The Universal Remote: Fuck by Fuck – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a story I haven’t told anyone up until today. Usually, when someone hides something for over a decade, it’s because they are ashamed or have guilt. Neither of those apply to me in this case. No, the reason why I kept this a secret for so long is because no one will believe me. I wouldn’t blame anyone as I’m still shocked that something like this happened to me. What happened? Well, allow me to explain…

It’s the summer of 2005, I’m 21, almost 22 and I’m living in a 3-bedroom apartment in a school town with two women. Think of it as a modern-day Three’s Business. I’m currently working at a music store in the mall as an Assistant Manager. I’m single and haven’t had sex in a short while, which was unusual for me as I’m almost all the time meeting up with chicks that usually ends up with some sort of “fun”.

I wouldn’t consider myself an attractive guy. I guess I’m okay, not ugly, just attractive enough to almost all the time having interest from other women. I think maybe it’s my boyish charm, a mix of dorkiness, shyness, and a slight rocker aesthetic going on with my long hair and a couple of facial piercings. It was a far cry from my teen years when I was just a shy, awkward fat kid with a bowl cut. That version of me couldn’t get a chick’s attention if I was dipped in honey, rolled in a pile of $100s, and paraded around a strip club.

Now that I gave a little personal background, let’s go to the day when this all started. I was at work, and I needed to get a new remote control for my TV. We had a very small selection of electronics at my store, so I wasn’t expecting to really discover a remote control that worked for my TV. It was an older TV from the early 90s, maybe even late 80s. However, to my amazement I found a single remote control that said, “Universal Remote: Works for ANY Television Set!” I decided to get it with my employee discount as I didn’t want to go to other stores after work.

I got home, laid on my bed, and turned on the TV. I don’t really watch current day TV, I stick to shows from the 80s and 90s. So, when I watch shows, it’s usually old shows that are shown in syndication. I decided to give my new remote a whirl, so I pressed the “On” button and suddenly, I felt an odd sensation happening in my body. It’s hard to describe what I felt. The closest I can explain is that it felt like my whole body was “asleep” like when your leg gets tingly when you sit in certain position for too long. This sensation lasted for about ten seconds, then I was suddenly in a different place.

I was in a car driving in an unfamiliar place. I drove past a sign that said, “Welcome to Port Washington, Wisconsin!” I said to myself, “Port Washington, Wisconsin? That place sounds familiar.” I looked at hand written directions that was sitting in the passenger’s seat and tried to find out where I was going. What happened? Why am I here? Where am I driving to? I didn’t know, but my instincts told me that I knew. I also knew that this didn’t look like I was in the year 2005. It felt more like the 1990s based on the vehicles around me and the one I was in right now.

After a couple more minutes of driving, the directions led me to my destination. I pulled into a driveway that was next to a two-story house in a quaint suburban neighborhood. The house I was looking at looked familiar like I’ve seen it somewhere before. I get out of the car and looked around to examine my surroundings. Even though I’m still confused about where I’m at and why I’m here, my instincts told me to go knock on the front door.

I go up to the door and knock a couple of times. I wait and hear a female voice shout “Just one minute!” Suddenly, the door opens and standing before my eyes is an attractive brunette with about shoulder-length hair. After seeing her face, it dawned on me. I’m in the Step-By-Step universe and Al Fucking Lambert is right in front of me! As my mind is processing the situation unfolding in front of my eyes, she invites me in. She makes small talking by asking if I found the house okay and then asks if I wanted to watch the NBA Finals with her. Being a sports fan myself, I said sure, why not? I sat next to her on the couch in the living room and she turns on the television. It’s the 1998 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz. This answered my question from earlier, I’m back in the spring of 1998. This would put Al at 18 years old and back then I was 14, almost 15. However, I’m still 21 and luckily didn’t go back to 14-year-old me.

We’re sitting on the couch watching the game and we talk more to get to know each other better. She knows more about how we met than I do, so I’m getting her to fill in the blanks for me without making it obvious that I have no clue why I’m here. It sounds like I also work at a music store in this universe in Milwaukee. She was at the mall there with some friends, we started talking and she gave me her number. We’ve only talked a short while before making plans to hang out. I asked her why we are here and not at my apartment; she said that while she is living at home, she must play by her dad and stepmom’s rules.

She says that she doesn’t really want to continue living at home, but it’s a means to an end to save money while she’s at community school. It’s the same reason why Dana is still living there while she’s in law college. Karen is still living there as well, but she’s not in school at the moment. She claims that Karen thinks school is a drag and would rather work in the mall where she can be around clothes always. Eh. I guess I can not judge since I’m working in a mall as well. I asked where everyone is at, Al says Dana is at the library, Karen is working, and everyone else is visiting Carol’s sister out of town.

At this point, the gears in my head are turning. I’ve got this just turned 18-year-old girl from a TV show I watched always in the 90s alone on a couch. I don’t know how I got here, but I’m gonna see how far this situation will take me. We continue watching the game and make conversation with each other. I make a joke here and there, which draws laughs from her. During a moment of silence, I bumped my shoulder into hers and smile. She returns the favor. I poke her side; she pokes me back. This casual flirting started to get me hard. My plan is working so far, she seems to dig me. I poke her a bunch of times and this causes her to laugh. I turn the poking into full-on tickling and her laughter becomes uncontrollable. She goes back on the couch, and I get on top of her continuing to tickle her.

At this moment, I stop, and we look into each other’s eyes. I softly caress her cheek and give her a kiss on her lips. I stop, smile, and sit back up on the couch. She shows a look of confusion and disappointment as she sits back up. She looks at me and asks, “Why did you stop?” I slyly smile and reply, “Oh? Did you want me to continue?” She goes “Well, I don’t know. I mean I didn’t expect it, but that felt nice.” I put my arm around her, and we went back to watching the game. That is until I decided to kiss her cheek out of nowhere, which made her smile. I turned my attention back to the game, but at this point it seems like my teasing made her go mad with lust. She turned my head back towards her and gave me a kiss on the lips.

There was no turning back now as we began making out passionately on the couch. She straddled my lap and started feverishly kissing me with hard and deep kisses. My hands started moving up and down her back while we were kissing. Slowly, my hands worked their way down to her nice ass. It wasn’t a small ass, but it wasn’t enormous either. It had just the right amount of meat on it to grab and smack. While she was on top of me, I’m sure she could feel my hardness on her. Before things went further, I heard the front door open and then a female voice shout, “AL!”

We both stop out hot and heavy make-out session and turn our heads to see Al’s stepsister, Dana, standing there with a shocked look on her face. “Al, what are you doing on the couch?!” Al replies, “What does it look like, Dana?! I’m making out with a cute guy!” Dana replies, “You know mom and Frank will kill you if they know you have a boy over alone!” Al goes, “Yes and that’s why you’re not going to say anything!” Dana laughs and says, “Why would I not say anything?” Al replies, “If you do, I’ll tell them that you’ve been sneaking into Rich and JT’s apartment in the middle of the night to have sex with Rich!” Dana opens her mouth and goes, “You wouldn’t!” Al snaps back, “Try me! Either you let me have my fun or we both suffer.” Dana, defeated, replies, “Fine. But, I’m going to sit here in the chair and make sure nothing more than kissing happens!”

I’m usually not one for an audience, I’m a pretty private person, but I can make exception for Dana. She’s sort of attractive in an uptight, bookworm kind of way. The fact that she’s actually gonna WATCH us tells me that she’s one of those “lady on the street, freak in the sheets” type. Maybe I can use that to my benefit later? Al and I continue our steamy make-out session, but now it’s going one step further as Al removes her shirt displaying her black lacy bra that is covering her large teen tits. I take my hands that were on her ass and move them up to her chest and begin kneading her large globes.

I kick up the intensity and begin nibbling on her neck and collarbone, which causes moans to come out of her mouth. At this point, we begin dry humping and she’s grinding on my jean covered hard-on. My dick felt like it was gonna rip my jeans open with its hardness. I wanted nothing more than to push my dick into her fiery depths. However, Al suddenly gets off me and stands up. She looks over at Dana and says, “Dana, you might want to go upstairs or turn your or head or something.” Dana sarcastically laughs and goes, “Why would I do that?” Al replies, “Because I want to suck his dick and I don’t think you want to watch your stepsister give someone a blowjob.” My ears perk up hearing this, my dick would have perked up as well, but it has been perked up for the last 10 minutes. Dana sighs and goes, “Fine, but only because I don’t want to see that dude’s junk.”

Dana then turns her head away from us as Al gets down on her knees. She unbuckles my pants and pulls down my zipper, then she pulls my jeans completely off as my cock springs straight up. “Damn. That’s a nice cock!” says Al as she grabs a hold of the base. I’m not like a lot of guys who try to claim they’re 10 inches or something absurd. I’m not enormous by any means, but I’m about a solid 8, which gets the job done. When Al said that, I noticed Dana’s head turn just so slightly as if she is trying to take a peak. Maybe Dana is curious? I wasn’t focused on Dana long as Al decided to lick my cock like it was a popsicle. Taking slow, long licks up and down my shaft. I was in heaven. I could tell she’s done this before, or at least seen porn and picked up on what to do. After a minute of licking, she started to take me into her mouth. She slowly went down and got about 3/4 of it in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on my dick while at the same time massaging my balls.

She was really gonna work on my cock when the front door opened again, and we heard another female voice ring out “Oh my god!” Al’s mouth got off my cock and we looked to see Al’s other stepsister, Karen, standing inside the house looking over at us. “Al! What are you doing?! Ew! On the couch, too?!” shouts Karen. Al says to Karen, “What does it look like I’m doing?! I’m sucking his dick! I know you’ve sucked plenty of dick to know what I’m doing!” Karen scoffs, “Ugh! But not in the living room, Al! Geesh!” Al replies, “Whatever. Do you mind? We’re busy here.” Before Karen could reply, I spoke up and said to Karen, “Hey, so you must be the other stepsister Al told me about? I didn’t think I’d be seeing THREE beautiful sisters in one day in the same house!” Karen laughs and blushes, “Hehe why thank you! You’re only the fifth person to tell me I’m beautiful today! However, you’re not really my type. I’m more into the tall, muscular guys with short hair.” Al shouts back, “Yeah, but how many of them have a cock like this?” as Al holds my dick in her hand, Karen looks at it. “Hmmm. That’s a nice looking dick. I mean, I’ve had bigger, but that isn’t bad either.” Al replies, “Yeah, but have you had a nice one lately?” Karen is shocked being asked this and goes “What are you implying? That’s I’m EASY?!” Al laughs and says, “Come on, Karen. You sucked off the manager at Old Navy just because he gave you a discount on sandals!” Karen laughs upon hearing this and goes, “Yeah, you’re right! I didn’t have sex with him, though and he only lasted two minutes!”

Al shouts at Karen, “Well?! Come over here and let’s suck this cock together!” Dana hears this and looks over at Karen and says, “You’re not really going to do that are you, Karen?! That’s degrading and humiliating! To be subservient to a male like that?! If anything, he should be on his knees in front of you!” Karen rolls her eyes at Dana and goes, “Oh shut up, Dana! You’re such a prude! Live a little!” Al joins Karen in her attack on Dana, “Yeah, at least Karen knows how to have fun! Try loosening up for a change! You could use a good fuck. I doubt tiny dick Rich can please you!” Dana is shocked to hear those accusations and shouts at Al, “You don’t know ANYTHING about my love life! Rich is plenty of man for me! I mean does he get me off? No, but he tries and he’s so cute when he tries.”

As Dana is ranting about her love life, Karen gets down on her knees next to Al and they both start to lick up and down my shaft. This is amazing! I never in a million years would have wondered this scenario to be happening, but it is! After a couple of moments of their simultaneous licking, Karen starts to deep throat me, while Al works on licking and sucking my nut sack. Karen is definitely an expert cocksucker with no gag-reflex. She was alternating between mouth-only and a mouth-hand combo, I’m more of a mouth-hand combo guy, so that was sending me into pleasure overdrive. I noticed Dana looking over our way more and more. At this point, I spoke up and told Dana to come over and join us.

Dana, while unsure, seemed to be loosening up more. She said to me, “Well, it seems like you’re occupied at the moment.” I laugh and reply, “There is plenty of room for you over here.” Dana goes, “Where?” I laugh again and tell her, “Take off your clothes.” Her eyes bug out and she says, “Absolutely not! I don’t know you, for one. Second, why am I the only one who has to be nude? Karen and Al aren’t!” Karen and Al look at each other, rolls their eyes, then stands up. Both of them start to strip off all of their clothes. I’m happy this is happening but surprised that it took Dana’s whining to get them to go this far. In a flash, both Al and Karen are naked. I start to examine their bodies. Both are tanned, but Al’s got bigger tits that look to be around a D cup. Karen’s are smaller, but perky at around a B/C Cup. Karen is skinnier of the two, Al’s got the nicer, fuller ass. Karen’s pussy is waxed, but Al’s has a brown landing strip.

I bring both of them next to me and start moving my hands all over both of their totally naked bodies. I take turns kissing both of them, making Karen giggle and Al moan. I then move down to their breasts, taking their dark brown nipples into my mouth, making them moan in pleasure. After a few moments of this, they move back down to get back to work on my dick. I look over at Dana, whose mouth is left slack-jawed in shock, and I tell her, “Well, now you’re the only one with clothes on. The ball is in your court. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but you’ve been in the room with us this whole time when you could have left. That tells me one of two things. Either you have a voyeuristic side to you, or you want to join in, but are too shy and modest. It’s okay, I’m shy and modest as well. I was weirded out by you watching us this whole time. This is my first time doing something like this and this can be your first time doing something like this. If this didn’t intrigue you, you would have been long gone.” I finish my speech by giving her a wink.

After a moment of reflection, Dana sighed and began to take off her clothes. Once she was fully nude, I examined her like I did with Karen and Al. Unlike her sisters, she was pale, which didn’t surprise me as she’s more concerned about getting cancer than fitting in with society’s view of beauty, which I appreciated a fellow pale person. Her tits were small, probably a small B at most. She also had blonde pubic hair that was at least maintained. That was honestly a turn on for me. She wasn’t sure where to go, I told her to stand up on the couch in front of me. She maneuvered herself over there, I grabbed her and pulled her crotch close to my face and began eating her out. I began moving my tongue inside her pussy while also licking and lightly sucking on her clit. “OooOoOoh. Oh my. Ugh!” She manages to gasp out while I continue my tongue assault.

I can tell that she’s not used to being eaten out based on her surprised reaction. While this is going on, Al and Karen switched with Al sucking my dick while Karen is working on my balls. I didn’t want to cum before I had a chance to fuck them proper, I continued my oral assault on Dana in attempt to keep my mind off exploding. However, I wanted to make Dana explode. I kept shoving my tongue as far into as efficient while also paying attention to her clit. She began to grab the back of my head and humping into my face fast while screaming “HooOoOoollllly fffuuuuuck! OH MY GOOOOSSH! UGH! UGH! I’m cuUuUuuuUmmmiiinnng!” With that she starts panting signaling she is coming down from an orgasm. My face is covered with her juices. She lays back on the couch out of breath. Al and Karen look at each other and shout in unison, “I’M NEXT!” I had an idea.

I’m ready to fuck at this point, but Al and Karen both want me to eat them out. I decided to lay down on the couch and told one of them to sit on my face while the other one rides my dick. Al proclaims, “He’s my date, so I think it’s fair that I get his dick in me first!” Karen nods in agreement and she proceeds to lower herself over my face. While this is happening, Al swings her leg over and straddles me. She says “Now I can do this without the restriction of clothing!” She grabs my dick and starts rubbing the head up and down her slit, coating it with her juices. Then, she starts to slowly lower herself down onto me. “Oh fuck!” she yells as my cock slowly parts her folds. She’s really tight, but no hymen. She’s probably had sex before, but not a lot of it. She is fully impaled onto my dick and starts to slowly grind on my dick. “God damn you feel big inside of me!” as Al starts moving up and down my dick while I’m grabbing her ass and using my hands to help guide her up and down.

While Al is riding my dick, I’m getting a taste of Karen’s pussy. Her moans are more erotic coos as opposed to Dana’s subdued moans. “ooh. ooh. ooh. Yes! God eat my pussy like that! Ooh.” Karen starts riding my tongue like it’s a dick. However, it’s hard to concentrate when I’ve got a vice-gripe like pussy engulfed on my dick. At this point, I felt like it was time to switch. They both seem disappointed, but also eager to do new things. Al lowers her pussy over my mouth while Karen mounts by cock. Karen isn’t as tight as Al was, but I expected that based on everything I was hearing earlier. I begin eating Al out and she’s more vocal than the other two, “FFFUUUUUCCK! I didn’t know a tongue can feel THAT FUCKING LONG! FFFUUUCCCK! LICK MY CLIT! FUCK! I don’t know which is better, your tongue or your cock! Fucking god damn!”

Karen was riding my dick in a slow pace that made me feel she wasn’t into it much, but that could also be her stuck-up personality. Usually, those types of chicks aren’t that very good in bed. Honestly, I was getting bored of Karen and I saw Dana on the other end of the couch laying there watching us. Her pussy looked inviting, and I wanted to see if it would feel as good as it looks. I told Karen to get off and told Dana to replace Karen on my dick. Dana was hesitant as she felt that was going too far and didn’t want to cheat on Rich. I explained to her, “Dana, I already ate you out. You came all over my face. You already cheated on him, so riding my dick isn’t going to change anything.” Dana sighed and went, “You’re right. None of this leaves this room, got it?” With that, she calls over to me and grabs a hold of my cock for the first time and starts mimicking what Al did and moved the head up and down her furry slit. Once it was coated with her juices, she starts lowering down. “Ohhhhhh my! Ugggghhh!” shouts Dana as her tight box sinks down onto my length, stretching her out more than she is accustomed to.

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