Transforming the Cam Girl – Fetish – Free Sex Story

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


“Hello, my viewers…”

She smiled, her chin tipped down towards one of her cameras for a good angle, though Melody — Melody Morphs on the cam sites — which was set up beside her “stage bed”. She’d long moved past using her real bed for her cam shows, or even her home sofa, all set up in a studio that suited her show much better. Of course, the money had only started really coming in for her, being one of many, many cam girls on sites dedicated to such lustful feats, when she’d revealed her special talent.

She supposed it was a talent. It was something that she had been born with, after all, just not known how to utilise. People still thought that it was just a trick and something that she added in with special effects, but she didn’t mind that. If she could put on a show and show them just how beautiful transformation could be, she was more than happy with everything she did. Whether others believed it or thought it was all a trick was none of her business.

Her studio room was light and white, bright and airy, showing herself to her best appeal, her skin pale and natural on the cusp of going into winter. Melody didn’t like to spend too much time artificially grooming herself, though her hair was dyed a richer shade of brown than she naturally had been born with. There were some things, after all, that she could change about herself, picking and choosing where to make such changes permanent.

She fluttered her fingers at the camera, tipping her head to the side, soft angles, her long, brown hair tickling the top of her shoulder, lightly curled with a curling iron so that it did not flow down perfectly straight. Her skin was not completely bare, but, for her kind of cam show, she wanted as much on show as possible.

“Hello, everyone,” she said with a smile, waving at the camera. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you all live and I’m feeling kind of frisky tonight… What do you say we kick this off with a bang, hm? What do you all think?”

She let the comments stream in, her legs spread a little as she knelt there, knees apart, showing the viewers her fuchsia underwear, the silk cupping her buttocks perfectly, cut in a Brazilian style so that the curve of her cheeks was tastefully shown. She wouldn’t have wanted to cover up too much, after all, not as she arched her back, her bra holding her breasts firmly into a soft cleavage, the round of her tits begging attention.

And Melody was happy for her viewers to lap up every tiny nuance of the show that she was there to put on, an arch in her back, turning around onto all fours, rolling her hips back. Oh, it only took a few moves for the tips and the comments to start rolling in.

Change an arm!

I want to see that Pussy!

Get your tits out!

Some of the comments were roughly and crudely spelt, but she knew and understood what they meant anyway, especially after spending so long working as a cam girl.

“Ohhhh, so you want to see some changes, huh?” She chuckled, a perfectly groomed eyebrow cocked. “Well, you guys have come to the right place!”

She arched her back and pushed her hips back, wiggling them lightly. The power of transformation coursed through her, for the best way that she could show off her shapeshifting powers was by demonstrating it openly, of course. With a sexy, low moan, she parted her lips, her spine extending in a spill of what could only be described as horsehair, a long, equine tail teasing forth.

“Ah… Yes…” She whimpered as if she was doing something far more sensual, though what could be more erotic than transformation? “Yes, baby… Just like that.”

Her views, no doubt, were half engaged with the screen and half with their bodies, but Melody didn’t mind that. She liked to know how she affected people, that they loved what she was doing for them, showing off for them, the muscles at the base of her tail flicking and teasing, swishing her new tail all over the place. She overdid it for effect, rising onto her knees again with her buttocks towards the main camera, wiggling and grinding back as if she was asking to be fucked at once.

The art of the cam show, after all, was all about the tease. Where her viewers could not honestly be there in the scene with her, they had to imagine. And it was all down to Melody to make sure that their imaginations did not have to work overtime.

What a beautiful tail!

So sxxy!


The tip jar chimed and she cupped a hand to her ear, a grin on her lips.

“Oh! Seems someone’s enjoying the show… My ears are…perking up!”

She enunciated the words clearly so that they could not be mistaken, allowing her ears to transform too into equine teardrop-shaped ones, tugging up at the tips into those narrower points. Giggling, Melody ran her hands seductively up the lines of her belly, enjoying the moment, letting them see her ears twitching back and forth. Yet ears were a quirk and there were more erotic parts of her to transform.

“Let us see a little less skin, hm…” She breathed, easing onto her back, her shoulder blades pushed down into the bed and her hips pushed up. “There’s no sense in showing so much when I could be the object of your fantasies…”

Melody’s voice dropped to a breathy moan, her powers sweeping through her, skin tingling and prickling as a layer of horsehair burst to life across her form. It didn’t seem to start in any singular location, covering every inch of her, down into the dip of her cleavage and racing down her legs to show off her firmly muscled, sexy calves. Even her face was not spared and it was then that the difference between her coat of hair and her tail was truly seen, the black of her tail flicking back and forth while her coat boldly covered her in a rich, dark brown with a touch of red.

“Mmm, yes, baby… I know you like that.”

The lines she spilt forth were cheesy — but cheesy was what paid the bills. Melody was as much there to have fun as her viewers were and she shook her hair back, fluffing it up, though that was next to go. Everyone wanted to see the tits and the puss, but she had something kinkier still to work up to…

Her hair shifted, flowing down the back of her neck into her mane, drifting and floating, the hairs light and sensual.

“The more tips you give me, the more you see… Do you want to see? Of course, you want to. That’s what you came here for, after all.”

Melody teased them, rolling onto her front facing the camera, her feet kicked up in the air behind her. Her nose tickled with the touch of new hair there, but there would be more still to come, even as she hid some of her assets and showed off another. There were people in her show that enjoyed the curve of her back and buttocks, after all, even down to the flickering dance of her feet, toes curling. Who was she to judge what got people off? That she was a little on the bottom-heavy side too, thicker at her hips and thighs, helped some in that regard…

But she could make it better, wiggling her hips, giggling, fingers fluttering near her lips.

“Oh, one more, that was a big tip that just came in for me, darlings… Thank you for enjoying my show so much!”

She meant that, truly, feeding her power into her buttocks and thighs, allowing them to become more powerful, more horse-like, wider and thicker. Where she had only been lightly pear-shaped before, all that was exaggerated as she stood before the bed and shook her hips, her arms above her head so that her viewers could better appreciate her body. She bent over at her waist, keeping one eye on the tip jar, her tail flicking to give her viewers an even more seductive view of her buttocks. As if that could have been possible, yet somehow Melody made that happen.

She knew how to work her body, feeling magic into her feet, though many preferred her hooves as a horse lady to as they were naturally. And that was okay, her body strong, made even more so as, slowly, she allowed her feet to form into hooves, pushing up as if onto her toes. For where there was a solid, grey hoof, there was a fetlock too, the bones of her feet and legs adjusting themselves naturally to the pace of her transformation.

There was nothing inherently erotic about a leg transforming as she bent over, a giggle on her lips and a flirt on the tip of her tongue, yet Melody made it so, the transformation allowing her to gain a little height too, though it was nowhere near enough to balance out how bottom-heavy she’d become, the thickness of her rump and thighs pleasurable even to hold on her own body. She loved how she was and wanted to see more, rolling her hips back, standing up tall and turning around to show them how the fronts of her thighs, her quadriceps, firmed up with muscle. All the while, a very feminine figure was maintained, yet what it meant to have an equine part of her, as a shapeshifter, was rendered a part of the transformation itself.

The tip jar pinged like crazy as she showed off her arse, though Melody was hardly paying attention to the comments anymore as she groped her breasts, feeding her fingers inside her bra gently to tickle her nipples.

“Oh, yes…”

She moaned, eyes half-lidded, lusting for the moment, as if she was adoring her own body. The lightest brush of sensation over her nipples had her bucking her hips as if for an invisible partner and she parted her lips faintly. She enjoyed every moment of it, though there was an air of putting on a show, with the cameras, even though she let another side of her show before the camera that never usually came through. Melody supposed that was one benefit to doing what she did, getting to explore so many aspects of herself.

“Oh… A little more and you might see my breasts. Top up my tip jar and you’ll get everything you could ever desire. Would you like that? Would you like my breasts to become even larger and fuller?”

There was something more to that part of the transformation, of course, but her viewers would only think that she was much bigger there, which was the only part of her transformation that, quite honestly, was a trick. Anyone watching, in the end, would see what they wanted to see, regardless of how she presented herself. Her Sex appeal, however, was something that Melody could always fall back on without any qualms.

Yet the half-transformed woman could not help but allow the tease of heated arousal from coursing through her body, the tips ramping up as she sped up her changes. She held out one hand, teasing them slowly by allowing her fingernails to transform, bit by bit, into more hoof-like tips, something that was halfway between equine and human, for the perfect mare-anthro body.

“I think you’ve come to see the show though, haven’t you? I wouldn’t keep you waiting when I know you are here for a transformation, even if my loyal viewers will no longer see it as a surprise.”

She grinned and blew a kiss to the camera, though, in a way, Melody was as excited as her audience was. There was no reason to hold back when there were so many tips rolling in and she ached to show the extreme of her transformation, how swiftly she could let her shapeshifting ability roll through her.

“Yes… Yes!”

She unclasped her bra at the back, moaning aloud, pumping her hips, grinding to the beat of her own song. Yet her audience didn’t see that as she allowed the heavy spill of her breasts to fall forth, her nipples growing, becoming larger, thicker, more like the teats of a mare’s udders than anything that would have been found on a human body. She cried out, groping them lewdly, allowing her mind to take her where it pleased, though she danced to her body’s tune, giving herself over to the helplessness that was transformation.

Melody showed off for them, turning around, half-forgetting the bed until she leaned over it, using it as a prop and a stage to balance herself as she slid a hand over her backside. All her fingers and fingertips had transformed, her hands a little larger too, though she would have said they were more dextrous. What her viewers could not see was how sensitive they were, how she could feel so much more with a horse’s skin and muscle, panting softly, her ears twitching like crazy, back and forth, back and forth.

She knew her routine by heart — but, oh, how her routine went out the window when she was in the moment! Losing herself, Melody thrust her hand passionately into her underwear, not allowing her views to see, though she wanted to let them see, even as she readied herself to make the final changes.

“Ah… A little more…” She moaned, licking her lips. “See…my body…change…”

They did her proud, her audience, her generous viewers, sending the tips streaming in as she slid down her panties, groaning, letting the changes sweep over her. Her face pushed out into a sleek, equine muzzle, though that was perhaps not the sexiest of the transformations, only the end effect. From the soft pucker of her nostrils to her velvety lips, she was a beauty, her eyes settled a little more to the sides of her face, dark with passion.

Then and only then did she splay herself, trembling, over the bed as if she could not hold back anymore, the largest donation yet coming in. It was then that Melody knew it was time to go all out, holding her breath, losing herself, pushing her hips up so they got to see everything with the grind and pump of her hips.

Her panties slid down, off a hoof, dangling there, though all eyes were on her Pussy as she spread her folds for one of the toys she had laid out earlier. Melody huffed and trembled, eyes bright, the flat tip of the horse dildo, shaped complete with a delicious flare, pressing it to her Pussy, squeezing it between the folds.


She didn’t hold back, losing her words, her fingers no longer enough to tease her clit and Pussy with, driving it deep. It all happened in one fell swoop as she ground it deep, fucking herself as if it was a real horse anthro pounding her full, spreading out the folds of her Pussy repeatedly for their mutual pleasure.

Yet the changes had to be complete and that final one was the most sensual of all. Her audience probably wouldn’t notice her letting her muscles round out, enough to carry her larger breasts, the shape of her waist tucking in a little more, showing off her thick buttocks even more, but she would know. She would know how much stronger and sexier she was, how she was becoming one of her many true selves as a shapeshifter, luxuriating in her power.

But they would see her Pussy darkening from pink to a soft, equine grey, taking on the shade of the rest of her skin, gripping the dildo tightly as it slopped into her. The lewd sound of her juices squelching along the length of the toy filled the room along with her moans, the perfect symphony with which to wrap up at least the very first part of her show.

It drove deep as her body changed completely, every inch of her a horse-woman, standing on two hooves (well, Melody was lying down) with a full mane of black hair and a long, flowing tail. Her coat bristled with that red-brown that denoted her as a bay mare, her lips quivering, so soft, so sensual, feeding another dildo into her mouth as she moaned around it.


She groaned around the toy, making a show of it, her tongue pressed up against the underside, though she was not so far gone that she forgot to put on a show in the heat of the moment. Her teasing had worked even on herself as she lifted her hips for the best viewing angle, pumping the toy furiously into the Hot slop of her messy Pussy, dripping and drooling thick arousal. There would be no cum to pump into her wanton Sex that night, not even as her clit swelled, her Pussy twitching and pulling around the toy as if she was trying to milk it of something.

Yet all Melody could do was flick her tail, put on a show, letting everything course through, beat after beat and pound after pound. With the slick length of horse cock plugging her mouth full, she even ground it into her throat, showing off her lack of a gag reflex, even though her throat wanted to tremble and react. There was still sensation there, after all, her eyes half-closed, hide darkening with sweat, need coursing through her. Her need was set to be sated, however, as she shuddered her hips up in the throes of climax.

The toy pumped deep, though she made sure to drag it far enough back out that everyone could see how wet she’d made it, how it glistened with a coat of her juices, her arousal. She may have been a slut on camera but it was a side she explored, pumping and grinding the toy deep far past the point where she was satisfied. Her clit throbbed, left alone for the moment, her slick arousal drooling around the base of the horse dildo, though the large balls of it hinted at what an anthro stallion could do if she actually had a partner like that to destroy her Pussy.

The tip jar pinged, yet she’d barely registered it as she shakily sat up, her usually flirty grin on her lips. She hoped that her viewers enjoyed the realism of her shots, for she’d always been turned off by those that faked their orgasms, just so they could talk more clearly to their viewers. It had always seemed fake to her and, frankly, that was not the experience that Melody wanted to give.

“Thanks for watching the first part of Melody Morphs today,” she giggled, swaying lightly, the toy still buried half inside her, gleaming wetly. “I hope you want to hang around and watch me take even bigger toys… The more tips I get, the bigger dicks I take!”

She grinned and flashed the camera a grin, for there was plenty more planned for the shapeshifter. Amongst all the forms she could take on, she had so much more for her viewers, the ones who had given her the big break she’d needed and the lifestyle of pleasure she loved. The horse-woman shivered, eyes bright with lingering need.

Melody sincerely couldn’t wait to show them.

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