The Dominant Boss’s Dirty Little Secret

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As soon as she entered the office building, she felt the thrill of excitement coursing through her veins. It had been weeks since her last encounter with her dominant boss, and she was willing to see what he had in store for her this time.

Despite the fact that she was a high-ranking executive, there was no mistaking the power dynamic between them. He was the one in control, and she was his dirty little secret.

She straightened her skirt and adjusted her blouse before walking into his office. Without so much as a glance, he instructed her to strip down and get on her knees. She wasted no time in obeying.

He stepped forward, his eyes blazing with hunger as he watched her submission. He ran a finger along her collar, signaling for her to lower her mouth to his cock. She eagerly obliged, taking him deep into her throat as he moaned in satisfaction.

He pulled her up and then bent her over his desk, pushing her skirt up to her waist. His hand came down on her bare ass with a sharp slap, sending a jolt of pain mixed with pleasure through her body.

As he pounded into her, his fingers found her clit, pressing down relentlessly until she was crying out his name. He whispered dirty words in her ear as their bodies collided, lost in the frenzy of their illicit passion.

When it was over, he dismissed her with a wave of his hand, reminding her that this was their little secret. She left the office feeling both spent and exhilarated, knowing that she would do it all again the next time he called.