The Lady and the Lesbian + Audio – Chapter 2

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[This is a serialized story, being published chapter by chapter]

Chapters published till now: 2 / Total chapters: 9

The Lady and the Lesbian (Text + Audio)


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Maude was laid on my father’s bed, completely stark naked. She was on her back, her enormous breasts flopped slightly sideways, her legs wide apart. From my position I could see the intimate parts of another woman for the first time. She had one hand below her pubic hair, stroking the top of her pussy with a single thick finger.

“Get in me,” she said, her voice soft and innocent compared to the growl she’d used when addressing me. I turned to move away, expecting my father to appear in view but to my amazement it was the coach driver from the previous day who appeared at the end of the bed.

“My lovely girl,” he replied. “Look what daddy has for you.” He was topless, his muscular chest in view as he pulled down his breeches. I clamped my hand over my mouth to stifle a gasp as I saw the protrusion jutting out from between his legs. Having never seen a cock before, the sight of my first one shocked me almost as much as seeing Maude naked. It was long and thick, the head shining and bulbous, a drop of something white leaking from the hole in the tip as he clambered up onto the bed.

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I wondered what was about to happen but the answer came a second later when he pushed it between Maude’s lips. She sucked him in as if devouring his length, drawing it into her until he was buried in her throat. Drool ran down her chin as he grabbed her hair and kept her locked onto him. “You’re a good girl to daddy,” he said, his voice wavering.

As he thrust his hips at her, fucking her face hard and fast, I became transfixed by the sight. The chickens pecked around my feet but I hardly noticed, remaining glued to the spot as my body filled with a strange warmth I did not understand. I caught glimpses of his shaft each time he pulled back before he pushed her head away, leaving her gasping for breath, her hair a straggly mess, her cheeks burning red. His cock seemed harder than ever as he lifted her up and flipped her onto her knees, her bare bottom and soaking wet pussy pointing towards me and him.

He reached down and spread her buttocks wide apart, his tongue delving down the cleft to her hole and sliding into her bottom, leaving me more shocked than ever as instead of yelling at him to stop this intrusion, she rocked her hips back towards him, drawing him deeper into her.

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Fuck me,” she muttered as he knelt behind her and took hold of his cock. With a slow but definite motion, he eased it into her bottom. I was certain he would not fit, the hole looked too small but somehow it went in and kept sliding further into her depths. “Deeper!” she moaned.

I winced at the sight on her behalf. How was that not agonisingly painful? I pulled the shutter open a little wider to see better as he began to thrust back and forth in her bottom, his hips slamming into her cheeks as he tugged at her hair, forcing her head back.

“Harder daddy!” she whined. “I need it harder.”

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He began to pant with the effort of slamming in and out of her bottom.

“I’m going to come in you my girl,” he grunted, taking hold of her hips and sliding all the way back from her.


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