The Dirty Awakening Ch. 02 – Fetish

**The following contains three people who are very into being gross together. One female, the other male, the third intersex. If three people cumming in socks, putting dog food in their underwear, and cumming as they hump dog shit doesn’t get you excited stop now cause things like that are coming ahead.

This is both the second in this series of fics, and attached to my loose bath plague universe. A world where being dirty helps you out and, over time, becomes more acceptable. If you read chapter 1 you’ll get the gist of anything not in this chapter with the bath plague stuff. But I’ll try to put plenty in here too.

Also everyone involved in sexual situations is over 18**


Sarah was on her phone in her room looking things over. She was watching a fairly recent video of hers, one she made where she shit herself, and then some strangers shit on her, after she gave them oral. Her hand went to her panties and gave a bit of a rub of pleasure. This was made about three weeks ago, and something in Sarah had been awoken by it. She had been eager to do stuff like that before for money, but since then she had filmed four other movies with scat in them, and all but one of her films made since then had her pissing herself. And the one film that didn’t was her being double teamed by her roommates for a day. She had gotten a lot of cum on her. More than one might think given one mate/film friend identified as female and even had breasts.

Tanya, one of the two girls in the house, was very unique. She was born naturally intersex. A one in a million chance. And as she grew up she elected to keep her male bits even as her female bits developed more. And now as a porn model? That choice was paying off. Doubly so as most other forms of work weren’t very valid as there was a plague going around killing tens, if not hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Supposedly, and this was supported by evidence, but it upended all of modern medicine, but supposedly avoiding the worst plague of the century was doable by being filthy, but that was hard to support right now.

But little of that mattered as the cracked open door to Sarah’s room was opened as Tanya entered. “Hey babe.” She said casually. “M’goin to get the groceries. Maybe have some fun afterwards. Wanna come with?”

Sarah looked up at Tanya, and bit her lip. “Define fun?”

Tanya chuckled. “Lets just say. Well, I found the local dog park. And it turns out its really poorly maintained.”

Sarah raised an eyebrow, but she figured that Tanya knew what she was doing, or at least saying. And she wanted to get out of the house, even if for a bit. “Alright, I should put on a bottom.” Indeed, while being a bit indecent in public was tolerable since everyone was inside, going outside with mildly damp panties still wasn’t great.

“Just make sure to wear some long pants.”

Sarah blinked at that request, but didn’t complain going and putting on her pants while Tanya watched her ass move some, her underwear with a modest brown skid on its rear. Sarah was starting to really enjoy being dirty, and given her roommates were ok with it, she was enjoying re-wearing clothes multiple days in a row.

The picking up of groceries was simple enough. Given the fear of the plague that was still very active, it was a drive up to a grocery store, and texting in their arrival while wearing masks. The food was dropped off, the card charged, and they were done. When the worker had left Tanya left the drivers seat and went back to check real quick. When she came back she had one bag on her and put it in Sarah’s lap. “Take a look.” She said.

Sarah blinked, and, as Tanya buckled up, looked into the bag. It was full of wet dog food. A decent amount of packages of it, square. She picked up one and looked at Tanya confused. “Are we getting a dog?”

“Oh thank you.” Tanya said as she took the single package. “Mmm, can you get another one for me?”

“S-sure?” Sarah said still lost.

Tanya kicked off her shoes, the car’s engine humming as they waited in place. She opened up a plastic can of dog food, the smell hitting Sarah’s nose fairly quickly. She then carefully put the little tray over her shoes and smushed it out, using her fingers to help get it loose. She repeated this for her other shoe, then casually wiped her dirty fingers on her shirt before putting her shoes back on with an audible smush. “Mmm.”

Sarah was nearly drooling. She watched with envy and arousal. Never before had she so rapidly learned she needed something so badly, so very, very badly.

“I heard you liked getting dirty. Don’t tell my mom and dad, but I used to do this whenever they went on vacation.” She moved her feet around in her shoes some before tying them back up, audible wet smushing sounds and sucking sounds coming out. “I’ve noticed you really enjoy being dirty and I figured you’d like to try something probably new.” It was worth noting that in her pants Tanya was clearly getting a bit stiff. She glanced at her. “What? why haven’t you started putting something in?”

Sarah stumbled over her shoes in excitement, she managed to get them off as she moved around the bag to make her access easier. She got two of the plastic containers sitting on the seat as she had her shoes on her legs. As she pulled one out and put it down scraping it out with her finger, although some spilled on the seat. “Shit.” She said as she looked at the hunk of food on the seat.

“Hmm? I have a few dozen spare containers. Just use those.” Tanya said with a shrug.

“But I got it on your car seat.”

“Do you think I care?”

Sarah knew the answer to that right away, getting one more and slipping it into her right shoe, a little more mess on the seat this time as well. Her left shoe got one can in it straight away. She then slipped her shoes on one at a time, her left first, and then her right. It was a very loud squelch on that one. She bit her lip, it was such a feeling. Soft, mushy, warm, she loved the feeling. “Why have I never done this before?” She asked herself as much as Tanya.

“Yeah, but wait until you walk in them.”

“How many times did you do this?” She asked as the car finally started up.

“More than you think, less than I wished I had.” She hummed. “Although, I gather going forwards I have your permission to do so around the house.”

“Its your house.” Sarah said. “Dunno why you didn’t do it earlier.”

Tanya laughed as she drove off. It seemed Sarah was right there.

It was a modest drive as Sarah quietly looked over the many, many cans of dog food in the bag. While at the same time enjoying her time squelching her socks in the dog food in her shoes. Tanya making noises every time she hit the brakes or gas.

When they arrived there was a single other car in the lot, and one person in the dog park with a dog, despite the grey and slightly rainy weather. “Maybe we should wai-” Sarah said before she heard the drivers door open.

“Put the bag in the back seat for now. It won’t go bad in an afternoon.” Tanya said as she got up.

Sarah did just that as Tanya stepped forwards. There was a big lab in the dog park and they were currently taking a squat. The person there looking frustrated as there were no bags in the park. “Wonder how he’ll think our shoes smell.” Tanya said before walking over. “Hello there! You have a big cutie!” She said.

The girl walking the dog noticed and laughed nervously, there was a plague around. However the dog? The dog didn’t give a fuck. The big retriever went over and walked up to the girls tail wagging. And while the nose was initially up, rapidly it went down. Tanya waited at the fence, and soon had a dog sniffing her shoes. And when Sarah showed up the dog was sniffing hers. The dogs owner came up and leashed up the lad. “Sorry about him. He does like you, and he’s harmless.”

“No worries.” Tanya said with a wave. “I guess our shoes smell nice is all.”

Seeing the girl with the dog pull her dog back Sarah spoke up next, “We’ll let you pass with some space. NO worries, we live together so…” Sarah gently pulled Tanya away from the park-gate. Noticing when she stepped back Tanya had stepped in some dog-shit outside of the park. However the girl with the dog didn’t notice, only giving a polite ‘thank you’ before she left, the dog trying once more to lick both girls shoes before a tug (And some petting of his soft coat) got him moving.

As the owner got into her car Tanya stepped into a big pile of shit with a squelch. Sarah followed not stepping into shit. However once the car moved Tanya spoke up. “That dog must have smelled us~” She hummed excited as she lifted up her foot and shoe, smeared in shit. She then rubbed the bottom of her shoe on her pant leg and smeared shit down it. “I wonder if he smelled me now would I smell better or worse.”

Watching the brown stains form Sarah took in a sharp inhale. This was a fair bit to take in on her. But she loved it. She stepped through the gate as the last sounds of the car faded. There were plenty of dog shits around. The presence of the plague had made people much less eager to clean up after themselves. Before too long Sarah had each foot stuck in some not-so-fresh (although thanks to the rain still wet) dog shits. She lifted up one foot and saw the lovely brown smear of dog shit stuck to it, like Tanya she smeared some down her opposite leg. Then lifted her other shoe and gained another brown stain on her other leg. She looked at the new stains on her jeans, and felt that her core was warming up with arousal.

“Come on, wanna have some dog shit inside your shoes?” Tanya asked.

Sarah was quiet for a few seconds. “I want them in my shoes, my socks, my underwear.”

Tanya laughed. “Fuck yeah, this is the life, I love this shit~” She said as she groped Sarah on the ass. However shortly after she bent over, picked up two handfuls of dog shit and slipped one down the back of Sarah’s pants.

Sarah let out a pleased ‘mmm’ at that, before Tanya slipped one into the front of her pants. Sarah then bent over and got herself a handful of shit and pulled off Tanya’s shoes, Tanya removed her socks and Sarah put the turd in there. Tanya slipping the sock back on before shoving a dog turd into the shoe. This repeated for each sock and each shoe on each girl. When finished they split up to search for more dog shit. Smearing it onto their shoes and legs.

When done Tanya looked shittier by far. The inside of her pant legs were brown from nearly her crotch to the bottom of her pants. Tanya sat down on a turd with a smush and sighed as she let out some piss. “Well, that was half an hours search.” She said as a wet spot spread through her pants. “Wanna check the garbage’s?” There were three spots to throw out doggie bags. One in each pen (small dog and big dog pens) and one outside both of them roughly in the middle. All three were packed full as nobody had come to collect in some time.

“Sure, lemme go.”

“Make sure to throw some in my car!” Tanya said as she kept pissing her pants.

“Noted.” Sarah said as she grabbed a whole bunch of the baggies. She then grabbed more, feeling some rip and stain her shirt. With a full armload of doggie bags she walked over to the car and opened the door, throwing it down onto her passenger seat. Noticing that her shirt had a bit of shit-stain on it. She then repeated this again for the drivers seat, the second trip revealing much more worn and old bags. So she dropped more shit all over herself in the process of transporting it.

“Alright.” Sarah said as she returned stinking of shit. “That’s like… Half the doggie bags in the car.”

“Did you close the door?”


“Close it, we have a little more walking to do.”

Sarah was getting nervous again, but she did as Tanya requested closing the door and meeting Tanya outside the dog-pen. “So there’s a horse ranch near here. And I know they ride through the woods. Lets see if we can’t find some horse shit too.” She said. “There were no empty doggie bags right?”

“If there were the girl before would have used one right?”

Tanya was quiet for just a moment before smacking her fist into her palm. “Good point. Then we’ll settle for the bags of dogshit you have. Well that and anything we can carry on our trip over.”

Sarah was equal parts concerned, aroused, and genuinely curious. She had never really ever been even near horses. On one hand, ew horse shit. On the other, hell yeah horse shit. On the third, Horse shit, interesting. Honestly her stupid horny brain rot at the idea that she could just be utterly filthy was exciting Sarah to no end.

It was a modest walk to the trees, which were over a modestly large half overgrown open field. However by the trees the signs of a few forest paths were visible. Tanya walked right up to one and pointed. “Horseshit.”

Unlike the dogshit horse shit was very straw heavy. “Oh.” Sarah was honestly slightly disappointed.

“Take a seat.”

Sarah glanced and walked over, if nothing else the shit was soft. She enjoyed the wet feeling on her ass. She made a pleased hum before wriggling her ass in the dirt. After a bit she got up. “God I wish I could see my ass.” She said turning to show off her ass, smeared in horse shit and mud.

“I’ll sit in one later, show off mine.”

“Yours is already dirty though.”

“Not dirty enough.” Tanya said as she looked around and walked deeper.

The path was a bit muddy and their feet sank into the mud here and there. However Tanya seemed to skip pass a few small deposits of horse shit before finally finding a few nearby each other. She pulled them together with her hands smearing some of the yellow-brown horse-shit onto herself before sitting down in a big pile. “Mmm~” She moaned as she sat a bit and rubbed her ass in it.

Sarah licked her lips as she watched her roommate and co-model smear her ass in horse shit. Holy hell she just wanted to fuck her.

“Hey, wanna do it?” Tanya asked as Sarah had said something.

“Do it? Here?”

“First off, this isn’t even close to as public a place as we have filmed you fucking in. Second, look at your nips, they have to be aching.”

Sarah put a finger to her tits and realized, yes, her nipples were poking right through the fabric of her shirt. After a rub and a slight moan she unzipped her pants. “Show me your ass once and then we can go.”

“Of course~” Tanya got up and her ass was filthy. Painted in dogshit, mud and horseshit it was a disgusting mess. After a bit she turned around, her pants undone quietly and her cock slipping out from her zipper.

“God, I might ask you to not wash and keep wearing those.”

“Sure, only if you stop washing between shoots so often. I wanna keep our mess going.”

“You think Eric will care?”

“He will be so fucking hard he will beg us to get nastier. And he can be dirty too. Why not share the filth?”

“That’s the attitude, now, jerk or fuck me or something, I need some more sticky mess. Which hole?”

“God, hmm. Gimme that pussy.” She said with only the shortest hesitation.

Sarah did as said and unzipped her pants and pulled them down just a tad, mirroring Tanya. And with that the two came close and managed to slip into one another, with Tanya’s member sliding into Sarah making some wet noises.

“Hey.” Tanya asked as she began to thrust into Sarah. “Did you shit yourself at all? Or piss yourself?”

“Nooo?” Sarah asked more than answered. “I… No I definitely didn’t. I think you shoved dogshit down there.”

“I remember that.” Tanya said. “Just wanted to know, cause I crapped my pants. And you aren’t allowed inside until you crap your pants, and piss them.” She said sealing her orders with a harder than ordinary thrust into Sarah, which got a mix of a ‘oomf and a moan from her’.

“Only if I can shit in the car. And piss.”

“Fine, but we aren’t moving until you do.”

Sarah finally got into things as she pulled off and got on all fours, putting a hand into some horse shit. “Come on, fuck your bitch.” She said.

And mount her she did. Riding Sarah as best she could going all out before finally cumming inside of her. A thick heavy load of, well, not proper semen, but some sorta discharge. It was white and sticky and the three of them agreed to just call it ‘cum’ or ‘girl cum’ and move on from there. Happier and content Tanya pulled out panting and sweating. “I feel like we might need some more dog food.” She said offering her hand to Sarah.

“What to eat?” Sarah asked.

“Fuck no, to let people know we’re properly disgusting.”

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