The Erogenous Zone S01 E01 – Which? – Erotic Horror

Twilight Zone-like music plays…

Narrator :

Belief is defined as knowing something exists without any form of proof or evidence. But what happens when a Believer is confronted with proof that what they’ve longed for is real and actual? When Reality destroys Belief, does it destroy the Believer as well?

Meet Sinthea Lilith, the self adopted name of one Cindy Brown. Amateur medium and Owner of an occult bookstore. A small player stepping on to the biggest stage of all eternity. She’s about to get all she ever wished for, including a ticket to…the Erogenous Zone.

Twilight Zone-like music plays…

“No. No. NO! You can’t do this! Not two days before the event! You piece of shit I swear. I want you out. OUT! Right now…pack you crap and get out!”

She hits the disconnect and throws the phone at a nearby chair. “FUUUCK! We are so screwed! Danny’s out. After all we’ve done for him…after all we’ve done TO him he’s bailing! Say’s ‘It’s getting too weird’. What the fuck?”

“It’s alright Sinthea…we’ll just find someone else.”

“Sure Rachel, just walk out on the street and pick some random guy. ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?”

“What? How hard can it be? There are plenty of guys who’ll do it.”

“Really…plenty of guys? Plenty of discrete, semi-believing-or-at-lest-not-disbelieving guys with decent looks/body and a respectably sized cock. Just strolling down the street…’hey, excuse me…would you be interested in pretending to be the Devil and fucking a Satanic Initiate so she can become a full member of our Coven? Yes? One quick question…do you have a big dick? You do? Awesome! My stupid-ass assistant was right, this is SO EASY!”

“I’m just trying to help…”

“If you want to help then get off your ass and FIND ME A REPLACEMENT! Go. NOW!!!”

god be damned why does this shit happen to me? Two days before! Our thirteenth inductee…full Coven status…a god fucking member of the 8th Circle of the Church of Night due in town tomorrow and he quits!

You can do this Sin…just keep it together. The others will be worried but we’ve got to get this done. Manage what you can and Lucifer take the rest.

“Uh, Sinthea?”

“What now Rachel.”

“Um, I think I found someone.”


“He, uh, well he was walking into the shop as I was walking out. He was looking for the Satanic section. He seems to fit the bill.”

“Where is he?”

“Still browsing. I thought you might want to come talk to him.”

Is this too convenient? Did she already have someone prepared? She’s a mouse, but backstabbing me wouldn’t be beyond her and this ceremony would be a prime chance.

“Alright…let’s go see this blessing from below.”

Hmmm. Tall, dark and and handsome. Well built.

“Good afternoon…I’m Miss Lilith, proprietor. Do you need help?” Deep eyes. He’s examining every inch of my body before answering…and not being shy about it!

“Your name suits you. I knew another named Lilith once. You have her sexuality, but lack her infinite grace. I mean no offense.”

His eyes never left mine. Most people look away when they speak. My pulse quickens despite the left handed compliment. “None is taken. Truth is a gift. Is there something I can help you find?”

“I’m looking for an ancient text. ‘Sexe et Mort’, published in the early 1700s in France by the Abbe d’Augustina. Do you know it?”

“I know OF it. I’m afraid we deal in more modern titles, but if I could, the Abbe’s treatise on the connections between orgasm and death…and the enhancement of one by the threat of the other…would hold a place of honor in my personal collection.”

Again a pause, and that gaze no longer wandering over my body, as if he’s memorized it and now he’s leering at my soul.

“Pity. I’m afraid I’ve no other immediate demands then. Ave Satanas”

A gasp escapes my lips at the salutation used between members of the Church of Night. “Ave Satanas. May I ask, are you an initiate?”

“I’ve some interest, but I admit that I find the strictures a little too binding for my tastes.”

“I actually find the lack of strictures to be refreshing…compared to other theologies.”

“Perhaps it’s more that I feel rules…any rules…should apply only to others.” His voice softens as he steps in close.

“Social constraints? Societal norms?” I ask.

“Unnecessary.” He touches my hair. “Why prevent what comes natural?” Hand on my cheek…my neck…the top of my breast. I step back a little too abruptly.

“Wait. I have a proposition for you.”

“I thought the proposition had already been made and accepted.”

“I…no. I mean, would you come in my office…come to my back office…I mean come back to my office?” How am I this flustered?

A soft chuckle. “Not nearly as much grace, but I will come in your back office, if that’s what you like.”

We passed Rachel on the way. She seemed as flustered as I was and she had just been standing nearby. I searched her face for recognition of the stranger but there didn’t seem to be any…still, best to be sure of him. By the time we reached my office I had regained some of my composure.

“Despite your dislike for Rules, I would like you to participate in a Rite.”

“Rites are not Rules. A Rule is a constraint, A Rite is a process to reach an outcome. Like assembling a puzzle by connecting pieces.”

“OK, sure. Are you familiar with the Rites of Initiation?”

“I am.”

“We’re conducting that Rite two days from now. The induction of a 13th Initiate. I need someone to serve as the Surrogate.”

“Ah, at least you’re not trolling for “angels”. I would have been most offended.” Accompanied by a wry smile.

“As the Coven’s Prime I’m tasked with finding Surrogates.”

“Not a Coven yet…not a Prime yet.”

“No, not until we initiate our Thirteenth. And for that I need a Surrogate. Our previous one…became uncooperative.”

“Has he been disposed of?”

“That’s not practical.”

“It’s a risk. You should know better.”

“It’s not practical.”

“It’s a condition of my cooperation.”

“Then I have a condition of my own.”

A curious tilt of the head…”Pre-Initate Consummation?”

I simply nod. Let see what he really knows.

“A proper Consummation must occur 48 hours before the Rite.” he offered.

“I’m ready right now…if you’re ‘up’ to it.”

Again the wry smile…and looking at me with wonder like I’m some precocious child. He stands up and unbuttons his shirt. Not removing it, but letting it hang open. His abs are rock hard and his pecs are developed, but not overly so.

“I am prepared.” His voice takes on a deeper tone.

I stand up and unbutton my blouse. I’m already not wearing a bra, and my breasts are high and hard. The nipples growing erect in anticipation of the Ritual.

“I am prepared.” My own voice echoes with depth.

The Pre-Initiate Consummation has very few steps. Basically, the Candidate must prove to the Priestess that he’s fit to be the Surrogate…the figure that stands in for Satan at the Rite of Initiation. The most common interpretation of this “proof” is sexual proficiency, since sex is the primary role of the Surrogate in the Rite. I’ve conducted the Ritual three times before…one miserable failure and two passable successes. Satanic males all seem to have a similar modus operandi…aggressive and dominant. I braced for a fight.

His eyes locked with mine. They seemed to dance with merriment. His body was neither tense nor relaxed, but held those two forces in balance…willing but patient…aroused but at peace…hungry…ahhh the hunger. No balance there as his hunger overflowed into me as well. My breathing is getting faster and shorter. These unexpected moments of nothingness filled with hunger are exciting.


It was not an order. Nor was it a question. It was a statement of fact pronounced with the absolute knowledge that it would be complied with. I moved without thinking. There was no need to think. Yet I was aware…I’ve never been hypnotized, but I imagine it felt like this. Not absence of will, but finding no reason not to comply.

I stopped well within his personal space. My body already aching for him. Small, sinuous movements in my hips and back…my head weaving slightly side to side. Unconsciously imitating a serpent…serpents are sacred to Him.


Now with a trace of arrogance. Oh, you bastard. You make me want you even more with that. I spend the last of my defiance by leaving my blouse on and reaching for my skirt. As I lean forward to lower it his muscles tighten at the touch of my hair on his belly. I turn my head and kiss and kiss and kiss. A little lower and a little lower. I can smell my own arousal.

“Stop. Kneel.”

He’s playing with me now. Demonstrating his control. I don’t care. There’s nothing to object to. It feels perfectly natural. I kneel and lower my eyes, instantly and knowingly submissive. As he unbuckles his trousers I place my hands behind my back. I know I’m not yet allowed to touch him. I see his pants fall, but haven’t looked up yet. I can feel the heat near my head. I feelimagine the power of him. Like a shaft of steel light that pulses with energy.


I lift my gaze and see it for the first time. It’s so much more than a cock. It’s perfect, gorgeous but more than physical beauty. It’s a spiritual rapture just to see it. I cannot look away. My lips part and the top of my tongue is anticipating it’s weight. I love it, I lust for it. I know I would do anything for it. A small girl voice inside me asks why I would say that…but to the woman there is no reason to ask…it simple is so.

I lean closer and it first touches my cheek, soft caress. So warm. I circle so it passes under my chin…it pulses under me lifting my chin and tilting my head back like a lover lifting me for a kiss. Then the other cheek so gently, and finally after an eternity I’m allowed to kiss it’s very tip. The most innocent lovers kiss was never so sweet as this. Daringly, I let my tongue slip between my lips and it surges in response. I fall…fall…fall into a passionate French kiss. The world has vanished, reduced to the single point of that kiss.

Ahhh the energy! My body is just a conductor. That shaft of steel light which I felt earlier is now blasting down the energy channels of my body and building in my root chakra just beneath my pussy. Sweet, sweet pain as the pressure builds. Ecstatic agony! It’s too much! Excess energy seeking an exit tightens my nipples to painful points…causes my fingers to over-straighten and my mind to blossom into hyper-awareness. For a moment I think I might see the Universe Entire.


The same word he used when we started, but not. The energy detonates like a bomb. My knees ground down while my upper body falls fully backward with back arching as my arms flail out and energy explodes from my fingers, from the crown of my head and from my pussy. The Orgasm…so much more than an orgasm…wracks my body with pleasure. No, not pleasure. Ecstasy. Pure. Deep and infinite. I’ll never experience it again, but it’s forever engraved in me.

My body slumps. Utterly spent.

“Sufficient?” He extends his hand and helps me back to my knees as I’m clearly having trouble. It’s a hand buzzing with resonant energy and I clasp it tightly to my breast. I look up adoringly and I don’t know what I’m seeing. I don’t think it’s human for all it still looks like it. I don’t think it matters.

“How did you…”

A tilt of his head cuts off my question. He looks sorrowful. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I…of course. Yes, sufficient. Amazingly, incredibly, forever Sufficient. Do you want to…could we…”

This time a rueful shake of his head. His hand strokes my cheek with tenderness, but it’s the tenderness of an owner to a favored pet. There’s no hint of equality.

“Of course not. I’m sorry.” I bow my head shamed.

“You have no reason to apologize. You only seek what is natural.”

He slips his hand from mine and turns to the door. I never saw him dress again…that seems like too trivial a detail for Him. I sit back on my heels and a heart-rending sadness overcomes me. A deep sense of loss forces uncontrollable sobs to pour out. I cannot stop. Rachel comes rushing in and holds me. Ah, sister mine! Her comfort eventually drives the crying away.


The time leading up to the Rite passed in a whirlwind. It seemed every hour a new detail needed to be managed and I had no time to think of anything but the task in front of me.

Except at night.

I collapsed exhausted in my bed and reveled in a moment of peace. As soon as my mind unclenched it drifted back to my encounter with…him. I don’t even know his name! I know that what he did to me feels…not wrong, I cannot judge him as wrong when I don’t think he recognizes right and wrong. A loud dog isn’t wrong when it barks. But what he did was…unnatural.

What if he is…He?

What if this is what His world would be like?

Could I be responsible for that?

Is this doubt?

As soon as I had that wondered…as if rising to meet it…was the sensation of that glorious ecstasy. My skin tingled like a cool breeze stroked it…my inward focus shifted from my mind to my tightening nipples and the heat growing between my legs. The energy pathways of my body widened and brought with it that heightened sensitivity. My vision narrowed and sharpened. Clothing felt harsh and raspy against my skin.

What was I thinking before this? I remember…what if this is what His world would be like? Ahhh, it would we so wonderful! My eyes were wide and my body tensed as the energy built in me. That sense of almost being able to see the entirety of the Universe returned. How could anyone not want to feel this way?

I feel the touch on my lips of His warm…no, no, please, I don’t…not again! Yes! My pussy on fire. I touch myself and two fingers slide in easily as the energy bomb detonates again and my back arches up off the bed. Sleep follows.


It’s the evening of the Rite. Everything is ready, except me. I’m wracked by doubts. I think His world is a world of physical pleasures and sensations. They are lovely, wonderful, amazing and powerful, but not lasting or deep. They promise a view of the Universe but fail to deliver.

But do I need to see the Universe? Do I even want to? What a burden comes from that knowledge. Is it not better to simply ride the waves of time blissful and ignorant? I would be happy. I would want for nothing. I would be special.

I donned my robe. I tucked a dagger in its folds. I’m still undecided.

Walking the location of the Rite one last time, checking details. It’s a circular clearing of about 50 feet at the base of a cliff. The Text calls for a place “where the bones of the earth lay bared” and this seems right. A small furrow defines a large circle with a five pointed star enclosed. During this Rite, the pentagram represents a spread-eagled woman. She is called the Icon. I’ll stand at the point of her head…which is on the eastern side. He is the Dawn Star…the East is his home.

The Surrogate will be in the center facing the western points of the star…the Icon’s wide spread legs. I am behind him for most of the Rite. I’ll have opportunity should I choose to take it. Seeing that everything is in place, I return to our Gathering Place.

The Rite starts at Midnight and will last the length of the Witching Hour. As the Prime I enter first, my black robe is closed but the silk teases my nakedness underneath. My hood is drawn deep over my head.

We move in Procession from our Gathering Place a few hundred yards away to here. Claire Goode leads the procession as the representative from the Church of Night, but as we approach the circle she steps apart. Her role is only to observe tonight. I’m behind her, and ranked behind me are the eleven other Witches of our group in order of their induction…with our Initiate last.

I pause at the place in the circle between the Icon’s open legs and conduct the Opening of the Rite. I greet the winds of the North and the fires of the South. The mountains of the West and turning to the East I unclasp my robe and spread my arms wide, presenting my naked form to the Surrogate. He nods to me, and robe still flowing about my nakedness, I walk the circle counterclockwise to the point behind him.

There’s a slight bulge in the Surrogate’s robe.

One by one My Sisters perform the same entry, presenting themselves and taking their positions equidistant around the circle. With each entry the Surrogates cock hardens more until its fully erect and visible, standing out from his own black robe. The power in the circle is like a wheel, with lines connecting me to the sisters on either side and to the Surrogate in the center.

Finally, our Initiate Lily walks to the circle. She repeats the intonation, but drops her grey robe to the ground and steps into the circle directly in front of the Surrogate. She spreads her feet wider aside and opens her arms to either side…arching her back in a gesture of total abandon…of complete unguardedness…fully giving all of herself.

I begin to speak the next part of the Rite, which would trigger a sex act between the Initiate and the Surrogate, but before I can start the Surrogate speaks!

“Witches…my harlots…Daughters of Lilith, my most beloved. Rejoice! That which you have longed for has arrived.”

I looked over to Claire Goode…I suspect this is something she’s set up to test us, but she looks as surprised and shocked as I am. A Surrogate knowledgable in the Rite would not dare to disrupt it so!

“This coven is honored above all…and you my darling slut is more honored even still.” He stroked Lily’s jaw as he said this. It was an affectionate gesture, oddly out of place, but Lily’s eyes filled with adoration and both her hands grabbed his cock.

“With this indoctrination, there are now Six Hundred and Sixty Six Covens in existence on the Earth. That number is the condition set forth in The Beginning as My Time. Tonight, you shall witness the seeding of the Antichrists!”

I didn’t really believe that our surrogate was Him until just this moment. With an odd disconnect of mind I feel foolish for calling Him a surrogate at all. In that moment I decided that the world he would bring about was not the world I wanted to live in…that I wanted my children and their children to live in.

I grasped the dagger in my robe. I’d bought it at the mystic bazaar of some conference I’d been to. I didn’t know if it was actually Hallowed but it was what I had. I’ll need one stab to the back then slit his throat as he turned around. An old boyfriend who was in the Army claimed that was the way to take down someone bigger and stronger. This would be a tragically bad time to learn he’d been macho-bullshitting me.

I took a step forward and raised the knife…


Post Script

It’s taken me quite a while to clear my mind enough to write the rest of what happened that night. I feel that only now am I capable of representing the end of the story honestly.

I know for a fact that our surrogate was none other than Lucifer himself, but I’d at all times been suspicious of Satan’s plan…How could the Antichrist…who like Christ before him must at least still be mortal…conquer a world of over 4 billion beings? A world where even the most agreeable points has supporters both Pro and Con.

We argue about everything…we oppose everything. One stray bullet, or bomb, or thermonuclear device would end him. Hardly seems fair.

I was so wrong.

I stepped into the circle with my dagger raised just as the He grabbed Lily’s arm and spun her around…he then bent her forward and with a howl thrust his cock into her.

Oh fuck, that cock! It was the most perfect instrument of lust ever created. It didn’t matter how clever you were, or how jaded, or how resolute. The moment you came into contact with it there was only Lust. Only the desire to please it. To fall to your knees before it. To hold it in both your hands gently. To rub your cheek over it and softly kiss it. To worship it with your eyes, your breath. You did this because you desperately hoped it would enter you. That it would build in you that most powerful and overwhelming sensation of orgasmic fulfillment that no other cock ever could.

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