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The Many Perils of Maria Menounos 1

(This is the first in a series of stand-alone stories in which Maria finds herself an unwitting player. They are fantasies only, and have no bearing on the real person, people or situations)

Maria Menounos awoke slowly. Her mouth was exceptionally dry, and she was having difficulty opening her eyes. What time was it? For that matter, what day? She tried to sit up but then realized she wasn’t in a position that would allow sitting. She was facing down, bending over something. Something that was padded, but cold.

While trying to regain her wits an AC unit clicked on and began filling the room with noise and freezing air. It was then that she became aware of the fact that she was naked. What happened to her clothes? She needed to remember but couldn’t. Her 34B breasts were hanging and pressed against whatever she was bent over. Eventually, she figured out that she was standing and that her feet were at least four feet aside. And tied, to what she didn’t know.

It was then the Greek beauty heard a loud, metallic sound, like that of a heavy bolt sliding apart followed by the groan of a weighted door. “Who’s there? Help me, please. I-I don’t know where I am or how I got here. Please help me.”

Maria squirmed and wriggled her toes in anxious anticipation of being set free. Whomever had entered was making their way towards where she was being held, she could tell by the footfalls. When they stopped in front of her, hands raked into her tousled, brown mane (why was her hair so tangled and matted?) and pulled it back into a ponytail. While twisting the band into place, several highlighted extensions yanked free, and the 45-year-old cried out in pain.

“Oh, come on, Maria” taunted a familiar, female voice. “Don’t be a baby.” Holding the E! News host under the chin, her captor raised her head and with thumb and forefinger forcefully opened her eyes that had somehow been glued shut. “Surprise!”

The brown-eyed, red-carpet host was stunned. “Catt? It that really you? God, thank goodness. Help me get free.”

Catt Sadler, Maria’s co-host on E! News looked at the helpless beauty and smiled. “I can fill in all those blanks for you, easy peazy.” Running her palm over Maria’s naked body, the black-haired reporter walked slowly around her until she was standing behind the tightly bound woman. Not only were Maria’s ankles tied to the base of the sex-bench she was bent over, but leather straps were also wound between and around her soft, plump ass cheeks, holding them spread open so that her once private openings were fully exposed, and they were quite a mess.

Upon trying to raise herself up, Maria became aware that her wrists were also bound somewhere underneath, stretching her arms tight and holding her firmly in place. As some of her memory began to slowly make its way back, she asked “There was a party, right?”

“That’s right! Very good.” The hazel-eyed, 49-year-old wound her way back around and placed a cell phone on the concrete floor in front of the naked, Greek goddess and continued, “It was a welcome party, for you. As Giuliana’s replacement on the show. You know, my BEST friend.” She was speaking of Giuliana Rancic, who had actually decided to leave E! News for her own reasons. That didn’t matter to Catt. “I arranged the whole thing.”

Tapping the small screen, a video began to play showing a joyful party in full swing. Music was playing, drinks were flowing and in the center of it all was Maria. She was wearing a belted, bright pink mini dress with bone-colored high heels. Smiling and laughing her signature laugh, she drained what was left of her cocktail and took two male crew members by the hands and led them away from the rest of the crowd. Fortunately, the videographer followed.

Once in the prep area, the brown-haired reporter curled her fingers under the hem of the dress that was painted onto her luscious, 36-24-36 figure and raised it up around the swells of her hips. Next, she lowered her baby blue panties down to her knees and looked back over her shoulder, grinning. Her ass was big, soft and perfect, and she knew it. Spacing her feet aside, Maria leaned forward on her elbows (pushing a variety of plates and glasses apart) and arched her back. “Who wants to be first?” she cooed invitingly.

The events that followed were like something out of a porno. The two men with her were the first to fuck her, with the 45-year-old insisting that they cum inside her. They happily obliged. A female voice could be heard shouting “Hey, everybody! Maria wants to welcome and thank you all personally. She’s back here!” Partygoers began to filter back, and the camera swept around capturing a variety of hard cocks and men with their pants around their ankles. The Greek personality was encouraged by the crowd to strip completely, which with a flirty shrug she did.

“I-I did this? This must be faked. I have a boyfriend.” Maria watched in disbelief as one after another of the staff and crew took turns fucking her juicy cunt. At one point she even had two large penises’ being stuffed into her gaping fuck-hole at the same time, and she was laughing. After they both shot their loads inside her overworked pussy, she could be heard saying “I need a rest. Can you use my ass and mouth for a while?”

As the scene shifted to Maria being spit-roasted (on all fours with a dick in her mouth and ass), Catt slapped her co-hosts fleshy booty hard, making it jump and quiver like jelly. The younger woman gasped a soft protest. Rivers of thick sperm oozed from both her holes which had been used for hours without pause, and some had dried as crusty trails along Maria’s creamy thighs. “I think you get the idea. I’ll just speed it up for you to the good part.”

What must have been several hours later on the video, Maria was still naked but was now sitting between Catt and Giuliana in what looked to be the back of a moving vehicle. “Are you sure this is what you want, Maria?” asked blonde Giuliana while twisting and pinching the Greek beauty’s nipples. Her 34B tits were swaying and bouncing as they motored along, and glistening, spent semen could be seen on her face, neck and upper body as headlights passed.

“Yes. Being a TV host is too much work, too much stress. And honestly, Keven gives me absolutely nothing in the bedroom. I just want to fuck, cum and have fun. Thank you both for showing me my true self.” Then, without being prompted, Maria kissed both entertainment reporters on each side of her deeply, and with genuine passion.

In the next part of the video, it shows all three women walking into what appeared to be a warehouse. Catt and Giuliana both dressed sexy but professional, and Maria totally naked. When Black-haired Catt flipped on the lights, Maria’s creamy, pale curves were wrapped in an eerie incandescence. It was almost as if she were preparing to board a spaceship and embark on a new journey, which she was.

It was a large, mostly empty space except for the several pieces of numerous sex furniture, machines and devices scattered around. Maria’s eyes grew wide. “This is where you’ll be spending most of your time from now on”, explained Catt. The 45-year-old Greek beauty padded across the cement floor on bare feet, checking out each item one at a time. Little drops and spatters of spunk were left in a trail and followed her as she went. “Nothing more to ever worry about. All you have to do is fuck and cum. Sound good?”

“Mm. Sounds perfect!”

“Okay, then” chirped Giuliana. She was standing next to what looked like a combination stockade, sawhorse and workbench. The top was padded and stood about four and a half feet off the ground. She tapped it suggestively. “On you go. Feet and hands down here. You’re going to bend over it.”

Maria happily did as instructed. While Catt bound her ankles to the base with leather cuffs, Giuliana did the same to the brown-eyed actress’s wrists. Both women tended to binding Maria’s plump ass cheeks so that they bulged and were held aside. As Catt slid off her skirt, her blonde best friend wriggled out of the slacks she’d worn. Each then stepped into a 12-inch, strap on dildo and fastened it securely in place. “Ready to get fucked again, Maria?” asked Catt playfully.

“Yes. But there aren’t any guys here” responded Maria with sadness in her voice.

Moving between the newest E! News hosts open legs, Catt placed the head of her silicon phallus against Maria’s sloppy, dripping cunt and drove it inside. “Men aren’t the only ones who can fuck” she stated and began thrusting the entire length in and out of the Greek’s slurping fuck hole, making her soft, ivory ass mounds shake in rhythm. Giuliana stood in front of Maria and coaxed the bound beauty’s mouth around her own plastic dick. She sucked it eagerly.

“So, you can see” Catt explained picking up the phone and shutting it off, “You weren’t just a willing participant. You wanted this. You asked for it.” Slipping the cell into her back pocket, the black-haired 49-year-old moved around the device and undid all of the bindings holding Maria Menounos in place. Gently, almost lovingly (like someone would do for a pet), she helped her co-host stand and stretch until she could once again support her own 115lb body weight.

“Is there a shower?” Maria asked hopefully, the events of the previous evening all now firmly reestablished in her mind. As they walked slowly across the cool, cement floor, she felt herself getting horny again and her well-used pussy began to dampen. “Do you still have that strap on with you?”

Catt Sadler smiled and gave Maria’s ass an aggressive but playful squeeze. “I do”, she answered.

The End

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