To the Edge and Back 05 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

My Wife was only able to keep up the teasing I-know-what-I’m doing attitude for a few minutes. She took a chair from the hall closet and set it in front of the window that overlooks the neighbor’s house. When she looked at me, I could see her face flush and her breathing begin to accelerate quickly.

“You alright there?” I asked as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Nichole put her hand to her chest. “My heart’s racing,” she said, her features showing obvious nervousness.

“You don’t have to do this,” I said, surprising myself that I actually meant it. I still had that nagging feeling that was trying to convince me to end all the foolishness, but that voice was admittedly growing smaller each day.

Nichole folded her hands in her lap and bit her lower lip as she looked out the window. “I want to,” she finally confessed, “and if it was only about giving you what you want, I don’t think I’d be as nervous.” Nichole wringed her hands together and turned to me. She held my gaze for a moment but then looked to the side as she spoke, “but there’s–“

“–There’s a part of you that wants to do it?” I added as she struggled to finish her sentence.

My Wife looked up in mild surprise but eventually nodded, “It’s been less than a week… I can’t believe how much my feelings about all this have changed. It’s bloody scary.”

“I feel the same way,” I reassured her. “And if it’s ever something you decide you want to stop, I’m completely okay with that.”

Nichole slowly nodded as I spoke and finally looked at me, “I’m afraid I could really lose myself, Ky. It’s such a rush.”

“Hey, this is what it’s about,” I said, resting my hand on her bouncing knee. “It’s probably the only time in our lives when we’re Free to do something this crazy. That’s why I kind of want to explore it for a little while. So, until you have to go to work again, I say let yourself go completely. For these next couple of weeks, let yourself experience it and don’t worry about it. In fact, I hope you do lose yourself. I’ll be here as your safety net to make sure nothing bad happens.”

Nichole studied my face for a long time before she nodded, and a look of resolution passed over her features. “You promise, you’ll be alright, and you’ll still Love me?”

“No matter what,” I said with as much resolve as I could.

Looking visibly calmer, Nichole stood and kissed me. It was a long, slow, and languid kiss. I could smell her shampoo and the lingering scent of sunblock on her skin. Pulling away from the kiss, my Wife took a step back from the chair. She was still completely nude, and I could only see the faintest of tan lines from her bikini.

“Your Wife‘s been a right slut today,” she said, her gaze unflinching. “Now, I’m going to pop on over to the neighbor’s house for a bit, and if you stay here in this chair and watch through the window, you’ll see that you’re a Cuckold now. I know you’ve seen pictures and video, but this will be different… I hope you’re ready for it, because I’m going to let myself go and enjoy Sex with Marcus.”

I nodded but couldn’t speak. My throat felt like I’d just eaten shellfish and I was having an allergic reaction. Without getting dressed, Nichole turned and slowly walked out the bedroom door. I listened carefully as her light footsteps went down the stairs, but then things went silent for a long minute until I heard the back door open and close. I stood and went to the window where I found Nichole walking across the lawn toward the neighbor’s house. She hadn’t even wrapped a towel around herself–that alone was proof that she was changing, because before, while she’s never been exactly shy, she’d never let herself be so Free with nudity.

Nichole eventually disappeared into Marcus’ house, and I couldn’t see or hear anything for at least thirty minutes. I was tempted to go find myself a snack when the light to the master bedroom came on. For another several excruciating minutes, I could only see shadowy figures behind the semi-closed blinds, but eventually the blinds were pulled up, giving me a complete view inside the bedroom.

It felt like déjà vu in some ways, it hadn’t been that long ago that I’d witnessed this scene played out, but instead of Rachel tied to the headboard of Marcus’ bed, there was my Wife. My fucking Wife! I heard myself scream in my head. Her long dark hair draped to the bed and fanned out, but her gaze was looking forward toward the head of the bed where her wrists were secured. Her lithe body in a kneeling position and her upper body supported on her elbows.

Marcus gave me a quick nod and gestured toward my Wife, seeming to ask if I was okay with everything. I nodded in return, feeling almost numb. The lights were dim, but I could still see everything in almost perfect clarity. It was the one time in my life I didn’t mind my house being as close to the neighbor’s as it was. Marcus climbed onto the bed, his large member standing semi erect already.

He slapped her hard on the Ass and I heard my Wife‘ yelp. Her breasts swung forward and then back as she rocked from the slap.

“Your needy little Pussy is back for more, huh,” Marcus said, caressing Nichole’s Ass cheeks firmly with his hands. “You know what I think?” Marcus asked rhetorically, “I think your needy little Pussy is quickly transforming into a dirty little cunt.”

“Marcus don’t tease. That’s not true.” I heard my Wife‘s voice whine. I had to concentrate and strain to hear as she spoke, and I couldn’t make out everything. “

Marcus barked a laugh, “I’m not teasing,” he said, running the head of his cock against her lower lips. “How many women have Sex five times in one day with two different men? Or maybe,” Marcus quickly added, cutting Nichole off before she could protest, “You simply disagree on the size of your cunt. It’s not so little now,” he said, pushing himself slowly into her. “You’re already stretching out nicely for me.”

I could hear a low moan sound from my Wife as her head dropped toward the mattress. This was un-fucking-real. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was watching another man burry himself deep into my Wife. The photos and the video held no comparison to seeing the act in real time. For some reason, even though I knew the pictures and video were real, I’d been able to play it up in my mind that it was only a game, that it wasn’t entirely real. But seeing it happen only twenty-five feet in front of my eyes, there was no denying that this was happening.

I was painfully hard, but the feeling of lust that was pumping through my system was giving me a high that felt so good I didn’t want it to end. I tried to edge myself just a little to keep the feeling, but as I touched my cock I immediately began to ejaculate. It was the hardest that I could ever remember Cumming in my life and my mind seared that feeling deep into my memory.

Marcus wasn’t as quick triggered as I was. His slow motions had turned into long powerful strokes and his speed increased a tic. I could see my Wife‘s fingers splayed out as her breasts swung forward and back like a pendulum. Her cries grew louder, and I watched in fascination as her toes arched. It was everything I had hoped for and so much more. Despite having cum, it hadn’t wrecked my mood like I thought it would, I was quickly growing hard again, and this time I felt more in control. I knew I wouldn’t pop off like a teenager as I grasped my cock again in my hand.

Several times my Wife had collapsed into the bed only to have Marcus pull her back into a doggy position. But ultimately she wasn’t able to stay where he wanted and so he settled for putting a couple of pillows under her tummy to keep her Ass pointed up where he wanted her. I couldn’t believe the sounds coming from my Wife. She wasn’t trying to hold anything back. She’d thrown all caution and restraint aside had done exactly what she said she would. She’d let herself go completely.

Several times I’d heard her cry out Marcus’ name, but even that only fueled my lust. I lost track of how many times she’d cum, but I knew it was more than a few. Marcus finally pulled out and stroked himself a couple of times until rope after rope shot over Nichole’s back. My Wife‘s body quivered and shook as Marcus reached down and slid his fingers into her Pussy, giving her a final Orgasm before he finally fell onto the bed.

I sat back in the chair, by breath ragged and coming in quick gasps as I tried to process what I’d just experienced. It took all my willpower, but I forced myself to get off the chair and go to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and put on a pair of shorts before returning to the window. The lovers were still lying next to each other, unmoving. I went downstairs and made myself a quick sandwich and pounded a couple of beers. Looking at my phone as I went back to the window, I saw that I’d only been gone about twenty minutes. But it was enough time for Marcus to be fucking my Wife again. This time she was on her back, her hands Free to roam his body, her legs wrapped tightly around his hips.

They kissed passionately as he fucked her slowly, each thrust drawing a contented sigh from my Wife. Even thinking the word ‘Wife‘ was giving me a hardon. That word was supposed to mean your companion, someone that was faithful to you and didn’t have Sex with other men. But that no longer described my Wife who was again being fucked by our fit, middle-aged neighbor. The level of lust I felt was more than I could have imagined, and yet I was already hoping I could feel more. At some level I knew I was telling myself this was only something we were going to experiment with for a couple of weeks, but deeper down I already knew the truth. I didn’t want it to ever stop. I only wanted more.

After their coupling, Nichole’s form laid still on the bed. After a time, the bedroom light went off, leaving me to stare into the darkness. Was she going to spend the night? Wasn’t it enough that she’d fucked him, now she was going to sleep with him, too? I don’t know how long I sat there, but it was long enough for my Ass to start hurting from the hard chair. It was late and I my body craved sleep, but my mind was racing laps like greyhounds around a track. Pacing the room wasn’t helping my state, so I took a quick Shower and laid down in bed.

I eventually fell into a fitful sleep. My dreams, bizarre and nonsensical, woke me up every so often from their strangeness. When I woke, I instinctively knew Nichole wasn’t there, but I’d still reach over and feel

her side of the bed, verifying what I already knew, it was cold and empty. It made me feel hollow and cold inside, and the dread made it possible for me to hear that nagging voice again, if only ever so faintly. I turned over and closed my eyes, cursing myself for not wanting to give heed to that voice. Even though my guts were twisted into knots, I couldn’t help but recall the lustful highs I’d experienced.

At some point I’d fallen asleep again, but this time when I awoke, I felt my Wife snuggled into my side. She was nude and only covered by the silk top sheet. She smelled of sunblock, sweat, and Sex. Her hair was badly mussed and contained remnants of dried semen. Her full lips were parted as she slept. She looked exhausted, but she also looked content. I realized the person I was looking at was no longer my innocent and faithful Wife. At my prompting and encouragement, she’d stepped into a hedonistic and carnal world. The evidence was right in front of my eyes that she’d enjoyed her experience. I felt an emotional pang against my soul, but the lustful high that followed washed everything away like retreating tidal wave.


The fortnight passed in a blur. Sex with Marcus had been so consuming that I thought of little else. Much to my shame, as the days went on, I thought less and less of my husband and more and more about Marcus and the feelings he gave me when we were together. I knew I wasn’t falling in Love with him. We were only close friends… with an extreme number of benefits. It’s more that he knew how to make me feel things I never knew were possible.

When I received the call from Global Medical to come in the following Monday to begin the onboarding process, I sat there gobsmacked for several long minutes. I couldn’t believe two weeks had gone by so fast. Reality hit me hard, as I began to understand that it was time to return to life, work, and my husband. The thought of going to work full time after a summer full of Sex, surfing, and lazily swimming in the neighbor’s pool wasn’t exactly thrilling but having a little extra income would be something to look forward to. Maybe we could actually start buying some furniture. With me not working for most of the summer, finances were tight.

Rachel passed me a glass of iced tea as I entered the kitchen and sat at the table. I hadn’t seen much of her since my affair with her husband had started, and I was never entirely sure if that was by design or just conscience. She’d always claimed she was off seeing her boyfriend Brian, and it very well could have been the truth. Wearing only my summer outfit, my bikini, I couldn’t believe how comfortable I’d grown wear it. I took a long sip of the cold drink and found it had that strong bite of alcohol.

“Ah,” I smacked my lips, “I haven’t had one of these in a few weeks.”

Rachel sat next to me at the table and poured herself a glass. “I was feeling a bit down this morning,” she shrugged. “My relationship with my Brian came to its conclusion last night.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, unsure of what to say about a lost boyfriend when the woman has a husband.

Rachel shrugged nonchalantly, “You get more-or-less used to these things,” she said, taking another long sip from the glass. “We’ll always be friends, but it was time to move on.”

Her words that it was ‘time to move on’ hit me like a hammer, and I took a large swallow of the alcoholic beverage. I knew Ky and I had agreed that we would end our little exploration once it was time for me to go back to work, but now that the time had arrived, I found I had no desire to end it.

“Alright, Sister,” Rachel said, a smile growing at the corners of her mouth, “spill it. I can see you’ve got something on your mind.”

I felt myself blush in front of the woman and I took another drink to try and calm my nerves. “I hate the word surreal because it’s so cliché, but I can’t think of a better word to use right now. That’s how all this feels. I feel so scandalous,” I finally sputtered. “For almost three weeks now, I’ve been having an affair with your husband, and…”

“…And you’ve enjoyed it?” Rachel prompted, finishing my sentence.

I nodded, “It’s been bloody brilliant!” I said more enthusiastically than I’d intended, “but Ky and I agreed that we only wanted to explore, this,” I said, raising my hands at a loss for a word that could best describe our crazy activities as of late, “until it was time for me to go back to work… which is Monday.”

Rachel raised her head, giving me a look that meant she understood exactly what I was trying to tell her. “But you’re suddenly not so sure?”

“Something like that, yeah,” I said with a heavy sigh.

“Listen, Nichole,” Rachel said, putting her hand on mine, “You know that for my part I’m not pushing you to make a decision one way or another. Marcus has been like a Horny teenager these last few weeks, and I’m more than happy if you two keep fucking.”

I coughed and sputtered on my drink, sending little drops of spittle onto the table. “I’m so sorry,” I mumbled, my mouth still half-full of iced tea.

Rachel laughed and reached for a small towel on the counter. “What, still not used to the word fuck?”

I shrugged and was finally able to swallow the last of the liquid. “It’s so uncouth.”

Rachel laughed again and rolled her eyes, “Girl, you’ve been walking around with my husband’s sperm in you for all this time and you still think it’s awkward to say fuck? Well, I hope you never lose that part of you. It’s sweet.”

“Thanks… I think,” I said, shaking my head.

“I’ve been meaning to ask,” Rachel said, seeming to want to switch subjects. “How’s Ky been through all of this, have you been keeping him happy?”

I swallowed again and took a deep breath. Rachel wasn’t giving me any reprieve, so I knew I had little choice but to simply answer her questions. “Between Marcus and Ky, I’ve had more Sex than any woman has a right to have,” I said with an uncertain laugh. “I think Ky’s happy overall, but he wants me to, as he calls it, push-his-cuck-buttons, a bit harder… it’s just that it feels so cruel and heartless. I can’t bring myself to do it–at least not to the degree he wants. I’m afraid it’ll hurt him.”

“But Nichole, that’s exactly what he wants–probably even needs,” she said, her gaze focusing on me and forcing me to look her in the eye. “If you’re even listening a little, you’ll know if you’ve gone too far, but I have a feeling you could go a long ways before he’d finally say enough.”

I bit my lower lip as I thought about it, finally I had to admit, “You might be right–“

“Trust me dear, I know I’m right on this one,” Rachel said firmly. “Ky’s a classical cuck–oh girl, you have no idea how amazing your life is going to be, but you’ve got to understand something so listen carefully,” Rachel waited until she had my full attention, and I could tell she was serious about this. “Your husband is like mound of clay right now. He’s unmolded, without shape. But if you don’t take control and give him the shape you want, he’s going to find his own, and that might not be what you want.”

“I don’t understand,” I confessed.

“It’s like this,” Rachel began again, “Ky enjoys you sleeping with other men–which you’re giving him. But it sounds like he also really wants to experience what being a Cuckold is. He wants to feel humiliation, he wants you to rub his face in it. Now, I know you think it’s cruel, but he’s getting his own pleasure from it. You might not understand it, but trust me, for him it’s a real rush.”

I nodded slowly, pondering her words, “I think I understand that, but what do you mean about giving him shape?”

“I mean that you’re in control here,” Rachel explained, “If you don’t want him to feel any humiliation at all, that’s your choice. He’ll conform to that. But it’s also in your power to transform him into your submissive sissy boy if you wanted.”

I looked up shocked, “Sissy boy?”

Rachel shrugged, “Some couples find they enjoy the husband becoming submissive, going so far as to make the husband sleep in a guest bedroom, bathe and prepare you for your lovers, get your clothes ready, even suck your lover’s cock to get him ready quicker for you–oh, and of course clean out your Pussy after your lover’s finished.”

“Oh my god,” I said, not completely sure she wasn’t having a go, “I don’t want that.”

“Nobody’s saying you have to want that,” Rachel continued, “You can find the level you’re comfortable with and mold him to that. If you want him to wear panties to work, or shave his legs, I’m quite certain you could make him do just about anything for you, and he’ll only Love you all the more for it.”

“I think you’re completely mental, Rach,” I said, shaking my head. “Are you serious?”

Rachel only nodded and sipped her drink, “Try a few things today and see what kind of reaction you get. I guarantee he’ll Love it.”

I thought about that for a long moment, “Alright, I’ll give it a go and see what happens, but I don’t want a sissy boy for a husband. That sounds horrible.”

“I wouldn’t want that either,” Rachel agreed, “my point is that it’s up to you to decide the future of your sexual relationship. Ky’s going to be happy with whatever you decide–I’m certain of that. The only thing he’s not going to want to do is stop exploring. He’s tasted the honey and he’s not going to want you to stop.”

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