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One night while walking home from work I was approached by a man claiming to be a recruiter for an “Adult” game show. He could not tell me the location, but said it would be “overseas” with very young looking, but legal, Asian women. I asked if they were just making Porn and he told me that clips of the show would almost certainly end up on Porn sites, but that the primary focus was “Adult entertainment”, not specifically Porn.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but long story short I agreed to play the “game”. I was flown to a mystery location where I signed a lot of contracts and was given the rules. The rules were really simple. For each round I would be given a sexual task to perform. The woman would also be given a sexual task. The one to complete their task first will move to the next round and the other would be sent home with the $5000 consolation prize. The woman would have to beat out 4 men on different nights in order to win the big prize. I could win the prize in one night, but would have to complete 4 increasingly difficult sexual tasks without reaching ejaculation or Orgasm I scoffed at this and pointed out that some women could be damn near impossible to bring to Orgasm. This concern was actually addressed in the FAQ. In a nutshell, in most of the challenges the woman is allowed to have as many orgasms and or multiple orgasms as she wants, but will have a different and possibly more difficult challenge. With the top prize being a million dollars AFTER taxes, I was willing to try. There were tests, background checks, and lots of papers to sign. It took about a week to go through the pre qualifying process, but I made it.

Level One

Announcer. The average human bladder can hold about 2 cups of liquid. Much more than that without access to a bathroom can get messy. Your first opponent has about 2 and a quarter cups of pee in her bladder. You have 5 minutes to force her pee on you. You can take her in any position you like, but the Sex has to be vaginal and you are not allowed to place your hands anywhere below her belly button. If she pees on you within the 5 minutes, you win. If she makes you Orgasm before the 5 minutes is up and then pees on you, she wins. She is allowed to do or say anything that she thinks will make you cum. In each round you will be given a 2 minute “warm up” period to get an erection. No erection after the 2 minutes…..the announcer moved his finger from left to right over his neck and made a “slitting” sound. In a lower voice he said unfortunately you will NOT receive a consolation prize in THAT situation.

The curtain dropped and there was a naked Asian looking woman on the bed. I was already naked and 17 seconds later I was already hard. This is going to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. I figured that I’m not really into Asian women so not coming inside of one for 5 minutes should be a piece of cake. When I saw her I wasn’t so sure. She looked VERY young. Certainly not a day over 18, but I knew from one of the papers I had signed that she was at least 21. Even harder to believe. She was very short. Like less than 5 feet and from a distance her Pussy didn’t look like it had ever been hairy. Perfect wax job apparently. My cock started getting hard right away, but got all of the way hard and started throbbing when I saw her face. Where did they find this woman? She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Aside from being so gorgeous and so young looking, she had a look of desperation in her eyes already. She was trying extremely hard not to show it, but it was very difficult for her to hide the fact that her bladder was very full and very uncomfortable.

I forfeited the rest of my 2 minutes and walked over to the bed. I looked into her desperate eyes and then down at her breasts. Her breasts were not huge, but her areolas were fairly large and her nipples were long and dark. I touched her right nipple and it grew slightly longer and she moaned. I began massaging her right nipple and then put my fingers around her other nipple which was already long and rock hard. At that moment I realized that having such a full and uncomfortable bladder had made her very Horny. She had to pee so bad that it really hurt, but the pain turned to pleasure after I started touching her nipples. I kept rubbing and rolling her hard throbbing nipples between my fingers. She was getting more and more excited. A warm fuzzy feeling washed over her entire body and she realized that she was about to Orgasm. Our eyes were locked together and her eyes were pleading with me to show her body mercy. Her nipples had never been given so much attention and it felt amazing. Her eyes told me that she didn’t think she would be able to handle the intensity of the Orgasm she was about to have without peeing herself.

As I continued rubbing her nipples the warm fuzzy feeling that was washing over her entire body started to remind her how bad she needed to pee. The painful full feeling in her bladder began to spread over her entire body. Her whole body gradually began to feel like a full bladder as she edged closer to orgasms. After a few more seconds her beautiful face scrunched up, her eyes that had been begging me to stop finally gave in and just let me take her over the edge. She let out the moan of a very young girl as she came and there was a huge squirt of liquid from her Vagina. It was probably about a cup of liquid. Our eyes were still locked together. I could simultaneously see a look of extreme pleasure and extreme defeat in her eyes.

I immediately reached down between her legs, touched her wet hairless slit, and then smelled my fingers. It didn’t smell anything like pee. The liquid had a sweet smell and a slight thickness to it. It was like semen, but thinner and less semen like. A judge ran over, touched the probes of a PH meter to the puddle of liquid between her legs and declared that the liquid was not pee and the round would continue.

The look in her eyes turned from defeat to hope and a touch of confidence. I looked at the countdown timer. 2:15 remaining! I was so confident that a powerful climax would make it impossible for her to hold herself that I wasted almost 3 minutes! Had she planned this? Was this her strategy? Which number guy was I anyway? Could I be number 4? The home audience knew that I was actually her first round, but I was not allowed to know that. My penis was still rock hard and had I looked I would have seen that I even had a little pre cum just from playing with her dark erect nipples and watching her have a mind blowing Orgasm.

Without wasting another second I climbed into the bed with her and spread her legs. I caught a brief look at her Vagina, but quickly looked away. What I saw was the most perfect Vagina I had ever seen. No sign of hair at all. Wow! What a wax job! Dark, taught, but ever so slightly pouty lips still soaking wet from her gushing Orgasm. I got in front of her, spread her legs and slowly began to work my penis into her Vagina. Lube was available, but I opted not to use it as she was so wet down there already. I barely got more than my head inside of her body before I realized that she was VERY tight. I had a split second of panic come over me as I tried to push more of my penis inside of her and she moaned like it really hurt. It felt so tight and there was such a look of suffering in her eyes that I thought I was accidentally trying to stick it up her Ass. I quickly looked down and confirmed that I was actually trying to penetrate her Vagina.

I pulled my penis out of her body and covered it with the provided lube. 1:13 on the clock! I started to enter her body again and although she was very tight I was able to get most of my penis inside of her. I pulled out and pushed back in very hard and quickly 3 more times until I was able to get my entire, rather large, hairy penis inside of her body. We locked eyes again. At first she looked more confident that she might actually win, but when my huge hairy cock went all of the way inside of her body her eyes became desperate. My cock was really hurting her body and the way her insides felt, it was not hard to see why. Her Vagina was so tight because she was so tiny, but aside from that I could actually feel how full her bladder was. With each thrust I could see in her face how much she was suffering.

39 seconds! My first thought was to just start pounding her tight Pussy so hard that it would become physically impossible for her to hold herself. The thought alone made me realize that I would not be able to hold MYSELF if I did that. I quickly came up with another strategy.

She was unable to hide how much my penis hurt when I went all of the way inside of her, but she got some relief when I pulled back. She was able to hold herself when I gave her that first nipple Orgasm, but that was almost 5 minutes ago and my huge throbbing cock was making it harder and harder not to just give in and pee.

With 14 seconds on the clock I pushed my penis all of the way inside of her body and pushed down on her pelvis with all of my weight. Instead of pulling back out I just stayed inside of her body and started pushing down even harder. She looked so miserable and had tears in her eyes. I felt like a sicko for taking so much pleasure in her pain, but she had the ability to end this and SHE was choosing not to. 7-6-5….I quickly grabbed her nipples and began rubbing them very hard. 4-3-2. In a last moment of panic as I rubbed her nipples I pulled all the way out of her tight Pussy and then quickly slammed back inside of her, pressing down twice as hard as before. Between the announcer calling 1 and hearing the buzzer I felt a flood of liquid come from her body. At first I thought I just made her gush again, but as I felt liquid drip from my balls and a powerful Hot stream right above my penis, I knew that I had won. I tried to look at her eyes, but they were rolled up as she moaned loudly while having the best Orgasm she would ever have. The pee just kept squirting and squirting. I let her finish relieving herself and orgasming before I pulled out.

When I look back on this round I cannot believe that I lasted 5 minutes with that woman. She had the tightest Pussy I have ever felt. I forced myself to ignore it at the time, but I can remember that every time I thrusted my penis into her body her vaginal muscles became rock hard. She was probably desperately trying to make me cum so she could go to the bathroom on me. When I fantasize about this encounter, as I have hundreds of times since being on the show, I favor a different theory. Every time my cock, which was much larger than she was expecting, pressed against her insides, she had to use every ounce of strength in her vaginal muscles not to pee on me. Every time she got rock hard inside it took every ounce of willpower for me not to give in and blow my load inside of her……oh god and then get peed on. The second hardest part was the half second before she came and peed. Her Vagina squeezed my penis so hard that I momentarily wondered if it was physically possible for her Vagina to crush my penis. Sometimes the thought of that alone makes me come when I beat off thinking about that night. If that doesn’t do it for me, the next part definitely does. Once I realized that she was peeing. I wanted so badly to pick her up, stand up while still inside of her, and join her in Orgasm as her warm bubbly pee ran down my entire body. At the time I decided it was not worth a million dollars to have that experience, but in my fantasy it definitely would have been.

Of course I never saw the girl again and would never know what it was like for her. Knowing what it was like from her point of view definitely would have given me more years of fantasy material.

She had lost all hope of winning when she saw my cock. It was so hard not to pee just laying there, but when she saw my cock she almost gave up and just let go. She held herself so that she would at least get the consolation prize.. She was relieved when I just started playing with her nipples and tried to encourage me to continue. She knew that every second she spent without that monster cock inside of her body would increase her chances of winning. She really did Love the nipple Orgasm that I gave her. It took her a while to find “the one” because she could not cum without having her nipples played with after that day. She also strongly prefers to have a full bladder during Sex. When I first entered her body she actually thought I was too big to fully penetrate her. After I added the lube and her Vagina was able to make room for my oversized cock, she was certain that she would not be able to hold on for very long. It did hurt less when I pulled back, but she didn’t have enough time to be relieved before I went back inside of her. Each thrust hurt a little bit more than the previous one. All she could think about was how bad she needed to pee and it felt like my penis was crushing her overfilled bladder. Some of the deeper and harder thrusts felt like somehow my penis was actually inside of her bladder. She squeezed her Vagina muscles as hard as she could trying to protect her bladder from my penis.

In those last few seconds when I stayed inside of her and pressed down with all of my weight and strength the pain was unbearable. She actually remembers a tear rolling down her cheek. Years later she would discover that what I did to her body actually hurt more than giving birth. When I grabbed her nipples the pain turned to pleasure and she started to come almost right away. When I pulled out and pushed back inside of her with such force she actually thought her bladder had burst. She thought that the extreme pain of her bladder ripping apart, being interpreted as pleasure, was what made her Orgasm so intense. She didn’t care at this point and came so hard that she lost all sense of space and time. She assumed that she had internal injuries right up until a medical examiner assured her that she was fine.

To be continued……………..

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