Tied Up in Desire

Carla couldn’t believe what she had agreed to when David suggested they play a little game of bondage. They had been dating for six months and the wondered of being tied up and helpless made her feel uneasy yet excited. David promised that he would be gentle and respectful during the whole process so she had finally given in to his suggestion.

He had instructed her to wait for him in his bedroom, and as Carla stood there, she noticed that he had decorated the room with candles, soft music, and a few different types of ropes. It was then that her nerves kicked in.

David slowly walked into the room, dressed in black jeans and a fitted white shirt. “Are you ready?” he asked as he took a few steps towards her. He could see the fear in her eyes.

“Yes,” Carla whispered. David instructed her to remove her clothes and lay down on the bed. “Do you trust me?” he asked her gently.

She nodded and he proceeded to tie her arms and legs to the head and foot of the bed with the soft ropes he had prepared. Carla’s heart was racing as she lay there completely exposed and vulnerable.

David started to caress the bare skin of Carla’s chest as she waited in anticipation for his next move. He could see that she was breathing harder as he leaned forward to take her right nipple into his mouth. Carla squirmed with pleasure and David continued to alternate between her breasts, licking and kissing every inch.

Suddenly, Carla felt a sharp pain as David bit down hard on her nipple, causing her to cry out. David whispered an apology and his hand went to stroke her hair. “Are you okay? We can stop if you want to,” he said, looking into her eyes.

Carla shook her head and begged him to continue. It hurt but she enjoyed the sensation.

David nodded and continued his exploration of her body. His fingers traced every curve and crevice as he made his way to her mound. He felt the wetness there and Carla moaned as he inserted one finger and then two, but he stopped abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” Carla asked, confused.

“Nothing,” David replied, as he left the room briefly only to return dressed in a black latex jumpsuit. He smiled as he saw the look of surprise on Carla’s face.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked, and Carla was grateful to give herself over to the sensation and desire overwhelming her.

With David’s nimble fingers and expert tongue working together in unison, Carla was lost in the sensations of being bound and at the mercy of his desires. She couldn’t withstand him even when he pulled out a whip, which at first she was scared of, making her quack but then eventually turned her on.

Their play turned to lovemaking, as David freed her from the ropes while they exchanged breathy kisses, Carla felt overcome with their passion and love They ended together tangled in a warm embrace, and with the smell of sex and candles still lingering in the air, they drifted off to sleep, exhausted from their erotic escapade through pleasure and desire.

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