The Forbidden Temptations of the Babysitter: A sizzling tale of lust and desire

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The sound of the doorbell echoed through the house, jolting Susan out of her comforting solitude. She got up, holding the book she was reading, and went to answer the door. As she walked down the corridor, she could hear the cheerful chatter of her children from upstairs, so she knew that must be somebody else.

She opened the door to discover a young girl, no more than nineteen or twenty, standing on the porch, with a small bag and a cheerful smile.

“Hi!” the girl said, introducing herself as Riley, the babysitter Susan had hired for the night.

“Hi, Riley. Come in,” Susan said, smiling in return.

Susan offered the girl a glass of water and they sat down in the living room, preparing to go over the evening’s routines. Susan had been a single mother for years now, and she was used to being the only one responsible for the kids. However, her demanding job made her tired, and she had decided to pamper herself a little by hiring a babysitter to take care of her children for the night.

As they spoke, Susan couldn’t help but admire the girl, who was cute as a button, with her round face and innocent eyes. Susan couldn’t help but feel attracted to her, but she knew the feeling was wrong—Riley was hired to do a job, not to satisfy her sexual appetite.

Once Susan had shown Riley around the house, she headed out the door with a single wave goodbye, leaving Riley with her children. The house seemed so quiet now without them.

Riley loved working with kids. There was something about the innocence and carefree nature of children that made her happy. While the kids were occupied, Riley began gathering some things she would need for the night. She set up the living room with some toys and games, snacks, and movies. She wanted the kids to have a fun night, and especially for the more sensitive one, make sure that they didn’t think about their mom not being around.

As the night wore on, the kids slowly drifted off to sleep one by one. Riley spent most of her time reading a book, and sometimes glanced at her phone for a few minutes. She heard an indication of a message and once her focus cleared; she saw a message from her boyfriend. She smiled and began to talk to him when she suddenly froze. She realized that she got so wrapped up in chatting with him that she had forgotten to put the phone on silent.

What if the beep had woken up the kids? She became worried but when she looked over, the children were still asleep, so she relaxed. Taking a deep breath, she texted him back, laughing at one of his jokes. Despite everything, the message had her blushed and her heart rate spiked. It only went up when a notification popped up reading: “I want to see you so bad.”

She responded, “to do what?”

A response came quickly, “take care of business.”

She couldn’t help but squirm a little in her seat, he had his way with words, and even something as simple as this text drove her to a world of pure lust. Suddenly she could feel herself wanting him, wanting every part of him. Her body was on fire, and the temptation was so strong she had to calm herself down.

Back in the living room, she was still thinking about the message her boyfriend had sent her. Her mind replayed it over and over, and with every passing wondered, she could feel her body begin to ache with desire. Perspiration gathered at her hairline, and the room grew hot; she fanned her face with the book she was reading.

Midway through her book, she found herself envisioning what it would be like to be with her boyfriend. The image of his hard, muscular body beneath hers, his lips pressed against hers, his hands roaming her body, the feeling of him inside her…she almost lost herself in the wondered. When the kids were asleep, the house was so quiet she could hear her own heartbeat; it was as though the entire house was waiting for her to do something.

The temptation was too much to overcome. Riley found herself biting her lip and running her fingers through her hair as her thoughts took a lustful turn. She allowed herself to explore her deepest desires, and she inadvertently closed her eyes, picturing her boyfriend’s hands all over her body, bringing her to the edge of pleasure.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and she saw Susan standing right next to her, looking at her with a sly smile on her face.

Feeling embarrassed and a bit guilty, Riley quickly explained that she had received a text from her boyfriend and that it had distracted her.

“That’s okay, Riley,” Susan said. “I understand.” Susan seemed to know what Riley was going through, and her heart began to race with exhilaration and worry.

Riley felt exposed and that Susan had caught her in a compromising position. She knew she would never live this moment down.

Susan looked as though she wanted to say something else but instead she said, “It’s quite late, after all, and I’m sure the kids are already asleep. You can clean up tomorrow morning. Why don’t you go home, get some rest, and come back tomorrow?”

Riley tried to gather her belongings and head out the door, feeling like she’d been caught red-handed the entire time. Susan continued to smile, and Riley couldn’t help but feel like what the message on her phone suggested had been caught somehow in Susan’s smile.

As she walked out the door, Riley glanced back at Susan. There was something about the older woman that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Susan had at all times been a bit aloof with her, and now she thought if maybe there was something Freudian behind that smile.

Riley got in her car and drove home, lost in wondered. She couldn’t stop thinking about Susan, about the way she had looked at her. She tried to push the thoughts out of her head, telling herself it was ridiculous to feel attracted to a woman. But the more she tried to push the thoughts away, the stronger they became. She fell into bed, her mind buzzing with thoughts of Susan, and eventually fell into a restless sleep.

The next day, she came over to the house to clean up and tidy the place, and Susan was already waiting for her.

“Hi, Riley,” Susan said with a smile. “I was just waiting for you to come.”

“Hi,” Riley said nervously. She still couldn’t shake the feeling that Susan had been onto her last night.

“Why don’t you come in,” Susan suggested, gesturing to the door.

Riley stepped inside, and Susan led her into the living room. They sat down together on the sofa, and Susan began to talk.

“Riley, there’s something I need to tell you,” she said, her eyes fixed on Riley with an intensity that made her skin prickle.

“What is it?” Riley asked, feeling uneasy.

It was then that Susan leaned in and kissed her, her lips soft and warm against Riley’s. Riley was stunned, but she couldn’t deny that she liked it, that she wanted it. As they kissed, their hands wandered over each other’s bodies, exploring each other’s curves. They seemed to fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle.

Over the next few weeks, the two women met in secret, exploring each other’s bodies in methods that neither of them had ever explored before. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and their passion grew deeper and deeper with each passing day.

Despite the danger of being caught, they couldn’t withstand their forbidden cravings. They continued their affair in secret, the passion between them growing hotter and hotter by the day.

Riley knew that Susan could never be her forever, but she also knew that she could never let her go. Despite the guilt and the danger of being caught, she continued to pursue Susan with a ferocity that she had never known before.

At least for now, nothing else mattered except the fire between them. They chased every opportunity to be together, every chance to risk their incredibly fulfilling relationship.

Riley knew that their relationship was impossible, and yet she couldn’t help but continue down this road, enjoying every moment they spent together, every word that Susan whispered into her ear, every kiss that they shared.

In a dark corner of her soul, Riley knew that this passion was forbidden, that it was against the social and moral norm that reigned over her life. But it was precisely this wrongness that made their affair so intoxicating, so unforgettable, and something that would at all times be a cherished memory.

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