The Preacher is Taken Care of Pt. 02 – Fetish

I had cum three times that Monday morning, twice inside the daughter and once in the mother. And yet, I was still horny as I settled in my office to work. At noon wifey sent me a pic of her pussy, full of some black man’s cum and told me to be ready to lick it clean when she got home. Then she added that I’d need to sleep in the spare room tonight because Big Mike and a couple of friends were keeping her business tonight.

I did as instructed, cleaning her cunt. When Big Mike arrived he made me kneel on the bed, with my ass up and face down and he fucked my asshole hard with his big cock, leaving me full of cum and ordering me to keep the butt plug in so it didn’t leak out. I was humiliated, but at least now, as I was going about my cuckold duties, I kept envisioning Sara’s big, sexy body and Jen’s tight asshole milking my cock. Each day that week my tongue was busy cleaning up cum loads from my wife’s body, sucking big black dicks to get them ready to fuck my wife and being made fun of for my hard little cock.

On Saturday when I told my wife we’d been invited to have lunch with Jen and her husband after church, she told me to enjoy, but she needed to stay home with her business. That was fine, she could stay home with her precious big black cocks, I had better things to do.

Sunday morning, Jen’s hubby Bill shook my hand and winked at me. He said they couldn’t wait to have me for dinner and they had one of my favorite cream pies already in the oven. My cock leaked into my panties as I licked my lips. Knowing he meant that his wife already had cum marinating in her pussy. Out of character, they sat in the first row. Jen was wearing a short, loose-fitting skirt and kept flashing her panty clad, hairy pussy at me. It was obvious that her white panties were stained with cum and already very wet. I was on auto pilot for the church service because all I remember is it being over and I was pulling into Bill and Jen’s driveway.

A note was on the front door instructing me to come in and lock the door behind me. Inside was another note telling me to leave my clothes at the front door and follow the sounds and smells of sex down the hallway. I found them in the big, king-sized bed, naked. Jen was riding Bill’s hard cock, reverse doggy style and he was fucking her in the ass with a dildo. She looked over her shoulder, a twinkle in her eye and said, in a lusty voice, “cum fuck my ass preacher.”

As I straddled Bill’s body, he pulled the dildo from her ass and I slid my hard cock into her ass until my balls slapped against her flesh. It took a minute or two to get a rhythm. I thrust into her ass as she pushed back toward me. As she said, her hubby came very fast and I felt his cock throbbing inside her pussy as he filled her. She leaned forward and pushed her ass up. Grabbing her hips I slammed my hard cock into the gooey, sticky, hot cum freshly deposited in her pussy. Wow, sloppy seconds was hot. I did my best to hold back but in just a minute or two I added my cum to Bill’s flooding her mom pussy to overflowing.

I climbed off Jen, as she rolled off of her husband. I was just about to ask her to sit on my face, when I heard their daughter Sara, from the door. “Mommy, your cunt looks delicious, may I eat my dessert first?” She lay her gigantic, naked body between her mother’s legs and began greedily sucking up the combination of my cum and her daddy’s cum that was all over her mom’s pussy, belly, thighs and ass. But, before I could get in a better position to watch mother and daughter, Bill was straddling my head and I opened my mouth to suck in his sticky, cummy cock. We 69ed, sucking each other’s cock and balls clean. Since I was full of Cialis, by the time he was done, I was rock hard again.

Sara was still working on eating her mom’s pussy, so I got behind her and poked my hard little dick right up Sara’s virgin poop chute. Oh my, her ass was so tight and it was such a turn on watching her slurp cum from the pussy that she had been born from. After a few minutes, her mom’s pussy now clean, the whole family told me it was time to switch.

All three, father, mother and daughter lined up on the side of the bed, asses up, heads down. I went to Bill first and slid my hard cock, fresh from his daughter’s ass, and buried it deep in his ass. Our balls slapped together as I fucked him. In a couple of minutes I pulled out and slid inside of his wife’s asshole. Getting really aroused at the idea of fucking the whole family. When I glanced over and saw Sara, slowly sucking on her daddy’s cock I started squirting cum deep into Jen’s ass, grasping her hips as she moaned, “oh preacher, oh preacher, fuck my ass.”

We spent the afternoon, naked, enjoying food and being naughty. I ate young Sara to multiple orgasms as she watched her parents fondle and suckle and fuck one another. Bill enjoyed sucking my cock after I’d been fucking his daughter. Eventually the afternoon culminated with each parent sucking one of their daughter’s tits while I fucked her hard and fast like a dog. Then, father and mother took turns licking my cream from her pie and my cock.

I went home satisfied and happy. Until I walked into my house and found my wife gone but my bedroom, spare room, living room and dining room full of smelly, unwashed women. Big Momma was the only one I recognized and she quickly explained what was going on. But that’s the next story.

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