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It had been ten years since Nash last walked through the ancient streets of Silvermoon. Back then, the city was much different than it was now. The sin’dorei were in turmoil after their beloved king had betrayed them to his demonic master. As a champion of the Horde, he had fought alongside many of the disillusioned elves in the Shattered Sun Offensive. Against all odds, they prevailed against the Burning Legion, securing a new age of peace and prosperity. Now the orc could see the difference his deeds had made for the renewed kingdom and the future generations who would inherit it.

Nash had befriended a few of these elves during their campaign. One of them, a paladin named Landaril, had invited him to the ten-year reunion of their victory. Willing to see his old comrades-in-arms, he accepted. All the orc had to do now was discover an appropriate outfit for the occasion. Heeding Landaril’s recommendation, he searched the city’s Bazaar district for a specific tailor who was a cut above the rest. Although he had to stop and ask for directions a couple of times, he eventually found his destination: Linori’s Boutique.

When Nash walked into the store, he was greeted by no small number of mannequins dressed in lavish elven couture. Many of the outfits appeared to be made for women, leading him to wonder if this had been a mistake. Nevertheless, he proceeded to the counter and rang the magical bell for assistance. A few seconds later, an elven woman appeared from another room. She was a cute blonde with a fair complexion and a buxom figure. He could tell by her fancy red dress that she was an authority in fashion, providing him reassurance that she could be trusted.


The woman’s eyes lit up as she approached him, leaving him to wonder how she knew his name. It was feasible Landaril had told her he’d be coming, but the way she said his name made it seem like she had already met him before. Had she? He smiled at her in spite of his confusion, struggling to remember. “Ah, yes, I’ve come to purchase some clothes” he explained.

“You really don’t remember me?” she asked with slight disappointment. “I suppose I can forgive you. It was ten years ago, after all…”

Suddenly, it dawned on Nash that Landaril had a young daughter named Linori. He recalled being acquainted with her and was charmed by how sweet she was. Standing before him now, he could see she had developed into a beautiful woman. Now it made sense why her father referred him to her store. Like any proud parent, he wanted his old friend to see the clever entrepreneur his child had become.

“Ah, Linori! You’ve grown so much since I last saw you.”

Linori laughed gently and stepped behind the counter. “And it looks like you’ve acquired a few new scars since I last saw you. I bet you have some interesting stories to share…”

“Well, sure. I’ve been in several campaigns since I left Quel’Thalas. Northrend, Twilight Highlands, Pandaria…”

Linori set her elbows on the counter and leaned forward, resting her chin upon her palms. He tried not to be distracted by her enticing posture as he regaled her with his feats of heroism. She seemed enthralled by his stories and would have likely listened to him go on for hours if he didn’t stop himself. “Well, that’s enough about me. What have you been doing these last ten years? It looks like you have your own store now.”

Linori leaned back and gestured to the merchandise. “Yes, it’s all mine. I’ve always wanted to design clothing. I’m still a bit new to running a business, though. I suppose you’re here to find something to wear to my father’s party?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I can certainly help you with that. I’ll just need to take your measurements…”

With a roll of string in hand, Linori walked around the counter and went to work. She started with his collar and gradually made her way down to his waist. “You have an impressive physique” she commented with a flattering tone. “Thanks” he replied, hoping she didn’t notice the conspicuous bulge that was growing in his pants. It was likely she had, however, for her cheeks were red by the time she moved down to measure his thighs. Realizing how awkward this was, he tried to change the subject. “Are you going to the reunion, too?”

“Of course. I spent months on my dress.”

“Good, I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

“If you want, I can show you some of the other projects I’ve been working on…”


Now that she was finished sizing him up, she nodded in the direction of the adjacent room. “There are stairs leading to the basement. Just wait for me down there while I finish these notes.”

Nodding, Nash descended into the room below. The space was cluttered with rolls of fabric and numerous tools of the trade. He walked over to a desk and peeked at the patterns she had been working on, fascinated by the meticulous detail she put into her designs. A few minutes later, he heard her footsteps as she came down to join him. He decided this would be the right time to compliment her work. Yet, when she came into view, he was left speechless. The woman had changed out of her dress into lacy pink undergarments that somehow made her seem more alluring than if she had just been completely nude. His eyes grew wide at the sight of her, but he wasn’t sure what to say.

“This is the newest addition to my lingerie collection,” she revealed. “What do you think?”

“It looks… good” he answered with as much tact as he could muster. He had never heard of the term ‘lingerie’ before but didn’t want to admit it. Was this something one was supposed to wear to sleep? If so, it didn’t make any sense why she was wearing high heels and jewelry. As confused as he was, he could not deny that her attire made him want to have her.

She grinned and began to strut in his direction. “This is what I like designing the most. I suppose I have a good understanding of what men find sexy.” Stopping within an intimate distance of him, she reached for his hand and brought it up to feel the texture of her top. “This is imperial silk from Pandaria. Feels nice, right?” Before he had a chance to say anything, she spun around and took his other hand to guide both of them to her voluptuous breasts. In this way, she made him fondle her as she pressed her back up against him. “You feel nice, too. So strong…”

“Er… Linori, I’m not sure–“

“Don’t worry, I closed the store before I came down. We have the whole place to ourselves…”

Linori then brought his right hand to her crotch. “Feel” she insisted. Nash’s reservations about fooling around with his friend’s daughter quickly fell to the wayside as he touched her. Elven women were far more delicate than orc women, but that was a plus as far as he was concerned. The more effeminate, the better. Ensuingly, his fingers dipped under her panties to massage her clit, eliciting a soft gasp. She was thoroughly moist, confirming his suspicion that she was ripe for the taking. For a minute or two he plied her this way, forcing her to vent sounds of flagrant bliss. “Mm… You’re so good at this…”

“We’re just getting started” he asserted.

She tittered with excitement, then turned around and pulled his head down to kiss him. While they made out, he groped her tushy, savoring the pliability of her luscious contours. This made her croon with approval, encouraging him to continue. When her desire became too much to bear, she broke away from him.

“Nash, let me suck your cock.”

“Well, if you insist…”

With that, Linori sunk to her knees and started to expose his erection. She seemed impatient now, the wondered of his thick manhood probably causing her to lose her composure. After his belt was undone, she pulled his pants down to his boots with a hard tug and marveled at the big green monster she had unleashed. “This cock is absurd,” she declared after a moment. “Orc women don’t realize how lucky they are.”

Gleefully, Linori tilted forward and licked Nash’s package from the tip to the balls. Her sophisticated tongue felt phenomenal upon the appendage, its spongy wetness stimulating his libido. While she continued to spread her saliva, he removed his battle harness, allowing her eyes to feast on his burly chest. Afterward, she opened wide to swallow his length as deep as her throat would allow. With great enthusiasm, she proceeded to suck him off like it was all she was born to do.

Within minutes, Linori had persuaded Nash’s sperm to abandon his balls and leap into her throat. Her rosy lips sealed tightly around his shaft as he ejaculated, determined not to let one drop of his cum escape her thirsty maw. It astonished him how efficiently she had reaped her reward. Had this been the result of practice, or was she naturally talented? Either way, she had clearly proven that she knew what she was doing. It was difficult to wrap his head around the fact that this was the same innocent girl he met all those years ago. He thought if her father had any idea what a sexual deviant she had become.

Once Nash’s balls were empty, Linori pulled away. “I could never get enough of that,” she confessed after licking her lips. She then wrapped her fingers around his cock which was still just no less hard than when she first swallowed it. “My goodness… You just don’t quit, do you?”

“I’ve been told I’m stubborn.”

A deviant smile appeared on her face. “Good, because now I want you to bend me over and fuck me.”

Pulling on Nash’s cock like a leash, Linori led him to her desk. She cleared it off with a single swipe of her arm, not seeming to mind making a mess of her workspace. Holding herself up by her arms, she bent forward, biting her bottom lip as she peered over her right shoulder in anticipation. He walked up behind her and pinched her frilly panties, sliding them down until they fell freely to her ankles. “Let’s see if I can fit inside you” he stated before giving her a hearty spank.

Gradually, Nash fed his cock into Linori’s petite elven pussy. “Hnnng… Nash…!” she groaned as he tested her limits. He was relieved that she could accommodate his hugeness, but it was easy to tell she was unaccustomed to it. Taking hold of her hips, he proceeded to hump the libertine woman with the unyielding focus of a disciplinarian. It was gratifying labor, and the longer it went on the more obvious it was the feeling was mutual. “Mnnn! Yes, fuck me harder!” she begged. Obligingly, he demonstrated just how relentless an orc could be, bucking faster and harder until she inevitably climaxed.

On profile of her carnal convulsions, Nash disengaged from Linori’s sweaty body and allowed her to catch her breath. “You looked like you were about to die” he teased.

“Yeah… I’m not used to being rooted by a cock as big as my arm.”

“I can tell.”

She stood back up and turned around to face him as she began removing her bra. “Still, I find you impossible to resist. You don’t belong to anyone else, do you?”

“Not really…”

“Ahhh… So I can have you all to myself.”

“For as long as I’m in Quel’Thalas, at least.”

“Then I’ll just have to convince you to stay…”

Linori’s supple breasts were then unveiled, forcing the warrior to seriously consider her proposal. Having her on the regular was a compelling reason to live here but keeping the affair a secret from her father would prove challenging. He hardly had time to consider his options before she stepped forward him and pressed herself against him. She gazed up at him seductively as her hand slid down to stroke his tenacious boner. “Wouldn’t it be nice, Nash? Using me whenever you wanted…. however you wanted…”

Giving in to lust, Nash plucked the elf from the ground and sat her on the desk. She reclined, her hands gripping the edge of the desk above her head. He then split her legs aside so that he could enter her once more, this time with a tantalizing view of her frontal anatomy. In this manner he thrust away, dispensing wave after wave of euphoria. The way fervent way in which she breathed was a reliable indicator he was satisfying her. In due time, she shuddered from an orgasm, filling the room with rapturous cries.

Being a responsible partner, Nash pulled out before ejaculating. With a few vigorous tugs of his rod, he doused her tummy with a creamy load. When she returned to her senses, she leaned forward and draped her arms upon his broad shoulders. “Mmm… Nash… That was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?” she purred, her half-lidded eyes gleaming with affection.

“Sure was,” he concurred. “You’re a bit different from other women I’ve met here…”

Linori giggled. “You’re right. Unlike the rest of those snobby bitches, I have good taste in men.” She kissed him one more time before climbing down from the desk. “I ought to get started on your outfit if you want it ready in time for the party. I’ll just need to make a few alterations to one I already have in stock. Where are you staying?”

“Errr… The Wayfarer’s Rest.”

“Good. I’ll have it delivered there.”

“Sounds good. What will this cost me?”

“Let’s just say this is my way of paying you back for your services,” she said with a wink.

Nash’s outfit arrived at his inn room later that day as promised. For an orc, it made him look quite dapper. Once he was ready, he made his way to Landaril’s estate where the party was already underway. He recognized many of his old friends and spent a couple of minutes catching up with each of them. Sooner or later, he heard Landaril’s voice call out to him from behind.

“Nash! So glad you could make it!”

The orc turned around and extended his arms. “Landaril! You look like you haven’t aged a bit.”

The elf chuckled. “No need for such flattery, old friend. Now tell me what you’ve been up to…”

Withholding the fact that he had fucked his daughter, Nash enthralled Landaril with tales of his accomplishments after their parting of methods. Afterward, the paladin spoke about his own career, and then the two men reminisced about their glory days in the fight for the Sunwell. When one of the servers walked by, they grabbed drinks and toasted to the Horde, earning cheers from a few veterans nearby.

About this time, Linori appeared next to her father. Nash nearly spat out his drink when he saw her, taken aback by her glamour. Her slinky black dress was an erotic work of art that displayed a generous view of her cleavage and legs. Complimenting this type of outfit, she wore sheer hosiery that ran up to her thighs. Furthermore, she decorated herself with tasteful cosmetics and jewelry, enhancing her distinctive charisma. From hair to heels, she had gone to great lengths to make herself look as seductive as feasible. “What a handsome orc,” she declared. “What do you think, dad?”

Landaril put his arm around his daughter. “Ah, Linori! There you are… You did a lovely job, dear. Nash looks sharp indeed.”

“She definitely has,” Nash agreed. “I can see why you’re so proud of her.”

“What’s not to be proud of? Her mother and I are lucky, to say the least.”

“Oh, dad, you talk too much. Why don’t you entertain the other guests while I give Nash a tour?”

“Good idea, sweetheart. Just be quick… the fireworks should be starting any minute now.”

With a mischievous smile, Linori beckoned Nash to join her. Despite his better judgment, he followed her to the second floor, deciding an adventure with her was worth the risk of being caught. Apparently, she felt the same way. He soon found himself in a large room with a luxurious bed and palatial decor. “Where are we?” he whispered.

“The master bedroom” she answered, closing the door behind them.

“So this isn’t your room?”

“No, it’s my parents’… but just wait until you feel how soft their bed is.”

“Are you sure about this? It would be safer if we just went to my room at the inn and–“

“Oh, shut up you big-dicked brute. This is far more exciting, and you know it.”

Recognizing it was pointless to argue with her, he allowed the elf to lead him to the bed and obeyed her instructions to lay on his back. After slipping off her panties, she climbed up after him and tugged his pants down with surprising eagerness. Upon liberating his monster, she took it to task, polishing it with the dutifulness of a well-trained maid. The view of her comely head bobbing up and down his cock was sensational, especially under these precarious circumstances.

Once she was finished, she crawled further up his body and straddled him. “You want to know something?” she asked with a suggestive rasp. “I had a crush on you ever since we first met.” The admission caused her to blush, making her look even more attractive.

“I never would have guessed,” Nash replied. “You were so modest…”

“Well, I’ve certainly lost that quality, haven’t I?”

Linori then pulled off her dress and tossed it over her shoulder. Holding his cock upright, she slowly impaled herself upon it. Her face divulged the intense gratitude she had for his gift as she sank lower and lower into his lap. Unconsciously, he reached around and clutched her ass cheeks while she began riding him into a state of ecstasy. Obscene moans poured out from her lungs and jeopardized their secrecy. She remained oblivious to this, however, and continued to indulge herself.

Before long, Nash’s sense of judgment had greatly diminished. Surrendering to his primal instincts, he repositioned himself on top of her, using his left hand to support himself and his right hand to plug her mouth with his thumb. Her eyes grew wide with bewilderment as he gagged her, clearly not expecting such a sudden shift in his demeanor. Even so, he proceeded to pound her into the bed, making love to her as only an orc could. He became so engrossed in his onslaught of her cervix he didn’t even think about withdrawing from her before he came. Finally, and without warning, he emptied his load, relishing the flustered look in her eyes as he sowed her with orcish seed.

Nash retracted his hand moments after the event and used it to wipe the sweat from his brow. Linori gaped at him, respiring as one would after strenuous exercise. After a brief repose, she managed to discover the breath to speak. “Fuck, Nash, you went berserk…”

“I know you love it, you little slut.”

If Linori wondered he was through after one round, she was sorely mistaken. Still as hard as steel, Nash shifted into a tall kneeling position and impelled her to get on all fours in front of him. With his right hand, he gripped her hair, keeping her head steady as he started pumping her mouth. Her slavering orifice made a fine place to shove his meat. “Yeah… Put that prissy face of yours to use” he disparaged. She stared at him submissively, yielding to his martial dominance. She endured him abusing her like this for as long as it took for his balls to replenish. When that time came, he exit her gullet and splattered warm semen all over her abashed visage.

“Yeah… Daddy doesn’t know what a naughty girl you are, does he?” Nash jeered as he sullied her. “Didn’t he raise you to be better than this?”

“Yes, Nash, punish me…”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get what you deserve.”

And so, Nash had his way with Linori for the better part of an hour, flaunting incredible stamina as he progressed through numerous positions. So caught up in each other were they that neither of them took notice of the fireworks. Inexplicably, no matter how many times he came, his cock refused to retire. He suspected his drink had been spiked with some sort of performance-enhancing elixir. If such a thing existed, he’d have to pay a visit to the Silvermoon alchemists.

Right as Nash was in the middle of taking Linori from behind, he heard the door open. Standing on the other side was Landaril, his face as pale as a ghost. It was obvious he wasn’t happy to find his daughter being railed by an orc on his own bed. When she realized they had been caught in the act, she quickly got down from the bed and tried to cover herself with her hands. “Dad! I… We…”

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