The Daughters of the Mist – Fetish

Ilgurd Axemurderersson, Chief of the Broken Rocks, The Scourge of Blingfjord, Hammerhand, scooched up to his wife of three years, Angwen. His erection pressed between her buttocks insistently as she lay, curled up, facing away from him, her hair still golden in the faint light of evening. The furs and blankets they lay beneath were warm and comfortable.

Cracking his eye open to a slit, his careful breaths not even stirring the hair of his luxuriant beard, he arched his hips into her gently, prodding at the back of her night dress.

An elbow thrown with surprising ferocity caught him in the ribs.

He rolled away hurriedly, gasping and cursing, curled up with his arms across his chest as he threw the covers back and made his way to his feet.

“Arrrrghhh, woman! You have the temper of a she-wolf these evenings! It’s a man’s right to moor his longboat in his home port!”

His thundering was cut short as she sat up and faced him, eyes blazing, “You know the rules Ilgurd, you lummox! No pussy without pillaging.”

Her tone grew dismissive and peremptory as she shoved a couple of the furs to his side of the bed, “Now take some of these and go sleep by the fire. Like I said, no booty without fresh bounty.”

“But this season is rotten for raids, woman! We’ll be away for weeks on rough seas, and you won’t even spread your legs for your Chief before he leaves!” His indignation was visible even in the gloom, his face noticeably darker.

“Aye, well ‘Big Chief’, the quicker the hunt, the riper the cunt. Now get out!”


Snori Evilbastardsson looked gloomily into his beer as he sat at the Chief’s table, deep in the pine scented fug of the warrior’s tent. Ilgurd was drinking quietly too, face set in hard lines.

“Hammerhand?” Snori asked carefully.

“Yes, Snori?” Ilgurd grated, not looking up.

“Does Angwen… oh never mind.”

“What is it Snori? I’m your Chief, it’s alright.”

“Yes Chief,” Snori responded out of reflex, before taking a breath and continuing, “Well, er, does Angwen ever, well, refuse?” Snori shrugged hopelessly, “To… well, you know.”

A tense silence filled the space between them and Snori looked at Ilgurd then. The Chief’s eyes were like flint: hard and sharp. Inwardly Snori quailed, his mind flashing back to an enraged Ilgurd on some foreign shore, beating a man to death with his own severed arm.

Ilgurd let the silence draw out agonisingly.

Suddenly, the Chief grinned widely and slapped the worried Snori on the back, he manner and voice suddenly incredibly jocular, “Of course not, Snori!” he roared, “I’m the Chief!”

Snori gave a watery smile in return and nodded as he returned to his brown study. He missed the look of murderous irritation that his Chief briefly shot in the direction of the great hall.


Angwen stood beside Aelda, Snori’s wife, and watched the men as they threw numerous accoutrements and battle paraphernalia into the longboat, several of them already aboard and sat beside shields and oars, waiting for the moment of departure. All of the village women were done up in their finest clothes, each with their hair carefully braided and those few with powders and make-ups (Angwen included) had painted their faces and prettified themselves as much as feasible.

The men were all grinning at each other, wondering gazes meeting as they saw the effort the womenfolk had made. Several were sporting obvious erections at the mere wondered of coming back to comely women such as these. Even the matrons looked handsome in their shawls, those few lines and streaks of grey in their hair belied by trim, lovely figures.

The mist was thick on the waters of the bay, but Angwen and the others could see the two horns of the harbour in the distance. She could feel Aelda fidgeting beside her and looked over.

The woman’s cheeks were flushed and she was almost bouncing on the spot with excitement. Angwen’s hand shot out and steadied the younger wife, her expression stern as she shook her head, whispering between clenched teeth, “Don’t give the game away fool!”

Aelda, thankfully, stopped as Ilgurd began his rambling, tiresome and boring inspirational speech to his men, the effect spoiled slightly by his slowly turning head as the men kept moving back and forth from the longboat to the supplies on the shore. Fubbing his lines slightly, Ilgurd covered by shouting something mannish and stupid, before striding over to Angwen and smothering her with a lusty kiss. It felt like being kissed by a rug.

There was a cheer from the men and some gentle clapping from the women and Ilgurd strode into the surf to board his craft.

The women waved encouragingly as the boat was pushed off, floating out into the harbour proper, the oars slowly picking up speed as the longboat made it’s way out to sea.

The women waved some more as the shape began to diminish, greying out as it slid into the mists.

Distant manly shouts rang back across the sound of the surf.

The women carried on waving, some switching arms, others looking quite bored already.

The ship disappeared around the western point of the harbour.

The women remained where they were. They waited.

Aelda pulled out a sandwich and began nibbling idly.

A sleek shape hove into view off the other side of the harbour, navigating around the eastern arm of the bay.

A cheer went up.


Angwen straightened her skirts as the new vessel powered towards them and stood next to Aelda, with all the other village women around them.

Aelda edged forwards and slowly unbuttoned her top, exposing more and more creamy cleavage. Angwen’s mouth tightened as she moved forward a step, to keep herself just in front of the other woman, her casual hand on hip pose, turning so that she could jab Aelda in the ribs with her elbow if she crept forward any further.

The oars of the approaching ship were audible now as they creaked and cut into the surf.

A fight broke out among a cluster of women off to her right as one refused to distribute her makeup for any touch-ups. She could see one of the widows, a handsome woman with lightly silvered raven hair, tying her skirts dangerously far up her thigh and showing a truly appalling amount of lovely leg.

Angwen couldn’t stop herself from fiddling with her hair and giving her thick nipples a quick rub to make sure they were at full attention when the longboat rode ashore. They didn’t need the extra attention really, already tenting out her top visibly as she stood and waited.

There was a gradual creep of women towards the shore as the rowing chant came clear over the air and the golden mane of a gigantic figure was seen looking ashore, stood proudly by the bow.

By the time the ship crashed onto the beach and rode up the launch track their husbands and partners had just left, the women of the village were closing at a milling, shouting shuffle.

As the gigantic figure by the figurehead jumped over the gunwale and splashed into the shallow surf, a great silence descended and time seemed to stretch on for ever; she was almost taller than Ilgurd, but three times the size in mass, covered in bulging, tanned muscles, her small breasts (each dwarfed by her pectorals) covered by an apologetic little tissue of chain-mail, a great drinking horn on her belt and her gigantic, glorious, massively veined cock swinging free. Aside from some meagre scraps of leather and fur masquerading as clothing, and her boots of course, the gigantic dick-girl was effectively naked.

The women Angwen only knew as Aetheldreda stood grinning, all bronzed skin and golden hair and arousal, looking her right in the eye as the village Chief’s wife led the charge down the wet sands.


Angwen leapt with a glad cry, flying into the open arms of the powerful futa raider. In mid-air, she felt Dreda’s hands clap around her waist, tilting her pelvis back as that rampant bloated cock speared up through her skirts to mash against her honeypot for a glorious moment. The feeling of that head-sized bell-end stretching her out in one inexorable movement was enough to elicit a wailing cry that welled up from the bottom of her soul, her belts snapping and falling free as her middle suddenly distended massively, her and Dreda’s conjoined flesh trumping the delicate buckles.

All around her she could hear other glad cries as the crew of the boat jumped into the willing crowd, their variously sized cocks all hard and ready to please the women-folk of this little village.

The world had descended into a sweaty pit of sex and depravity in mere instants and she was loving it as the powerful Dreda slam-fucked her, standing mighty and proud and gloriously muscled in the shallow surf at the edge of the beach. Angwen could feel sweat springing to her hot skin as she worked her whole body to try and take this ridiculous, girthy length inside her, her pale legs flexing as she desperately tried to pull those lean, bulging, cobbled-looking hips towards her tightly stretched drooling gash.

“OOOOHHHH GOOOODDDDSS, YESSSS!!” Angwen wailed into the growing hubbub of fucking dick-girls and village women, a shrieking chorus of sexual pleasure and lust.

Aetheldreda pulled her hard into the bronzed flesh of her gigantic body, her bulging arms enfolding Angwen as the first salvoes of heady cum battered into the waiting fertile womb of the Chief’s wife. The dick-girl’s lewd, swearing grunts added to the cacophony as an idle breeze carried their joyous cries out to sea, even as that throbbing mighty cock spat out what seemed like an ocean of cum into Angwen’s slowly swelling belly.


In the mist clad seas, Ilgurd caught the sound of wailing over the roiling grey-green waters. He looked around surreptitiously and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

Snori walked up from the stern of the fearsome ship and stood quietly by his side.

“Ah, Snori, fell warrior, hear how they weep and wail for us… it rends my heart!”

Snori looked uncomfortable and said nothing, chewing his lip instead and staring out over the waters. He could see where his chief was coming from on this one, but those cries sounded a bit different from the back of the boat.

He would have to have words with Aelda when he got back.


Angwen let the thick jizz dribble from between her lips and messily into Aelda’s mouth as they lay either side of Dreda’s gigantic, cum smeared shaft. She could feel the hugely muscled dick-girl’s thick fingers plundering her fucked out hole, jogging her as she sought to hit the moving target of Aelda’s gurgling, gasping lips with another hanging drip of sperm.

From the mewling contentment in Aelda’s eyes, she was having the ball batter sucked out of her sloppy womb most expertly by the bronzed cock goddess.

Angwen diverted her attention (with some effort) from Dreda’s ramrod straight cock to look around and idly wiped a cum-adhered lock from her wetly glistening forehead, looking about with interest.

Young Brynna was impaled by the single longest, most impressive looking cock Angwen had ever seen, the outline of the thing visible disappearing into that youthful, elastic ass and almost coming out of the girl’s mouth, the throbbing head clearly visible as a lump at the bottom of the girl’s pale, smooth throat. Brynna’s face was a picture of beatific bliss as she mercilessly pounded her buttocks against the base of the shaft. Angwen was sure the girl was babbling protestations of love, but it was difficult to tell through the onrushing waterfall of fresh cum bursting from between her ruby lips.

Friga, the medicine woman, was busy entertaining no less than seven of the visitors with her amazing sexual skills, a crowd of the younger women sat naked and splattered around, drinking wines and spirits and looking on eagerly. No fewer than three huge she-cocks were working away between her thighs, two grossly stretching out that needy pussy of hers and the largest plugging her ass with caramel coloured fuck-flesh. Two more futa’s were being taken care of by her talented hands, joining the thickly cocked girl riding Friga’s face in anointing those fine features with long streaks and whorls of fresh spooge. The final orgiast had her stubby and dangerously thick cock trapped between Friga’s amazing feet, groaning loudly as she covered the backs of the three between the medicine woman’s thighs with monstrously powerful streamers of jizz.

The rest of the room was looking at Svenya, the widow from the beach, her dark hair a creamy mess of cooling girl-cum as she lay under the weight of her own gigantic belly, the flesh of her distended tummy brushing her chin as she lay curled up, her shoulders and arms on the floor and her naked bottom thrust upwards, legs spread wide aside. She had a hand cupped to her cum-smeared pussy, thick runnels of jizz pushing through her fingers in a slow steady stream, holding the milky goo inside her as the latest of her many futa donors fisted the remaining shots of their orgasm onto her. Already another dick-girl was getting ready to ram her cock into that stewing honeypot and bloat that belly even further. Svenya couldn’t see them over the swell of her belly, but she was begging whorishly to be filled again.


Dreda watched her crew enjoying themselves and felt her sweating, flushed face take on a familiar grin. She loved her “job,” dropping babies in these horny village women, stretching them wide open and fucking them hard and fast. She brought a tankard to her lips and drank deeply, the gigantic stein dwarfed by the size of her gigantic, brawny arm. Finishing the drink, she tossed the tankard apart and looked down at Angwen, completely naked now and covered in stale cum, sweat and the smell of sex.

With a happy sigh, Dreda looked down her freakishly powerful body, seeing her muscles bunch and flex as she hammered her rod into the smaller woman. It was something she never grew tired of, seeing her own gigantic power as she dominated the Chief’s little wife, like she owned the pussies of all the head women down this coast. She knew that this Angwen was only an inch or two shorter than her, but Dreda felt like she was twenty feet tall; her thighs were so gigantic and packed with bronzed muscle that her partner’s legs were forced straight out, unable to encompass both her bulging quads.

She could feel Angwen’s eyes all over her body, drinking in the stacks of bulky brawn, tracing every pulsing, popping vein as they rocked and rolled, their panting and the lewd squishing of their fucking the only beat they were moving to.

For Dreda this was the best part of the sex, when both partners were tired and horny and she could fuck forever before emptying her heavy balls into Angwen, slowing down and making this pale, big breasted woman beg for more and more and more. She could feel the tingle starting at the base of her rod and knew that another big cum was approaching quickly, her balls feeling tight and full again after their last emptying.

Reaching down, the hugely muscled futa gripped her lover’s hips and began to flex into her fucking, grinning as she felt Angwen’s eyes dart to her golden, bulging muscles and stay there. With a grunt of effort, Dreda tensed her whole body, her thick, beautiful slabs of girl beef bloating into ripped, vascular mountains all over her sweating, fucking form.

The pale blonde wife of the Chief gasped and her tired groans and curses rose in pitch as her pussy clamped down hard on the punishingly large meat inside it, her cum triggered by the sheer sight of big, pumped muscles twitching and flexing hard on the body of the dick-girl taking her body one thrust at a time.

Dreda simply drank it in and with a growl, flexed down harder, hilting herself in Angwen for the hundredth time that night, feeling her heavy balls bounce and judder as she responded to her lover’s muscle lust orgasm with one of her own.

Oh, fuck yesssss…

With a lusty shout, Aetheldreda threw back her head and brought her gigantic arms up, flexing them mightily, luxuriating in the stunned attention she was receiving from her lover even as the first six salvoes of heavy jizm ploughed their way down the overtaxed tube of her cum-pipe, many more following suit as the first few blasted out of her swollen cock-head and slapped into Angwen’s battered womb.


Angwen sat on the edge of the table, her legs wrapped loosely around Aelda’s head as the younger woman greedily drank down the river of cum that was dribbling from the head woman’s much used pussy. Dreda was sleeping curled up with a sweetly freckled young wife, spooning the waiflike girl-woman and slowly driving her cock in and out of the dozing redhead with lewd, pussy-farting thrusts; she was a sex machine even in her dreams.

The only real other activity in a room full of sleeping bodies and the reek of sex was a small knot of figures clustered between the legs of Svenya’s bloated form. Two of the dick-girl raiders knelt expectantly either side of a slender, dark haired girl — Angwen’s eyes widened when she realised it was Svenya’s own daughter — who had her face pressed into Svenya’s sloppy pussy, lapping and swallowing oozing cum happily. The widow was mewling happily as she was eaten out, blissfully caressing her hugely swollen belly flesh as the girl dove into her fucked out pussy.

Angwen shuddered in pure shock and lust as she saw the elfin maiden push her head more and more firmly into her mother’s sex, the older woman’s hips grinding her sloppy pussy over the girl’s head, the creamy hole gaping wide. With a grunt and an arch of Svenya’s back, the girl’s head popped into that stretched pussy and the young slut wasted no time in ramming herself in up to her shoulders. Angwen couldn’t believe how depraved that looked and from the iron-hard erections on the two dick-girls, neither could they.

Svenya gasped out a curse as her daughter moved into a more deeply inserted position and her hands clutched at her barrel sized belly in shock and wonder, stroking the flesh as it slowly deflated. Angwen was amazed to see the girl’s own flat tummy slowly distend… she must have been sucking down cum fresh from her mother’s own womb. The lithe body of the girl writhed and twisted as the sheer weight of cum packed into her stomach made it difficult to lie on her front, the inflation slowly slowing until Svenya’s bloated belly was small enough to make out the shape of her daughter’s head inside her.

With a tap on the floor from the girl, the two futa’s leaned in to each grab a shoulder, hauling the girl’s body back sharply and eliciting a throaty cry and a gush of cum as Svenya went into orgasmic spasms, the noises cut off as her cum-slicked daughter slithered up her body to distribute a kiss and several wobbling wads of stored jizz.

As the two futa’s lined up their cocks on the sloppy cunts of mother and daughter, Angwen thought how many times this scene could repeat for the two of them before the men returned.


Aelda grimaced and waggled her hand dubiously, “No, that’s not right.”

There was much shuffling and cursing and a couple of giggles from the villagers watching on.

“I think you need to be between her and her, yes, just twist your hips a bit… there. Can you hold that position? Good.”

Aelda grinned and took out a little packet of herbs, pouring the contents of the twist of cloth onto her tongue.

“Oh, I love this bit…”

The room let out a rippling “oooohhhh” as the curvy, lovely villager slowly bent her knees, her hands jammed between her thighs to hold her gushing quim wide open for the first purple cock head to penetrate it.

Aelda let out a little squeal as she sank and inch or two, already feeling at least two more turgid cock knobs pressing against her crotch, strange, lovely fingers joining her own to spread her pussy as wide as feasible.

She swore as the three other cocks slowly bore into her weeping gash and finally popped into her with a rush of another four inches of downward movement and a cry from her slack, panting mouth.

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