The Velvet Antlers: A Tale of Power Play, Infidelity, and the Cuckold’s Descent into Submission

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As Emma walked into her husband’s office, she couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited at the same time. She knew what was about to happen, and she couldn’t wait. Her husband, Peter, had been talking about his colleague, Jack, for weeks, boasting about his achievements and the power he held in their business.

Emma had heard enough about Jack’s success and had grown curious about him. She had asked Peter to invite him to their home for dinner, and now Jack was about to arrive.

As she stood by the door, waiting for him to arrive, Emma’s mind drifted to thoughts of what was to come. She had at all times been curious about power play and infidelity, and the idea of seducing Jack and making her husband watch excited her.

She had planned everything strategically and had even prepared a bedroom upstairs, where she and Jack could indulge in their forbidden desires while her husband watched from a distance. Emma knew that this was just the beginning, and things could get even more exciting as the night progressed.

When Jack finally arrived, Emma couldn’t help but feel a pang of desire run through her body. He was tall, well-built, and had a commanding presence that demanded attention. Peter greeted him with warmth, and Emma couldn’t help but notice the subtle hints of coldness that passed between the two men.

As they made their way to the dinner table, Emma sat next to Jack, and the two of them engaged in a heated conversation about work and company. Her subtle touches and coy glances were not lost on Jack, and he responded in kind.

As dinner ended and dessert was served, Emma made her move. She excused herself and made her way upstairs, where Jack followed her.

As they entered the bedroom, Emma could feel her heart race with excitement. She knew the power she held over Jack and the effect she had on him. She undressed slowly, letting him take in the sight of her naked body.

With each passing moment, the two of them grew more and more passionate, and Emma’s desires became more intense. She wanted to take control and dominate Jack, and she could see the desire in his eyes.

She climbed onto the bed, and Jack followed her lead. As they engaged in forbidden pleasures, Emma could feel her dominance grow, and Jack surrendered to her completely. She knew that she had complete control over him, and that was exactly what she wanted.

As the night progressed, Peter watched from a distance, his eyes fixed on the scene before him. He knew what was happening, but he couldn’t help but feel aroused by the power dynamic between Emma and Jack.

As the night came to a close, Emma sent Jack on his way, satisfied with the events of the night. As he left, he stole a glance at Peter, and the two men exchanged a knowing look that spoke of the events that had just unfolded.

Over the next few days, Emma and Jack continued their forbidden relationship, and Peter watched from the sidelines, his desire growing with each passing moment. It wasn’t long before Emma had complete control over both men, and they obeyed her every command.

As Emma basked in the power she held, she knew that she had descended into a world of submission and infidelity. The velvet antlers had ensnared her, and she had become a eager prisoner to their desires.

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