The Taboo Tutor

As a tutor, I was used to being surrounded by young, willing minds hungry for knowledge. But none of my other pupils had ever made me feel the way that my latest client did. She was a stunning young woman with fiery red hair, big blue eyes, and a body that was built for sin. She had come to me looking for help with her studies, but I soon realized that her real issue wasn’t academic at all.

It was the taboo nature of our relationship that made it all the more thrilling. She was the daughter of one of my old school friends, and I knew that if anyone else found out about our secret trysts, we’d both be in deep trouble. But something about her insatiable hunger for my body made it impossible for me to withstand her charms.

One evening, after weeks of intense tutoring sessions, I found myself alone with her in her bedroom. She had been wearing a tight-fitting outfit that showed off all of her curves, and I could feel my desire for her growing with each passing second. She sat down beside me on the bed, her hand brushing against mine, sending shivers down my spine.

I took a deep breath and knew what I needed to do. I leaned in close to her and kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. She moaned softly as I lifted her shirt, exposing her perfect breasts. I took one of them in my mouth, running my tongue in circles around her hardening nipple, before switching to the other.

Her hands were quickly finding their way to my pants, fumbling with my belt as she worked to free me from my jeans. I could feel her breath quickening as she pulled me closer, her fingers teasing at my shaft before finally taking me fully inside her mouth.

I wanted her so badly, I could barely stand it. I pulled her up and spread her legs aside on the bed. As I entered her, she arched her back, letting out a loud moan of pleasure. I moved inside her slowly at first, savoring every second of our forbidden union.

But it wasn’t long before we both gave ourselves over to our lust. We moved together with wild abandon, our bodies slick with sweat as we worked towards our mutual climax. And as we exploded together in a burst of pure ecstasy, I knew that I would never be able to withstand her again.

In the days and weeks that followed, we continued our secret meetings, unable to withstand the pull of our taboo desires. But even as we explored every inch of each other’s bodies, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if we ever got caught…

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