The Forbidden Fantasies of the Babysitter: A Sensual Tale of Seduction and Desire

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Alexa had been a babysitter for a few years, and she didn’t particularly enjoy it. It was an easy way to make some extra cash, but the constant screaming and crying of children made it a frustrating job at times. However, one family stuck out in Alexa’s mind – the Johnsons. They only had one little girl, who was a bundle of joy and a delight to care for. What made it even better was that the parents were easy-going and would all the time let the babysitter stay over if need be.

One Friday night, the Johnsons had a party to attend and asked Alexa if she would be eager to sleep over. Alexa jumped at the opportunity and packed a bag with some clothes and her makeup. Once the parents left, Alexa put the little girl to bed, snuggled up in her sleeping bag on the living room floor, and tuned into Netflix. Before long, Alexa was engrossed in the show and lost track of time.

When she looked at her phone, she saw that it was almost two in the morning, and she had barely made it through half an episode. Deciding that it was probably a good time to head to bed, Alexa grabbed her sleeping bag and headed towards the little girl’s bedroom. As she walked down the hallway, she noticed a sliver of light peeping out from the parents’ bedroom. Curious, she peered inside and saw that the door was slightly ajar. Alexa’s eyes widened as she saw Mr. Johnson lying there on the bed, his eyes closed.

At first, Alexa wondered he was sleeping but then noticed that he was subtly moving his hand underneath the covers. Her pulse quickened, and she felt butterfly flutters in her stomach. She knew she should turn around and walk away, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she found herself silently approaching the bed, mesmerised by his sporadic movements.

As she got closer to the bed, Mr. Johnson opened his eyes, and his gaze met Alexa’s. Instead of flinching or getting embarrassed, a sultry smile spread across his lips, and he raised his eyebrows in silent invitation. Alexa’s heart was racing in her chest, and her cheeks were burning with embarrassment, but she walked through the door, heart pounding in her chest.

As she walked closer to the bed, she could see that he was completely naked. An electric shock ran down her spine as his gaze raked over her body. Without a word, she raised her hands, and he took them, pulling her closer to him. The heat generated by the skin-to-skin contact sent shivers down her spine, and she let out a soft gasp as he began to kiss her.

The feel of his lips on hers was electric, and Alexa felt her body responding to him almost immediately. She was a little shocked at her own arousal, but it had been a while since she had been with a man, and Mr. Johnson was beautiful. It felt like he was exploring every inch of her mouth with his tongue, and the sensation was sending her into a state of absolute bliss.

He lifted one of her hands to his lips, kissing each of her fingers and then sucking them inside his mouth, producing a low moan from Alexa’s lips. Suddenly he moved away from her and reached over he covered her mouth with one hand and indicated she should stay quiet.

He could hear something.

Sounds coming from the little girl’s room. Murmurs of something happening.

Alexa felt a twinge of guilt and shock at the wondered of their actions being discovered, but the excitement and arousal far outpaced her sense of propriety. Mr. Johnson pulled Alexa onto the bed with him and pushed her onto her back. Then he climbed on top of her, his lips never leaving hers.

Alexa could feel his hard, muscular body pressing down on her, and she relished the sensation. Her hands roamed over his body, exploring every inch of his delicious flesh. She started to feel her panties getting wet as she ground her pelvis into his, feeling his hard cock pressing against her own sex. At first, his movements were slow and agonising, and Alexa wanted him to move more quickly, more urgently.

As she started to feel the heat rising inside her, he seemed to pick up on it, and his movements became faster, more desperate. Alexa moaned and gasped as he pounded into her over and over again, and she felt herself hurtling towards an orgasm. Just as she wondered she would come, he pulled out and flipped her over, so she was on all fours.

He moved back in and pushed his cock deep inside her, groaning as he filled her. Alexa moaned and pushed back against him, relishing the feel of his cock ramming into her from behind. They pumped together for some minutes before he pulled out of her abruptly, leaving her feeling empty and bereft.

Mr. Johnson stepped back from her, reaching for a packet of cigarettes and lighting one. He passed it to her, and she took it, thankful for the distraction as she caught her breath. Neither of them spoke, but the room was filled with a palpable sense of desire and lust.

After a few long minutes passed, they extinguished the cigarette, fastened their clothes, gave one last forlorn kiss, went their separate methods.

The following days, they were both evasive whenever they encountered each other in the house; while Mr. Johnson tried to be subtle in his approach, Alexa refused to speak in anything more than whispers. Once, she caught the little girl staring at her quizzically and blushed a beetroot-red, knowing she was probably wearing her shame like a shaggy dog about her body, though the child wouldn’t know what had actually happened.

Despite her shame, Alexa couldn’t help but feel a thrill every time she remembered what they had done. She couldn’t bring herself to regret her actions and found herself playing the memories over in her mind time and again. The forbidden nature of it had added an extra layer of excitement to the experience, and Alexa found herself contemplating when and where they could next repeat it.

While Mr. Johnson had seemingly moved on, Alexa had been caught in a whirlwind of lust and desire ever since. She had never considered herself to be someone who had a thing for older men, but Mr. Johnson seemed to awaken something dark and primal within her. She didn’t know what the future would bring, but for the foreseeable future, Alexa was plagued by The Forbidden Fantasies of the Babysitter: A Sensual Tale of Seduction and Desire.

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