The Getaway: Hayley Atwell – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

It had been a whirlwind few weeks at my little suburban hotel. Less than a month had passed since Jessica Chastain’s first visit and already she’d returned on three separate occasions. She came for two nights the following week, then for three the week after that, followed by the piece de resistance- a week-long stay that had finally concluded just five short days ago. Quite what she was telling her husband when she embarked on these trips I assure you I do not know. She didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask. Frankly, I didn’t much care. I was having the time of my life, and no amount of guilt as to what these visits might be doing to her marriage was gonna put a stop to that.

Needless to say, her four night stay had left me a little worse for wear and I gave serious wondered to cancelling my booking that weekend. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The woman had booked her stay three months in advance, so calling it off at the last minute would have been a serious dick move on my part. Anyway, now it was Monday and the woman had been and gone. I’d expected another booking from a certain redhead at some point that weekend but nothing came. She texted me Sunday night suggesting it would be wise to skip a week so her hubby didn’t get suspicious. How he wasn’t suspicious already was a mystery to me, but honestly, I was a little relieved. I must have had sex 20-odd times over the last seven days and my energy had all but vanished.

I never wondered there’d come a day when I’d be glad not to be getting laid but it appeared that day had arrived. There was a lot of week left of course and plenty of time for bookings to be made. But any potential reservations would have to be seriously tempting to interrupt my week of rest. Seriously tempting. Hayley Atwell-kind of tempting.

I got the call that afternoon. I gave serious wondered to ignoring it but curiosity got the better of me. You never know who it might have been.

“Hello,” I said, holding the phone to my ear.

“Hi. Is that Tyler?”

“Yep, this is he.”

“Oh, hello, love. I was wondering if I could make a reservation. For this week?”

Immediately the voice had me hooked. I’d never been with a Brit before and that sexy posh accent just drove me wild.

“Erm…we’re a little busy this week, but I’ll see if I can fit you in.” Which was my way of saying ‘tell me who you are and I’ll decide if I want to fuck you’. “What’s your name, please?”

She told me her name, and well…I did want to fuck her. I really, really did.

“Ah, pleasure to meet you, Miss Atwell. And what day were you hoping to visit?”

“Hayley. Please. And I was hoping for Wednesday?”

I pretended to look at my calendar and then answered.

“OK, yep, I can do that for you, Hayley,” I said, knowing full well that I would have been given the same response no matter what day she requested. “Any special requests for your visit? Anything in particular that you’d like to do?”

“Oh…no, not really, love. I have a few days off from filming, and really, I’m just looking for a good time. I heard you’re the man to call.”

My reputation precedes me again.

“You heard right,” I replied.

I saw no need to be self-effacing and thought who had been singing my praises this time. Whoever it was I was eternally grateful. We worked out the finer details and she gave me a typically chipper British goodbye. ‘Cheerio’, I believe she said.

I was excited and had two days to prepare for my guest. Which basically meant getting my energy back and refraining from ejaculation. I actually had a couple more calls that day, but the resulting booking requests were politely declined. After all, a creature like Hayley deserved nothing less than a re-energised body and a fully loaded scrotum.

The next 48 hours or so passed without incident. I slept in nice and late on Tuesday, had a light workout (emphasis on the light), then called in a cleaning crew to give the place a once over while I chilled by the pool. I got an early night and woke up refreshed the following day, ready and raring to go. My guests wasn’t arriving until 3pm so I had another light workout (even lighter this time), took a shower and fixed myself some lunch. I ate and watched some TV and, after the customary fifteen minute traffic delay, the doorbell rang.

I answered the door and there she stood, Celebrity Guest #2. She was dressed casually, as guests often are upon arrival. Which for her was a loose-fitting pink blouse, a pair of skinny blue jeans and some open-toed sandals. We shared a hug and kissed each other on the cheek. I commandeered her suitcase and wheeled it to her room, then gave her a tour of the house. I started upstairs, showing her the second floor bedrooms, then continued downstairs with the remaining guests rooms, my room, the massage room, the gym, the lounges, etc. Then we went outside and I showed her the yard and pool. She seemed impressed.

“Very nice,” she said, taking in her surroundings. “Quite the gaff you’ve got here.”

“Thanks,” I replied. I didn’t know what the hell a ‘gaff’ was but I assumed it was a compliment.

“Phew! Warm, isn’t it?” she said, tugging at the collar of her blouse. “I’ll never get used to LA weather. Think it’s raining in London right now.”

I laughed. “Well, if you need to cool off I know just the place for it.”

She looked at the pool and grinned. “I like the way you think. I’m gonna slip into my cossie. Fix us some drinks?”


We went back inside and Hayley took off to her room. There had been a vital component of her previous sentence that I hadn’t understood, but I assumed it meant swimming attire, so I changed into mine as well. I opted for a Speedo, sporting a hefty bulge that I was sure my guest would enjoy. I grabbed two towels and a bottle of sunblock, and returned to the lounge. Hayley was still in her room so I went to the bar and mixed us some drinks. Watermelon margaritas- a specialty of mine. I grabbed both glasses and headed for the yard when her bedroom door swung open.

I stopped to watch, my jaw almost hitting the floor as she sauntered out in a vintage-style polka dot two piece. And well…she looked phenomenal. The brawn she’d cultivated for M:I 7 and 8 had robbed her of some of her curves, but thankfully it hadn’t taken away from that lovely big rack of hers, and it looked as great as ever, wedged into a little strapless number that was tied in a knot at the front.

“Wow!” I said, almost drooling into her drink as I handed it over.

“I could say the same,” she grinned, taking a scan of my body as she sipped her margarita.

Seeing her in that outfit had only increased the size of my bulge and I could tell from the twinkle in her eyes that she liked what she saw.

“After you,” I said, ushering her in the direction of the open glass doors.

“Why, thank you,” she replied and I followed her across the room, getting a great view of her ass (or her ‘arse’, as she’d call it) in the skimpy little tie-up bottoms she was wearing. Her tits get most of the plaudits and rightly so, but damn…this arse is not to be slept on.

We headed back out into the yard and settled into a pair of recliners, putting our drinks down on a table in the middle. We lotioned thoroughly, getting ourselves acquainted as we basked in the afternoon sun. I tan pretty well and use a pretty low factor sunblock. I wasn’t sure it would suit Hayley’s pale complexion so I was glad to learn that she’d brought her own. Though, I’d be lying if I said that watching her apply it wasn’t more than a little distracting. Her boobs jiggled and shook as she rubbed it into her arms and I found myself losing track of the conversation as I watched those delicious mounds wobble like Jell-O on a plate.

With sunblock applied, she sprawled out lazily across her recliner and I was glad I’d now get to know this woman properly without just staring at her tits. She asked me some questions about my establishment and I answered them as honestly as efficient, without going into details about my other guests. How long had I been running the place? How many guests did I get? Anyone she’d know? Which I think was her way of saying ‘were any of them celebrities?’. But like I said, I didn’t go into details.

Then we flipped the script and I asked her some things about herself, focusing mainly on her latest role. How did she like the shoot? What was it like working with Tom? Where did she stand on his infamous COVID outburst? She answered my questions affably, and I felt like I got the real scoops, rather than the carefully rehearsed, generic responses that she might have given to a journalist or reporter.

We finished our drinks and she suggested taking a dip. Grabbing our towels, we set them down at the edge of the pool. I went in first and offered her my hand, helping her down the steps and into the shallows. She bobbed in the water, allowing it to wet her chestnut brown hair, and I enjoyed the sight of it splashing against her chest. Even with the heat climbing into the high 80s, the water was a little chilly and her nipples poked teasingly through her sodden bikini top. Both of us were feeling the bite so we swam a few lengths to warm ourselves up. I freestyled it while Hayley went for backstroke, giving a spectacular view of her breasts as she glided through the water.

Once we’d fought off the cold, our time in the pool was a lot more casual. Frolicking, as I believe it’s known. We talked, we laughed, even splashed each other a little. It was fun and it was flirty. Physical contact was inevitable and as we bobbed in the shallow waters, Hayley threw her arms around my shoulders. I leaned in and our lips embraced, that very first kiss sending shivers down my spine, her lips so soft and succulent. My hands went to her ass and I hoisted her into the air, squeezing her buns as I kept her suspended. She curled her legs around my waist and some tongue was added to the equation as I walked us to the edge of the pool.

I set her down on the coping and her legs stayed locked around me, hands running through my slicked back hair as the kissing continued. My hands moved up those fantastic tits and I mawled them thoroughly, drawing moans from my guest as I kneaded the ample flesh. I was dying to see them and my fingers went straight for the knot in the middle, untying it without further ado. How such a flimsy tie had ever contained such a large pair of breasts, I was truly none the wiser, and the slightest fiddle was all that was required to free those puppies from captivity.

I laid her bikini top across the floor, leaving it dry in the sun as I returned to her boobs. Fuck, they were incredible. I think everyone knows that Hayley Atwell has spectacular tits, but believe me when I tell you, they are even better in person. Big and soft, yet they hang so pertly from her chest, defying gravity in all their perky fullness. Taking them in my hands, my mouth went straight for a nipple, suckling with ravenous greed. It stiffened between my lips and I popped it free, licking water from her chest as I switched to the other. I didn’t go for the full on motorboat, but I think it would be fair to say that every inch of her chest had been thoroughly inspected by the time I was done.

Returning to her mouth, I grabbed a towel from the side of the pool, laying it out behind her as our tongues re-tangled. Prying my lips from hers, I guided her down onto the towel, setting up shop between her thighs as she spread them readily. Her ass hung over the coping and she let her legs dangle as she laid across the floor, her feet dipped into the water. She propped herself up on her elbows, watching with a grin as I removed her bottoms. A slight tug at the knots on her hips and away they came, joining her bikini top at the side of the pool.

The water at the edge was only a few feet deep and I was submerged to around mid-chest as I knelt on the bottom. I hooked my arms around her thighs and my tongue shot out as I buried my head in between them. The water trickling across her labia made it glisten in the sun and I licked her slowly from bottom to top, lapping up the excess water and any other moisture that may have accumulated. The cool of the water had her clit already standing to attention and my tongue homed in on it with razor-sharp focus. A breathy whine escaped her lips and she tipped her head back, wet brown locks falling towards the paving stones as my tongue made contact.

Fetching the second towel, she rolled it into a makeshift pillow and stuffed it under her head. Now her hands were free to do as they pleased and one quickly found the top of my head, fingers sliding through my slicked back locks. The other went straight to her chest, pawing at a giant breast for increased stimulation. My lips wrapped snugly around her clit and I licked her softly, slowly, my tongue tracing rings around the swell of her nub. She tasted divine and I savoured each drop of creamy, warm juice that trickled across my tongue.

She balled her hand into a fist, clutching harder at my half-dry hair. I looked up from between her legs as I continued to lick her, enjoying the look of ecstasy now plastered across her face. Our eyes met, gazing deeply into one another as my tongue worked its magic. Her lips shook, spouting soft moans into the afternoon air. She was close now, teetering on the edge both literally and figuratively as her feet hung down into the water. My tongue swirled faster, spiralling around her clit like a whirlwind.

“Oh, God, yes!” she purred, fingers tightening in my thick nest of hair. “That’s it, love. Just like that.”

Her moans grew louder and I could feel her body tensing as I showcased my talents, licking her towards the sort of orgasm she clearly hadn’t experienced in quite some time. A final swirl of my tongue and she surrendered to the growing sensation, granting me the payoff that I’d worked so hard for. Hot fluid gushed forth from between her labia, coating my lips and tongue as her thighs began to quiver in my arms. My tongue wound slowly around her throbbing clit and I didn’t stop licking her until every drop of fluid had been extracted. Her grip loosened and I surfaced from between her thighs, lips shining with the fruits of my labour.

“Blimey!” she panted, puffing her flushed red cheeks. “How’d you get so bloody good at that?!”

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” I declared, returning a sticky-mouthed grin.

“I can tell,” she said, eager herself off the floor.

I rose from the water, now submerged to just below my ass. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss, sharing the delicious taste still lingering on my tongue. I pulled down my trunks, kicking them down my legs and letting them float back up to the surface. I gripped my cock as our tongues entwined, water dripping from the rock hard shaft. I rubbed the tip against her slit and steered it forward, entering her with a delicate push. Our mouths came aside and she gasped softly at the point of penetration. Her inner walls clamped me firmly as I pushed in deep, her toned muscle and lack of children gracing her with a tightness rarely felt in a woman of 40.

I slid my hands beneath her thighs and her arms went to my shoulders as I lifted her up. Hands gripped tight to the back of my head and her mouth returned to mine, kissing with renewed passion. My fingers dug into her thighs and my biceps popped as I guided her along the shaft, pulling her up to the edge of my crown. I held her there for a few seconds then dropped her down again, and I savoured the sight of those brown eyes bulging as I filled her to the brim.

I repeated the action, slowly at first and I relished each appreciative squeeze as I pulled her pelvis into mine. The pace quickened and soon those pink pussy lips were soaring along my shaft, thighs splashing in the water as she plummeted to the base. She tipped her head back, wet brown locks spilling down towards the paving stones as she cried out in ecstasy, that posh sexy accent filling the clear blue sky.

“Oh, GOD! Fuck, that cock is bloody HUGE!”

Hearing her scream like that only made me want to fuck her harder and my biceps were flexing like mad as I powered her up and down my pole. Those lovely big boobs of hers started flopping up and down, and I opened my mouth to catch one, sucking on them as best I could as they bounced all around her chest.

Her ass hit the water with increasing force, sending little waves coursing through the surface of the pool. Hayley was so pent up that I had her on the brink already, and one last plunge was all it took to ignite the orgasm she’d so desperately needed. She clenched me tighter as I felt her cum and I held her at the base, feeling the muscles contract around every inch I possessed.

Her head shot up and she stared into my eyes, rewarding my efforts with one of the prettiest O-faces I’d seen in a very long time. I watched intently, enjoying the throes of climax and making sure it had ran its course before unleashing one of my own. My grip on her tightened and my fingers burrowed deep into her ass as I held her against me, succumbing to the sensations now surging through my entire body. Roaring up into the clear blue sky, I gave it to my guest with both fully loaded barrels, firing copiously into an aging womb that had yet to serve its intended purpose.

“Uh, fuck!” I panted. “Goddamn!”

A giddy smile stretched lazily across her face and her lips returned to mine, the last few drops of cum oozing into her molten snatch. I held her like that for several seconds, feeling her grip on me slowly begin to loosen as our tongues entwined.

“Wow! You were definitely the right man to call,” she said with a grin, returning to the line that she’d fed me over the phone.

It had been a few days since that call but you better believe I remembered her saying it. When Hayley Atwell regales you with a line like that you don’t forget it in a hurry.

I flopped back into the water and the two of us separated, our bodies drifting slowly aside. Such rigorous activity in the afternoon sun had raised my temperature considerably, so the cool water was a godsend as it immersed my melting torso. We swam for a bit to cool off and I tried my hand at Hayley’s backstroke. She made a joke about my dick looking like a snorkel as I cut through the water, and I replied with a gag of my own about her natural flotation devices.

We made out in the pool some more then returned to the loungers to soak up the last of the sun. Hayley went to refresh our drinks, and I towelled myself dry, applying a new layer of sunblock. My trunks were still in the pool so I opted to go without. Not like there were any neighbours around to see my junk. Hayley returned with a towel around her body and set our drinks down on the table. She ditched the towel and perched on the edge of her recliner, fetching her sunblock from beside her glass.

“Could you do my back?” she asked, peering back at me with a bat of her lashes.

“I’ll do the rest of you too if you like.” It had sounded dirtier than I had intended but Hayley didn’t leap on the obvious gag. What can I say? She’s a classy lady. Snorkel-dick joke apart.

“Well, I’m not going to say no to that.”

I hopped down from my recliner and knelt on the floor at her feet. She handed me the sunblock and then sat back in her chair, sipping her drink as I got down to company. I started at her ankles, smearing the lotion into her skin and delighting in the muscletone as I moved past her calves and up to her thighs. I perched on the edge of the recliner and Hayley rested her feet on my lap, the sole of her right foot sliding smoothly along my shaft. I’d finally gone soft after the sex in the pool but the foot on my member awoke it with a begin. I slid my hands up her thighs as her foot jerked me off, stopping just short of her pussy.

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