Timmy’s Torment Pt. 10 – Fetish

Showering with Beth was fun. A little dangerous as I almost drowned when she pushed me down to eat her. But definitely fun. The most erotic part was when she handed me a razor and told me to shave her. It was like something out of a film.

Then after the shower she let me rub cream all over her naked body and give her a massage.

“Timmy. I’m hungry. Will you get Ella to make me a sandwich?”

“Nah, it’s cool. I’ll make it.”

“NO! Get that bitch to!” Beth snaps.

“Okay, okay. A sandwich by Ella. Got it.” I said with a little salute.

“Okay I’ll be down in 10minutes.” Beth calls out as I head downstairs.

“Ella?” I call out as I reach the bottom of the stairs. But no answer. “Ella?” I call out once more, checking the lounge and living room. Still nothing. “Oh I’ll just make it myself.” I sigh and walk towards the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen and low and behold. There is Ella, sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine.

“Didn’t you hear me call you?” I asked crossly.

“No!” Ella barked then smirked wickedly.

“Erm. Beth wants a sandwich.” I said a little flustered. But Ella just ignored me and swiped on her phone. “Ella did you…”

“Yeah that Ella shit ends now!”

“Excuse me?”

“I said it ends now, Timmy. You address me as Mindy!” Mindy snapped.

“I…erm…” The change in demeanour had me a little startled. Probably because I had cum about an hour ago I no longer had that pent up aggression and zero desire to argue. I let it go. Also knowing Beth would put her in her place soon enough, so I just made the sandwich.

While making the sandwich, I wondered about the handjob I just got. A handjob I would never have gotten had I not asked for it. “I’m sure one day I’ll get a blowjob too.” I wondered to myself.

“I thought I told you to make her to make it.” Growled Beth.

“Oh…I…yeah. The thing is…she erm…well she…”

“Ella.” Beth began turning away from me. “I see you’re not in your correct attire.”

“Imma stop you there Bethy.” Mindy interrupted.

“Excuse me?” Answered Beth.

“I’ll be going back to being called Mindy from now on and I imagine you’ll be going back to your parents house.”

“You deluded old bag.” Beth scoffed.

“153759.” Was all Mindy replied to the Beth’s insult.

“What? My passcode? So what? I don’t get it?” Beth says confused.

“I was walking past the bedroom while you two were having your ‘shower time’ and your phone kept ringing and ringing so I checked it for you. Like you asked me to do earlier. It was Coach Taylor again.”

“Timmy, go wait upstairs. Mindy and I need to talk.”

“No, Timmy. You wait right there. Now with 8 missed calls and a dozen messages I decided to see what all of the commotion is about. Well imagine my horror when the messages are about how Robbie is ready to leave his wife for you!”

“What?” I ask, feeling like I just got hit by a truck.

“Timmy it’s not like that.” Beth says.

“Oh no no no. I don’t think so Bethy. See knowing how Saintly you act, I sent Robbie a text back saying ‘today was a mistake. It should never have happened!’ And you know what message came back? ‘The only mistake was ending it to begin with.’ I’ve screenshotted all the messages. I’m happy to forward them onto you Timmy.” Mindy says smiling like the cat That got the cream.

Beth rushes towards me and puts her hands on my face. I can see tears in her eyes.

“Timmy I swear. It was before we got together. Today was a mistake.” Beth sobbed.

Her face was distraught, the tears were pouring and she was starting to go blotchy. I could see the pain she was in, I felt it. I knew at that moment that she needed reassurance from me that we’d be okay. So even though thoughts of her doing things with Coach Taylor that she’s never done with me were giving me stabbing pains in my mind, I pulled her close to me and hugged her.

“I’m sorry, so sorry.” She sobbed into my neck.

“Oh give me a break.” Scoffed Mindy.

“Mindy, don’t.” Was all I could muster, still trying not to be overwhelmed by it all.

“Well it’s to be fair, it’s my fault. I did condition you to be a cuck. She came home filled with cum and didn’t even let you know about it.” Laughed Mindy swigging at her wine.

Mindy’s flippant remark set a wheel of motion into my mind and all I could hear was Beth’s voice from earlier. “Clean my pussy…clean my dirty cunt…clean my filthy pussy…clean my pussy…clean my dirty cunt…clean my filthy pussy”.

“Clean…my…filthy…pussy.” I mumbled.

“Huh?” Beth asked, stepping back from me.

“Earlier you said, ‘clean my dirty pussy’ you let him cum in you and then let me eat it.”

“Timmy, I said I was dirty.” Beth sobbed.

“You let him cum in you.” I yelled, holding back the tears.


“Did you blow him too?”

Beth looked at the floor and bit her lip nervously.

“That first day in the truck. You said you’d never cuck me.”

“Timmy, it was a mistake.”

“I asked for a blowjob and you said no. You don’t like it or wouldn’t like it. But you sucked his dick? Has he ever came in your mouth?”

Beth nodded.

“Your ass, has he fucked your ass?”

Beth closed her eyes and nodded once more ashamedly.

“So Coach can get whatever he wants and I get to be Mr PussyFree?” I asked, shaking.

“You can have a BJ Timmy. We can even do anal…” Beth started.

“I need air.” I interrupt and make for the front door.

“Timmy, wait.” Beth pleads, but I slam the front door behind me.

I stood outside for a few moments, I could hear Mindy and Beth yelling at each other. In my haste I had walked out without anything. Carefully I opened the front door, snuck in, grabbed my phone and wallet and headed back outside. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wasn’t coming back tonight. Even if it meant staying at a motel.

I walked a couple of blocks over and ordered an Uber to take me to the movies. That would kill a few hours and hopefully be a distraction from the chaos in my mind.

Beth fucked the Coach. I shouldn’t feel shit. I should feel great. Hell I love cuckold porn, I’m in chastity and I just ate a creampie. I should be on top of the world. But I’m not. I feel dejected and like the world’s biggest loser. A car horn snaps me out of my pity party, my Uber is here.

In the car with my head pressed against the glass, a sigh escapes from me.

“Wanna talk about it?” The driver asks.

“Girlfriend cheated.” I reply still looking out the window.

“Ah fuck, Buddy. That sucks. You know the guy?”


“Can you take him?”


“Yeah that’s a shit place to be.”


“Why are you going to the movies? You need to grab some buds and hit up a bar! We can pick someone up if you like.”

“Under 21.” I replied.

“But over 18, right?”

“Yeah. 20 next month.”

There was silence for several moments, the driver was scratching his head and rubbing his chin.

“Aww fuck, look I could get in trouble for this. But imma take you to a strip club.”

“Oh no, that’s nice and all but I couldn’t.”

“Trust me you’ll be inspired, a new man. You’ll love it.”

Love it? Love it? I’m in a fucking cock cage I highly doubt I want to see naked women while I’m in a cock cage!” I screamed internally.

“I really don’t think it’ll do me any good.”

“Buddy. Hot chicks who will literally come up to you and beg you to dance. Trust me. It’s what you need.

Him not seeming to take no for an answer, and the fact that I will most certainly get carded on the door. I reluctantly agreed.

30 minutes later we’re at The Pleasure Cave and shockingly my new friend and I are waved right in by the bouncer on the door. I guess looking miserable makes you look older.

“It’s a $20 cover charge and a 2 drinks each minimum, boys.” Says the lady at the front desk.

“No worries.” Says Rick, the Uber driver handing over the money and his cell. “Timmy give her your phone.” He tells me.


“No phones inside the club.” The woman on the desk says pointing to a huge sign above her head.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” I apologised, handing over my cell too.

“Damn! This is the new iPhone right?” Asks the woman.

“Erm, yeah.”

“This ain’t even released yet. How’s you get one?”

“I got a new job. It came with the job.” I shrugged.

“Okay, okay. Nice.” She says handing me a ticket. “Right on in fellas. Have fun and remember DON’T TOUCH THE GIRLS!”

Rick leads the way and picks a table in between the stage and the bar.

“Sit too close to the stage and they think you’re just a perv, too close to the bar and they think you’re a drink thief.”

I just nod.

“What are we having fellas?” Asks a gorgeous woman in fishnets and a thong and a red wig.

“Two bottles of Buds for me.” Rick says, reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

“Hey, no. I’ll get these.” I say stopping Rick.

“No complaints from me.” Rick laughs.

“Can I get a Bud too and a Vodka Redbull please?”

“We only do double Vodka Redbulls, and are you sure? They’re $50 each.

“Yeah I’m sure. Money ain’t the problem right now.”

“Well if money ain’t an problem, we offer bottle service at $10k and that gets you a personal girl all night.”

“Oh, thanks. But I don’t think I’d be good business.

The woman looks at Rick and pulls a face.

“Just broke up with his Girlfriend. She cheated on him.”

“Ahhh. Free shot on me, Sugar.” The waitress says with a cheerful wink.

The drinks arrive and I do a shot with the waitress. There is an awkward pause where she stares at me intensively.

“Did I do something wrong?” I ask nervously.

She tuts and shakes her head. Then she leans in closer to me, putting her cheek to my cheek. “Stay away from anything with four wheels. A bike is safer for ya.” She whispers.

And like that she walks away to another table.

“What was that?” Asked Rick, dumbfounded.

“A riddle, I think.”

“To riddles.” Rick laughs offering me cheers.

As Rick and I sat and watched the ladies on stage, a woman with a silver wig, and a white corset walked over and approached us.

Rick and I are approached by another woman. This lady is beautiful as well. 5,5. Enormous breasts and a phat ass to boot. She’s in high heels and a small silver dress that barely contains her tits and I can see her mound sticking out of the bottom.

“Hi there. I’m Ferrari. Either you boys care for a private dance?”

“Ferrari?” I wondered to myself. That’s a car, and the waitress said to avoid four wheels.

“I’m good.” Says Rick.

“No thank you.” I say apologetically.

“Suit yourselves.” The stripper replies, walking away shaking her hips in a way that said, you guys just fucked up.

Rick for all intents and purposes was actually kinda cool. He didn’t pressure me to talk. Just smiled a lot and kept offering to cheers every time a new chick went on stage. A part of me began to feel that he needed this more than he originally claimed I did.

Over the next hour we were approached by a Lexus, a Porsche, and even a Mercedes. I politely declined, as did Rick. I was beginning to think that maybe Rick couldn’t afford it and I was pondering what may be the best way to offer to pay. Then along came Bugatti who Rick did take up the offer of a private dance from, leaving me alone to watch the naked ladies on stage.

I honestly felt that being caged in a strip club would be torturous. But due to my current mood. The ladies did not arouse me. I may as well have been watching Ballet or the Opera.

“Hey I’m Harley. Would you like a private dance?” A voice called from behind me.

The voice came from a gorgeous black woman. She had the throwback Rihanna half shaved head. Wearing a baby blue lingerie set. She was slim, but her breasts were enormous and her ass was huge too.

“Harley…as in Davidson?” I inquired.

“Good shout. Most people say Quinn.”

“You don’t have pink and blue pigtails.” I shrugged.

“Urgh. I hate that look. Old school Harley was better in my opinion.”

“Batman the animated series?”

“Yeah! The old red and black combo. Iconic. That’s Harley Quinn for me.”

“Fair point.” I laughed.

Behind Harley at the bar stood the original waitress who gave me a smile and an enthusiastic nod.

“Sorry, I’m Timmy.”

“So, Timmy. Did You want a dance?” Harley asked once more.

“Yeah…sure.” I replied, and she took me by the hand and into a private room.

The private room looked like an executive suite with a rather odd Grandfather clock in the middle. Harley walked me over to a leather seat. Place her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me into a seated position. With me sat her hands ran down my chest and onto my lap. As she reached my thighs she had bent over me, with her body moving in sync with her hands. From my lap to my knees. With the final run landing her palms onto her own thighs and she began to stand upright. Her hands moved up her stomach to her chest and she began to dance.

Harley swayed like there weren’t any bones in her body. Highly skilled in her craft. Her dancing is mesmerising. She bends over and starts to twerk. My eyes like what they see because my cock starts to grow in its cage. The usual struggle of the cage is a welcome one. But it’s soon followed by thoughts of Beth and what she’s done. The arousal is over, and my self pity is back.

“You don’t have to…” I said, waving further to stop.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry. You’re really talented…I’m just not really feeling it.” I mutter.

Harley pulls a face. Then tilts her head to the side. “Come again?”

Her face looks pissed. I’ve offended her.

“It’s not you…it’s me…” I stutter.

“It’s a damn dance and you talking like you breaking up with me. What da fuck is that?”

“I’m sorry. I’m…I’m…I’m just…” I drop my head into my hands.

“Fucking loser, fucking loser, FUCKING LOSER!” I scream in my head.

*slurping noise*

Looking up from my hands Harley is standing in front of me drinking a soda.

“Sorry. I’ll leave.” I mumble, rising to my feet.

“Look. You paid for a dance, and that’s 20 minutes. So we still got another, 17minutes. Now I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and no one, and I mean no one. What’s up with you?”

“It’s kind of a long story.” I sighed.

“So give me the Cliff Notes version.” Harley replied.

“Long story short, I’m a loser.”

“Okay, one that aint a Cliff note version and two, most guys at a strip club are, expand on that.”

“Okay…I’m a virgin wearing a cock cage and my GF is fucking another guy.” I shrugged.

“Oh okay. So she sent you here to be teased and shit while her bull has her?” Harley asked, slurping at her drink once more.

“No. She’s cheating on me. Wait, how do you know about this stuff?”

“Most girls who work here have a side hustle. Some do domme shit, some do porn or escort. Girls talk.”


“It’s more common than you think.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Now you said, cheated. Wanna unpack that?”

Harley seems genuinely intrigued. So I decided to tell her everything. All about my interests in chastity. My addiction to Cuck porn, Mindy, my dad leaving, the NMC, Jade, Beth and the Coach. Every little detail I could think of, and honestly, I kinda felt a little better.

Harley stood in front of me, lips pursed. “That’s some shit right there. Like, WOW! And I mean, WOW!” She laughed. “Okay, okay. First things first. You know your dad’s an Asshole right?”


“Leaving you to deal with your step moms. That’s fucked. Oh and Beth. Beth’s a bitch too.”

Harley calling Beth a bitch hurt. I understood why she said it, and as angry as I am with Beth I still love her and didn’t like Harley calling her names.

“It’s kinda funny that Beth doesn’t like Mindy though.”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

“Well Beth is just a youthful Mindy. Same personality. She wanted her first husband to be a submissive cuck, and that’s sorta like what Beth’s doing to you.”

It hadn’t actually dawned on me how alike Beth and Mindy were. How strange that a random third party can have such a better insight into your life.

“So what kinda cage are you rocking?”

“Just a plastic one from Amazon.”

“Let me see.” Harley asked.


“Yup.” She said slurping once more at her drink.

I unbutton my jeans and begin to lower my draws.

“What’s with the Ken doll look?”

“A major mistake with industrial hair removing cream in the shower.” I reply exposing the plastic prison on my cock.

“Ahh, okay. So a replica Holy Trainer. Those are pretty generic. One of the girls here will probably have a key.”


“Yeah. It’s only when they’re brand names do you get proper security. You order 6 of those online and 99% of the time they’ll all have the same key.”

“Oh, I had no idea.”

“Now pull your pants up.” Harley said, putting her drink down. “You know there is a difference between fetish and kink right?”

“Umm. Not really.”

“So a fetish is something you like and a kink is what you need. Just because you like something doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll want it. Get it?”

“Yeah, you’re saying just because I like cuck porn doesn’t mean I want to be a cuck in real life.”

“Exactly. Now although Beth cheating on you, technically makes you a cuckold, the term has been so watered down lately that unless you’re in the room or part of the play some don’t consider that actually cuckolding. Consent is key, you know?”

“TIMES UP!” Shouts a large black guy who just burst into the room.

“Sorry.” I squeak. “I can pay for another dance if there’s a problem.”

“Someone else has requested her and paid for a dance. You’ll have to join the queue.” Tiny snaps at me.

“Give me 5 minutes, Tiny.” Answers Harley As she taps me reassuringly on the shoulder

“Really?” Asks the guy.

“Yeah I’ll be right out.” Harley tells him.

“Okay, Tiny.”

“You girls and these damn…” Tiny begins to rant walking out the room.

“He’s called Tiny?” I ask dumbfounded.

“It’s ironic.” Harley laughs.

“Oh, okay.”

Harley pauses in front of me and stares hard into my eyes.

“Are you a good decision or a bad one?” She asks blankly.

“A…a good…well I think…that’s to say…I’d say I’m a good person…I think.”

“Hmmm. Well time will tell.” Harley says pulling a face. ” So, Timmy. Do you fancy indulging a little in your cuck tendencies? And maybe after that I might be able to find a key to that lock of yours.”


“Well that’s a secret. A secret you only get to know if you say yes.”

“O…okay. Yeah.” I replied nervously.

Taking me by the hand. Harley walks me over to the grandfather clock. She reaches to the back and it opens like a vampire’s coffin from a horror film.

“Step in.” Harley gestured.

“What is this?”

“A voyeur box.”

“Oh. Right.” I said, confused.

“There is a no jerking off rule, but I don’t foresee that being an issue for you.” Harley laughed. “Oh and don’t worry. It’s one way glass. No one will know you’re here.” She said as she shot me a cheeky wink and shut me inside the box.

As the door closes inside the box lit up with black lights. “What if I sneeze or make a noise? Will they know?” I began to panic and my heart started to pound heavy in my chest as I tried to curb my heavy breathing.

Harley walked back into the room, leading a new man in with her. Almost identically as she did with me. As she pushed him down into the chair she glanced over at me in the clock and winked.

Watching Harley dance, my cock started to stir in its cage. I rubbed my caged cock to ease the pressure, but when she removed her bra and let her tits pop out, I had no chance. She leaned over the guy sitting and let her breasts brush over his face.

“Fuck! I didn’t realise she takes her top off. Idiot!” I whispered to myself.

Then when she took her panties off, I wondered my cock was gonna burst free. Harley then straddled the guys lap and and started to rock back and forth simulating fucking. All while maintaining eye contact with me. She was doing it to tease me and damn she was doing a good job.

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