The Escort’s Forbidden Fantasy

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As a high-end escort, Bella had seen and done it all. But there was one fantasy she had all the time kept to herself – until she met Daniel.

He was a handsome client, successful in his career and with a charming smile that made Bella relax even in his presence. They had been seeing each other for a few months now, and Bella knew him as a considerate and generous gentleman.

One night, as they were lounging on the couch after a particularly satisfying session, Daniel broached the subject of fantasies. Bella was hesitant at first to distribute her own, but his gentle probing soon made her confess.

“I have this one fantasy,” she said quietly, looking down at her hands. “I’ve never told anyone before.”

Daniel’s hand reached out to gently touch hers. “Don’t worry, Bella. You can tell me anything.”

She took a deep breath before continuing. “I want to be dominated. Really dominated. Tied up, spanked, called names… all of it.”

Daniel’s eyes lit up with excitement. “You trust me to do that for you?”

Bella nodded. “I trust you completely.”

From that moment on, Daniel took charge. He blindfolded her, tied her hands to the bedpost, and began to spank her lightly. The touch of his hand on her skin sent shivers down her spine, and she found herself moaning with pleasure.

As he continued to spank her, Daniel whispered all the filthy words Bella had ever wanted to hear in her ear. His dominant tone and the things he said to her only turned her on more.

Eventually, he untied her and the two lay together on the bed, both breathless and sweaty. Bella had never felt more fulfilled, more alive. She had finally gotten everything she had all the time wanted, and it had been with someone she trusted and respected.

After that night, Bella and Daniel continued to see each other, but their sessions were all the time different. They knew that they shared something special – something that no one else could find out.

Bella had found her forbidden fantasy fulfilled, and she was grateful to Daniel for giving her that experience. It was a night she would never forget.

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