The Outdoor Life Pt. 04 – Anal – Free Sex Story

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The Outdoor Life Pt 4

Life was pretty good, I had a great job working at an outdoor centre, great friends I had made there, a casual girlfriend, yes, life couldn’t get any better.

Or could it?!

After a few hard busy days, I eventually found myself rotated onto a maintenance day, a day of just fixing or cleaning the equipment, or areas of the centre that needed it, and I didn’t mind, because it felt almost as good as a day off.

Anyway, that afternoon, I was given the job of fixing the broken arrows from the archery sessions, and so, I strolled on pass the open areas and woods where most of the activities took place, and headed straight to the maintenance shed, at the far end of the ground, to get on with it.

The shed was a large metal building, about the size of three or four garages, and I made my way to the front door, before opening it, and stepping inside.

I then closed the door, turned around, and stopped dead as I saw Erica stood there, by the work benches, looking at a bit of broken equipment.

Now, I was surprised to see her, because firstly, as far as I was concerned, I was the only one down to work in the shed today, and secondly, since our little bit of afternoon fun together, a few weeks earlier, it felt like, she had sort of been avoiding me.

Anyway, that Hot, tall, red headed young woman, my senior instructor, or supervisor if you prefer, with her skinny pale body and big D-cup boobs, hidden under her blue and white uniform, stood there, still looking at the equipment on the bench, barely acknowledging I had walked in, so I asked curiously “Hey Erica! What are you doing here?”

“Looking at the broken equipment.” She replied bluntly back, which as I said before, was how she often spoke to us lower instructors.

“Are you alone?” she then asked.

“Err… yeah.” I replied back, not sure why she needed to ask that.

“You sure? There’s no one outside, waiting to come in?” she then asked.

“No. Just me!” I replied cheerfully back, still puzzled as to why she was asking such odd questions.

She then put down the bit of equipment she was holding, turned to face me, and then moved quickly towards me.

Before I had time to react or think, Erica then wrapped her skinny pale arms around me, pulled me closer to her, and then clamped her lips against mine.

Eagerly she began to kiss me, and after a moment, I started to kiss her back.

We stood in that cold metal shed, happily kissing for a good minute or so, and as we did, our hands started to explore each other’s bodies.

Then, just as quickly as it had begun, Erica pulled her wet lips from mine, and said “Oh god! I’ve been thinking about your hard cock for days now! I know I shouldn’t, because I’m with Terry, but we’re still not getting enough time together, and well… your big cock inside of me, will just have to do!”

“Okay.” I replied back, eagerly, liking where this was going.

Erica then grinned excitedly at me, then let go of me, and moved towards the bench again, before she kicked off her white trainers, undid her blue uniform cargo trousers, and then letting them drop to the floor, she stepped out of them, revealing she had no underwear on underneath.

She then hopped up onto the wooden work bench, facing me, and then slowly opened her skinny long pale legs, to reveal her perfectly smooth, bald, little pink Pussy to me.

Erica then placed a hand between her long slim legs, and gave her little moist mound a rub, before moaning softly “Oh god Steve! I’m so wet, just thinking about your hard cock! Get over here, and put it in me now!”

Well, how could I say no to that?

So, I quickly kicked off my trainers, undid my blue uniform trousers, letting them drop to the floor, and then with my now hard cock, leading the way, I quickly moved towards her.

As I stepped between Erica’s open slim legs, she reached down, wrapped her bony white fingers around my hard shaft, and eagerly began to jerk me a little.

“I want you to fuck me good Steve! Really good, like last time! And every time you need to blow your load, you put in my mouth, right?” she then said eagerly.

“Okay!” I replied eagerly back, because there was no way I was going to argue with her.

“Good!” she then said, before she leant towards me, and we kissed again.

Then as we were kissing, she guided my hard member towards her waiting wet hole, and after a moment to line it up correctly, she began to ease me in.

My big round cockhead pushed in between her little pink Pussy lips, and as they stretched open around it, I slid into her, sinking happily into her warm wet hole.

Erica let out a happy pleasurable moan, before she wrapped her skinny legs around my lower back, holding me in place, and with her skinny arms around my neck, she moaned softly “Fuck me Steve! Fuck me!”

So, I eased back, then pushed into her, then eased back, then pushed into her again, and as I steadily began to pump her Pussy, that Hot sexy red head, moaned with my every thrust.

“Yes Steve! Yes! Fuck Me! Fuck me!” she then moaned eagerly again, as I slid back and forth inside of her.

My hard cock moved back and forth inside her wet little Pussy, and as I happily pumped into her, Erica rocked against my thrusts, and held me tight, as I did.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! God, I need this! God, I need your big cock inside of me! It feels so good!” she then moaned happily.

“Yeah? Have you missed my big cock, in your little wet Pussy?” I then asked eagerly.

She looked straight at me, and then passionately replied “God, I have!”

I liked the fact she genuinely enjoyed me fucking her, and wanted more, so I leant in and kissed her, and she happily kissed me back again.

Then I continued to pump into her, pushing my big hard cock deep into her wet Pussy, before pulling it back, then pushing it in again, and every time I did, Erica moaned happily into my mouth.

After a while, she stopped kissing me, laid back on the wooden work bench and said, encouragingly “Fuck me harder Steve! Give me that big hard cock! I want it! I want it bad!”

So, eager to please, I began thrusting into her harder and faster, and as I did, Erica moaned louder, and tightened her legs around my waist.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she began to groan loudly, as I pounded into her sweet, wet, little cunt.

“Oh fuck me! Fuck me!” she then moaned eagerly.

So, I continued on, pounding into her Hot little wet Pussy, as she lay back on the bench urging me for more, and for a good few minutes, we fucked hard and fast.

Then as my hard cock was shuttling back and forth inside of her, like a pneumatic piston, and she was moaning loudly loving every second of it, and the wooden work bench was squeaking like mad under her, I felt my excitement hurriedly begin to rise.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” I groaned loudly, as I held onto her skinny pale waist, pulling her back onto my thrusting cock.

“No. Not yet! Not yet!” she moaned back, clearly wanting me to keep fucking her like that, a little longer.

I groaned heavily, trying to hold it back, trying to just keep going a little longer, but her wet little Pussy felt so good around my hard cock, and her loud excited moans were all I could here, and after just another few more hard excited thrusts, I could feel my balls begin to tighten quickly.

“I can’t hold on any longer! I’m Cumming!” I groaned desperately, through gritted teeth.

Erica then, in a flash, unwrapped her long pale legs from around my waist, pushed me back with her hand, forcing me straight out of her wet little hole, and as my warm wet goo began to rise, she quickly dropped off the bench, knelt down in front of me, and opened her mouth ready.

“OH FUCK!” I groaned loudly, as my cock exploded.

I then began spurting big dollops of wet white cum, straight into Erica’s waiting mouth, and greedily, she swallowed every drop as it disappeared down her open throat.

For the next few amazing seconds, I pumped dollop after dollop of wet white goo, into that Hot red heads mouth, and happily she caught and swallowed everyone I gave her.

Then after I had blown a huge amount of cum into her sweet little mouth, I finally stopped Cumming, and with a sigh, I relaxed.

But Erica wasn’t done with my hard cock yet, and eagerly she took hold of my wet sticky member, pulled it into her open mouth, and then engulfed it, sinking her lips over it, eager to suck it dry.

For a good minute or more, my senior instructor, my supervisor, eagerly sucked on my hard wet cock, making sure she got every last dribble of my wet goo, before she gave it one last good suck, then pulled her little wet mouth off of it.

“Fuck me again!” she then said eagerly, looking up at me with big excited eyes.

“Okay!” I happily replied back.

Erica grinned excitedly, then quickly stood up, turned around, and leant over the work bench, before opening her skinny legs for me.

“Come on Steve! I want that big cock in me, again!” she then said excitedly, looking back at me, over her shoulder.

So, I quickly moved up behind her, placed my hard member up against her wet little Pussy entrance, and with a little thrust, I slid back inside of her.

Erica moaned happily again, as I sunk my hard member into her, and as she lay forwards on the bench, I took a hold of her skinny waist, and steadily began to fuck her again.

I pushed in deep into her wet lovely Pussy, then pulled back, before pushing in again, and as I did, she clung onto the wooden bench and moaned happily with my every thrust.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she moaned again and again.

Eagerly I pumped into her from behind, holding onto her slim waist as I slid in and out of her little wet cunt, and Erica happily urged me on.

Then after a bit, I reached down, took hold of her left skinny leg and lifted it up onto the bench, she didn’t stop me, and instead happily let me move her into that position, before I then continued on, pumping into her wet little cunt.

My Hot, red headed senior instructor, groaned happily, as she balanced on one skinny white leg, while I eagerly thrust into her warm wet Pussy, and for another few minutes we fucked like that.

Then I slowed down a bit, letting her drop her leg back down, and as she continued to lean over the wooden work bench, I happily thrust into her, until my balls were bouncing off her little pink mound.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly, as I bottomed out deep inside of her.

“Oh, you bastard!” she then moaned excitedly, as I did it again, enjoying the feeling.

Then she stood up, reached around, and took a hold of my head, pulled me towards hers, before we kissed passionately for a moment.

As we kissed, I steadily thrusted into her, then a while longer, she finally let go of me, pulled her wet lips from mine, and said “Fuck my arse Steve! I want to feel in your in my little arse, again!”

I eagerly smiled back at her, and then gently pulled out of her wet cunt, and after my hard wet pole slid Free of her warm wet Pussy, she turned back around, and laid over the bench again.

I then knelt down behind her, eased her little pale cheeks apart, and got to see her beautiful little pink starfish again.

Then I spat on it, making her moan softly, before I did it again, and then again, because I needed to lube her up, and I knew she liked it, when I did that.

Knowing we didn’t have long, as possibly anyone might walk in at any moment looking for us, I stood up, placed my hard member up against her arse, and began to move it around.

Erica moaned happily, as she felt my big round cockhead swirling around her little back entrance, greasing it up with my spit, until finally, her little rear hole began to ease open, and I could enter.

My hard cock slid into her arse, as I gently pushed into her, and with a happy heavy groan, Erica felt my hard length, filling her tight little arse.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, as she held onto the bench.

I pushed my hard, thick, dick into her, then I placed my hands on her skinny white hips, eased back a little, and then pushed in again.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned again, as I did.

Then steadily, I eased back, then pushed in again, then eased back, then pushed in again, and slowly I began to fuck her arse.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she moaned happily, over and over again.

My hard cock slid back and forth inside her tight little arsehole, pushing in deep then pulling back, and with my every thrust, Erica moaned loudly, loving what I was doing.

“Fuck me Steve! Fuck me! Pound my little arse! I want it! I need it!” she then moaned, clearly wanting more.

So, eager to please, and as she was technically my immediate boss, I felt I really couldn’t say no, I began to thrust into her a little firmer and faster, and as I did, Erica moaned louder and happier.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she then began to exclaim excitedly, as I pumped her harder.

She then clung tighter to the wooden desk, as I held onto her little white hips, and pounded into her tight little arse, and for several excited, eager minutes, we fucked just like that.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned loudly, as I filled her back passage again and again, with my hard cock.

“Fuck!” she then groaned, as I continued on.

Erica moaned loudly over and over, as I thrust into her wet little arsehole, and with my balls bouncing off her Pussy again, it wasn’t long before I felt my excitement grow once again.

“Oh god! Your arse feels so good! I’m not going to last much longer!” I then groaned, through gritted teeth, trying to keep going.

Erica groaned heavily, as I continued to pound her rear, before she said breathlessly “Put it in my mouth again! I want to suck down another load!”

So knowing she wanted to taste my cum again, I kept pumping her tight little arsehole as fast as I could, until, I felt the inevitable getting closer.

“Oh god! It’s coming! It’s coming!” I then exclaimed excitedly, as I felt my balls begin to tighten.

Then with a few more hard fast thrusts, I finally pulled my hard cock from her little back passage, and stood ready to blow.

Erica quickly turned around to face me, and as she dropped to her knees in front of me, and opened her hungry mouth, I tugged on my hard member a few times, and then exploded.

My wet warm cum spurted straight out of my cock, and flew straight into her open mouth again, and without hesitation, she swallowed every drop, before opening her mouth for more.

“Oh shit!” I groaned loudly, as I blew another load of man goo, down her throat again.

My wet white sticky cream continued to pour out into her greedy waiting mouth, and for several happy seconds, I covered the same mouth she used to kiss her boyfriend with, in my own creamy load.

Then finally, with a big relieved sigh, I stopped Cumming, and relaxed, and as I did, Erica then swallowed the white goo still in her mouth, before she licked her lips clean.

She then grinned up at me, and I smiled back, before she wrapped her bony white hand around my sticky shaft, and fed my dripping spent cock, into her mouth again.

Happily she sucked on my length again, desperate to swallow every little dribble she could from my cockhead, despite the fact it had just been in her arse, and once again, I stood happily watching her.

After a few minutes of eager sucking, and drooling all over my thick length and balls, she had me fully hard again, and despite the risk of someone still possibly walking in and finding us, she lifted her wet, thin lips from my dick, stood up, and then said “Get on the floor Steve! I want to ride your cock!”

I glanced down at the dusty, dirty cement floor, and then replied stupidly “But it’s all dusty down there! I’ll get covered in it, and then people will want to know, why I’m all covered in dirt?”

She sighed in despair, then pointed to a nearby shelf, before saying “Then use a tarpaulin dumbass!”

So, I quickly stepped to the shelf, grabbed a big blue plastic sheet from it, and then unfolded it and put it on the floor, before, I then quickly laid down on top of it.

Then as I lay there, half naked, with my big hard cock sticking upwards, like a mini leaning tower of Pisa, Erica stepped over me, straddling my waist, then facing me, she slowly lowered her skinny pale arse down, towards my member.

As she placed her hands on my chest for balance, her arse touched down onto my cock, and then with a little pressure, her little rear opened, and impaled itself on my meat pole.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly, as her little tight wet arse, slid down my hard length.

Erica then sunk almost all the way down on it, as she crouched over me still holding onto my chest, and then she raised her little rear, before she then dropped it down again.

We both groaned happily, as she did that, before she raised her little arse again, then dropped it again, and steadily, she started to fuck her little tight rear, on my hard cock.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she moaned over and over, as she lifted and dropped on me.

That Hot redheaded, skinny, young woman, slid her little wet arse up and down on my hard member, riding it happily, and as she did, I reached around and took a hold of her small pale cheeks, to help.

For the next few minutes, Erica bounced her little moist arsehole on my dick, plunging up and down on it over and over again, then after bit, she leant forward, and rested on my chest.

As she lay on me, breathing heavily, and sighing the same, I gripped her round soft cheeks a little tighter, and then began thrusting up into her, and as my hard cock slid up into her back passage, she moaned happily into my shoulder.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned excitedly, as I drilled up into her arsehole.

I held onto her skinny pale arse, and continued to pump up into her, and for the next few minutes, we fucked happily just like that.

Then after a bit, Erica sat up a little, and with her hands on my shoulders, began driving her little rear back onto my thrusting cock.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she then began to groan loudly, as she forced my hard cock, deeper into her back passage.

“Oh god Steve! Oh god! Your cock feels so good in my arse!” she then moaned happily.

So, I kept going, thrusting firmly into her, as she rocked back against me, and together we fucked one another.

Then after a little longer, Erica began to adjust herself again, and slowly, she leant backwards, moving her skinny legs forwards, under either side of my shoulders, before she then took a hold of my arms, and leant back further.

Now, almost lying back away from me, her little arsehole was now fully impaled on my hard member, balls deep, and it only took a few sharp hard thrusts, before she began to cry out.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” she began screaming at the top of her voice.

Her skinny pale body, rocked wildly against my short hard thrusts, and she griped my arms tightly, so not to fall completely backwards and off my cock.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” she cried over and over again.

Well, with my hard cock buried deep in her back passage, and her screaming wilder than she had before, it didn’t take long for my excitement to quickly build again.

“Oh shit!” I groaned threw gritted teeth again, as I held onto her little soft cheeks, and helped drive her onto my cock.

“I’m going to cum!” I then groaned excitedly, trying to fight it.

“JUST KEEP GOING! JUST KEEP GOING!” Erica screamed back at me.

I couldn’t believe my ears, did she just give me permission to cum in her arse?!

Well, I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity, so, I happily held onto her, and continued to thrust sharply into her, as she sat on my hard cock, plunging sharply back on to it, and eagerly we continued to fuck.

For the next half a minute or so, we kept fucking hard and fast, in that crazy position, until I felt my excitement building quicker and quicker.

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