The OF Girl Ch. 291-300 – Anal

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All Characters are 18 years or older.

When a law office intern discovers that a fellow intern is one of his favourite new OnlyFans performers, a ball begins rolling that will bring a boring summer of paperwork and coffee-fetching into an avalanche of sexual adventure. Fair warning to readers, this story will jump categories. This collection of chapters includes MFF, Gags, Anal, rough sex, morning catchups, blowjobs, shopping, and awkward conversations.

OFG is a variation story based on the setup by Aurelian14, and is an ongoing patronized work sponsored by him. Originally written in small chapter releases, they will be collected here on Literotica in 10 chapter chunks for smoother reading.


Chapter 291

“Sorry about that, love,” Gemma said as she and Sabrina returned to you, finding you at the table Ollie and Paul had left you at. “I just got in my head a bit there.”

“It’s OK,” you said, pulling her into a hug with one arm and kissing her on top of her head.

“Where’s everyone else?” Sabrina asked.

“Haven’t seen Brent, Corey or Victoria for a while,” you said. “Ollie is wing-womaning for Paul. And Edgar may or may not be bringing a girl down to the beach to have sex.”

“That’s anoption!?” Sabrina asked you, clear excitement in her eyes.

“Oh, God,” you groaned.

“I so want to do that this weekend,” Sabrina said.

“I might as well,” Gemma said, giving you a little smirk.

You just shook your head and took a swig of your beer.

“It would make a hot scene too,” Sabrina said. “I’m just saying.”

“One step at a time, baby,” Gemma said. “Give him a second to wrap his head around it.”

“Not tonight,” you said.

“Oh, definitely not tonight,” Sabrina assured you. “We haveplans for you tonight.”

“Plans that I think we both want to get started on,” Gemma said, still hugged under your arm and using that position to grab your butt as she bit her lip looking up at you.

You were ready to head out as well, and the three of you split up to do a quick search to tell the others you were leaving. You found Brent, who just nodded and said he’d catch up at some point. Ollie was still helping Paul and said she’d either Uber back or just walk with him if he struck out. None of you found Edgar, but Gemma found out that Victoria had been feeling a little overwhelmed and Corey had taken her for a drive down the coast. She was fine now, but they were enjoying sitting near some beach with the windows down.

That meant that you and the girls were walking, andthat meant that you ended up piggybacking one or the other for most of the way because neither of them had brought shoes in their little clutch purses.

“You OK, love?” Gemma asked you as you turned onto the street where your B&B was. “I can just barefoot it from here.”

“Just getting my cardio in,” you wheezed softly. She wasn’t super heavy, but ten minutes of piggybacking added up quickly.

“Part of me feels like we should fuck outside tonight,” Sabrina giggled as she walked ahead of you. She’d taken to doing that when you were piggybacking Gemma so that she could drop the back of her jeans to moon you, or turn around and flash you. She claimed it was just motivation.

“I can fire up the hot tub if you want, but we aren’t fucking in it,” you said.

“Aww, why not?” Sabrina pouted.

“Because I don’t feel like getting caught doing it,” Gemma said.

“Wellyou don’t need to do it,” Sabrina said.

“I don’t want you getting caught either, baby,” Gemma said.

“You know, I get this warm fuzzy feeling every time you call me that,” Sabrina said with a smile, stopping and turning back so that she could kiss Gemma over your shoulder. “I also kinda like that you’re a jealous girlfriend.”

“Jealous is right,” Gemma grunted and shifted, making it clear she wanted you to let her down so you did. She grabbed Sabrina by the waist and pulled her into a steaming kiss. “You’re ours, Sabrina.”

“I know, baby,” Sabrina said, smiling sweetly as they held each other. “But… fucking in the hot tubwould be hot.”

Gemma leaned closer and whispered something to Sabrina.

“Fuck, I forgot,” Sabrina laughed, then turned and grabbed your hand. “John, what are you waiting for?! Come on, we need to get back!”

“Sure, blame it on me,” you laughed and rolled your eyes.

“Oh, I will, Daddy,” Sabrina said, sticking her tongue out at you.

“Is it really that kind of night?” you asked, turning to look at Gemma.

“It’s that kind of night,” Gemma smirked and nodded.

“Alright,” you sighed. “Let’s get back.”

* * * * *

You had the house to yourself, but the first thing that happened once you were all up in your bedroom was Gemma made Sabrina strip down to her thong and bikini top.

“Tease her a little, love,” she said, running her fingers through your hair before she pushed Sabrina back onto the bed. “I need to go get a couple of things ready in the bathroom.”

“What sort of things?” you asked.

“Fun things,” Gemma assured you. “Things we got at the shop today. Just make sure our little Brat is nice and turned on.”

Gemma went to the washroom, and when you looked down at Sabrina she was grinning widely as she bit her bottom lip.

“You aren’t going to tell me either, are you?”

Sabrina shook her head. “Sorry, Daddy. Gemma’s orders.”

You pounced on her and soon she was sighing and mewling happily as you slowly worked your fingers around her body, softly pinching her without any real force, while also licking her through her thong. It was a thin little black thing, but it still provided enough of a barrier that Sabrina was groaning in complaint, humping her hips at you as she tried to get your tongue or lips on her bare skin. She was already horny – though through the last month you’d found she rarely wasn’t – and you had to pace yourself because even licking her over the thong seemed to be pushing her closer to an orgasm than ‘just teasing’ should.

Gemma came back out of the bathroom having abandoned her dress and fishnet shrug on the way, now only clad in her lingerie bra and thong and carrying a brown paper bag. “Is she soaking wet?” she asked you.

“When is she not?” you asked with a little smirk.

“I’m notthat bad,” Sabrina said, a little irritated as you left her pussy. She reached out with a bare foot, hooking it around your waist and trying to pull you closer to her, but you grabbed the foot and brought it higher, kissing the side of it and then kneading her sole with your thumbs. She liked that, but clearly wanted more sexual contact by the expression on her face.

“Well, baby,” Gemma said, getting up on the bed on her knees. “The three of us all know you arepretty much that bad. And horny little brats get what they need, not what they want. Right?”

Sabrina bit her lip as she glanced down at the bag. “Yes, baby.”

Gemma turned to you. “John, could you take off her thong and bundle it up in a nice little ball?”

You did, sliding it off of Sabrina’s hips as she helpfully lifted her ass a little from the bed. It was wet enough that it clung to her pussy for a moment. Then, as requested, you bundled the fabric and string into a neat little wet ball. You had a feeling where this was going.

“You, baby, arenot going to embarrass us tonight with all your screaming and moaning as we give you what you need,” Gemma said in a playful sternness down to Sabrina. She was running one hand through Sabrina’s hair, slowly bundling it up behind her head. “So since you can’t be trusted to stay quiet yourself, you should give Daddy a kiss and then ask him to put your wet, skanky panties into your mouth to gag you.”

Sabrina made a whining sound and a face, but she quickly got up on her knees in front of you and you leaned down to kiss her. It was the sort of kiss that the two of you usually shared in the middle of an intense fucking, and you hadn’t even started yet. It was hungry and desperate and demanding and pleading all at once, and she mashed her face to yours and pulled your hands to her chest so you would massage and grab her tits. Then, when it was over, she sat back on her haunches and looked up at you, taking a deep breath. “I love you, John. But I really want you to be Daddy tonight, please, even if I can’t egg you on with my mouth stuffed with my wet panties. Can you do that for me, please?”

“Of course I can,” you sighed, leaning down to kiss her softly this time.

“Thank you,” she said with a little smile, and then opened her mouth daintily and tilted her chin up, asking for her gag.

You placed the panties in her mouth and gently pushed them in.

Then Gemma made a weird sound. Not her physically, but what she pulled out of the bag. She had duct tape, and she lifted Sabrina’s hair and quickly taped it around Sabrina’s mouth and jaw to the back of her neck under her hair, and around again three times.

“Gemma,” you said, a little surprised. “That’s going to fucking hurt coming off.”

“It’s fine, love,” Gemma said. “It’s sex tape, it’s less sticky. Now, how does our little fucktoy look?”

You looked back to Sabrina, who had her mouth completely taped shut, but her nose clear for breathing. She was looking at you with big eyes and clenching her fingers and fidgeting.

With a smile, you softly stroked her cheek and she pressed it into your palm. With your other hand you rolled one of her nipples between your fingers. “She looks absolutely perfect for a night of making her squirm and squirt,” you said.

“Good,” Gemma smirked, taking out a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs from the bag. “Because we have more toys to play with later.”

Chapter 292

The first thing that you and Gemma made Sabrina do once her hands were handcuffed behind her back was understand how to get your shirt off.

You were wearing a button-down, so she ended up needing to mumble-plead with you to lay down on the bed as she propped herself up facing away from you, working her fingers blind behind her back to undo each button. Once that was done she had to try and get the shirt off of you.

“Mmmgh!” she groaned in frustration, unable to get the shoulders off of you to pull it down your arms.

“Shhh, baby,” you chuckled softly, taking pity on her and shrugging the shirt off yourself and then pulling her back to you as you sat up at the head of the bed. You wrapped your arms around her naked body, holding her tightly in a hug as she huffed a few long breaths through her nose.

“Alright, so maybe puzzles aren’t the fun tease I thought they would be,” Gemma sighed. She’d been trying to help Sabrina by coaching her a bit, but it hadn’t helped.

“Mmmgh-mmph-mmm,” Sabrina mumbled unintelligibly through her gag and tape.

“Stop complaining,” you said, running your hand across her body until you were palming her pussy and teasing her lips with your fingers while you grabbed her chest firmly with the other. “Or are you not happy being in my arms, little brat?”

“Mm-mm,” she hummed and nuzzled her head against yours and pressed the front of her gag tape to your cheek like she was kissing you.

“Better,” you said and started to trail your fingers more purposefully around her pussy. Her bare, smooth lips were already slick for your eating her out and you could feel them getting warmer with her horniness. Soon they would be that wonderful ruddy flushed colour she got when she was overdue for a fucking.

“I think she’s being a bit of a baby,” Gemma said, reaching behind herself to undo her bra and stripping it off, then crawling up the bed to lay next to you and Sabrina. She leaned over the brunette to kiss you firmly, pushing her tits against Sabrina’s face in the process.

“You just want to tease her even more and get herreally worked up,” you said once the kiss ended.

Gemma smirked and grabbed Sabrina’s chin, leaning down to kiss her through the tape. “Yeah, maybe I do,” she grinned.

You had wiggled two fingers into Sabrina’s entrance and the three of you cuddled like that for a bit, with you and Gemma trading kisses when you weren’t teasing Sabrina mercilessly by kissing those spots on her neck that made her toes flex and her eyes squeeze closed as she moaned deep in her chest.

Her little tits didn’t miss out on attention either as you palmed and squeezed one roughly, manhandling them, while Gemma would dip her lips lower occasionally to suck or nibble at Sabrina’s nipples.

Sabrina was squirming, pressing her face against you or Gemma like she wanted to be kissing or licking you. Gemma grabbed her face again as you started strumming Sabrina’s clit harder, kissing her sloppily through the tape, and Sabrina’s legs pulled back and waggled in the air to try and make as much room as efficient for you between her legs.

“Little bratty slut,” Gemma laughed softly as she pressed her nose to Sabrina’s, looking deep into her eyes, before she slid lower on the bed. You saw where she was going and fell to the side a little, kind of spooning behind and below Sabrina a bit to get her a little more flat on the bed. This gave Gemma a better angle to begin eating out Sabrina as you took your turn mashing your lips against the tape in a broken kiss before trailing them along her jaw and to her neck again.

“Hhmmmmg,” Sabrina moaned and started babbling quietly through her gag as Gemma dove between her legs. Sabrina craned her neck up, wanting to watch Gemma, and you helped prop her up a bit. Gemma shifted a little for a better angle and then drove her tongue deep into Sabrina, who quickly wrapped her legs over Gemma’s shoulders and thrust her hips to signal she wanted more.

You grabbed her tits hard and held her there as Gemma sucked and slurped, but Sabrina being Sabrina she could just sit and enjoy it. Soon you felt her handcuffed hands blindly feeling around your crotch area and started to try and undo your belt. You helped her out, quickly undoing your pants and shoving them and your briefs down to your thighs, and she got your cock in between her hands and started awkwardly jerking you off.

“Fuuuck,” you exhaled, loving the feel of her fingers but wanting more.

Gemma seemed to agree, and she pushed away from Sabrina and used her hands on the other girl’s hips to roll her off of you. “My turn with our man,” she said, shifting up the bed and your body. You were a little surprised that she ignored your cock and climbed up to kiss you hard. Your nose was filled with the smell of her, a sweet counterpoint to the smell of Sabrina that had surrounded you, and you moaned softly through the kiss.

Sabrina might have been handcuffed and gagged but she was still horny as hell and industrious – she rolled onto her knees and scampered down behind Gemma, getting between your legs and pressing her taped face between the blondes ass cheeks and nuzzling her to give Gemma as much stimulation as she could without the use of her lips, tongue or fingers.

“Mmmm, little slut,” Gemma giggled, humping her hips to push her groin back at Sabrina, and then she climbed a little higher on you so that she could put her breasts right in your face. You immediately got your lips on the underboob of one and bit her softly, warning her of what you were gonna do, but she didn’t pull away. So you got your lips in a seal and sucked hard, leaving a big hickey on her. The three of you had decided in the week leading up to the trip that there would beno hickeys for a bit since the girls were gonna be in swimsuits, but just one wasn’t gonna hurt if it was gonna be hidden by swimsuits anyways, right?

“Fuck, I love that,” Gemma moaned. “God, you both push my fuckingbuttons.”

“Is she doing a good job on you?”

“Sabrina is doing anadequate job considering her current limitations,” Gemma said with a smirk down at you.

‘Mmm!” Sabrina complained.

“Shush, brat,” Gemma said, reaching back and taking Sabrina by the hair to pull her between the blonde’s legs again. “Do what you can.”

Chapter 293

You weren’t entirely sure how it happened, but Gemma ended up climbing up your body more until she was sitting her pussy on your face. This wasn’t a bad thing by any means – you happily started to eat her out as she began to slowly leak her juices down onto your lips and chin. Sabrina, meanwhile, had followed her as well and was perched precariously on her knees, shoving her face between Gemma’s ass cheeks.

“Ooooh, yesyeahyes,” Gemma moaned, sitting up a little more and pushing her clit down at your mouth. “Oh, God, John!”

She hummed, and you could only imagine when she would get that look on her face with her eyes closed as she focused on the pleasure running through her.

“Mmphg, mmf!” Sabrina mumbled.

“Oooh, fuck! Fuck, yes. Oh my God. Mmmmuugh!” Gemma groaned. She reached back and shoved Sabrina back from her ass so that she could sit up more and lean back a bit until she was practically sitting on your chest. She ran her hands through your hair and looked down at you, and in her current position you were able to look up and meet her eyes around her wonderfully big tits. You squeezed your arms out from under her and slid one hand up her body to grab one of those big tits, and hooked the other around her thigh so you could get a thumb just over her clit hood to pull it back and open her up that little bit more for your tongue.

Sabrina, meanwhile, had ducked lower as she knelt between your legs and she had started to nuzzle her face against your cock. Without her mouth or her hands she had limited options, and the fact that she was debasing herself so quickly to just try and give you any sort of pleasure was such a turn-on.

As you ate her, Gemma reached back, twisting her torso a bit so that she could grab Sabrina by the hair again. “That’s right, baby,” she groaned. “Worship that big cock any way you can. Look at it – it’s as long as your face. God, it’s such a pussy pleaser, isn’t it?”

“mMMmmf!” Sabrina mumbled, and you weren’t sure what exactly she was trying to say but you could feel her nodding.

You stabbed your tongue up right at Gemma’s clit while at the same time you got one of her nipples between your fingers and squeezed it hard, and she let go of Sabrina to hunch over you as she yelped loudly and started to roll through her first, small orgasm.

“Mmmf mm mmmg mm mmph?” Sabrina mumbled, and you got the feeling she was commenting on Gemma being loud.

Your Australian girlfriend’s orgasm rolled through her, and she quickly dismounted from your chest and slid down to join Sabrina at your groin. She knelt next to the brunette and shoved her face against your cock, then took command of it with her hand and started stroking you. “How’s she doing, baby?” Gemma asked.

“As well as I could hope,” you said. “Though she could use her mouth.”

“Nope, not yet,” Gemma said, still stroking you and grinning. Then she dropped her mouth to your cock and started blowing you.

Sabrina had little she could do like that, so you sat up a bit and reached down to take her face in her hands, pulling her higher on her knees and leaning towards you so that you could kiss her through the tape. Then, as Gemma blew you, you slid your hand down Sabrina’s stomach and she spread her legs wider so that you could start teasing her cunt again.

“Hmmhmmhmmmmmmhmmhmhm,” Sabrina hummed, the speed of the vibrato in it picking up as her eyes got hooded and she lowered her pussy even more, trying to get your fingers on her even rougher.

“God I love you,” you told her.

“Mmm hmmm mm mmf,” she mumbled.

You slid the hand that you didn’t have at her pussy over her chest and up to her neck, and she immediately put some more of her weight onto it to feel the pressure on her throat.

Sabrina looked like a wild thing already, and it hadn’t even been that long in bad. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were big with her makeup smudged, and the sex tape did nothing to make her look any more presentable. Her skin was flushed, her nipples hard, and you could feel her pussy leaking consistently onto your fingers.

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