The Queen’s Cowgirl Ch. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

After Junker Queen’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Ashe, the Queen was set on a path of unruly rage. She was eventually freed from her milking fate when a loyal subordinate stumbled across her and freed her. Their loyalty, however, didn’t stop Junker Queen from threatening them to leave them bleeding out in the desert if they even breathed a word of this. After this incident, Junker Queen was more determined than ever to not only capture a fresh, new cow for her, but to also make sure she does whatever she needs to make them bend to her will.

Enter Angela Ziegler, aka Mercy. When Overwatch came down to Australia after a mission call-out, Junker Queen and her armies fended off the newly reformed team. It was a tough fight, with Junker Town making many sacrifices in this fight, but eventually, they got the Overwatch team to retreat after underestimating them and their Queen. However, in the fight, Mercy was knocked down and captured by the Junkers, soon to become the Queen’s most prized possession.

Angela looked around the dark room nervously. She was chained up in the middle of a warm and grey room, unable to move at all and completely stripped naked. She tried to remain calm, however. She was a member of Overwatch and couldn’t show weakness to her captors. Besides, her team were surely soon to return to rescue her. But the fact she was stripped naked and chained up like this made her anxious for whatever waited for her.

“Well, well, well. Seems like I’ve gotten myself a fallen angel.”

Angela recognised the voice immediately. Junker Queen came into her view, towering over her, looking down at her with a cocky grin.

“Oh, you’re gonna make a fine plaything for me and my crew” she grinned.

Angela scoffed.

“Is that what you think, hmm? You’ve kidnapped me and going to make me a plaything for your perverted desires? Ha! I don’t think so.”

But her resistance just made Junker Queen laugh.

“You’re one to talk about pervs. Even us down here know how the ever so “sweet and angelic” Mercy likes to treat her teammates.”

Angela looked away in shame.

“Nah, we’ll have our fun with you, alright. But firstly, we got a more important use for you.”

Angela gasped out loud as Junker Queen suddenly groped her breast. Her soft, tender breasts were being fondled by the Queen’s strong and gritty hands. The doctor wanted to protest but it was admittedly turning her on.

“Oooh, these beauties are bloody gorgeous!”

Junker Queen helped herself, leaning down to suck on one of them. Her lips sucked on one of Angela’s nipples hard, forcing her to groan. She felt the Queen’s tongue licking her nipple, the cold, metal piercing in her tongue rubbing against her sensitive nipples created a chilling yet pleasurable sensation. Angela hated how turned on this was making her. It was true, she was a bit of a slut, it was hard to think of a member of Overwatch she hadn’t fucked. So being held captive by a dominating figure like the Junker Queen herself only served to weaken her.

Eventually, Junker Queen let go of her new pet’s teats. But she continued to fondle them, knowing full well their true purpose.

“Oh yes, these will be perfect for us.”

Angela tilted her head nervously.


Junker Queen just nodded before moving out of Angela’s sight. She could her going through what sounded like piles of metal and machinery. Her imagination of what Junker Queen was digging up only further fuelled her anxiety.

Soon Junker Queen returned, carrying a heavy gas canister with ease. She placed it down onto the ground and held up an oxygen mask attached to it.

“Ya see, we Junkers get whatever we can to survive out here. You can probably guess we don’t have much cattle round these parts. So, how are we gonna get us some of that sweet, creamy milk, eh?”

It instantly clicked with Angela what she was suggesting. Her jaw almost dropped to the floor.

“Y-you’re not?!”

Junker Queen answered by twisting the valve on the canister. A hiss of gas emerged.

“I’ve tested this one on some of the Junkers and lemme just say, the results are bloody spectacular.”

She brought the mask over to Angela, who thrashed about in attempted resistance.

“No! I won’t let you do that to me!”

But the Junker Queen just laughed at her attempts.

“Shut up and take your medicine!”

She shoved the mask onto Angela and strapped it around her head. Angela tried to shake it off to no avail. She soon felt the effects of the gas taking a hold of her. Her breasts started to swell up, her nipples especially becoming fatter. It wasn’t long until white, creamy milk started to leak out and drip down her nipples. Angela looked down at herself in sheer disbelief. Despite being horrified by how her body was changing, she couldn’t help but marvel at how well it was transforming her.

Junker Queen leant down to admire her own work. She cupped one of Angela’s breasts and licked the milk off her nipple. She purred with delight.

“Oooh, that’s the good stuff, alright. Better make sure this don’t go to waste.”

She moved out of Angela’s sight once again and returning wheeling in some heavy machinery. It was a machine that had a large glass tanker attached to it along with two long, rubber tubes, each with a clear, plastic cup attached at the end. It took no scientific guesswork to know what that was.

Junker Queen switched on the machine which filled the room with sounds of sucking air. Angela stared at the cups with dread, whimpering as Junker Queen brought them over to her. She once again tried to thrash around in a vein effort to avoid her fate. But Junker Queen grabbed one of her breasts, holding it tight as she brought the suction cup right to the nipple. From a few inches away Angela felt her nipple being pulled towards the hungering machine. It twitched under the pressure. Muffled, whimpering pleas came from her as she looked at the Queen desperately.

“Oh, quit ya whining! You’re nothing but a cow now!”

The cup was thrusted onto Angela’s breast, making her yelp loudly. The suction cup latched onto her teat and sucked on it eagerly. Soon the other cup was attached to her other breast and the helpless angel could only whine as her breasts were assaulted by the machine.

Junker Queen chuckled.

“This is more fun than I thought it’d be! Let’s get that milk really flowing!”

Junker Queen pressed a button on the machine which changed its settings. The machine began pumping Angela’s tits as opposed to sucking on them. It pumped on them harshly. Soon enough, milk was spurting out of her tits in rhythmic fashion. Angela just stared at her tits, dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe how much milk she was producing. It was like an infinite supply was coming out of her. Worst of all, she found the way the milk spurted out of her, and the harshness of the machine was extremely stimulating to her. She couldn’t help but begin to feel so wet.

“Heh. Seems our little angel cow is getting all worked up over being milked. Maybe we should get someone to sort you out.”

Suddenly, someone grabbed Angela from behind. She looked down to see two ginormous, meaty hands had wrapped themselves around her waist. The hands were almost as big as her head. She turned her head and felt a pit in her stomach as she saw who was behind her. It was him. The most feared and vicious Junker of them all…Roadhog.

“Pretty little thing” he grunted.

His deep voice, coming from that ominous mask of his, sent a shiver up Mercy’s spin.

“Ol’ Roady’s been a loyal one to me, even when he spends half his time hangin’ around that little rat. I figured he deserved a reward.”

Roadhog’s “reward” was obvious to Angela, and it made her feel terror deep in her stomach. She felt a wet hunk of meat slap her back and she froze up. It was his dick, and it was enormous. It was easily thicker than her arm and certainly thicker than anything she’s inserted into her body. She felt his monstrous dick rub against her back, Roadhog gearing himself up for her. He kept rubbing his dick until he got down to her peachy ass. He was thrusting himself against Angela, ready to fuck her like the wild animal he was.

“Don’t hold back, Roady. Go all in, mate!”

And so, he did. Angela cried out as Roadhog lined his fat cock’s head against her dripping vagina. He was shoving into her hard. Angela was screaming as he gradually inserted himself, stretching her vulva wide to fit. She was already stuffed when he only had his head in, but he kept shoving the rest of his raging cock inside her, and the more he shoved in, the frailer she became. Her legs trembled with each inch he inserted, almost to the point of them collapsing. By the time he was fully inside her, even he needed a second to catch his breath.

But that break didn’t last long as he soon began to pump remorselessly into her hard. Angela yelled and cried as he fucked her aggressively, treating her like a mere sex toy. Her boobs were still being suckled and pumped for her milk. She was completely humiliated…But so aroused too. She had no qualm about being “used” by her colleagues, but she at all times had an element of control with them. Here, she had no agency, it was ripped completely from her…and she loved it.

Roadhog continued to ruthlessly fuck his pet. Each thrust he made came with a heavy grunt. He stared down at her pretty little body, his own personal plaything. She seemed to enjoy how rough he played with her. He kept ploughing her, his meaty hands moving up from her waists to her tits which were still being milked. He squeezed them tightly, making his pet groan. He noticed how the more he squeezed them, the more milk that squirted out. It amused him greatly.

All the while, Junker Queen watched the scene from a distance. She had at all times known about Mercy of Overwatch and at all times had a deep desire to see this famously “sweet and angelic” woman be dominated by her. And here her fantasy was true. This noble hero was nothing but more that human cattle, being fucked by one of her strongest warriors. Naturally, her own body was having strong reactions to this.

“You want out, Janice?” she asked the throbbing bulge in her shorts.

“Let’s get you out then.”

She undid her shorts and pulled them down, letting her excited cock loose. It was throbbing hard, hungry for attention. The Queen began to give it attention, slowly stroking the shaft which pleased it. Already pre-cum was leaking from her tip. But it needed something more.

She approached Angela and Roadhog, both enthralled in their fucking, and lowered Angela’s chains to make her bend over. Her face was nicely positioned down to Junker Queen’s cock. She removed Angela’s oxygen mask. Angela managed to get a few gasps, as she suddenly filled with the room with her loud and vulgar cries.


The Queen chuckled heartedly, delighted in Angela’s enjoyment of her treatment.

“No shame, eh?”

She brought her throbbing cock towards Angela’s panting mouth.

“In that case, why don’t you shove this down ya gob!”

She shoved her cock down Angela’s throat with surprising ease. Angela chocked and sputtered on her thick cock but then immediately got to work sucking on it. The Queen was impressed. Angela’s head bobbed on it so enthusiastically, she had this down to an artform.

“Oooh, yes…That’s the spot, right there.”

Angela had never felt so overstimulated in all her life, but she loved every second of it. Roadhog’s fat cock rubbing inside her, Junker Queen’s large and juicy dick down her throat, and the strong pumping of the machine on her tits had made her incredibly sensitive. Without a doubt, she had succumbed to being the Junker’s obedient cow.

Roadhog was grunting harder than before, becoming louder and more aggressive. He was close to cumming, as was Junker Queen. The way Angela sucked on her cock with such care and technique was even making her struggle to hold out much longer. And naturally, Angela was on the edge of completely climaxing.

With a last few, hard thrust, Roadhog let out an earthshattering growl as he held Angela tight against his crotch. His huge balls had finally unloaded as he filled up his pet with gallons and gallons of his cum. Angela would’ve collapsed to the floor if she could. He had broken her.

Junker Queen felt Angela’s muffled moans vibrate on her cock. She kept gagging on her dick, but Junker Queen wanted to hear her orgasms for herself. She pulled herself out of Angela’s mouth to let the angel sing.


The Queen aggressively stroked her cock to Angela’s moans. They were so desperate, so submissive, she quickly became on edge.


A longer, wailing cry from both of them finished the job. Thick ropes of cum shot out and soiled Angela’s face. The wondered of defiling Angela just made Junker Queen cum even harder and before long, Angela’s face was completely covered with her sticky, white semen.

At last, there she was. One of Overwatch’s greatest heroes, dangling from Junker Queen’s own chains with cum all over her face and pussy. Her two tits were still having milk drained from them. This sight was truly Junker Queen’s masterpiece.

Roadhog pulled up his trousers and stomped away, satisfied with his reward. Junker Queen raised up the chains, so Angela was once again standing up straight. She hung from the chains, exhausted and out of breath. The Queen stepped in front of Angela’s cum covered face and laughed.

“Aw, did that wear you out?” she said, grabbing Angela by the cheeks.

She looked down at Angela’s breasts, milk still being pumped out of them. She smirked and picked the oxygen mask back up.

“You can take a break, but not from the milking though. We can’t be letting production stop now.”

She raised the mask back up to Angela’s face. Angela shot her an aggravated glare but was too beaten down to try and withstand. The mask was once again nicely strapped onto her face.

Junker Queen started making her way out of the room, pulling up her shorts and tucking her satisfied dick back into her pants. But before she left, she turned around once more to her prized cow.

“Sweet dreams, Dr. Zeigler!”

She left Angela with the echoes of her mocking laughter as Mercy remained trapped to her milking fate.

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