The Yellow Ranger Pt. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Hi! Author here. Thanks to all of you who read part 1! Our favorite ranger meets an alumni of a semi-popular TV show and they fall for each other. Will, he finally settle down and renounce his playboy methods? Figure out on this episode of The Yellow Ranger!

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Luke grumbled as his boss reamed him out. Apparently, he misunderstood that standing by was not a license for him to take week of vacation. Internally, he smiled remembering his multiple trysts with Sanaa Lathan.

“…and that’s why I’m assigning you to patrol the northern mountain paths for the next two weeks.”

Shit. That post sucked because of all the dumb tourists who go off the mountain trail and usually they were not the most pleasant people.

“Yes, sir…”

Tenley Molzahn loved to explore new places and sight see. So she was especially excited when her friend told her about the “super secret” place in the Cali mountains where you can go to get a great view of the state.

She received a link from her friend telling her to set up a time with one of the tour guides. Tenley was skeptical at first, but when she saw the detailed bio of the guide, she decided it was probably legit. Plus he was rugged and handsome too!

She laughed to herself as her order processed. It’s been some time since she did not discover “true love” on the Bachelor. She dated some guys here or there, but it was mainly just for fun. Nothing serious.

Tenley bit her lip as she began to fantasize about making love to the tall, dark, and handsome stranger as the sun set on the mountains. Pretty soon she realized she had her hand in her shorts. Oh, well. Might as well finish.

She arrived a the base of the mountain the next week. She was wearing a pink tank top along with her black gym shorts showing off her svelte dancer’s body.

Tenley spotted another man who waved to her. That must be him!

Oh yeah, he was definitely handsome. He was tall and his muscle shirt showed off the results of his time at the gym. His dark brown hair was long and he had some facial hair. Mmmm, scruffy, just as she liked it.

“Hi, Tenley?”

“Yes! Are you Curtis?”

“I am indeed. My, you look much prettier in person.”

Tenley giggled and they started to hike. They talked and flirted along the way. She learned that Curtis was from Spain and he is in California for currently for his studies.

She was laughing and touching his arms when they were interrupted.

“Oi! Love birds!”

The two turned to see a ranger on an ATV. He was wearing his uniform with aviators.

Curtis responded, “Yes?”

“Make sure you stay on the path, the parts ’round here are dangerous. People’ve fallen and gotten lost so don’t do anything stupid, got it?”

Tenley was annoyed with the disruption and the ranger sounded rude. She also didn’t like how he glared at Curtis. Probably jealous. She leaned into Curtis some more to prove a point.

“We understand. We will follow the path.”

“Uh huh, well the path is actually down here.”

There is an awkward silence as Curtis and Tenley move down.

“Alright. Just stay on this path and you will be fine. Go off it, well, then I’m gonna have to save your sorry asses.”

He drives away leaving a cloud of dust.

“Geez, what an asshole! Isn’t he supposed to protect and serve?”

“Hah. Don’t worry about that sourpuss. I deal with guys like him all the time. He was probably jealous I have such a beautiful girl in my arms.”

Curtis bent down to give her a quick kiss.

Tenley blushed and returned it. After a few minutes, she pulls back as Curtis started to get handsy.

“Mmmm. Let’s…ummm. Let’s slow down a bit and get going. I wanna see the sunset!”

They make it to the special place in the afternoon and Curtis lays down a blanket. They sit on the blanket and eat. Laughing and feeding each other. Curtis even brought a special European wine imported from Italy!

It’s almost time time for the sun to set, but Tenley starts feeling a little weird. Probably not used to the high altitude. Curtis wraps his arms around her shoulder as they begin to make out.

“Ah, there you are.”

The couple breaks the kiss and stands up. The ranger they saw earlier is standing there with a grin.

“What do ya know. You both didn’t listen to a word I said. I’ve been looking allll over for you after our little encounter.”

Tenley was losing her patience at this point. “Leave us alone you freak! Do you just go around stalking people like this?”

Curtis steps in front of her. ” You heard her. Leave us alone. We aren’t doing anything wrong.”

“Oh, is that right? So the reports I received of an escaped murderer on the loose who happens to fit your description, they’re all wrong?”

“Pfft, there are plenty of guys that look like me. Unless you have-?”

“Maybe, but there aren’t many guys who have scar running down the right side of their neck, right Carlos?”

“Curtis” froze and looked shocked. Tenley noticed the scar and stumbled back. She was disoriented so she tripped and fell on her bottom.

Carlos did not notice as he dashed forward while drawing the knife from his pocket.

The ranger was almost…smiling as the criminal approached him. Carlos was quickly disarmed and they started fighting hand to hand.

Carlos managed to get a few punches in but none of them seemed to phase the other young man. It was almost as if he was prolonging it.

Finally, the ranger had enough and threw some quick face and body shots causing Carlos to fall over.

“Alright the jig is-aaaarrrggghg!”

Carlos had grabbed some sand to throw and the ranger was blinded as the criminal fled.

“Awww, shit. Freaking coward. And it was starting to get fun too…”

He turned around to see Tenley standing up. She starts wobbling as she walks to get her things.

“Hey! Hold up, I’ll get- shit! Get back, here, now!”

The woman is too woozy to react and she begins to fall as the ground beneath her collapses.

The ranger sprints forward and manages catch her. He pulls her close in his arms as they fall. The drop is steep, but luckily, they fall on a ledge.

Tenley wakes up clutching her head. She realizes that it is sometime in the afternoon.

There is a heavy jacket on her and she looks around spotting the ranger. He is leaned against a rock with his eyes closed. His black hair looks wild without his baseball cap on. He was shirtless…oh! The shirt was wrapped around his left arm! He was actually younger and…hotter than she expected. Hmph! Still an asshole though.

She starts to stand up, but wobbles a bit.

“Hey! Take it easy! You still got that drug in your system.”

The ranger says all this without opening his eyes.

Relax, I called command. They got another case of some idiot tourists getting stuck in some sort of cave so we’re low priority.”

“So w-what happened? The last thing I remember was seeing Curtis’ scar and…”

“Yeah, well. You’re boyfriend and I fought, but he fled before it got good. Killjoy.”

“F-fun? What the hell is wrong with you? You…you could have been killed!”

“Pfft. Maybe if he had a gun.”

“Oh, don’t act like a tough guy. He hit you a couple times.”

“Yeah, it’s called savoring the fight. There’s nothing better than having adrenaline just pumping through you as you slug the other guy.”

“Ugh, you’re such a freak.”

“Yeah, and you’re a dumb fool. Who the hell meets some stranger to hike to some secluded area? You’re lucky to be in one piece.”

“Dumb-? How dare you? I was almost drugged and raped…and…and here you are…mocking me!”

“Yeah, well, if I coddled you, you wouldn’t listen. I even warned you to stay on the path and you didn’t listen.”

“What are you my dad?”

“Someone has to tell you to use commonsense.”

“Shut up, you condescending asshole! Just…just leave me alone!”

Relax lady. Geez, I forgot how shrill your voice was.”

Tenley raised her eyebrows and turns around.

“Wait, you know me?”

“Yeah, you were on that Bachelor show, right? My ex used to force me to watch that dumb show all the time. You were one of the hotter girls, but I had no idea you were so heavy. You almost broke my back falling on me like that.”

“I-I…what the hell? Did you call me fat?”

“Ugh. Come on, it was a joke.”

“Wait, what happened to your back?”

“Hah, you just caught on? Nothing. I’m fine. I just need some rest so if you can chill with the shrill-“

“What!?! Stop dodging my question! Is your back ok?”

“Yes, yes! Geez, what happened to leaving each other alone?”

“Turn over.” Tenley scoots over.


“I said turn over,”

“What? No really, I’m- Hey!”

Tenley flips him over with surprising strength and tuts.

“Oh my gosh! Look at these bruises!”

“What those? Please. I’ve had-ow! Damnit girl! Can you not-fuck!”

“Oh, yeah? Not so tough now, huh?”, replied the woman as she digs her hand in his back.

Fuck you, it really hurts.”

“Ummm. I never really got your name…”

“It’s Luke. Yeah, you never caught it because you and your boyfriend were too busy screeching-ouch! Screw you!”

Tenley had purpose pressed on a particularly big bruise on his back.

“Shut up! He’s not my boyfriend!”

“…but seriously, though. Why would you meet some stranger like this. Pretty sure a lady like you has guys all lined up outside your door.”

“It’s-it’s not that simple…”



“You really need to quit it with this fairytale crap. Prince Charming is not just gonna swoop in and risk you off to the royal palace.”

Tenley stops massaging his back and begins to get up. Luke sits up and grabs her hand.

“Hey, wait. List-“

Before he can finish, she slaps him and jerks her hand away.

“You…you don’t know anything about me. So just…don’t talk to me.”

Luke is surprised, but nods. For the rest of the day, they preoccupy themselves in their own little corners. suddenly, there is a static crackling and Luke picks up the walkie talkie.

“Yeah, it’s me. We’re fine. What!?!? Oh, for fuc-! Seriously, ugh. Fine!”

Luke looks over to Tenley.

“Hey, looks like we’re stuck here for another day.”

Tenley turns around and huffs.

“What! What the heck happened!?!?”

“Seems like some other idiots ignored the park signs saying do not swim so now the copters have to fish them out in addition to rescuing the folks that were caved in.”

“D-don’t you have another helicopter.”

Luke shrugs. “That’s our bureau for you. Wasting out money on useless shit instead of the things we really need.”


“Relax. We’ll be fine. I’ll keep outta your way.”

Tenley’s tummy begins to growl and she puts her hand on her stomach embarrassed.

“Check the jacket pocket, there should be a small canteen of water and a granola bar.”

Tenley checks the pockets and takes out the bar. She snaps it in half and holds her hand out towards Luke.

“No, you keep it. You need it more than me being so frail looking and all.”

“Oh, get over yourself, you need food to recover!”

“I’m fine. Now, do you really want to eat that much now? We still got all day tomorrow.”

“Wha-stop changing the subject! I will force feed you if I have to!”

“Ok, first you hate me. Now you want to be my mommy? How about you make up your mind you crazy woman?”

Tenley growls and walks over. She plops herself in front of Luke and takes half of the granola when her hand is stopped.

“Look, Luke! I’m just repaying you for saving me ok? So just…just take it.”

Luke’s face softens a little. “I’m fine. I mean it. Save it for yourself, ‘sides, I’ve been getting a little chunky so I need to fast.”

“Oh, shut up. You look like you practically live at the gym.”

Luke started to flex his right arm and tighten his core. “Oh, so you’ve noticed, huh?”

Tenley blushed. “W-what. No! You…stop trying to fluster me and just eat the damn granola bar! Your arm is bleeding!”


Luke looked down on his left arm to see that blood was starting to seep through his shirt. Tenley had already taken off her tank top so she was now wearing a black sport bra. She seizes the ranger’s arm and unwraps the bloodied shirt.

“Oh my gosh! Luke! This…this is a big cut!”

“Yeah, if you’re done gawking, can you just wrap the damn thing? FUCK! Shit, it hurts!”

Luke yelps as Tenley pours water on the wound. As she finishes wrapping it up, she looks up at his face with concern. She whispers, “Please…just eat this. You need the strength…”

Luke scowls. “Fine! But just give me half. We need to conserve our food just in case.”

Tenley gently feeds him a quarter of the bar and his lips make contact with her fingers. Luke is too distracted by the pain to notice her slight shiver. Suddenly, she grabs his walkie talkie.

“Hello? Is there anyone listening? Hey! Hey!”

Tenley hears nothing on the other end. “What the hell? W-what’s going on?!?”

“Ah, shoot. Forgot to replace the damn batteries. Fuck me. I guess that bit me in the ass, haha.”

“How…how can you be LAUGHING!?!? Aren’t you scared of dying!?!?!?”

Luke is laughing even harder making Tenley even more frustrated. “Fine! Bleed out and die! See if I care!”

“Hahahahaha, no, it’s not that. Just…just…your voice…hahaha. It’s so…hahaha…so damn squeaky…hahahaha!”

Tenley crosses her arms then starts to smile. Luke wipes his eyes. “Oh, man. Haha, that was great. Wooey!”

“Well, I’m glad you feel better at least.”

“Yeah. Hey…uhhhh…thanks.”

“Hmmmm? What was that?”, asked the young woman.

“Yeah, shut up you. Seriously, thanks for taking care of my arm. Though I do prefer the new view…”

“Oh, really!?!? Stop being a pervert! Well…consider…consider us even. Now, rest.”

“Mmmm, roger that, mom”

The young ranger sleeps for most of the day and wakes up in the evening. He sees that Tenley is sitting right next to him. She has his jacket wrapped around her shoulder as the weather has gotten colder. She sees him stir and removes it to drape it over him.

“Oh! Here. Sorry, it was just getting a little chilly…”

“Haha, no way. I said you can hold on to it. I’m fine.”

“Stop saying you’re fine! You’re not! You were moaning in your sleep.”

“What the hell? Well, maybe I was having a naughty dream, ever think about that?”

“S-shut up! You sounded like you were in pain!”

“Maybe I’m into BDSM. Very rude of you to jump to conclusions and judge me.”

Oh, quit it! Aha! Your forehead is burning up and your face is getting pale! Here. Here! Eat the other quarter of the bar.”

“Alright, just calm down you hyster-mmmmmpppfhhh.”

Tenley shoved the piece of granola in his mouth. “Now, chew.”

She stares Luke down as he chews. “Good. Now, rest.”

“Aww no. I can not sleep anymore. And can you stop trying to baby me. I’m fine-. Hey, come over here. Geez, you’re sneezing already. Haha, you sound like a mouse with all this squealing.”

“S-shut…achoo! Shut up!”

Tenley comes over to Luke’s right side under the jacket. He puts his arms around her waist as he pulls her closer than she expected. Her left hand accidently falls on his abs. She is happy it’s dark now because she feels the heat in her cheeks. Damn, it feels good.


“Relax. This jacket isn’t that big so we need to be closer together.”

Tenley sniffles and resigns herself to laying her head on his chest.

“Alright, let’s make one thing clear here. You better not drool or get snot all over my chest.”

“Mmmm.” Tenley groans and snuggles even closer as the air grew chillier. Luke didn’t mind though, he enjoyed feeling her fit body pressed against him.

“Hmmm. Maybe talking will help us keep the blood flowing. So, Mr. ranger man. Why did you choose this line of work?”

“Haha, well, I kind of just stumbled onto this. I dropped out of school my second year-“

“Big surprise.”, mumbles Tenley.

“Hey! I’m clever! I just hate sitting still and listening to boring professors. Anyways! I worked some odd jobs until my aunt sent me a job posting to work at the park. I easily pass the physical test, but the paper test nearly fucked me over. Luckily for me, the supervisor decided to give me a pass since I nailed the physical. I worked my ass off for two years to prove myself to him and here I am now, a fully fledged ranger!”

“Hehe. That’s a good story and definitely believable.”

“Oh, yeah, which part?”

“You failing the paper test. I would be surprised if you knew how to spell your name, hehe.”

“Oh, look at you now! This is definitely an upgrade to the shrill mom routine.”


“Hmmm? What’s up?”

“Do…do you really think my voice is that bad…?”

“Huh, yeah. That’s why I’m teasing you about it.”


“Hey, come on. Don’t give me that. Look, in all seriousness, the reason why I keep bringing it up is because I know it bothers you. I figured if you hear it over and over again, it would stop affecting you, but I guess…”

Luke uses his right hand to press her even closer and feels something wet on his chest. Aww, geez. He sits up and grabs the jacket before it can slide off. He puts it on Tenley’s shoulders as she looks down.

“Tenley…look…. Aw, fuck it, come here. There, there, let it out. That’s it.”

Luke rubs her back as she cries sniffles.

“Hey, come on now. Yeah, your voice is kinda mousy, but…uhhh…you got a…nice ass?”

She sniffles. “S-shut your mouth.” Luke wipes her eyes as she smiles.

“I better have a nice ass, I work hard for it.”

“Yeah, there you go. Please, that Fabio guy or whoever, wouldn’t know how to satisfy a girl like you anyways.”

Tenley’s eyebrow raises. “A girl like me?”

“Yeah, cougars.”

“Oh, fuck you, Luke! I’m not that old! It’s only a five year difference.”

“Ha! I would have no issue with that. Now that I think about, it’s kinda creepy how you’re sitting on me like this. I should report you for this, cradle robber.”

They both share a laugh, but press together again as another cold breeze comes over them.

“Oh, Luke, are you ok? I had no idea it’d be this chilly!”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but you’re really starting to shiver.”

“I’m-I’m fine!”

“You know…I have an idea of how we can warm up…”

“Wha…oh, no. No, no, no. No!”

“You sure? I would be happy to show you how you deserve to be treated…”

“Shut up! Gosh, you’re such a pig! To think I was starting to warm up to you!”

“Heh. Alright, I’ll take your word for it, but can you stop sitting on me like that? I really don’t need to be dealing blue balls the whole night.”

Tenley is about to respond then suddenly she sneezes.

“Ugh, geez! Now I got snot all over my chest.”

“Oh, shoot! Here, let me…”

Teney grabs the jacket sleeve starts rubbing Luke’s chest. Her hips unconsciously slide back and forth as she puts pressure into her arm.

“There! You should be all cleaned up.”

She looks up and realizes their face is close. Wow, his eyes are pretty nice. He’d be a real catch if it wasn’t for his rough personality. Luke reaches up and caresses her cheek as she softly sighs as she leans into it. His hand moves to the back of her head as he bends down.

His lips are surprisingly soft and Tenley grabs his face as they kiss. The intensity grows as they exhale and make out. Tenley’s right hand travels down his chiseled jaw to his neck to his strong chest to his toned mid-section. Luke bites her lower lip and Tenley moans as she opens her mouth.

Mmmmm. Wow, he can really kiss! She really enjoyed feeling up his soft skin and lean muscles. The way his arms embrace her makes her feel…different.

Tenley pulls back to catch her breath, but not before Luke sneaks in a peck.

“Mmmph. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s…let’s slow down here, cowboy.”

“Hah. You really need that, didn’t you? Kiss me like that and I may not even make it to the main event.”

“Hmph. Who said anything about that? What if I just want to make out?”

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