The Lucy Show Pt. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Special Note (please put in italics). While this story contains M-F elements, it also has M-M action. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you may wish to skip this story.

After their short but intense tryst, Lucy and Barney especially were experiencing a pleasant state of afterglow, Gomer was in a slight state of shock over sucking his first cock, but secretly couldn’t believe how good it was. He really needed more pricks to practice on to perfect his technique, and started to fantasize ways he could seduce other guys on the television set.

“Let’s take a little break.” Barney yawned. “That was just too much.”

Lucy wanted to see Barney suck Gomer’s dick, but she could wait. Reluctantly, she got dressed, even though she was still sweaty. Barney followed suit, until they were once more reasonably decent. At that point, there was a knock at the door.

“Now, who could that be?” Lucy looked at the two men questioningly, expecting room service or the motel maid.

Lucy opened the door hurriedly, trying to think of a good one liner to shoo room service away. To her great surprise, it was two of her friends from the television sitcom My Three Sons, dad Fred Macmurray and his oldest television son, nineteen year old Don Grady.

“Oh my God!” Lucy’s voice was high and scratchy.

“How did you know I was here?”

“Tip from the doorman.” Fred smirked. Don and I just got back from a dinner together so we thought we would say “hI!”

“Dinner together?” Lucy’s mind starting thinking raunchy thoughts and she could feel herself getting moist again under her panties.

“”Yeah,” Don smiled “Steve treats me to great food once in a while.”

“I bet he treats you to a lot more than that!” Lucy was radiant as Don turned beet red.

“Say fellas, are the rumors going around about you lately true or untrue?” Lucy all of a sudden had a mock serious look on her face.

Now it was Fred’s turn to turn crimson. “Rumors?” His voice had a definite quaver to it.

“Yeah, I heard that off screen you two have more than a typical father/son relationship!” Lucy stared at the suddenly crestfallen My Three Sons men


Don thought he was going to faint. “er, ahh, no, I mean well kind of, not really.”

Lucy wasn’t going to let either of them off the hook so easily. “Nothing to be ashamed of, you are both very good looking men, only natural that you would check each other out.”

“C-c-check each other out?” Fred was stammering and stuttering all of a sudden.

“You know what I mean Fred!” Lucy beamed as she readied for the kill. “Have you ever seen Don in his underwear?”

Both men dropped their jaws and had a surprised look on their faces. It took a while for Fred to speak.

“Errr, uhhh, only under his pajamas, I saw his underwear on the set accidentally.”

“Oh, accidentally!” Lucy gave Fred a knowing look. “what did they look like?”

“Uh. uh. I think they ended about 6 inches above his knee.”

“Six inches!” Lucy snickered. “What, did you have a ruler?”

Even Don Grady broke up but Lucy wasn’t done torturing the men yet. “And you Don, have you seen Steve in his underwear?”

Don thought he was going to faint. ” Uhhhh, ahhhhh, well once under pajamas too, they looked white and were pretty long.”

“You guys were really checking each other out!” Lucy was higher than a kite. “Guess the rumors must be true.”

Steve and Don stared at the floor, wanting to die,

Barney, who had been listening intently to Lucy’s interrogation. suddenly piped up.

“I think it’s time to satisfy your curiosity guys, you need to get down to your underwear right now!”

“OUR UNDERWEAR?” Fred was incredulous. “We couldn’t —we wouldn’t!”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea Barney!” Lucy’s heart started to beat really fast. “Let’s strip down ourselves and show him how it’s done!”

With that Lucy quickly got down to her light blue bra and matching panties with the cutouts. At the same time Barney and Gomer took off their shoes, shirts, and pants. Barney had a crew neck t-shirt and blue boxers, while Gomer sported a white Wife beater and trim white boxers with little slits in the sides.

Steve and Don were so shocked they continued to look at the floor, stealing glances at the stripping trio from time to time.

“It’s okay guys, now look up!”

Don and Steve finally stared at the three underwear clad people in the room. Lucy looked very sexy in her blue ensemble, while the two men had amazing boxer tents, causing one leg of their boxers to be shorter than the other,

“Guys, I think we need to help them. I’ll take care of Fred, and you guys undress Don.”

Gomer and Barney hurried over to Don, before he could run away, while Lucy quickly scooted to where Fred was standing.

“You can’t Lucy, you just can’t!” Fred had a panicky tone to his voice.

“I can and I will!” with that Lucy rapidly began undoing Fred’s button down shirt. His snow white a-shirt was soon revealed along with his hairy chest. Lucy quickly dispensed with Fred’s shoes and socks, then unzipped his dress slacks, They quickly fell to the floor, exposing his white full cut boxer shorts. Lucy zeroed in on the bulge in Fred’s boxers, expertly kneading it with her hand.

“My God Lucy, My God!” Fred started sweating like a bull as Lucy massaged the massive bulge in his boxers. Finally, when he was completely hard, she reached into the wide boxer fly and hauled out Fred’s eight inch tool and well as his ample ballsacks.

“You’re not going to…..” Fred’s voice was a tremulous quiver.

Lucy responded by sticking out her tongue and making contact with Fred’s balls.

He let out a high pitched moan as Lucy’s talented tongue explored every square inch of his tender sacs. After a minute or so of intense licking, Lucy couldn’t wait any longer. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and took about three inches of Fred’s dick in her mouth. He moaned and groaned into oblivion as Lucy gradually started to deep throat Fred’s cock, frigging herself at the same time.

While all this was happening, Gomer and Barney were undressing Don. He tried to put out his arms to push them away, but it was two against one. Don was quickly divested of his white shirt, black pants, and dress socks and shoes.. He wore a white crew neck t-shirt and baby blue full cut boxer shorts. Don had recently been married on the show, and his television Wife told him she loved boxers since her older brothers and dad wore them. Although Don typically sported white jockey briefs in real life, he felt it was time for a change. Indeed the roomy boxer shorts were a lot more comfortable and he loved the way his slim seven inch cock felt as it bounced around in them.

Don’s cock made a sizable tent in his blue boxer shorts, and Gomer and Barney took turns bouncing it up and down. Finally, Gomer reached into Don’s boxer fly and emerged with his prize. He stared lovingly at the tapered penis, then took the head and part of the shaft in his mouth. Don let out a moan so high pitched only a bat could have heard it. Gomer slowly but surely deep throated Don’s cock like a madman, delighting in the stentorian grunts and groans he was making.

Lucy was having similar fun giving Steve the Blowjob of his life, but knew it was time for the main event. She reluctantly let the rock hard shaft escape from her mouth, knowing full well Steve was about to come.

“What happened?” Steve couldn’t believe Lucy had stopped playing the best skin flute in the world.

“Nothing happened Steve.” Lucy gave him a knowing stare. “it’s just that it is time for Don to make his favorite fantasy come true.” Lucy winked at Steve’s television son as Gomer let his dick pop out of his mouth.

“Don, on your knees in front of Steve right now!”

Don seemed near tears and was paralyzed with fear. “I can’t…I don’t know how!”

“Of course you do!” Lucy and her two helpers gently but firmly led Don over to Steve and arranged him in a kneeling position. Don’s face was only inches from Steve’s eight inch protruding slab.

“Now suck it nice and slow!” Lucy was relentless. “Use your tongue!”.

Don looked up at Steve pleadingly. “Dad, do you really want me to do this?”

Steve was conflicted, but he had to release his pent up load or die.

Errr, uhhh, I think it would be okay son, just a little.”

Don was in shock that Steve had actually called him ‘son” but recovered enough to bring his mouth an inch or so away from Steve’s quivering peterhead. He stared at it helplessly but knew there was no escape. Opening his mouth as wide as possible he took an inch or so of the prickhead, making swirling motions with his tongue.

“OH MY GODDD SON! MY GOD!! That is so good!!” Steve thought he had died and went to heaven.

Don gradually went deeper on Steve’s cock. It was delicious and he couldn’t believe he was actually sucking it. Don jacked off every night in his new boxers fantasizing about taking care of Steve’s endowment. Now it was definitely happening.

“That is so Hot!” Barney hauled his swollen cock out of his blue boxers and frigged it unmercifully. Gomer followed suit, and let his right hand fly over his thin 7 inch peter, similar in shape to Don’s equipment.

Lucy was in heaven watching the two men masturbate themselves with their pricks sticking out of their boxers, along with Don taking care of his TV dad so lovingly.

Steve tried to hold back, but Don when started to deep throat him like crazy, he knew he had reached the point of no return. “I’m going to pop guys I’m really going to pop. OH MY GOD! ARGGGGHHH! “

Steve let out grunts of pure ecstasy as his prick blasted out the Orgasm of his life. Five quick but very satisfying loads later, he slumped on the floor, completely spent.

Watching Steve cum quickly sent Gomer and Barney over the edge.

“I’m THERE, I’M REALLY THERE! Gomer’s excited dick started spewing cum everywhere, on Lucy’s nose, Steve’s boxers, and Don’s T-shirt. At the same time Barney let out a high pitched wail and spirted his second major loud of the day. After what seemed an eternity, Barney and Gomer were completely drained. Then Lucy suddenly let out a satisfying scream as she had another powerful Orgasm.

“Fucking Bitch! FUCKING BITCH!!”. Lucy didn’t often swear like this but she hadn’t been this sexually excited in months.

Don had been frigging himself like crazy as he blew Steve and finally felt the release of his young life.

“Here comes my load HERE IT COMES! ARGGGGH!

Don stood up just in time to see his swollen cock let out eight spurts of warm cum. It was the best Orgasm he ever had, and he would remember it for his whole life.

The room suddenly became very quiet as the ensemble of five people came back to reality. There was a lot for all of them to think about.

“Same time tomorrow, gentlemen? Lucy finally managed to squeak out.

Don smiled “sure, now I know why you called your show “I Love Lucy!”

(to be continued)

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