Training Her Husband Pt. 02 – Fetish – Sex Story

Tuesday came and went. After our Monday night fun I decided a quiet day was in order. I enjoyed some leisure time while Larry happily did all the domestic chores I usually do. He pranced around the house cooking and cleaning in nothing but the chastity cage that encased his cock. I gave him a few specific tasks but otherwise left him to keep himself busy.

Wednesday would be different. I had planned to have some more fun and in the process decide if we should let someone in on our secret. I was all for it. It would give me someone to confide in. Not being a dominant person by nature, I wondered having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of would be a help. In my head, I already knew who and how I would tell them. I just needed to determine if Larry was really ready for it to happen.

I sent the first text message before lunch.

“Good morning my sissy husband. I want to see panties and cage.”

He responded fairly quickly with two pictures. The first showing the cage with his panties pulled down and a second with them up over the cage.

I responded with a smiley face and a picture of my cleavage. My necklace and the key clearly visible.

I captioned it with, “No inquiries yet but I remain hopeful.”

After lunch I sent a series of texts.

“You have a decision to make when you get home this evening.”

“Option one. Continue as you have been. Naked and caged.”

“Option two. Wear the maid uniform I know you like to wear.”

“Choose now.”

He replied rather quickly with, “I will be happy to do whatever my Mistress desires.”

Predictable but not the response I was looking for. I tried to sound disappointed and stern when I replied.

“That is not the response I asked for. You can expect a punishment when I get home. Now answer me.”

This time he did not respond quickly. I couldn’t be sure if he was just busy with work or if I had succeeded in putting a little fear in him. Maybe he just needed to think about it. When he did respond, he apologized and chose option number two.

That was the choice I was looking for. I knew I could have simply ordered him to wear the maid uniform but I wanted it to be his decision. It would play right into my plans.

As usual, he was in the kitchen when I got home. I’m sure he was a bit worried upon my arrival since I had promised him a punishment when I got home and I’m sure he was worried about the possibility of another spanking. I wasn’t in any particular hurry to mete out his punishment but I did want to see what he looked like in his uniform.

I stood in the middle of the living room and called out,


We had never discussed a girly name for him and I wasn’t sure how he’d react but I had decided to give it a try and see what happened.

He didn’t respond to my call even though I was pretty sure I had spoken loud enough for him to hear me. What I wasn’t sure of was him understanding that I was calling him. So I called out in a loud and stern voice,

“Lilly, come here, now.”

Any doubt he may have had was erased. He came quickly into the room, knelt at my feet and looked to the ground. I could only imagine what was going on inside his head.

“I have chosen your punishment for your earlier indiscretion,” I told him, “but first I want to see how you look. Stand so I can see you better.”

He stood up and I looked him over. His dress was simple. Black with a white collar, buttoned to the top. It had short sleeves and he had a small white apron tied around his waist. He was also wearing a wig of brown, shoulder length hair, white stockings and black pumps with a three inch heel.

I had him spin around so I could take it all in. Then I told him to lift the hem of his dress. Underneath he was wearing his red panties. I complemented him on his choice and asked if he was wearing the matching bra. He nodded affirmatively.

I asked him if he liked his new name. A wide, blushing grin came over his face. I told him to tell me what he was thinking. He admitted that he had wondered about a girl name but couldn’t come up with anything he liked. He had also hoped I would suggest such a thing. He liked that I had made the decision of using a name and selecting it without his input. He found it both exciting and humiliating.

He was starting to ramble on in his obvious excitement so I cut him off with a finger to his lips.

“It’s settled then,” I said. “When we play you will be Lilly.”

Then I asked him, “Is there anything in the kitchen that will need your attention in the next five minutes? I have some things to tell you and I don’t want dinner to burn.”

He pondered and said he would like to check on things to make sure. I told him to go check but to come right back.

He disappeared into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later. I had taken a seat on the couch and he knelt before me.

“Lilly,” I started. He blushed. “I have been doing some thinking about the rest of this week and this weekend. First let me say that I was pleased that you chose to wear your maid uniform for me. I had decided prior to asking you that should you make that choice that I would offer to help you apply makeup if you wished. Would you like that?”

I saw his eyes get big and he smiled as he nodded his head. Clearly this was something he wanted to do.

“Well,” I continued, “that was before your little infraction this morning. I’m sure you were expecting a spanking this evening but I’ve decided on a different punishment. I will not be doing your makeup. It will have to wait for another time when you are a good little sissy girl deserving of such a reward.”

I could see the disappointment on his face. This was perfect. A qualified punishment and I would not be giving him two spankings in close succession. Although I hadn’t seen it, I was sure his ass was still sore and maybe even bruised from the beating I had given him just two days ago and I certainly didn’t want to do any serious or permanent harm to him.

“You will learn that when I ask you a question and allow you to speak, that I want an answer, not some wishy, washy indecisive ‘I don’t know, whatever you want’ response.”

He nodded his agreement.

I rose from my seat saying I was going upstairs to change and that we would continue our conversation after dinner. He was still kneeling in the living room when I went up the stairs.

I took my time but eventually made my way back downstairs, bringing a few items from our toy collection for later use. I set them down where they wouldn’t be seen and inquired about dinner. He said two minutes, so I went into the dining room and sat down. He served me my meal and knelt down beside me. I only made him get up once for me. After eating I went back to the couch and watched a little television while he cleaned up.

After waiting a sufficient amount of time for him to clean up, I called him back into the living room. As he knelt down before me I handed him his hood and told him to put it on. Once it was in place and he was unable to see, I attached the mouth gag dildo to his face.

It’s a fun little toy, at least for me. It consists of a strap that goes around the head with a piece of leather covering the mouth. Through the piece of leather is a two sided dildo. The part that goes into his mouth is small, only about three inches. The outside portion is a nice six inch, realistic looking cock.

Once everything was in place, I removed my clothes and sat myself naked before him. He knelt with his hands at his sides, not moving. I leaned forward so that my mouth was right next to his ear. I’m sure he could feel my breath on the side of his face. To be honest, I was getting a little excited about what we were about to do.

“Your Mistress is naked before you,” I whispered. “I know you wish you could see me but you can’t. In fact, unless your behavior improves considerably, it may be a very long time before you are allowed to see or touch my naked body again.”

Then to tease him a little, I added, “I may allow a real man with a real cock to do that but not you.”

He remained motionless as I spoke but I could tell he was excited. He breathing was becoming heavy.

“That seems to excite you,” I said. “Are you excited?”

He nodded.

“Is your little clitty hard inside your little cage,” I asked?

Again, he nodded.

“What excites you more,” I queried. “That I am naked before you, even though you cannot see me or the thought of another man fucking your wife. Which vision occupies your mind?”

“Lift your dress up and pull your caged clitty out of your panties,” I ordered.

His excitement was obvious as he fumbled through his task. When he exposed himself I smiled. Seeing his cock straining against the confines of the cage emboldened me to continue with my plan.

I placed a hand on his chest. He flinched, not expecting the touch. I could feel his heart pounding away. He was clearly enjoying this. I was too. I was as excited as he was. My pussy was wet and ready for the dildo that was now sticking out of his mouth.

As I said before, I had a plan in mind. I wanted to include someone in our play. Someone I could trust and distribute things with. I also wanted to explore the possibility of actually fucking another man. I was still on the fence about that part but I was intrigued enough to need to know what Larry really wondered about it. Was it just fantasy or was it something we could make a reality. Time to begin finding things out.

I told him we were gonna play a little game. I hoped that what I had in mind would excite both of us and give me some much needed sexual relief. Not the cock I desired but I was sure it would satisfy my needs for the moment. At the same time it would leave him horny and frustrated. Something I was sure he wanted.

First, I had him pull his panties back up. Then I ran my foot across his panty clad cage. He started moving his hips in an attempt to hump my foot. I pulled my foot away and told him to remain still as I kicked him in the balls. The way we were positioned it wasn’t a particularly hard kick but it got the point across.

Then I got us into position. I scooted my hips forward so my pelvis was at the edge of the couch. I had him lean forward and place his hands on either side of me for support. I told him he was not allowed to touch me. Then I lined up the dildo with my pussy. I cradled his head in my hands, leaned forward and whispered in his ear again.

“This is how the game is played,” I said. “I will be asking you a series of questions. If your response is no, you will remain still. If your response is yes, you will move your head forward and back, sliding the dildo all the way in and out of my pussy. If you are unsure, I want you to slide in to what you think is halfway, then back out. Do you understand.”

He hesitated for a moment, then moved his head forward, pushing the dildo into me. He held it there briefly before pulling it back out again. I was so wet and excited the dildo slid in and out easily.

“Most importantly, ” I added, “you must answer truthfully. I need to know your honest thoughts. Do you understand?”

Again, he pushed the dildo in and pulled it back out. This was gonna be fun, I wondered to myself. I just needed to make sure I worded the questions in such a way that his responses would all the time be yes.

“Good,” I said. “Let’s begin.”

“First question. Do you enjoy being my pet?”

I laid back on the couch as the dildo sank into me. I was intoxicated by the power I wielded. I loved having him pleasure me while he remained caged and denied. I continued, asking him simple questions I knew he’d say yes to. Did he like my teasing, wearing his cage, wearing his panties, dressing and being my maid, completing assignments.

The dildo plunged in and out, over and over again. A half dozen questions in and already I was close to cumming. I ask a few more simple questions I knew he’d say yes to and it sent me over the edge. As he drove the dildo in with the last question I reached out and grabbed his head. I held it there, the dildo deep inside me as I shook, shuddered and squealed through a tremendous orgasm.

As my breathing slowed and returned to ordinary I released my grip on his head and he withdrew. I reached out with my right foot and found his balls and stroked them a bit as I recovered.

When I was ready to resume our fun, I asked him if he liked our game. Again he plunged the dildo into me and I gasped. I did my best to keep my foot in contact with his balls. Tapping and rubbing them. It was time to really test the waters.

I asked if he liked me wearing the key. An immediate yes.

I asked if he like the idea of it being worn outside of my tops, visible for anyone to see. He hesitated, just briefly, then once again plunged the dildo in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

Now for the ultimate question. I struggled to discover the right wording that would enable a simple yes or no response.

Finally I said, “If someone should ask what the key is for, should I tell them the truth? Should I tell them I keep my husband’s cock in a cage?”

He didn’t move. Had I pushed too far? Was this the line he did not want to cross? His line in the sand? If it was, I would respect his wishes.

I was considering my next question when he moved forward, pushing the dildo in about half way and then sliding it back out. I caught my breath and smiled to myself.

There seemed to be scenarios in his head where he would be okay with someone else knowing. I tried to construct a question. I needed to understand under what conditions he might discover it acceptable.

I tried to think. “Who could we trust,” I pondered aloud.

He didn’t move. It wasn’t really a question he could answer with a simple yes or no.

So I asked, “Should we confide in a friend?”

He hesitated but slowly moved forward slightly. Another maybe.

This was starting to bog down. I couldn’t get the answers I needed with yes and no questions and although I had already cum once, I desperately wanted to cum again.

I decided to stop asking questions. I tickled his balls with my toes and ordered him to make me cum. He began sliding the dildo in and out. Slowly at first, then picking up his pace. My breathing got heavier and more ragged as my orgasm approached. I grabbed his head again and held him as wave after wave ran through me.

I laid there, unmoving for several minutes as I basked in the afterglow. I didn’t consciously realize that I had my eyes closed or that I had released my grip on his head. When I opened my eyes, he was still there, kneeling at my feet.

Even with the mask on, I could see he had a gigantic grin on his face. Clearly he was pleased with himself. I was pleased with him as well. I sat up and could see his caged cock, still fully engorged, filling his panties. I ran my foot over and around his cock and balls. Teasing them. He was moaning in pleasure to my caresses. A damp spot appeared. Pre-cum leaking from his excitement.

Deep inside I had a wondered. The wondered of being in his place. I had never been dominated before and now I wanted to know what it was like. I wanted to know what it would feel like to be in service to another. I thought if I could handle being teased, denied and frustrated as he was now. One day perhaps. For now I pushed my submissive thoughts to the side. I still needed answers and he needed to be able to speak.

I got up off the couch and I told him to remove the harness. I put a hand on his shoulder for balance and raised my foot to his face. I told him that he had leaked onto my foot and needed to clean it off with his tongue. He hadn’t but I wanted to see what he would do. He stuck out his tongue and proceeded to lick with enthusiasm.

After about a minute I told him to stop. Since he seemed to enjoy doing that I told him to clean the dildo in the same manner. He proceeded to lick it up, down and all over. He even tried to take it into his mouth. He got about half of it in before he started gagging. I laughed a little to myself watching him but made a mental note that he was apparently open to the idea of sucking cock. The image of him doing that to a real cock and swallowing a load sent a shiver of excitement through me. It was something to keep in mind for the future.

Right now, I still had questions I wanted answers to. So as much as I was enjoying watching him, I told him to put the cock down so that we could continue our question and answer session. I wanted details regarding his maybe answers. Did he want me to display the key and tell others about his cage?

I asked him to explain his honest feelings about displaying the key and telling someone about his chastity. He said the wondered of someone seeing the key or being told about his chastity was exciting to him. He admitted to fantasizing about being exposed.

I said I wanted to hear his fantasy and was a little surprised when he said there wasn’t just one. There were several scenarios he had dreamed up. Again, I said I wanted to hear them. I wanted him to walk me through his fantasy so I could get an idea of how to make it a reality he would agree to and that we would both enjoy.

He said his most frequent fantasy started with me wearing the key in a manner in which it could be seen. Then while out, someone sees the key and asks its significance.

He was talking generalities. I wanted specifics. I wanted to try to construct the perfect scenario for him.

So I asked him, “Where am I when the key is seen and who sees it?”

He said sometimes I’m at work but other times it’s in the evening or on a weekend and I’m out with friends.

Again, I asked, “Who?”

He said often times it’s one of my girlfriends. Other times it’s a coworker or someone else he doesn’t know.

So I said, “A girlfriend or coworker, huh. Is that coworker ever male?”

He hesitated, then nodded.

“So a male coworker or a female friend,” I reiterated.

Again, he nodded.

I decided to not pursue the man scenario yet. He seemed to be getting a bit hesitant and I didn’t want to scare him off. I wanted him to agree to being exposed and his demeanor told me a female would be more likely to be acceptable for his first time. I could pursue the man scenario later, if I chose to.

I was pleased. This was going as well as could be expected and I was eager to go slowly to get what I ultimately wanted. We would go at a pace he was comfortable with and I was sure that in time, he would agree to allowing me to fuck another man if that is what I wanted.

“Let’s talk about my girlfriends,” I said, directing his thoughts. “Is it Joan or someone else?”

Joan was my best friend. Had been for years. We’d known each other even before Larry and I met.

He said often times it was Joan but not at all times. Sometimes it would be other friends he didn’t know so well.

I focused in on Joan. She might very well be just the right person to play this out with. We shared a lot of secrets over the years and I knew I could trust her. I pressed him to tell me about his fantasy with Joan being the person to see the key. How did and he imagine it.

He said usually it was Joan and I out shopping or having lunch or something similar and she would see the key and ask what it was for. Then I would tell her everything and offer to show her. We would then come to the house where I would force him to drop his pants and show her his cage.

Then I asked him how he felt about Joan knowing his secret. He wanted to know if I was talking about his fantasies or her actually knowing.

I said, “Fantasy first. What happens when she sees you?”

He said he usually imagines Joan as very curious, asking questions and touching him. He said he gets both very excited and very humiliated at the same time.

“Then what,” I asked.

He said the fantasy usually ends there.

“That’s an unusual place to stop,” I said.

His response made me laugh. He said he would normally be stroking himself while this played out in his head and he almost all the time came at this point so there wasn’t much point in continuing.

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