The Taboo Affair

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As his boss’s wife, she was supposed to be off-limits. But as the weeks went by, the tension between them grew and grew, until one night they couldn’t withstand each other any longer.

She had found herself in his arms before she knew it, his lips pressed hard against her own, his hands roaming her body. It was wrong, so wrong – but it was also so, so right. She had wanted him for so long, and now he was finally hers.

They sneaked away from the party and made their way to his car, hands locked together as they stumbled and giggled their way through the dark. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, kissing passionately with reckless abandon.

He pushed her back onto the leather seats, his hands roaming under her skirt as he stroked her bare thighs. She moaned softly, arching her back to let him explore every inch of her body.

Their clothes were off in seconds, and they made love with a feverish intensity that was both thrilling and terrifying. It was the most taboo affair imaginable – but it was also the most passionate, the most exciting, the most intense thing either of them had ever experienced.

Afterwards, they lay there together, naked and satiated, their limbs interlocking as they savoured the moment. They knew that this could never be more than a fleeting indulgence – but for now, they were happy just to be together, caught up in the heady rush of passion and desire.

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