest swim. She turned to look at Emily, who lay next to her, eyes closed, a small smile on her lips. Ashley couldn’t help but admire the curves of her lover’s body, the way her breasts rose and fell with each breath, and the curve of her hips.

She gently reached out and touched Emily’s breast, feeling the softness of her skin and the hardness of her nipple. Emily stirred, and her eyes slowly opened, fixing on Ashley’s gaze. Emily felt herself stir at the sight of Ashley’s blue eyes, which were filled with desire and passion.

Ashley leaned in and pressed her lips to Emily’s, relishing the softness and moistness of her partner’s mouth. They kissed slowly, without urgency, teasing each other with their tongues, until sensations began to create. Emily rolled on top of Ashley, her breasts pressing into her chest. Ashley arched her back, surrendering to the pleasure.

Their kissing slowed as they dropped their bikini tops, gazing at each other’s naked breasts. Emily cupped Ashley’s breasts gently, feeling their weight, and she brushed her thumb over her lover’s hard nipples. Ashley shivered at her gentle touch, and she reached up to caress Emily’s breasts in return. They were smaller, but equally gorgeous.

Emily wanted to taste Ashley’s breasts, so she dipped her head and ran her tongue over the top of Ashley’s right nipple. Ashley gasped in pleasure, as Emily flicked her tongue over the hard brown disc again and again. She nibbled and licked her lover’s nipple, while her hand softly massaged Ashley’s other breast. Ashley moaned and tightened her grip on Emily’s buttocks, pulling her closer. Emily could feel the heat of Ashley’s arousal on her belly through her bathing suit bottom.

Ashley guided Emily’s head to her other breast, offering it to her lover. Emily smiled and began to suckle it, her lips encircling Ashley’s nipple as she gently bit down. She alternated between warming up the nipple with her mouth and chewing on it with her teeth, all the while listening to Ashley’s soft moans of pleasure.

As they kissed again, Ashley realized she couldn’t withstand tasting Emily’s wetness any longer. She slid her hand down Emily’s stomach and slipped her fingers into the waistband of Emily’s bikini bottom, pulling it down. Emily gasped as she felt Ashley’s fingers caress her already wet, aching core.

Ashley slid one finger inside Emily, slowly and deeply, causing her lover to moan loudly and arch her back. Ashley began to pump the finger in and out of Emily’s core, building the pleasure, while using her thumb to massage her clit. Emily reached down and grasped Ashley’s wrist, wordlessly urging her on.

As they came together, Emily couldn’t help but feel how much she loved Ashley. Their arrangement was unconventional and often misunderstood but they were enjoying every bit of it together. She also knew that she could not quell her burgeoning desire to explore and push the boundaries of intimacy with Ashley, and vice versa. They fell asleep that night, entwined with each other, their bodies and hearts throbbing with the excitement of what lay ahead.

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