The Scholarship Pt. 07 – Fetish


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Being entirely crafted by hand and coming from Europe, Vanessa knew the shipment of her new lingerie would take a few weeks to arrive. She decided loser would remain locked until it arrived. Knowing only the touch of cold steel around his cock for two and half months now, it was hard to tell who was more excited for the package to arrive – Princess or her loser.

Studying at the kitchen table comfortably dressed in a pair of jeans, a loose t-shirt, and short-sleeved flannel, and low-rise hiking boots, Vanessa would take causal glances over at her chattel while she sipped her coffee. His thick, powerful legs and muscular yet bubbly butt were some of her absolute favorites to ogle. And, because there was not a single stitch in the house for him to wear, she relished in being able to see his wonderfully naked form any and every time she wanted.

At the time, her loser was busying himself tidying up from having served Princess her breakfast earlier that morning. Wearing only the cage on his cock and the shock collar around his neck, loser provided the only noise in the room. The subtle clinking of the lock on the cage became a pleasant background noise for Vanessa – the babbling of a brook, the singing of the songbirds outside, and the jingle jangle of her lock on his cock.

Vanessa was startled out of her deep concentration, though, when the notification ln her phone broke the silence letting her know her the delivery had just been made. Despite being in the same room where she could just call out, she, instead, reached for the remote control for loser’s shock collar. Seeing him busy at work, reaching into cabinets above his head, she looked him up and down from head to toe. Gods did she love being able to look at him; she just wanted to bite right into that butt.

Calming herself down again though, noting just how horny she was, she waited until he was in a most awkward position before pressing the button on the collar’s remote. She delighted in watching his naked muscles clench as he battled through the shock to remain upright finishing his task.

As soon as he was done, she buzzed him again. She was being a bit of a bitch this morning she wondered to herself. Oh well. All the more fun for her. All the more work for loser.

Before a third jolt could be sent through his body, loser quickly scampered over and stood next to the seat at which Vanessa was seated.

“yes, Princess? how may Your loser serve You?”

“The underwear you bought me was delivered. Be a dear and retrieve the package for me.” Vanessa instructed going into a deep stretch, arms over her head and arching her back accentuating her alluring figure.

Trying not to look, loser eked out a meek “yes, Princess!” as he started to walk toward the main hall of the house.

“Oh… loser…” Vanessa added with a wicked smile. “DO be careful with it. I’m sure you remember just how expensive that was” she reminded him as he made his way out the door. She could the see that last line hit him right in the gut. Being naked, there is no real way for him to hide any of his reactions and she could read him like a book.

What Vanessa knew that loser didn’t – the package was left about halfway up the drive. He would have a bit of a walk ahead of him.

Opening the door and expecting the package to be right there, loser was confused when there was nothing on porch. Stepping out of the house and onto the porch set alight every skin cell and hair follicle on his very exposed body. He’s been made to go outside before, sometimes quite often – like when Boss would make him go outside every time he had to pee. Despite that, though, being naked outside of the house was still not something to which he ever got quite accustomed. But accustomed to or not, it was something he would have to do.

And accustomed to or not, it was something he was gonna have to do with a very excited cock pressing against its cold steel confines. Even caged, it felt good when it was (trying to get) hard. This cock was unquestionably an ally of the women who owned him. It may be attached to his body, but it was definitely their cock. It obeyed them. And he obeyed it.

Coming to the edge of porch, feeling the cool breeze wash over him, loser still couldn’t discover the package. While scanning the property at the bottom of the steps and around the porch, loser was warmed briefly by shots of electricity that bit into his neck.

“Hurry UP, loser! It shouldn’t take this long to get a simple package!” Vanessa screamed from inside admitting to herself just how mean she was being.

Not wanting another hit from the collar, it was that very desperation he was feeling that heightened loser’s senses enough to spot the white package down the drive. He was grateful that Princess had helped him discover the package so quickly with the shocks from her remote.

Not wanting to spend any more time outside of the house than needed, loser started jogging as fast as his bare feet could propel him. Painfully aware of each twig and pebble he stepped on and each breeze on his bare form, loser picked up the large soft envelope quickly enough and made his way back to the house.

As he made his way back up the stairs, loser became nervous when he encountered Princess standing on the porch at the top of the stairs, blocking his reentry into the house. He noticed she had thrown on a light jacket, too. She all the time knew how to make him somehow feel even more naked. And being naked, outdoors, and unable to complete the ascent of the stairs, he certainly felt very much beneath the woman standing in front him.

“Bit chilly out, isn’t it, loser?” Vanessa asked. She was really rubbing into his face just how much more she was wearing out here.

“yes, Princess” he agreed, though probably keenly more aware of the chill than she was. At was at this point he also noticed the door to the house was closed. He now knew that he was not making it back into that house any time soon. And the more he wondered about just how trapped he was by her- the only keys to the house, the cage, or the collar presumably in her pocket somewhere – the harder his cock tried to get inside its cage.

“I needed a break from studying” Vanessa sighed reflectively. “Let’s take a little walk around the property. Put the package down by the door” she bade of her loser.

“And… don’t worry. I brought something for you to wear, too” cooed Vanessa in a comforting voice as loser moved past her to put the package down.

Bracing himself, loser stood back up as Vanessa strode over to him with all the confidence of… well, all the confidence of a woman who had a naked male literally under lock and key. Staring deep into his eyes and not breaking eye contact with him once, she deftly affixed the heavy chain leash to the collar locked around his neck.

Giving the lead a few sharp tugs so that he could make no mistake about its presence, she let it hang while she walked around behind him. Vanessa ran in her one hand down one side loser’s neck, down his strong shoulder, then finally down his arm guiding it behind him.

Producing a pair of handcuffs from her jacket, Vanessa trapped one wrist in the first cuff and casually proceeded to move loser’s other hand back to meet it. With the second cuff locked securely around loser’s other wrist, his hands were now useless and he was even more helpless. Vanessa took full benefit of this by grabbing a nice handful of loser’s butt. And, as she made her way back in front of him, she let one hand trace around from his butt, across his upper thigh, just above his caged cock, then slowly up the length of his abdomen and torso, ultimately picking up the leash again. This is what she had brought for him to wear.

Very generous of Princess to bring anything for him, loser wondered.

“All kitted up!” she giggled standing in front of him taking in the sight.

“Gods, you’re so pretty when I let you get all dressed up like this!” she marveled. Her smile was beaming from ear to ear admiring her work. “You know, if you didn’t need those hands to toil away in the house for Cassandra and I, I would likely have you wearing those cuffs full time” she mused as she guided him from the relative safety of the porch down the stairs to the wide-open space of driveway. Taking out her phone she pointed it at the helpless, bare male in front her and started snapping a few pictures.

Loser tried to lower his face from the camera, but Vanessa gave the leash a sharp tug. “None of that, now, loser. You don’t get to hide anything!” Loser quickly corrected his behavior and showed his face to the camera.

“Much better, loser” Vanessa said as she snapped a few more photos. “Not that I need to blackmail you since I already pretty much own all of your stuff… well… and YOU, but it’s nice to also have the pictures of you all naked and helpless. Y’know… with the leash coming up to my hand, it makes it look like whoever sees these pics is the one holding you on a leash. Hmmmmm…That gives me an idea” she added, but more as a opinion to herself.

There wasn’t a woman who had been awarded the scholarship that didn’t have pictures of him stored away somewhere. Picture of him in numerous poses and predicaments. And, of course, since he hasn’t been allowed a shred of clothing since Leila bound him to this contract, he was naked in all of their photos, too. Loser could only imagine who else might have seen them at this point.

Putting the phone away, she slung the leash over one shoulder and started walking into the woods. The leash being over her shoulder created an almost constant tug on his collar as they made their way along. Lucky for loser, there were plenty of footpaths formed around the property from years of others having walked the same path.

In her hiking boots, Vanessa was well set to handle the varying terrain. Loser, on the other hand, with his bare feet and inability to use his arms to steady himself, was finding it hard to keep up with the brisk pace that she was setting for them. He found himself being tugged along for the extent of their walk.

Finally reaching a small clearing with little tree cover and a small pond, Vanessa came to a halt. Going into a full stretch, arching her back, Vanessa took a deep breath in. Then sighed back out again, letting the stress of her studying fly away into the breeze. Looking out at the pond, Vanessa felt inspired.

“This is my favorite spot on the property. So peaceful” she said as though both speaking simultaneously to and through loser.

Her hand that was holding the leash fall by her side, giving her attendant just a little bit of slack. Loser tried to stretch what he could, but with his hands cuffed behind him, was denied that relief, too. The slack he was given wouldn’t last long, however.

Without warning, he felt himself forced down to his knees by a sharp tug of the leash. Once on his knees, he felt the pulling continue. And in a manner of seconds, loser found himself on his knees, ass in the air, hands still cuffed behind him, with one side of his face pressed into the ground and his nose pressed into her boot. Vanessa, standing on the leash, kept her loser in this very prone position. While she took in this peaceful and bucolic tableau… he could only take in the scent of her boot.

Breathing deep in an almost meditative pattern. Her eyes closed, the sound of the of the pond and the birds singing brought calmed her. She was only distracted by the prone body, beneath her. And she couldn’t help but be entertained by the contrast in their positions. Here she was completely relaxed and carefree, taking in a gorgeous view with the freshest air… and at her feet, a naked, cuffed, leashed and helpless boy who could only breathe in her Sportivas. Relaxed and empowered, she almost lost track of time out there she was so content.

“Get up, loser. I need to get back to studying” she said as he got to a standing position. He was a bit confused when she unclipped the leash from the collar. But he didn’t stay unleashed for very long. Vanessa took the leash, threaded it through one of her belt loops on her jeans, then reattached it. But this time, she fastened the leash to the tip of the cage locked around his cock. She could now walk leisurely and hands free while loser’s hands were bound and he was lashed to her waist like property. And he couldn’t have been happier.

“Make sure you keep up this time, loser” she said as she smacked his ass again, heading off back toward the house.

* * * * * * *

With the almost constant tug on his testicles, loser was incredibly motivated to keep up and they were back at the house in no time.

Quickly making her way up the front steps, Vanessa picked up the package. She held the package in front of loser’s mouth, tilted her head, and raised her eyebrow. His hands useless behind him, she didn’t even need to problem the command for him to know that he was to carry her parcel between his teeth. Accepting his role, he closed his teeth around the end of the envelope and followed his owner into the house.

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