The Father’s House Pt. 02 – Erotic Horror

This is a story that involves a bit of incest, though it is not the only theme. It is feasible an evil creature, of some type, is involved in the story. It is strictly a sexual fantasy, if it is not your cup of tea, so be it. Read something else.

The Father’s House (1998)

Prologue to part two:

Karle Avendale felt very strange on the drive to the small village below the mansion known as Patton’s Place. It was as if he were not alone in the back of the old Bentley. His brother had died a long time ago, but he felt the presence of his younger brother. It was quite strange this feeling. Foolish, I am being foolish in my old age , he wondered to himself.

The old car pulled up in front of the place, illegally parked taking up two places including a marked handicapped place. His driver came to his door on the right of the car. “We are here sir. Be careful of the curb here, Mr. Avendale.”

“Thank you, Roger.” Grabbing his cane with the help of Robert he exited the car. He had never been to this establishment before, but he was told it was the only shipping store in the small village. He was made aware that the place used a courier service which he would need to take benefit of. He walked across the sidewalk and pushed through the doors. The first thing he noticed was a very gorgeous young woman behind a desk. She immediately stood to greet him.

“Sir…, it’s Mr. Avendale, correct?”

“I see you know of me.”

“Sir, with all, due respect, there are not many people in this small town that drive a Bentley.”

“Of course, of course. I have some business to attend to. Some paperwork to be notarized. It will need to be sent to the court and I understand you work with a courier service”

As he spoke she became flushed. There was something. A strange feeling she could not identify. Her loins were a bit warm suddenly and she had no idea why. It could not be this old gentleman. She smiled to herself at the wondered.

“A nice smile you have, Miss.”

“Oh…, sorry, just something I was thinking about. At any rate, let’s get this paperwork taken care of for you.”

1. (December 23rd)

Dawn looked over the trees to the top of the house in the distance, just south of the hill simply called Marion’s Bluff. Why it was known as Marion’s Bluff, was a bit of local, morbid history. It seems the bride of the former occupant of the house had plunged to her death from that very bluff. It did not help that every time Dawn looked at that house she felt like she was getting a case of the creeps. There was just something wrong with it.

Dawn owned and ran a local shipping store, so it was she who had to deal with the pompous man. His name, Karle Avendale. A more pretentious person she had never met. She had wrapped up all of the paperwork, placed it in a package, and did not notice that Mr. Avendale had not signed the master sending document. She had tried calling the house, but as often happens in the area a storm a few days earlier had knocked down some phone lines. Patton’s Place was off the beaten path, and it would probably be after Christmas before they showed up to work on the lines.

It meant that she would have to drive up to the old place. Not a pleasant wondered, but Dawn is very conscientious, and this family was rich. She could not afford to alienate them. They did bring her occasional company. Anyway, it was close to five pm and she was closing. The fifteen-minute drive up the hill to the house would not be too arduous.

As she locked up the shop, her ex-husband walked by. “Glad I caught you. Uhm, don’t be mad, but can I drop off Kelly a few minutes late? I still have to run to the big city and back. I might be there…, say, around 7 pm.”

Dawn wanted to scowl, to be angry with him. Mostly because he was all the time late dropping off their daughter after visiting for his weekend. But, in truth, it would be convenient for her. Cannot let him know that she wondered to herself. “I guess I can be magnanimous,” she said with a sarcastic grin.

“Oh…, really? That would be a first.”

“Well, don’t let me regret it.” She replied.

“No, no. Thanks for not biting my head off.”

Something about his smugness all the time brought out the worst in her. Especially since the divorce. “If I were going to bite your head off, it would be about that twenty-one-year-old that you are dating. I don’t want her around Kelly. Got it.”

Andrew, her ex-husband, wondered about biting back. But, he did not want to begin an argument. Again. “Hey, they barely met. But I promise. No getting too friendly. She’s twenty-five, by the way.”

Dawn so wanted to say more, but she really did need to get into her car and up the hill to the mansion. Without a word, she nodded her head and walked across the street to her beat-up old Honda. She quickly climbed into her car as Andrew drove off in his brand-new Mercedes.

The drive was not unpleasant. The well-maintained road wound up the hill through the trees so close to the road that a person could almost reach out and touch them from the window of the car. There was no break in those trees until one came to the gigantic gate to the mansion, that as far as she knew, was never closed. No guard post, no guard, security did not seem to be a gigantic concern for the family. She pulled up to the long rounded driveway to the place, a half dozen cars parked around it. She did notice as she climbed from her car, a video camera above the gigantic front doors that moved as she walked towards it. It must be motion activated , she wondered to herself.

2. (Still the 23rd)

Lila noticed the small TV screen light up in the kitchen, notifying her that someone was coming up the drive. She walked to the front door to greet whoever was at the front of the house, which was part of her job.

Just as she arrived up the steps to the front door it opened and she was met by a very pretty brunette. “Hello…, Miss? May I help you?”

“Oh…, uhm. My name is Dawn Jensen, I am from the shipping store in town. It’s my fault, I am afraid, but I missed getting an important signature from Mr. Avendale. Is he available?”

“Well, Miss. Come in. I will see if he is available. I am Lila, and between you and me he is very old and might be napping. I do not see his car here, so I am not certain he is home. He does have a driver, so the driver might just be running errands for Mr. Avendale.” The pretty young woman lead her into the house. The Parlor was like something out of a European Castle. In a word gorgeous. She had expected the young woman would have her wait in the parlor, but instead, she followed the young woman beyond a set of ornate stairs and to a gorgeous living room.

There were three women in the living room talking among themselves. “Miss Tracy, Miss Tanya, Miss Stacey, this young woman is here to see Mr. Avendale. I will see if he is available. Do you mind if she waits here?”

It was the young woman she had called Tracy, which Dawn wondered might be the oldest of the three that responded. They all appeared younger than Dawn. “Of course, Lila. Come, sit Miss…?” She patted a spot on a beautiful blue couch next to her as she said this.

“Oh…, Dawn will do. This house is amazing. Beautiful.” She responded while sitting next to this very pretty woman.

“Well, I am Tracy, the oldest of the sisters,” pointing at a very pretty woman who looked a lot like her she continued, “This is Tanya, and the blond over there is Stacey.” Stacey had similar features to the two older sisters, but looked a bit different, maybe taking after the other parent. “May I ask what your business is today?”

“I have to admit I made a mistake. I run the packing and shipping store in town. Mr. Avendale stopped by with a stack of paperwork and I forgot to get his signature on the main page. Apparently, your phones are down so I drove up.”

“Really, we have been faxing stuff…, well yesterday.” She then walked across the room and lifted up an extension to the phone. “Well, they seem to be up now. They do go down during the winter from time to time, but they are not down now.”

“Hm,” Dawn responded. “Well, at any rate, I am here now. Hopefully, he will be available. I hope to get this sent out first thing in the morning so the paperwork is not delayed.” Tracy laughed, and Tanya smiled in response. Dawn sensed an undertone of some kind about the old man but did not pry. “I hope I am not intruding,” Dawn said.

It was the younger one, Stacey who responded. “Hey, the only pretentious person in the house is the old man. You don’t have to worry about us.”

It was Tanya who responded, “Stacey! Please.”

Stacey laughed and Tracy merely smiled at the interaction. Just as the laughter waned, the pretty brunette walked back into the room. “Apparently Mr. Avendale is packing. He is leaving this evening, and he has called his driver to come to pick him up. He instructed me to get you whatever you wanted, perhaps a cup of tea, and to please wait a few minutes for him to come down.”

Dawn was a bit nervous. She could not help herself, she looked at her watch. “Actually, young lady, I don’t need anything.” Looking at Tracy she asked, “May I make a call? I am expecting my daughter’s father to drop her home soon, and I should be there. We are divorced.”

It was Tracy, she felt she was the oldest, that walked over to the phone and motioned for her to come over to the phone to use it. “Certainly, we can leave the room if you need privacy.”

She actually pronounced the word the American way, privacy as in the sky. She half expected the family to pronounce the word the British way as in skim. “That will not be necessary.” She said this as she took the handset. It was a very old-fashioned dial phone, Dawn smiled to herself. She then dialed the number of a woman who lived in the apartment next to her. Norma was an older woman, a very sweet woman, who sometimes helped by watching her daughter. She answered on the second ring, “Norma here.”

“Oh, hi Norma. This is Dawn. I am truly sorry to bother you, but I might be a few minutes late. Andrew is supposed to drop Kelly off soon. Can you watch for her please?”

“Sweetie…, it’s no bother at all. Your daughter is a lovely young woman. Take your time. Shall I make her dinner?”

“Norma, you are the best. I owe you so much. If it would not be too much trouble, yes, please make her dinner. I am not sure how late I am going to be here.”

“Consider it done. You take your time. I love spending time with Kelly. I will see you when you get here.”

“Again, thank you, Norma.” Dawn then hung up the phone and walked back over to the couch and sat down.

It was over an hour before the old man came down the stairs. The three ladies rose to their feet as he turned from the stairs and walked to the living room. Dawn wondered it only proper that she do the same.

“Ladies, I am retiring to my house in Florida. I will not be returning here. In truth, I know that I am not long for this world. I will enjoy my last days relaxing in the sun.” Nodding at Dawn he continued, “I am told you need another signature. I am sorry, in my old age I probably missed your instructions.”

“Oh…, no, Mr. Avendale. It is probably that I was not clear in my instructions. All I need is for you to sign this one piece of paper.” As she said this she opened her bag and pulled out a folder. In that folder was the piece of paper. She placed it on the side of her bag and held it flat in front of her. She walked over to the older gentleman, pen in hand.

“Thank you young lady for coming out here. It is above and beyond.” With that, he signed the piece of paper and Dawn slipped it back into her folder. Just as this happened a young man walked in the door.

“Your bags sir?” He was obviously Mr. Avendale’s driver.

“I am afraid I could not carry them down the stairs. They are at the top of the stairs…, thank you, Roger.” Roger nodded his head, retrieved the bags, and after retrieving two large bags, followed Mr. Avendale out to his car.

3. (Evening-the 23rd)

“I really should be going,” Dawn said as she put the paper in the folder and back into her bag. Just as she said this, a strange feeling came over her. It was the second time this day she had felt flushed. In fact, Dawn suddenly felt very aroused. Embarrassed at this sudden feeling she sat for a moment, catching her breath.

“Are you okay, Dawn?” It was Stacey who spoke to her and in truth, she was not sure she was, alright . “I…, I am, I…, I don’t feel well I guess.” The three women heard the same thing, at the same time in their minds

Bring her. Tracy, take her hand. Lead her to the master bedroom. The maids have already put on new linens. The three girls knew exactly what he wanted. They could all feel his power, they also instinctively understood that the young woman would cooperate.

Tracy walked over and took Dawn’s hand and motioned for her to stand up. For some reason, Dawn just followed, not questioning where they were going. She felt strange, but still very aroused. As aroused as she had ever been in her life. Tracy lead her up to the second floor and immediately turned right and then after a few paces to a door on the right.

Tracy lead her into the room and standing in the middle, was a very attractive older woman. “This is our mom, Maryanne.”

Dawn stammered, unable to answer. She felt even stranger. It was this older woman, Maryanne who spoke next, “Oh. You are quite attractive. I see why he wants you.”

Dawn had come halfway across the room. She made note of the very gigantic bed, perhaps half again as long as a king-size bed, and twice as wide. The room was gigantic. A mirrored dresser was to the right, gorgeous, ornate, and well taken care of. Cluttered with knick-knacks on its surface. There were other things in the room, but all she could see was the big bed and the gorgeous woman in front of her.

Suddenly, from behind her, a strange voice spoke. “Yes, she is quite exquisite, isn’t she.” His power was almost at its peak. Because of this, he could completely keep his human form. As Dawn turned around he met the eyes of an incredibly handsome man. Magnetic, his eyes bore into her. Tall, perhaps three or four inches above six feet. He wore an old-fashioned suit of some kind. Dawn wondered it was called a double-breasted suit. Dark hair, with a touch of gray at the temples, not a single lock out of place. Slim, but with a broad chest, dark eyes, and an inviting smile.

He walked over to her and leaning in took her chin in his hand. He then kissed her, lightly, and a tingle ran from her nipples, down to her very wet vagina. “Uhm…, uh.” She could not make a coherent wondered come to her mind. This amazing-looking man ran two fingers down the left side of her face and then touched the nape of her neck.

“How about if we get out of those clothes, young lady. Ladies, help her out of these things. I really want to see her amazing-looking figure.”

Maryanne, the older woman, apparently the mother of the three girls removed her coat first. Standing in the middle of the room, confused, she stood motionless as the sisters removed the remainder of her clothes. With each breath, looking at this very sexy man, she was experiencing an increased feeling of lustfulness.

He walked over to her and she was now naked. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around as if inspecting her. “Yes…, you are very beautiful. Ladies…, go to your rooms and pleasure each other. I expect every one of you to have at least two orgasms. No, make that three. My women must learn to pleasure each other as they please me. Lila and Genoa are already very proficient at this. Now, you, Dawn. Climb onto the bed and lie back.”

This Dawn woman was gorgeous. Long sexy legs, a sensual smile with full lips. Brown eyes, smallish but perfect breasts. She had long lustrous black locks that she had tied up. “First…, release your hair for me, my sweet.” Her waist showed just a small bit of roundness, evidence that she’d had a child. Her backside, when he had turned her around, is amazing. As perfect as any woman he had ever seen.

Dawn was a bit shocked, surprised at his words. She pulled her hair from its bun, shaking it free and around her shoulder, framing her face. The sisters, the mother, were to pleasure each other? But she was so inflamed; as sexually in need as she had ever been in her entire life. After her daughter Kelly was born, Dawn suffered from endometriosis. The Doctors’ had tried everything and in the end, they had removed her ovaries. She had been under a Doctor’s care and was taking Estrogen Replacement Therapy. But, her lack of interest in sex had ended her marriage, so she was shocked at the way she was feeling.

“Now, play with your…, pussy. Yes, that is what you young people call it. I want to see you do that for me, my sweet. Also your wonderful breasts.” Dawn could not believe what he said, but even more so what she was doing. She immediately began to tease her vagina with her right hand, while with her left hand, she squeezed her nipples. Quickly they were very hard, and she so wanted this man to…, fuck her. Yes, she wanted him to fuck her.

“Close your eyes, my sweet. Yes…, like that. Enjoy the feeling. I love watching a woman who knows how to pleasure herself.”

He was there, he climbed onto the bed. Had he taken off his clothes? She never heard anything, but then his manhood, his cock was against her opening. She opened her eyes and looked into his face. Yes, he was naked. “Yes, please…” There was a pleading tone to her voice. He smiled, this virile man and brought his mouth to hers. She wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him closer to her. He kissed her passionately as he slowly began to enter her with his incredible cock. Yes, it is amazing. Hard, not small, and very warm. No, it was hot. Hotter than anything she had ever had in her love canal. She parted her lips from his. “D-don’t tease me, Michael. Fuck me.”

Michael looked down at his newest lover. There was a look of shock on his face and he had stopped fucking her, his cock held in place. “You…, you know who I am?”

“I…, I am a history buff. You can only be one person. Yes, I know who you are. N-now, p-please fuck me. I…, I don’t need l-love. I just need you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, Michael.”

He liked this woman. He had never met a woman as clever, as sexual, and as in need of him. Other than his daughter. It was something new, and he cherished it. “You will do as I say? You will be mine? You will bare my child?” As he said this, he once again began to pump his manhood in and out of her.

“I…, I can’t have any more children. But, your…, your other women will bare you ch-children?”

“Yes, yes they will.”

“Then they will be busy. T-taking care of those children. I…, I will be always available for you. My pussy, my mouth, my ass will always be ready for you.”

“You want to move in here, my sweet?” As he asked her, he began to fuck her even harder. This woman, Dawn, was gorgeous.

“Yes…, yes. I want you. I want you to use me. To fuck me. I want you to need me as I need you, Michael. I want to be your first.”

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