The Lesbian Boss: A Secret Office Affair

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As Aria walked into her office on Monday morning, she was surprised to discover a new boss in place. She had heard the rumors, but the suddenness of the change still took her aback. Her new boss was a stunning woman, with long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and curves in all the right places. Aria couldn’t help but stare, and she quickly realized that she was in trouble.

The first few weeks were filled with awkward silences and fleeting glances, but Aria was determined to get to know her new boss better. She soon discovered that the woman’s name was Sarah, and that she had just come from another business across town. She was ambitious, driven, and highly successful – which made her even more attractive to Aria.

At first, Aria wondered that her interest in Sarah was just a simple crush. But as time went on, the desire became deeper and more intense. She found herself daydreaming about her boss, and fantasizing about what it would be like to be with her. And then, one day, something amazing happened.

Aria had stayed late one evening to finish up some work, and she was startled when Sarah entered the office. She was surprised to discover that her boss was well dressed, wearing a tight skirt and a revealing top that clung to her curves. Aria couldn’t help but stare, and she realized that Sarah had somehow become even more gorgeous than she had been before.

As Sarah approached her desk, Aria realized that there was an intense heat between them. She found herself drawn to Sarah’s eyes, which were dark and filled with desire. Without a word, Sarah reached out and touched Aria’s hand, sending a jolt of electricity through her body.

The two of them locked eyes, without speaking a word. And then, without a warning, Sarah leaned forward and pressed her lips against Aria’s. Aria was surprised at first, but she soon found herself responding eagerly, opening her mouth and exploring Sarah’s with her tongue.

As they kissed, Sarah’s hand moved down to Aria’s breast, squeezing it gently through her blouse. Aria moaned into Sarah’s mouth, feeling herself getting wet with desire. She had never been with a woman before, but she knew that this was what she had been craving all along.

Sarah pulled away from her, looking at Aria with a mix of lust and affection. “I’ve wanted to do that since the day I met you,” she said, softly.

Aria was a little hesitant at first, but the desire burning inside of her was too strong to withstand. She stood up from her desk, and the two of them started to undress each other. As the clothing fell away, Aria was struck by how gorgeous Sarah’s body was. Her breasts were full and round, her hips were curvy, and her skin was soft and smooth.

They moved to the couch in the corner of the room, kissing passionately as they went. Sarah pushed Aria down onto the cushions, and then straddled her, grinding her hips against Aria’s. Aria moaned loudly, feeling the pressure building inside of her.

Sarah’s hands roamed over Aria’s body, exploring every inch of her. She took one nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard while she pinched and teased the other one. Aria writhed beneath her, feeling the pleasure overtake her.

And then, without warning, Sarah pushed two fingers inside of Aria’s sex. Aria gasped, feeling the shock of pleasure coursing through her body. Sarah fingered her hard and fast, driving Aria to the brink of orgasm.

Finally, Aria couldn’t take it anymore. She came hard, crying out as the pleasure washed over her body. Sarah slowed her pace, gently rubbing Aria’s clit until she came down from her orgasm.

As they lay there, panting, Aria realized that she was completely under her boss’s spell. She was addicted to Sarah’s touch, to the feeling of her body against hers. And she knew that she couldn’t stop, no matter how dangerous the affair might be.

Over the next few weeks, Aria and Sarah continued their secret office affair. They would meet late at night, or sneak off to the supply closet when the office was empty. Aria found herself falling deeper and deeper under Sarah’s spell, craving her touch with every passing moment.

But she also knew that the affair couldn’t last forever. They were living on borrowed time, and sooner or later, their secret would be discovered.

One day, Aria’s fears were realized. They were caught together in the supply closet by one of the janitors, who immediately reported them to HR. Aria was terrified, knowing that she could lose her job – and her reputation – over the affair.

To her surprise, Sarah was the one who stepped up and saved her. She confessed everything to HR, taking full responsibility for the affair. And although she was reprimanded, she managed to keep her job.

When they were alone together, Aria couldn’t help but thank her boss for taking the fall for her. “I’ll never forget what you did for me,” she said, softly.

Sarah smiled at her, taking her hands in hers. “I did it because I love you,” she said, her eyes full of emotion.

Aria was stunned. She had never wondered that their affair could lead to anything more than just sex. But as she looked at Sarah, she realized that she was in love with her, too.

And so, in the end, they decided to take their relationship public. They faced a lot of criticism from co-workers and gossip columns alike, but they were happy together. They knew that they had found something special, something that not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime.

Aria had never expected to fall for her boss, but in the end, it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. And as she looked into Sarah’s eyes, she knew that she would love her forever.

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