The Forbidden Obsession of a Humiliated Husband: A Cuckold’s Guilty Pleasure

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I warn you, dear reader, this is not a story of romance or conventional pleasure. It is a tale of an unhealthy obsession fueled by humiliation and desire. The tale I am about to weave is not for the faint of heart. It is a story of how a man’s love for his wife transgressed all boundaries, breaking him and transforming him into a cuckold.

There was once a man named James. He was a devoted husband to his gorgeous wife, Angela. They had been married for five years, and their love was still as strong as it was when they had first met. James was content with his life. He had a decent job, a comfortable home, and a wife he adored. But all that changed when Angela got a new job.

Angela’s new job was at a high-end fashion boutique, and she had been hired as the assistant to the owner, a wealthy and powerful man named Anthony. James was thrilled for his wife, and he encouraged her to do her best. But as the weeks passed, James began to notice a change in Angela. She was less attentive to him, and her work schedule seemed to consume her every waking moment. Every time he called her at work, he could hear the deep, masculine voice of Anthony in the background. James began to feel a sense of unease.

As the months went by, James’s suspicions grew. He started to notice that Angela was dressing more provocatively when she went to work. Her blouses were tighter, her skirts were shorter, and her heels were higher. She started wearing perfume that James had never smelled before, a musky scent that made his knees weak. James tried to ignore his insecurities, but they gnawed at him, causing him to lose sleep at night.

One day, James decided to visit Angela at work unannounced. He wanted to surprise her with lunch and spend some quality time with his wife. When he arrived at the boutique, he spotted Angela from a distance. She was laughing and chatting with Anthony, and he had his hand on her lower back, guiding her towards his office. James’s heart sank.

James followed them at a safe distance and watched as they went into Anthony’s office and closed the door. He stood outside, straining his ears to hear what they were saying. He heard muffled laughter and the rustle of clothes. His mind raced with thoughts of what they could be doing inside. Were they having an affair? Was Angela cheating on him?

The sound of Angela’s moans shattered James’s thoughts. He pressed his ear against the door and listened intently. He heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and he knew that his wife was having sex with Anthony. He felt sick to his stomach, but he couldn’t stop himself from listening. The wondered of Angela being pleasured by another man made him feel a strange mix of anger and arousal.

When Angela walked out of Anthony’s office, she was flushed and disheveled. She saw James standing there and was surprised to see him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, trying to compose herself.

“I wanted to surprise you,” James said, struggling to keep his voice steady.

“Well, surprise,” Angela said, smiling. “I have to get back to work.”

James watched as Angela walked away, and he felt empty inside. He knew he had to confront her, but he didn’t know how. He went home and paced back and forth, trying to come up with a plan. He couldn’t bear the wondered of losing Angela, but he also couldn’t bear the wondered of her being with another man. He was torn between his love for her and his jealousy.

Days turned into weeks, and James’s obsession with Angela’s affair grew. He started to spy on her, following her to work and watching her every move. He installed cameras in their bedroom and bathroom, hoping to catch her in the act. He would spend hours watching the footage, his heart racing with anticipation.

One day, Angela caught James spying on her. She was furious and demanded an explanation. James broke down and confessed everything to her, telling her how he had been listening in on her trysts with Anthony and how he had been spying on her. Angela was shocked and upset, but she also saw an opportunity.

“You’re turned on by this, aren’t you?” she asked, studying James’s face.

James didn’t know what to say. He was ashamed of his obsession but also aroused by it.

“I can see it in your eyes,” Angela said, moving closer to James. “You want to watch me with another man, don’t you?”

James felt a surge of desire wash over him. He couldn’t deny that he was turned on by the wondered of watching Angela with another man.

“It’s a forbidden obsession,” Angela said, grasping James’s hand. “But if that’s what you want, I’m willing to give it to you.”

James couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was Angela really eager to do this for him? He nodded his head, unable to form words.

Angela smiled, a devilish glint in her eye. “Let’s make a deal,” she said. “You can watch me with other men, but you have to be my cuckold. You have to be humiliated and degraded. You have to know that you’re not enough for me.”

James felt a pang in his heart. He knew that he wasn’t enough for Angela, not in the way that Anthony was. But the wondered of being humiliated by his wife made his desire grow stronger.

“Okay,” James said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Angela leaned in and kissed James on the lips. “Good boy,” she said, patting his cheek. “You’re going to enjoy this more than you realize.”

And so, James became Angela’s cuckold. She would come home from work, and he would be waiting for her, willing to hear about her nights with Anthony. Angela would describe in detail what they did, how Anthony would make her cum over and over again. James would listen in rapt attention, his cock throbbing with desire.

Angela would even bring Anthony over to their house, and James would have to serve them drinks and snacks while they made out on the couch. He would watch as Anthony would groped and fondled his wife, making her moan with pleasure. James would feel useless and emasculated but also turned on.

One night, Angela invited James to join them. Anthony was already naked, his cock erect, and Angela was on her knees, taking him in her mouth. Angela beckoned James over, and she held out her hand, offering him to join in. James hesitated, but his desire overruled his inhibitions. He took Angela’s hand, and she guided him towards Anthony.

“Kneel down,” Angela said, pushing James towards Anthony’s cock.

James hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do. But when Angela gave him a stern look, he obeyed. He knelt down next to Angela, and she guided Anthony’s cock towards his mouth. James tentatively took Anthony’s cock in his mouth, and he felt Angela’s hand on the back of his head, pushing him closer.

Anthony moaned with pleasure, and James felt a sense of pride knowing that he was giving pleasure to his wife’s lover. Angela moved closer, and she took James’s cock in her hand, stroking him slowly. James felt a surge of pleasure wash over him, and he knew that he was a cuckold indeed, lost in his wife’s forbidden obsession.

From that night on, James became Angela’s full-time cuckold. He watched as she had sex with other men, and he was humiliated and degraded. But he also felt a sense of pride and pleasure that he couldn’t explain. He loved his wife, and he was eager to do anything to make her happy, even if it meant giving up his dignity. In the end, he knew that he was enslaved by her love, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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