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Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X crossover, Tifa x Rikku. Both characters are over 18.


“Good evening! Can I get you a drink?” Tifa asked her newest customer, smiling warmly from behind the counter. “Hmm…you seem awfully familiar,” she frowned slightly, tilting her head. “Though, I’m sure I wouldn’t have forgotten a pretty face.”

Green eyes with black spiral pupils; long strawberry blonde hair that was tied up; fringe held back with a blue bandanna, and then what detailed her lithe figure was a skimpy lemon-coloured bra and a very short skirt. Most of her warm-coloured skin was on show. Rikku shared the same vibrant colours as an orange flame. Ah, Tifa was certain she’s seen this one culprit before!

“Me, look familiar?” Rikku looked stunned for a moment, but then she took a step backward while a little flush dusted her cheekbones. “I think…I think you have me mixed up with someone else,” she was probably lying, even the blush stated it. Rikku then covered her face, hiding her face away from the curious brunette barmaid. “I’m not blushing…I’m NOT blushing,” she rose her voice.

Really, Tifa would have dropped the issue, but seeing Rikku’s reaction, Tifa couldn’t help but to tease the giddy blonde. Tifa slowly leaned over the bar, her bust resting on the surface.

“No, I honestly wouldn’t forget a pretty face like yours,” stated Tifa another time. “You just looked familiar, that’s all.” But then, Tifa leaned in close, her hands grabbed at Rikku’s slender wrists and pulled those hands down gently. “What’s your name?”

Immediately, at the question of her name, Rikku perked up and performed a salute towards the barmaid. “I’m Rikku!” she answered in a very firm, confident voice. Placing her palms onto the counter’s surface, Rikku bounced up onto a barstool. Green hues stared into those scarlet orbs. Rikku smiled brightly. “That’s good, ’cause I’ve seen you around many times before!” Rikku cackled, spilling the beans.

“Pleasure to meet you, Rikku…”

At that confession, Tifa’s eyes narrowed slightly with a smirk. “I knew it! I knew I’ve seen you before, and you can call me Tifa. Though, I’m quite sure you know that by now,” she assumed. Tifa rose up her torso. “So, Miss Rikku, can I get you a drink?”

“Hm, all the alcohol you have!” Rikku gave a toothy grin, fluttering her eyelashes at the barmaid. Rikku then pulled out a purse from her small bag, and this purse once belonged to Tifa. “A few drinks for me…a few drinks for you,” she winked. Rikku slammed this purse onto the counter, then rummaged through it for gil. Well, whether the gil belonged to Rikku or Tifa…both would never know!

Pulling a smirk, Tifa hit a switch underneath the bar, causing the doors to lock and the lights to dim. “You little devil,” she spat. “You just want to get drunk after stealing my purse.” With narrowed eyes, Tifa ran her crimson eyes along Rikku’s figure. “Are you old enough to drink? I might have to see some ID.”

“ID? I…uh…I don’t have any!” Rikku hesitated, feeling a little unsure. Green eyes glanced around the extent, a bit shocked at the level of security in this place. “It was…uh…you see, I encountered a Sweeper on my way here to Sector 7, and the bastard took all of my stuff,” she lied, and then proceeded to shrug her shoulders. Her index finger scratched the side of her face mousily. “Well, I turned nineteen a few days ago,” she answered as she looked into Tifa’s eyes. “Uh…no good?”

Well, Tifa wasn’t that much older than Rikku, hitting twenty-three. Rikku could be nineteen right now, but if anything, Tifa was much more mature. Tifa turned twenty-three one year after Cloud fought the Remnants and the Reunion’s Sephiroth.

Simply, Tifa snickered.

“Nineteen, huh? Too bad for you; you have to be twenty-one to be able to drink in a bar,” she shot back, still wearing a smirk along those lips. Tifa crossed her arms underneath her bust and tapped her foot, as crimson orbs still watched Rikku sitting on the barstool. “Though, you’re pretty cute and I may be willing to make an exception for you. I’ll serve you all the alcohol you want but you have to listen to everything I say for twenty-four hours.”


At that requirement, Rikku’s jaw dropped in an instant, completely gobsmacked.

“Listen to ya for TWENTY-FOUR HOURS?!” Rikku spat back, repeating what the barmaid told her. Rikku placed her hands onto the counter and proceeded to push herself up, having her knees on the counter as well. Rikku went on to beg Tifa. “Please, please, pretty please! I don’t wanna have to be your kid for that long,” she droned on and on. “Pretty please, Tifa? Maybe just give me one drink then – one little glass!”

Taking a small step back, Tifa watched the little display on the counter.

“So, you want me to lose my license for giving a nineteen-year-old alcohol? Is that what you want, Rikku?” Tifa questioned, raising a black eyebrow. “Nineteen is still too young to drink…or to do anything rash.”

“H-huh? I don’t want you to lose your license!”

Truth be told, Tifa didn’t have a license. Thing was, she found the blonde cute and wanted to see how far she could wind her up.

“How about a single kiss then? One kiss for one drink?” Tifa suggested, still smirking.

Green eyes stared into those crimson pools, soon looking away very briefly as she thought about it. Rikku looked back at Tifa, and a cheeky smirk curled along her lips. Rikku started to giggle.

“That’s exactly what I wanted, Miss Lockhart!” Rikku puckered her lips, leaning inward, and then the cheeky blonde planted a kiss onto Tifa’s lips. “There!”

Tifa blushed deeply, feeling those soft lips press against her own. She bit down onto her bottom lip, gazing into those green eyes and black spirals. “I, uh…it needed to last longer than that…” Tifa leaned forward, pressing her chest against Rikku’s much smaller chest. “Like this…” Tifa cupped Rikku’s cheek and soon brought their lips together, making a kiss for longer than thirty seconds. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan.

After a whole minute, Tifa pulled back from the kiss.

Rikku, too, had a reddish flush dusting her features from the lip-to-lip kiss. The palms of her hands held her mouth after that kiss, covering it. “What-” Rikku mumbled behind her hands, and then she whined. “What is this gonna be – a kissing contest?” Rikku assumed.

Soon, pulling her hands away from her mouth, Rikku placed her palms onto the back of Tifa’s head, scrunching up two fists of black hair, as Rikku then slammed her lips against Tifa’s lips. Boom!

Eyes widening in surprise from the sudden kiss, Tifa’s eyes soon closed. She wrapped her arms around Rikku’s collar and pushed their lips together even more, drool running down her chin. Tifa moaned softly into their kiss, shoving her tongue inside Rikku’s mouth and coiling her tongue around Rikku’s tongue. She didn’t want this kiss to ever end; as she could already feel herself quickly becoming addicted to those soft Al Bhed lips.

Droning into the kiss, Rikku leaned inward, pushing her lips into Tifa’s as well as her bust. Hands were still gripping at Tifa’s hair, fists still tugging on black-coloured strands. Her drones were loud behind the tongue-to-tongue dance, and these sounds could be heard filling the atmosphere of the bar. Due to the emptiness in this bar, the droning and kissing actually echoed. Teeth bit onto Tifa’s bottom lip, being quite hard.

Tifa groaned with pleasure when she felt her lip being bitten. Seeing as Rikku had been kneeling on the bar earlier, Tifa was able to pull Rikku across the counter. She moved Rikku enough for her to sit on the edge of the bar counter. Tifa stood in-between the blonde’s legs, and their bodies pressed together. Tifa’s hands slid down to cup the younger woman’s waist.

When Tifa pulled away, her lips curled into a wide beam that stretched from ear-to-ear, and soon she wiped away any drool from her mouth. “Just like that, Rikku.”

“J-just…just like that, Tifa? Uh…I…I feel a little…fuzzy…in the head!” Rikku gasped, placing a palm onto her third temple, trying to stop her head from spinning. “Uh…um…” Green eyes glanced around the extent, finding herself still sitting on the counter in the bar. “Oh, phew! I thought I was in some kinda…wonderland? Or dream?”

Rikku literally just admitted her crush on Tifa. Then, Rikku’s hands grabbed onto Tifa’s nicely toned shoulders, and soon the blonde girl delivered a third kiss to Tifa’s lips…kissing even harder than before.

“Mhm,” she intoned as a simple response. Tifa’s face was flushed, panting softly after such a heated kiss. “Definitely…a dream come true,” she mused out loud.

The two women were pressed up against one another, kissing super madly just so Rikku could have her first ever alcoholic beverage at age nineteen. Crimson eyes widened as Tifa was suddenly brought in for yet another kiss, but not that she minded. Her eyes slowly closed when their lips met in a kiss again, as she kissed Rikku back heatedly. Tifa’s hands squeezed Rikku’s slender Love handles, while moans escaped past her lips behind Rikku’s lips.

Clouds of breath escaped Rikku’s lips during the lip-to-lip dances, and really, she didn’t know when to stop as one kiss lead to another. One, two, three…almost four kisses in total. Moving a hand from behind Tifa’s head, Rikku placed this palm onto the side of Tifa’s cheek, as she gradually parted from their current kiss. A string of saliva followed afterwards. Rikku bravely embraced Tifa’s waist with her slender legs, keeping the dark-haired woman close.

“D-definitely a dream come true?!” Rikku repeated with a hard, stern voice. Her voice sounded high-pitched, almost shrieking, and someone would most likely get an earache from her constant talking. Rikku tilted her head to one side. “HEY!” Rikku shouted. “Does that mean you actually like…like-like me?”

“I wouldn’t kiss someone I didn’t like,” answered Tifa. “It’s that simple. Take it as a compliment, Miss Thief.” This pretty much confirmed Rikku’s guess.

“That’s good, ’cause I’m totally into you, too.”

“Yeah, I kinda guessed that, Rikku.”

Much like Rikku, Tifa was also experiencing a daze after their lip lock session, face appearing completely flushed. She smiled and leaned her cheek against the palm of Rikku’s hand. Eyes fluttered open as crimson hues then gazed into Rikku’s beautiful green eyes. Tifa shivered, feeling the blonde girl’s legs hug around her waist. This gesture caused Tifa’s face to appear worried.

“Um, I do need to tell you my little secret…if we’re going to ever be an item or something else,” mentioned Tifa, biting down onto her bottom lip. “A lot of people tend to run away when they realise I get super worried…and emotional at times. It’s like they can’t handle me when I get upset, because…it never leaves my mind. You okay with that? I kinda assume you are, judging by your cousin,” she snickered the last few words.

“Emotional and a worrier?” Rikku raised a curious blonde brow, and then a nervous giggle escaped her lips. “You mean…it’s chaotic up there? I mean…uh…I wouldn’t be surprised with how hard you can hit an enemy,” she responded with a warm smile. “But don’t ya worry – I’m okay with that kinda thing. It means you have feelings, just like everybody else. You just express them differently, that’s all.”

Averting her gaze down beside her, Rikku picked up the old purse she stole from Tifa a while ago. The small black purse. Rikku handed it to the dark-haired barmaid, still smiling.

“Well, this got your attention, didn’t it? This is enough hints that I want ya, Tifa,” she purred. “Have it back. And look inside, I left a present in there for you.”

“Oh? Thanks, Rikku.”

Well, it wasn’t wise to steal from people as a way to win their hearts, but then again, Al Bhed often did crazy things…

Tifa’s face brightened with the same reddish hue as before when Rikku mentioned that she was okay with Tifa’s emotional mood patterns. It just proved that she was a real person and not some hard-nut. Tifa smiled brightly when her old purse was returned, too.

“I’m…kinda sure at this point we’re more than just friends,” she proposed. Popping the black purse open, crimson eyes went on to look through the purse. Honestly, Tifa wondered what kind of present this beautiful blonde Al Bhed left her. “What kind of gift? You mean…this perfume bottle? This looks new.”

“Well, you remember when you were talking about how you wanted a real present? LIke, ’cause Cloud doesn’t bother, and the only gifts he ever gives you is…well…things he receives from other people. But, then, you spoke about Aerith always giving you gifts…and, well, she’s been dead for four years now,” explained Rikku. “So, I found this rose-scented perfume that I found during a salvage at sea last month.”

Coiling her slender arms around Tifa’s collar another time, her green eyes stayed fixed on those scarlet orbs. Rikku giggled, and then, the cheekiness came into play yet again.

“So, the alcohol,” Rikku mentioned, bringing up the subject about alcohol from earlier. “We’ve kissed…three times now…I think? Is that enough, Tifa?” Hmm, would that be three drinks then?

Her eyes brightened as Rikku spoke, causing her to blush harder.

“You’ve really been keeping tabs on me, haven’t you?” Tifa swallowed her spit nervously, hesitation in her breath. She placed a hand onto her chest to feel the speed of her heartbeat. “Thank you, Rikku. That means a lot, really.”

Pulling out the scarlet-coloured perfume bottle, Tifa took an experimental sniff of the fragrance with a single spray. “Oh, I Love it!” Tifa leaned forward and stole another kiss from Rikku’s soft lips. “And yes, you can have all the alcohol you want, anytime. Anytime you’d like, really.”

“Hey, I try my best! I never really forget things, especially with those I like,” answered Rikku. She then pulled her hands away from Tifa’s collar, now having both her hands planted on her hips, her blonde eyebrows furrowed in the process. “What did you expect, Tifa? I couldn’t just slip the perfume in your purse without you seeing! That’s why I stole it, so I could put the gift in without you seeing,” she explained.

It was obvious that Rikku was still a whiny, immature brat! But, she possessed a heart of gold nonetheless.

At the incoming kiss, Rikku hugged Tifa, burying her face into Tifa’s shoulder in the process.

“I just…wanted to let you know that you’re special, okay? ‘Cause you are. You’re a friend, and to me, more than just a buddy. I know stealing is bad and all, but please, can you forgive me? I’m sorry, Tifa,” Rikku apologised, a sniffle in her voice. It was so much like Rikku to feel emotional, too, just like Tifa. “Pretty please, just forgive me? Just this once? And I promise, I’ll never steal from you again, okay?”

“It’s okay, Rikku. Really, it is,” giggled Tifa.

“Now what about the alcohol? You owe me three drinks, remember!” Rikku brought up the alcohol subject from earlier, and then she thought about it, soon rephrasing her words. “No, wait! I think that’s four drinks you owe me, actually. That’s right, Tifa; four drinks!”

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