The Test Dummy! – Fetish – Free Sex Story

“Mrs. Sonia, do I have to be the one to test this new…whatever it is!”

Theodore asked as he was being pushed through a hallway by his boss. She was a tall woman, towering over her smaller, curvier employee. She had been leading him to the company’s experimental room. They had always used this in order to test new projects before sending them out to the public.

“Nonsense, Teddy! You’re one of our best test subjects and we need our best for this latest invention!” The boss lady told him, but this wasn’t the first time he had heard this. Especially this week with around-the-clock hours being dedicated to this new invention. It was touted to take Spicy & Feisty Inc. to the next level.

Though, if Theodore was being honest, all he cared about was what this new invention was going to do to him. It was never as simple as trying out a new paddle. Or modeling the new Little Darlings clothes set. It was always something that would surely leave him a humiliated blubbering mess.

“Oh, and another thing.” Sonia brought up before crashing her strong hand into the full butt of Theodore. He yipped, being sent forward from the sheer force of the smack. He turned around, rubbing his stinging rear as his face was flushed. “And it’s Doctor, little boy.”

“Y-yes, ma’am.” He always hated when she did that. There were so many other ways she could remind him! Why did she have to pick the one that would get him flustered for the next few minutes?

As Theodore had that memory swimming around his head, they finally made it to the experimental area. It was a large room with a large window up above for him to be monitored.

“Ah, home sweet home.” Theodore said jadedly as he was guided into the middle of the room as always. Dr. Sonia left him to stand as she made her way to the office with the window looking down on. To which he spots the smug face of Vincent in it.

“What is he doing here?!” Theodore growled as his bully had a front-row seat to watch him be embarrassed. Then again, why was he surprised? It was like a moth to the light. Anywhere Theodore was to be bullied, that’s where Vincent would be.

“Mr. Daily was the sound innovator who came up with this lovely new invention of ours! It’s only fair that he’d take the helm in its testing.” Dr. Sonia explained as Vincent stood next to her with his normal shit-eating grin. All Theodore could think about was smacking it right off, but he’s pretty sure he’d like that.

“Besides, I couldn’t miss Teddy being a good little test dummy, now could I?” Vincent teased, getting an angered scowl. “I am not a test dummy, asshole!”

Relax, Theo.” Wynn replied. They were usually the one running the systems. Making sure everything technology-wise was set up and ready to go. And, oftentimes, the peace to Vincent’s mayhem. “We don’t need you already stressed out before the Booli Bot arrives.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Theodore asked, surely thinking he had heard them wrong. Soon though, another door began to open. As the door slowly pulled up, the more confused Theodore became.

He saw a pair of legs at first as the door crept open. Was it someone coming to test the new wax set on him again? But, the more he stared at them, the more they seemed off to him. They were slick and shiny like metal. And them more the employee man saw of his body, the more slick and metallic it looked. Until he laid his eyes on the large robot.

“What the fuck?” Theodore cursed, squinting at the robot as it began to walk towards him. Its body was a white sleek coat of machinery, but its face was more humanoid. It was uncanny to Theodore, slightly backing away the more and more it came forward.

“Mr. Osiris, meet our new latest invention: the Booli Bot. The new state-of-the-art machine from Spicy & Feisty that’ll answer the age-old question in the BDSM world: how do I find a play partner? Simple, Booli Bot!”

Dr. Sonia said her usual spiel about the invention. She usually used the experimental stage to also test out how she was going to market it. Usually, Theodore would have some sort of snarky comment about it, but he was too busy trying to piece together what he was looking at.

“If this is a play partner…” Theodore started as he looked the bot up and down. “…then I think I’d rather just be vanilla.”

“Hush, Theo! We didn’t have time to doll it all up. We wanted to test and see if it worked the way it was intended to before anything else.” Wynn explained in a whine. They never could deal with too much criticism.

“And what exactly is this thing supposed to do?” Theodore questioned, to which Wynn shot from their seat to explain. “Simple! The Booli Bot is programmed with several different aspects to appease all facets of the BDSM lifestyle and anything adjacent to it! This experiment will have us testing these several programs to see if they work accordingly and what needs a bit more tuning.”

“Pretty much we get to push buttons to see if it can make you a blushy mess on the floor or not!” Vincent put his classy, or classless if you’re Theodore, spin on things. “Now, let’s get to pushing buttons!”

While the rest were eager to start everything up, Theodore was hesitant. He was more than okay with having a strong person come in here and dominate him, but a robot was asking a lot. How could he trust it like he could trust a human? It was a piece of scraps that could fall apart or malfunction at any time. Not something he would consider a good play partner.

“Um, I don’t know if this is a-“

“Too late! Pushing the first button!”

Vincent cut the curvy man off as he pressed the first button. The Booli Bot’s eyes flashed a bright green, alarming Theodore as his eyes shot wide. He could hear the different mechanics in it starting to turn on. Soon, it raised its hand up stiffly. The man froze like a deer in headlights, fearful of what was about to happen to him.

However, soon he had a hand placed on the top of his head with fingers seemingly trying to attempt scratches.

“Good boy. Very good boy.”

The voice was as Theodore thought it would be. Very flat, void of any emotion or life. The fear the man had quickly turned to disappointment, as he looked up to the office above. “And, what is this supposed to be?”

“The praise mode! Equipped multiple phrases and motions to make a sub feel loved and cherished!” Wynn explained proudly, but Theodore didn’t share the same sentiment. The man knew praise was subjective and different for all, but calling what was being done to him “praise” was a crime.

“Riveting praising you got here, Wynn.” Theodore huffed with a noticeable eye roll. Wynn’s animated excitement faded fast, sulking back into her seat. “Not satisfied, Mr. Osiris?” Dr. Sonia asked, patting the technologist on the back for reassurance.

“All I’ll say is that the next buttons have a lot of catching up to do.” Theodore crossed his arms and said, taking a step away from the metal hand. But, all this did was put a devious grin on Vincent’s face. Something Theodore noticed and wasn’t too happy about. “Fantastic! Then we can move onto a mode little Teddy is sure to Love.”

Vincent pressed another, causing the robot’s eyes to flash a bright yellow. This time, though, the bot moved quickly. So much so that Theodore didn’t realize it had motioned behind him until it was too late.

“Hey, what are you-HEY!” Theodore tried to ask but was cut off as the Booli Bot forced him to lean over. It was just enough to see his underwear poking out from his slacks. The short man squirmed, but it was to no avail. Soon, the cold metallic hand reached into Theodore’s pants. Taking a handful of his waistband and yanking it up in a harsh, fast motion.

“Eeee!” Theodore squealed, his voice reaching a high octave as his pink underwear was revealed for everyone to gaze upon. Vincent and Dr. Sonia chuckled as Wynn cover their face as it was beet red.

“Pink panties, huh? That’s not very workplace appropriate, now is it Teddy?” Vincent poked fun at the subby man squirmed in agony as his butt and privates were in agony from his underwear.

“V-very funny! Now, tell it to let me down!” Theodore shakenly asked as the searing burn etched into his cheeks was sending a wave of embarrassment through him. This wasn’t the first, nor the last, time he had been in a position like this. But, it never got any less humiliating.

But, Vincent had different ideas for his easily-embarrassed friend. Soon, he pressed another button, causing the Booli Bot’s eyes to flash once more. Before he knew it, the bot began bouncing him from his underwear like a yo-yo. Only driving the pain in more for Vincent’s sadistic pleasure.

“How are we enjoying the bully mode. Sounds like it’s up to your satisfactory standard!” the bully proudly touted as Theodore squeaked each time he was bounced. Though, it was music to all of their ears. Even Wynn, who had loved it even if it made them blushy themselves.

“Ah! Oww! Alright, you’ve made your point! Now, go to the next one! Pleaaase!” Theodore whined as their panties had dug deep into their bottom. They scrunched their eyes shut to try and stave off the pain.

“Alright Mr. Daily, I believe he’s had enough of this program. Besides, we can’t tucker him out just yet.” Dr. Sonia said, though there was a hint of mysteriousness that frightened the man so. But, Vincent reluctantly listened as he switched off the button. As he did, the robot dropped Theodore on his face. But, that was the least of his worries. He laid limp, not wanting to move too much as the pain would only exasperate it more.

“You okay, Theo?” Wynn asked, wanting to make sure he was okay before they went on. It took him a few seconds, but Theodore raised his thumb trembling as he shouted shakily, “Never better!”

That was always his more admirable quality, though silly at times. He was always a glutton for punishment, no matter how much he loved and hated it.

“Alright. Mx. Berol, we can move on to the next program.” Dr. Sonia told them, and they nodded. In fact, Wynn was practically bouncing out of their seat to see what this next button did. They always had this hidden sadistic nature weaved into that sweet, shy self of theirs. They quickly pressed the button, with the robot acting quick and picking Theodore up.

Theodore panicked, wiggling and kicking before being promptly placed over the Booli Bot’s firm knee. It didn’t take long for Theodore to figure out what was about to happen to him. He tried to fight the robot off, but it easily overpowered him. Before Theodore knew it, his pants and stretched panties were at his knees and the Booli Bot’s heavy hand was on Theodore’s huge butt.

“Wait! Don’t you fuckin’ dare do what I think-“


“Aieee!” The man squealed as his butt was met with hard slaps by the Booli Bot. They were at an even pace, going from one cheek to the next as the boy squirmed over its lap.

“Such a bad boy. You need to be punished.”

The Booli Bot told him, causing Theodore’s heart to nearly jump out of his chest. It wasn’t the same as the earlier one. It sounded like a voice-over; it was as sensual as it was stern.

“This is the spanking mode. Built-in with various degrees of intensity and voice lines to make the sub feel very naughty and warmed.” Wynn giggled as she explained, watching her coworker’s bottom turn bright pink in a hurry. Though its hands weren’t good for caring and patting, it was certainly well equipped for dealing harsh punishments out.

“And, — OW! Fuck! — what level is it on now?!” Theodore asked through his yelps as his butt wasn’t granted any peace from the Booli Bot. “On a 1-10 scale, we placed it on a 4.”

Four?! God, I’d hate to see it at a ten!

“That’s not all though! We also have a speed feature built into the mode as well! Here, let me show you how fast it can go cranked up a few notches!”

“Wait wait wait-!”


Theodore let out a loud screech as the metal hand came crashing down on his Ass like fast rain droplets. It almost amazed the subby boy how fast he was able to lay a slap on every inch of his big bottom if it didn’t pain him so much.

“Puts a new meaning to a spanking machine, doesn’t it Mr. Osiris?” His boss asked as she was enjoying the show. She had spanked his bottom just the same so many times, she could never get enough of seeing it be beat yet again. However, Theodore couldn’t answer his domme boss. the Booli Bot’s heavy quickly overwhelmed Theodore. His eyes were beginning to fill with tears as the sniffles were hard to hide.

“Okay, let’s go onto the last one.” Dr. Sonia commanded, to which Wynn quickly switched the spanking mode off. In mid-swing, the robot eyes flashed, and it stopped in its tracks. Leaving Theodore to lay there, sniffling with his roasted behind still on display. He couldn’t help but whine as he heard the chuckling from up above.

“Alright Teddy, last one! And I think you’ll really like this one!” Vincent stated as he pushed the last button. Though, usually when he said he’d like something, he would actually despise it.

Booli Bot’s eyes flashed a bright pink, dropping Theodore on the floor again as it stood tall. He groaned once more, yelping as he was pulled up onto his feet again. His legs were wobbly, with the Booli Bot being the only reason he didn’t fall once more. However, before Theodore could regain his composure, the same hand that was walloping his behind was now around his half-erected penis.

It never failed for Theodore to get aroused during spankings. He was just glad it wasn’t over Vincent’s lap again. But, the sudden grip made him gasp, almost sound like a moan. With the sounds only further being mixed as the robot’s hands began to move back and forth on the man’s cock.

“Wh-what i-is this m-m-mode…?” Theodore asked in shortness of breath. He was leaning on the Booli Bot as it jerked him off at an even pace. His legs crossed, unable to stand still as he was already a dripping mess.

“Um…” Wynn tried to answer, but was too flustered themselves to even respond. Watching their friend be played with so openly had made them unable to think. Dr. Sonia and Vincent noticed, with the boss giggling and the man rolling his eyes.

“It’s the playtime mode. Built with several different sexual features in order to make the sub a puddle on the floor. This one, which is my oh-so favorite: the milking feature!”

“It’s a nice feature…that’s e-enough n-now.” Theodore struggle to get out as he could feel himself reaching his limit. He was huffing, trying but failing to mask his feminine moans as the robot’s handwork wonders on him.

But, Dr. Sonia just giggled sadistically as she could. “Hehe, I don’t think so, Mr. Osiris. We have to make sure the feature works to the best of its ability! And, what better way to find out than a cute boy such as yourself making a mess?”

“Pleaaase, Dr. Sonia! I’m about to…about to-” Theodore whined, but it was already too late. Before he finished, he was already shooting his Hot load all over the floor. The man’s body was washed over with a wave of euphoria. Almost going numb as the robot kept jerking to drain every last inch of cum from their full testes. Leaving them completely exhausted. However, there was only one problem. The Booli Bot wasn’t stopping.

“Hehe, alright Wynn, I think that’s enough testing for today.” The boss told them as they finally shook off the bliss they were feeling as they watched the show. They pressed the button and waited, but nothing ever happened. The Booli Bot just carried on playing with Theodore’s now sensitive cock.

“No more please…too muuuch…” Theodore could barely speak at this point. The Booli Bot’s robotic hand was now covered in his Hot load, making jerking off much easier. The man tried to pull away, using all of his strength to Free his dick from the bot’s grasp. However, his limbs were trembling from the ejaculation beforehand, Making his strength borderline nonexistent.

“Alright Wynn, I think that’s enough now!” Vincent chimed in, even him getting a bit worried. The enby started to panic themselves; constantly pressing the button and getting worst them more nothing happened. “I’m trying! It’s not working!”

As they said that, Theodore let out a near shriek as the robot had made them cum again. Panting and cursing like a tired pup, still begging to be Free of this torment.

Soon, the three scurried around the office for a solution. Rebooting many systems and trying to cut certain wiring off in general to turn off the Booli Bot. As they hastily tried to find a solution, Theodore kept Cumming over and over again. Getting to his limit much quicker each time.

But soon, after a mashing of different buttons, the bot finally turned off. And once it did and released Theodore from its grip, he dropped to the floor like a sack of bricks. All three of them stop for a moment, fear holding them tight in place. They watched Theodore for a moment as he lay on the ground motionless.

“Theo?” Wynn called out to, but received no answer. “D-did we break him?!”

But, almost instinctively, Theodore raised his hand and shot them a thumbs up before plopping his hand back down. Everyone sighed in relief as they sat down in their chairs.

“I think it needs a bit more work…”

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