The King’s Cum – Fetish

Editor’s note: this fictional work contains scenes of fictional incest or fictional incest content.


The King was despondent since the love of his life, Queen Aleta, passed away two years ago. He wasn’t interested in anything and could not get an erection. He let his daughter, Princess P, run the kingdom. Her name was Penelope, but her mother called her P, not because she peed with no concern about those around her, but because of her name. Penelope kept the kingdom running so smoothly that it was said that a virgin on a white horse carrying a sack of gold could ride naked at midnight from border to border without being molested.

After two years King Julian’s advisors decided that he should get interested in life again and with his agreement, they put out a notice that anyone who makes the royal rod spurt would get a substantial reward. In the next months a procession of naked women – and men – paraded one by one into the king’s chamber and tried their damndest to make the king cum. There were shy maidens, experienced courtesans, noblemen’s sons and daughters, but none could get the milk from the king’s appendage. It didn’t even get erect. The stream of prospective sex partners dwindled and eventually stopped as it was said the royal private parts no longer functioned.

The scullery workers shrugged off the rumors, knowing that they would never get a chance to claim the reward. All except Janelle that is. A brunette in her late thirties, she wondered she knew how to get Julian’s dick to ejaculate and she called a meeting of all the scullery maids and stewards.

“Only unattached people of age may participate. Don’t worry we know how old you are.”

About half of the fifty or so people walked out and as she started explaining what she intended to do, more left.

“I want the dirtiest, nastiest people I can find.” she announced.

There were only nine women and two men left and she congratulated them on their choice.

“First I want all the women to shave their pubic hair, except for Maeve and Ingrid. Your pussy hair is beautiful so just trim it.”

Ingrid spoke up in her musical speech. “My pussy has grip. When man gets in I milk him. Try finger.” With that she raised her dress and showed off her golden curls. Janelle walked over and fingered her, feeling the vagina contract and suck her finger.

“OK, you get the job of making the king cum.” She explained what she wanted and how it would go with the king.

“I hope he doesn’t flay us alive!” Julie blurted out.

“We’re trying to get his cock hard and make him cum, so I don’t think he’ll do anything to us as long as we don’t try to hurt him.”

“Like bite his prick off?” they all laughed.

The next day all twelve of them strode through the castle from the scullery to the Kings Apartments and explained to the guard what they were there for. A beady eyed, thin nosed man who they knew as Mr. Peabody, the purser, looked them up and down, sniffed them and said disapprovingly “Well at least you’re washed. Wait here.” He disappeared behind the door and they all looked at each other nervously. They were a representative group from different parts of the world. Ingrid was a big blonde woman from up north, Maeve, a redhead from the isles. Acuna and Jimiro were a black woman and man from the same tribe down south. The others were from different parts of the world including right there in the kingdom. Many different people came to the rich trading city and stayed. The purser came back. “The king wants you to strip naked in front of him. I daresay he’ll be disappointed.” These were not the younger women who usually came, these were experienced women who knew their way around a mattress. No beauties, they each had much experience with men – and women.

The sharp-eyed purser motioned them through the door with a look of superiority and distaste and they went in with trepidation entering a large room where a graying, balding man sat in a tunic on a large divan.

“Well?” he said in a deep voice. “I guess you want me naked.” He pulled off his tunic revealing his hairy chest and flaccid penis. He looked bored, as if he’d seen it all before. Two guardsmen just stood there, unmoving, in full uniform with spears. They were the King’s Guards and were with him constantly.

“We’re going to piss for you.” Janelle announced and immediately began rearranging the furniture so a wide chair was situated in front of the king, the two men sat in it and she started stripping off her clothes. The king became instantly more interested as the girls got down to their underwear and Janelle arranged herself on the laps of the two men who held her cunt lips open. She really had to go and instantly started pissing a nice stream almost to the king’s crotch. The king’s nose was assaulted by the smell of fresh urine as Janelle kept pissing, emptying her bladder with a few last spurts. She didn’t bother to wipe the pee drops from her pussy, just lay down besides the king and started massaging his penis as Julie got into place before them. Janelle kept up a running commentary on the pissing cunt.

“See how her slit is nice and compact with no lips hanging out?” she motioned to the guys. “Spread her lips so we can see. Look how open her cunt is! You can see her pee hole and her vagina. Oh, look she’s starting!”

The piss started in a slow stream, then got stronger as she continued to let go until finally a strong flow came out of her pee hole and splashed the kings’ legs. He grunted in approval and made no effort to move his legs away from the piss. Ingrid was next up and she spread her legs and let her water fly, almost reaching the kings privates.

“Her blonde curls framing her pussy and the pee spurting out makes a lovely sight, doesn’t it? And look at the distance she gets!”

As woman after woman peed on his legs the king felt a stirring in his loins. The pee and the ladies touching and massaging him made his dick begin getting hard. Then Acuna got up.

“Look how Acuna’s black skin contrasts with the pink of her pussy and the yellow pee about to come out of those big lips. Her tits are giant too, in fact everything about her is larger than life, including her clit. Is that the biggest you ever saw?” she motioned to Acuna and the woman laughed heartily and started rubbing her clit until it stood out at least two inches. Not-so-innocent little Julie rushed over and started sucking on it till with a cry Acuna gushed her cum all over her face.

The king now had a full blown erection and Janelle motioned to Ingrid who quickly jumped on the royal prick and engulfed him in her snapping pussy. She milked his cock. massaging it with her talented cunt and quickly brought him to orgasm. He grunted and shouted “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” as he pumped his load into Ingrid’s hot snatch. They all came over and congratulated him on a successful ejaculation and he talked and joked with them, the guardsmen still unmoving and standing silent and watchful. Food and drink were brought in and they ate, drank, joked and generally got along very well. As they finished, Maeve danced around holding her hand over her pussy.

“I gotta pee!” she announced and Janelle immediately called for everyone to get in position.

“On the divan Your Majesty.” She said and he laid down. Maeve stood over him and started to pee on his cock. As the yellow liquid from her fiery redhaired urethra hit his stiffening member, he pointed to his mouth and she leaned back and peed on his face and into his mouth. Each naked woman did the same which made his royal staff stand straight and tall. This time he grabbed Maeve, threw her down on the divan and gave her a proper fucking, humping her pussy for all he was worth, she giving back as good as she got until they both came together. He brayed as he unloaded into her orgasming cunt hole and she kept saying “oh my God!” over and over. All the others started pinching and slapping them increasing their spasms.

After that it became an orgy with everyone sucking, fucking and pissing. Little Julie glued her mouth to Maeve’s cum filled pussy while Janelle ate Ingrid’s snatch. The guardsmen couldn’t actively participate so two ladies undid their pants, bent over and took their stiff cocks into their holes from behind making them cum fast, then holding a bucket for them to piss in. King Julian was sucking Acuna’s big clit and amazingly got another hardon. She laid down and he put his cock in her pussy and started fucking her while she wrapped her legs around his ass like a python and didn’t let go until they both squirted their juices, their moans and grunts mixing with the orgasmic squeals of the participants.

After the king shot his load into Acuna he was exhausted and so was everyone else. The guardsmen had their pants adjusted back, most of the ladies were dressing and the two men put their drained cocks away. As they walked out the door the Mr. Peabody, looked down his pointy nose at them. “You each get a coin for your -ah- participation.” He looked pained as he handed out the small silver coins, as if parting with them hurt him personally.

It was a week before the king made his first public appearance in two years, smiling and striding jauntily into the scullery. He was followed by his ubiquitous guard and the purser. He gathered all the available scullery workers around and shouted out “A raise for everyone!” A cheer went up from the crowd. “I was told that you want the scullery to be a restaurant so Peabody will make that happen. It will take some time, but it can be done. Now for the reward that was promised.”

Then a surprise both to the king and everyone else happened when Princess Penelope walked in, hugged the king with a genuine happy smile. “Papa!” she exclaimed “I’m so glad to see you out and about. I hear you successfully accomplished your mission?”

“Yes and I’m about to give them their well-earned reward.”

“Peabody, give them an extra coin or two for me, they deserve it.”

Julian directed the purser to give them gold coins, a treasure they had never seen before.

“Thank you Your Majesty from all of us.” Janelle gushed.

The princess couldn’t stand still, hopping from one foot to the other. “Let’s go to our quarters now.”

As they reached the door to the king’s apartments, Princess P stopped. “I gotta go so bad! I can’t hold it!” She pulled down her pants and pulled them off along with her underwear. She immediately started pissing on the floor, making sure her father was watching. He couldn’t help looking at her shaved pussy as a powerful stream of hot pee poured out of her pee hole. He felt his cock rising and tried to stop it, but the sight of his daughter’s naked cunt gushing piss was more then he could stand. She let a few more squirts go and reached for his cock. “You liked that.” She said as undid his trousers revealing his stiff and throbbing rod. She pushed him down and speared her pussy onto his shaft until it sunk all the way to the hilt. “Oh!” she exclaimed as she shuddered when her climax washed over her. He kept fucking her, driving his cock into her tight wet cunt, each grunting and thrusting till both were on the verge of orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum again! Fuck me Papa, fuck me hard!”

“I’m cumming P, I’m cumming in your pussy!”

“Yes, yes cumming!”

They both came copiously, him shooting his hot white sperm into her and she bathing his cock in her pussy juice. They laid there panting and exhausted in the afterglow of pleasure.

“I’m sorry, I always had a piss fetish and I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.”

“If you keep fucking me like that I’ll pee for you all the time.”

“If you pee for me I’ll fuck you as much as I can.”

“It’s a deal!”

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