The King’s Privileges – Fetish

There are not many things I enjoyed about being a King, but the Wedding Night tradition was one of them and I was grateful to my great grandfather, who had started it. Every wedding in the kingdom had to be approved by me and I had the right to deflower any bride I wanted, on her wedding night. There was nothing sweeter than tight, virgin pussy, and I had my fair distribute of young gorgeous brides to choose from.

Tonight’s bride was only 19, tall and thin, with long blonde hair and big gorgeous eyes. I saw her briefly before my maids took her away to prepare her. I liked my women hairless from neck down, clean and freshly bathed.

I sat in my arm chair when they brought her to my bedroom, hair falling down her back in a thick braid, her body covered only by a thin silk robe. The moonlight fell on her through the window and I could make out the shape of her hips, the round full breasts, the small firm ass. She was staring at the floor, her chin shivering. She was on the verge of crying and I was gonna push her over the limits very soon.

My two favorite court whores were accompanying her – soft, plump, redhead Beth, and tan, shapely Georgia, with her gigantic tits that would bounce wildly every time I fucked her. They were there for almost every virgin bride I fucked and they knew exactly what they had to do.

I walked to the bride and pulled her chin up, making her look me in the eye. “What is your name?”

“M…. Ma… Matilda,” she said, her voice breaking. “Matilda, milord.”

I pulled on the string that was holding her robe and it fell swiftly off her shoulders, leaving her naked in front of me. She was so gorgeous. Her skin was white and soft, her tits full and firm, with round pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and I could see the lips of her hairless pussy. I walked a finger down her neck and shoulder, over a breast and a nipple, down her stomach. She flinched as I got lower, but I did not touch her pussy.

“Matilda,” I said, “you are here for me to do as I wish with your body, until the sun rises. You may feel pain and shame and you may cry. You might even want to fight me, or cry for help. Nobody will help you and I will fuck you either way. But if you are a good girl, you might feel some pleasure too. So tell me, Matilda, are you a good girl?”

She nodded slowly, her eyes full of fear. Oh, this was gonna be fun.

“Take her,” I said. “Let’s start the fun”

Beth and Georgia led Matilda to the bed and made her lie down in the middle. She was not protesting, but they still tied her hands and legs to the four posters on each corner of the bed. I was not taking any more chances after one feisty bride had scratched my face so hard I was left with a scar. My revenger her sweet and pleasurable, but her cunt and her ass were fucked raw as she cried into the night.

Once Matilda was tied safely, the two whores began their work. They started massaging her body, caressing her skin. Beth squeezed a nipple in her fingers and a surprised moan left escaped Matilda’s throat. “You liked this, didn’t you?” Beth laughed. She bent over and licked her nipple, getting another moan from Matilda. The two whores began sucking on her nipples, their hands reaching down to caress Matilda’s thighs.

“Please… please stop…,” Matilda said, although her eyes were rolling back in her head. The whores kept sucking, their fingers inching closer to Matilda’s pussy, as close as they could get without touching it.

Matilda was squirming and writhing her body, helpless against her restraints. My cock was getting hard, pulsating with the desire to sink deep into her untouched pussy.

Beth moved to kneel in between Matilda’s legs and slid a finger between her pussy lips.

“No, no,” Matilda cried out, although her hips were lifting up to meet Beth’s finger.

“Milord, she is already very wet,” Beth said. “This one would make a good whore, she’s so horny and she hasn’t even been fucked yet.”

Mmmm… yes, my cock was rock hard by now. This bride was special indeed. I left the room briefly, to where her husband was waiting, listening to her moans. I took him to the side of the room, where a screen would shield him from view but let him watch as his wife was getting fucked. I wanted him to see how wet she was for me.

Back in the room, Beth was caressing Matilda’s pussy, while the young bride was moaning louder, trying and failing to protest against her own pleasure. When Beth put her mouth on her pussy and started sucking on her clit, Matilda’s eyes filled with shock and she started grinding her hips. Perhaps she wondered was fighting against Beth, but her hips were pushing closer to her mouth and her knees began to shake.

I wanted to be the one to make her cum for the first time, so I pushed Beth out of the way and let my robe fall off my shoulders, standing naked. I pulled Matilda’s hips to the edge of the bed and sank my cock in between her pussy lips, now swollen with desire. She was so fucking wet, I closed my eyes and stood there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of her silky hot wet folds against my hard cock. She looked down and saw my gigantic cock resting on her pussy. She began desperately pulling on her restraints, begging me to stop, but as I was thrusting my cock up and down her wet cunt, I felt it getting wetter. I grabbed her hips to hold her still, and let the tip of my cock slide inside her hole. She was so fucking tight, I felt my eyes squeeze shut with the intense pleasure of being inside her. She had stopped breathing, her eyes locked on mine, open with shock. I slowly pushed my cock deeper inside her, and saw the blood flushing to her cheeks. She was enjoying this, I could tell.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, slowly inching deeper inside her.

She stared at me for a moment and when I moved my cock again, her eyes rolled in her head. She shook her head and closed her eyes, letting pleasure take over her.

I could feel the resistance of her virgin pussy against my cock and with one thrust, I pushed past the barrier. Matilda let out a scream of pain, but pleasure took over as I sunk my cock balls deep inside her cunt. She moaned, arching her back, her tits pushed up, her nipples hard. I looked towards the screen from where her husband was watching us and I thought how he felt, seeing his wife pleasured by another man before he even had the chance to touch her. Georgia walked behind the screen and pulled him out, his hard cock in his hand. She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. Matilda took no notice of him as she was writhing her body in a mix of pain and pleasure, while my cock was plunging in and out of her pussy.

“Milord…,” she moaned. “Oh, milord…”

Beth started playing with Matilda’s nipples and she was moaning louder now. I looked at Georgia, who was on the floor on all fours, Matilda’s husband fucking her gorgeous pussy as he watched his wife scream with pleasure.

I put my thumb on Matilda’s swollen clit and began rubbing as my cock was fucking her harder and faster. Her first orgasm hit her hard, and she let out a wild scream, her face red, her eyes rolled back in her head. Her tight cunt contracted around my cock and I grabbed harder onto her hips, slamming my cock deep inside her. I kept fucking her, watching her tits bounce, her head tilted back. She was moaning loudly, on the verge of cumming again. When I felt her cunt squeeze my cock again and her toes curl with the intense pleasure of her second orgasm, I came hard, spilling my load deep inside her.

I ordered Beth to untie Matilda and I lifted her up on her knees, her back against my chest. That’s when she saw her husband, his cock deep inside Georgia’s cunt.

“What’s your husband’s name, I asked her?”

“Fred, milord,” she said, her voice small and full of shock.

“Ask Fred to watch you get fucked by your king.”

“Fred… Fred…” she called weakly, as my hands began playing with her tits. “Fred, watch me get … get… aaagh…. watch me get fucked… by… aaaa… by my king” she moaned, her nipples hard between my fingers.

I pushed her down on all fours, where she could be looking at her husband. I spread her legs and saw my cum leaking out of her hole. I pushed two fingers inside her and began fucking her. I felt my cock getting hard again and when I was ready, I took my fingers out and plunged my cock back inside her. Her arms gave in and she fell on the mattress, her ass up in the air, her tight asshole exposed to me. I began massaging it with my thumb and Beth brought some lube, pouring it on Matilda’s asshole.

“Fred,” I called “do you want to fuck your wife’s mouth?”

“No,” Matilda said. “Fred, no… aaaagh… don’t…. Aaaargh… oh my god…”

I slapped her firm ass. “Matilda, be a good girl and invite Fred to fuck your mouth,” I said. “Obey your king’s order!”

“Yyyy…yes, milooooord,” she moaned, while I was fucking her hard. “Fff…Fred, please… aaaargh… pppplease…. Come fffuck…. Aaaargh… fuck my mouth. Please!”

Fred pulled his hard cock out of Georgia’s cunt and came to us, kneeling in front of Matilda. His cock was big and hard and was glistening wet with Georgia’s pussy juices.

“Here is your slut of a wife, Fred!” I said. “Fuck her mouth hard.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice, he grabbed her hair to lift her head, and shoved his cock inside her mouth. Matilda was gagging on it and I continued playing with her asshole. When I let my finger slip in, she moaned loudly on her husband’s cock. I slid another finger in there and her asshole began to open up. Beth was right, she would be a fantastic whore. When three of my fingers were in her ass, Matilda froze and moaned loudly.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed the tip of it inside her stretched asshole. I pushed against the resistance of it and half of my cock went in. Pain and pleasure took over Matilda, so intense she started crying, tears streaming down her face. Her husband grunted loudly and came in her mouth, pulling hard on her hair. Matilda coughed and gagged and when he pulled out, drool and cum flooded her chin.

I pushed her head down to the mattress, so her ass would open up to me and slowly plunged my cock deeper into her hole. Beth and Georgia took Fred to the armchair and took turns sucking his dick, getting him hard again.

I pushed one more time and my whole cock sunk in her asshole, balls deep. It was so warm and tight, I didn’t want to move for fear of cumming too soon. I had other plans for Matilda.

I pulled her up on her knees, chest against my back and Beth helped me tie her hands up to the hook in the ceiling. Her body, limp with pleasure, was dangling in front of me, my cock still inside her asshole. Fred was hard again and was watching us intently.

“Come here, Fred!” I ordered. “Let’s fill your wife’s holes and fuck her together!”

He knelt in front of her on the bed and sunk his cock inside her wet tight cunt. Matilda’s head was lolling between us, soft moans escaping her lips as we both fucked her hard.

When I stopped briefly to catch my breath, I heard her weak voice.

“Nnnoo… don’t… don’t stop…,” she pleaded.

“Oh Fred,” I laughed. “Your new wife is an absolute slut. She really likes to be fucked.”

“Well let’s keep fucking her then,” he said, aggressively ramming himself inside her, his hands pinching hard on her nipples. She came two more times, each time harder than before, her whole body shaking violently, her screams getting louder, her face still covered in tears. When she came the third time, she began sobbing, overwhelmed with the pleasure she was feeling for the first time in her life. Listening to her sob with pleasure, I felt I was about to explode and I could see on Fred’s face that he was gonna cum, too. We both came at the same time, filling both her holes with our seed.

When I untied her, she fell on her stomach, her knees still bent, her gaping holes exposed to us, both leaking our cum.

I looked out the window, at the moon hanging high in the sky. The night was still young and there was so much more fun to be had.

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