The Chase Ch. 05: Tess Daly – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

This is a fictional story of a late-night version of the trendy quiz show, The Chase.

The celebrities included: Cheryl Cole, Tess Daly, Mollie King, Amy Walsh & Alex Scott (The Host)

The Chase, Can you Beat The Chaser? (Episode 5)

“Good evening, my name is Alex Scott. Welcome to another special edition of The Chase — after hours.”

With the theme music playing and people getting ready in the studio, the contestants were looking hot as ever, and everyone was looking forward to what was about to happen.

Alex spoke, “Thank you for tuning in again, but apologies in advance if you liked what you liked in the last episode when the game just didn’t happen. This time, the usual format is back, and I will be strict in making sure it happens. Regardless of whatever temptation comes my way!”

All rules were explained to everyone at home, all contestants would answer questions in a cash-builder round for a mid-offer they can play for, or they may take a low offer to give them a better chance to get back for the end of the show.

Alex spoke, “The first contestant up tonight is the adorable Tess Daly.”

Tess Daly was never a signing anyone expected for the show, but here she was. She was many more years older than the other contestants on the show that night. She was the mature one and tallest by some way too.

To walk out into the middle of the studio floor, Tess had her normal beaming smile, blonde hair hanging down, and was wearing a tight red dress, which ran to below her knee.

Alex spoke, “Hi Tess. Another person I never expected to see you on the show. I’m assuming you just wanted a little more excitement in your life and this was the best place for it?”

Tess replied, “I wanted to show the world that I’ve still got a figure for it, and boys most certainly get aroused when near me.”

“Sounds great Tess. Let’s not hang around too much here and get on with the game.”

Tess interrupted, “I was also told that after the last show, you needed obedient contestants. I’ll do what you say and what others want to do to me.”

Alex nodded her head, said it was great she was there and got on with the quiz. Tess did badly, with only 2 answers right, but appeared happy with that.

Alex called out the chaser, who this week, was Sean, otherwise known as the Dark Destroyer, in a game show sense, and never proven sexually!

Sean hadn’t been on the show since episode one when he was involved in inserting sex toys into Rachel Riley. He was upset he’d not been invited back until now, but he was smiling from ear to ear when looking at Tess below him, and looking across at Cheryl, Mollie & Amy.

Alex spoke, “Good evening, Sean. How are you tonight? You look excited?”

Sean explained that he had been practising like a monk to stay calm. He said it had failed, as there was one lady on the show that night, who he will offer one of the biggest prizes to ever if he gets to play her naked. Alex asked if that lady was Tess.

Sean replied, “I’m tempted, but Tess is a starter before the main event. Shall we play?”

The game was played and within 4 questions, Tess had failed to get home, and the chase was over for her. Let the evening of fun start was the wondered of everyone’s mind.

Alex asked, “Tess, what is your sexual fantasy?”

Tess replied, “Mmm. Well, Alex, I will say I don’t want any cocks in my pussy. But I do remember Rachel Riley and those sex toys, I’m happy to be destroyed by those.”

Alex spoke, “No boys Tess?”

Tess replied, “Oh sorry. Yes, I want boys. Happy for them to shoot spunk in my mouth and all over my body. Is that, OK?”

Alex explained it was OK and invited Tess to the middle of the studio and asked her to strip naked.

Tess spoke, “Oh Alex. I forgot to say. I’d love to be tied down; can we do that?”

Alex just nodded. Tess asked for help from Alex with the red dress, as the zips went on for miles.

To pull down the dress, Tess’s breasts were held in by a black bra and it was a surprise Tess rocked a tiny black G-string. Despite her ageing years to others on the show, Tess was looking HOT.

This was even more so when Tess pulled down her G-string first to show a strip of pubic hair. When her breasts were revealed, it was a surprise to see how big she was. Her love cushions were ones to be proud of. They were extremely firm and in great shape.

The production crew had opted to pull on a bed, which hadn’t been seen for a while on the show. Tess was invited to lay down, whilst her hands were tied to the headboard.

WOW. Tess asked for her legs to be tied up tighter. This meant her long slim legs were wide aside and her pussy was on full show to the audience watching.

With Tess tied down, the boys came on the stage, and one started pumping his cock between Tess’s breasts, whilst another lad started to snog the big lips of Tess. With her lipstick smearing, the lad had it all over his mouth, as he then put his cock inside Tess’s warm mouth.

Tess was swallowing an 8-inch cock and loving every second. Her big eyes were watching one cock between her tits, whilst providing a blowjob to another.

The guy between her tits was stroking his cock through her, right up to her chin, whilst pushing her breasts together. The feeling was too much for him and spunked all over Tess before he knew it. Creamy sticky juices were all over Tess’s chest and onto her neck.

After Tess had made the guy cum in her mouth, she asked, “Oh dear. These guys seem to be too excited for me. Alex, I need those sex toys. If the guys can’t stay in control, let’s just focus on the sex toys.”

Alex looked around the studio to see who was gonna do the pleasuring. All guys had disappeared. You next saw Alex touch her ear. The message from the production crew was Tess had specifically asked for Alex to do the pleasuring but had failed to mention that to the audience.

Alex spoke, “Oh Tess. I’m being told you want me to use the toys on you. Is that right?”

Tess replied, “Absolutely yes. Don’t hold back Alex. I want you to destroy my pussy with those toys.”

A box of toys appeared, and Alex delved in to discover an 8-inch vibrator. With a press of a button, it was active and heading into Tess’s pussy. With Alex now closer to Tess’s pussy, she was surprised by how wide it was, and how incredibly sexy it was.

Alex pushed the vibrator in gently at the beginning, maybe out of respect for Tess, but it didn’t take her long for Alex to use it the way, it should be used.

Little moans and groans were coming from Tess, as she took in the first sex toy. The nipples on her breasts were erecting. Her body was starting to shake, and her hands and feet which were tied were wiggling, and looking for an escape. There was no escape.

Tess moaned and groaned, “Oh my god. That feels good. So good.”

Alex kept pulsating the device into her pussy and couldn’t keep her eyes off it.

Alex asked, “Will it make you cum Tess? Or shall we go to the next one?”

Tess replied, “Just keep sticking them in me. We will see what makes me cum. You can decide.”

Alex picked out a dildo which was 9-inch long, with more width than the vibrator. With no electronic power, Alex slid it inside Tess and started pumping it in and out of her.

It was clear that Tess’s pussy could take some heavy artillery, as she did not struggle to slide it in her.

Tess moaned, “I like that, Alex. I like it. Have you got a bigger one? Is there a 12-inch? I can take a 12-inch dildo. Pump me with one of those. Please, Alex. Please.”

With a red 12-inch dildo found in the box, Alex threw away the meaningless 9-inch toy which was having a limited impact and Tess started to use a far superior device.

Alex spoke, “Do you like that, Tess? Can you feel this inside you? I can feel your pussy wrapping around this one.”

There was no response from Tess. However, her face and mouth were saying she liked it. Tess’s eyes were rolling, and she was licking her lips in pleasure.

With Alex working her pussy hard on the dildo, her feeling of pumping away was changing, as it was now getting easier and easier to do.

The audience could see the dildo was becoming more lubricated. Tess was letting her love juices go and it was what she wanted.

Tess moaned, “Oh my god. Oh god. You’ve got me, Alex. You’ve got me. I’m going to cum. Oh god, I’m going to cum.”

With a few more slides in and out of Tess’s pussy, it was done. An explosion of juices came flooding out of Tess and Alex took evasive action to make sure she wasn’t covered in Tess’s cum.

Tess moaned, “Fuck yes. Oh Yes. I needed that. I so needed that.”

Alex asked if Tess wanted to cum again. The answer was a enormous yes.

For the next few minutes, the toy kept working its magic.

Alex hadn’t directly touched Tess at this point, but in seeing her cum, she wanted to see it again and see if she could get Tess off and make her go into orgasm.

Two fingers of Alex’s were now rubbing Tess’s clit, and this was working extremely well. Tess was wriggling around more and more. Despite her being tied up, she was moving as much as she could.

Visually, Tess’s breasts looked like they were growing. Her long legs were glowing with sweat and her pussy which was as wide as it could be was now throwing out love juices all over the place.

Alex spoke, “Cum for me Tess Daly. I love your clit. I love seeing your pussy juices.”

It was a fine sight for the host to see first-hand, this tall blonde bombshell let go of her good work.

After the chaos of the last show, Alex felt like she was in control as the presenter. To look across at Amy, Cheryl & Mollie, she had a wondered and hoped all of them wanted her to get them off personally.

Tess was now breathing heavily and could take no more.


The Daly had delivered again as juices gushed out and covered her shiny and sticky legs.

Alex spoke, “Fantastic Tess. Great stuff. I love seeing you cum. So sexy.”

Tess was taking in deep breaths, as Alex quickly inserted a vibrator back in, as she turned to the camera to take the show into its first break of the night.

Part 2

Alex spoke, “Welcome back to part 2. I’m down to 3 contestants and Tess has safely been removed from the toys.”

Alex went on to say the next contestant was the posh totty, Mollie King, from the pop band The Saturdays.

Mollie looked stunning and was by far the best-dressed contestant that night. She was wearing a pencil skirt and a clever little blouse. Her petite frame looked spot on, and Alex looked extremely pleased to see her on the show.

Mollie spoke, “Hi Alex. Lovely to meet you.”

Alex replied, “Wow. Mollie King. I must tell you; I’ve fingered myself so many times thinking about you, I reckon I’ve lost a pint of love juices.”

Molly smiled and replied, “That’s a lovely thing to say, Alex. It’s always great when people are smiling. I’m pleased I bring joy to your life.”

Alex didn’t know what to say, all she knew was Mollie was better in real life than what she had watched on the TV and internet.

The quiz was played, and Mollie got 1 answer right on the bonus builder. There was a surprise when Sean offered her an extremely high offer of 100K. The beauty of Mollie teased him, but he knew it was never at risk. Mollie went for that offer and got caught instantly.

Alex asked, “So sexy Mollie, what is your sexual fantasy.”

Mollie replied, “Fucked up the ass by six guys in one night.”

With a gasp from the audience, Alex asked again as if she didn’t hear the answer.

Mollie repeated, “Fucked up the ass by six guys in one night.”

Mollie didn’t wait for Alex to say anything and ripped her top off and little bra to let her small breasts and pert nipples spring upwards.

Next, she pulled down her pencil skirt to reveal no pants. Mollie’s pussy was cleanly shaven, but very little was shown as she headfirst down on the studio floor. She moved her knees in a little, so her pert little ass was hanging in the air.

The guys waiting in the wings were all naked and stroking their cocks in the excitement of entering Mollie from behind and smacking their cock and balls into her.

With Mollie’s ass ready the first guy put his hands on her bum cheeks and pushed them aside to get a greater sight of her anal hole. It was small and he couldn’t see how his 7-inch cock would fit, but he was all the time gonna try.

Mollie spoke, “Just slam it into me. It will open. It just needs a solid cock shoved into it.”

The guy slid his cock inside her little ass hole and once he got 3-inches, more slipped in easier.

The guy spoke, “Oh my god. Your ass feels so good.

Mollie replied, “Less talking, more fucking please.”

It was clear what Mollie wanted, it was something she liked and to go on the show, she just wanted lots of it in double quick time.

Mollie demanded that if they were working it, their cock stayed inside it. If it wasn’t they moved aside and let another stick it in her. Mollie didn’t need them to cum, but if they did, they did. What she wanted was balls slamming against her ass and the feeling of a big hard cock inside her anal hole.

For the full section of Mollie’s time on the show, only a few seconds ever existed between the time of cocks not pounding her ass, as one guy moved aside for another.

The fourth guy inside her ass exploded his sticky spunk within twenty seconds of being inside.

Mollie spoke, “Thank you. That will make it easier for more of you to squeeze in. Next one please.”

The look on Mollie’s face rarely changed. She was smiling, she was groaning and moaning a little, but in general, was composed and loving the ass fucking.

Each guy’s balls were slamming against his tiny ass of Mollie as momentum was built up. Towards the end of her time, more and more of the guys emptied their ball sacks of creamy spunk inside her ass. Every time, Mollie said thank you.

The cocks varied in size, but Mollie appeared to be able to take every single one. One which was 10-inches long and well above the average width was a tight squeeze, but she took every inch of it.

The 10-inch guy’s cock was in and out of her pussy for a good 3 minutes, and Mollie remained in full control of her sexual emotions.

Once the guys had all had a go, a couple of them had a few turns inside her again. Mollie thanked them for their efforts and said she enjoyed it immensely.

Alex spoke, “Hope you continue to enjoy the show. I’m thinking Mollie won’t be walking straight for a few days. But wow, who knew that little ass would take so much cock.”

With Mollie lifting herself in the background, her cute little body staggered off the stage a little slower than when she walked on. A member of production looked to help, but she was fine.

You could see spunk dribbling down her leg, and her little ass looked a bit sore. It was a fine sight, in seeing Mollie King doing anal, and everyone looked surprised at how normal the whole act looked.

Alex spoke, “After the break, we are back with Amy and Cheryl. Join us then for more fun on The Chase.”

Part 3

Alex spoke, “We’re back and no surprise, 2 down and 2 to go. Up next is Amy Walsh from Emmerdale fame.”

Amy famed for her acting work and the little sister of Kimberley Walsh, from the same band as Cheryl, looked hot.

To follow the little figure of Mollie, she knew she was a real woman and had every curve in the book.

Amy’s breasts were held in by a tight jumper, and she had opted to wear a pair of trousers, which everyone anticipated were never going to be on for long.

The game was played, and Amy had done extremely well with 7 correct answers. Sean offered 100k and a low offer of 2k.

Amy, like everyone before her, and wishing to get to the sexual fantasy soon, went high. Sadly, she was caught immediately, as Sean got every answer right and Amy nothing.

Alex asked, “Amy. You look red hot. Please go to the middle of the stage and tell me what your fantasy is?”

Amy was known for her breasts bouncing around in tight jumpers on Emmerdale and her big lips were a family trait, and it was great when the assets she had were part of the fantasy.

Amy spoke, “I want boys to cum all over my tits and I want to make as many of them, as I possibly can, explode in my mouth.”

Alex asked, “No cocks inside your pussy or ass, or any oral action?”

Amy replied, ‘Sorry Alex, not today. I’ve been having so much sex with my husband recently, that we agreed that to come on the show, only the boys will be cumming.”

With a gang of at least a dozen guys appearing in the wings, Amy started to take her jumper off. Her tits were big, and the guys couldn’t wait for her to strip.

Amy’s white bra was removed with helping hands. With a guy behind her unclipping it, two guys’ mouths were over a breast each, as they licked her hard nipples.

Another guy was between her legs to pull down her trousers and started to munch on her pants. He then pulled them down off her.

Amy spoke, “You don’t need me naked. I want to swoll your cocks and see them between my tits?”

Alex spoke, “Sorry Amy. You must be naked on this show.”

Amy replied, “I don’t mind that, but hurry up lads. I’m a northern lass, I want to get messy.”

Amy now naked was laid on her back, as a guy with his 8-inch cock now pushed between her tits, as she squeezed them together.

As one cock was stroking through her breasts, another 8-inch cock was taken into Amy’s mouth.

The guy’s cock was being licked up and down by her tongue and then sucked on hard, as Amy worked her magic on making him cum.

After a few minutes, spunk had exploded, and Amy opened her mouth to release his cock and let the cum dribble out which she hadn’t swollen.

She waved her hand for another guy’s cock to come forward. Another cock was quickly taken down Amy’s throat, as one between her tits was now done. Sticky spunk exploded over her tits.

This led to Amy sucking harder on the one she had in her mouth, and she beckoned another between her tits.

For fifteen minutes, and 10 guys later, they had all exploded their loads either inside Amy’s mouth or over her tits.

Every single guy looked pleasured and well happy that they got Amy Walsh action on the show that evening.

Alex asked, “Are you OK Amy? You’ve got a fair few full loads of spunk there.”

With Amy wiping her mouth, to allow her to reply, she said it was fun and would keep going if she could.

Alex replied, “Sorry Amy. We’re tight on time. A bit like your pussy from the angle I’ve got.”

The view Alex had was perfect, Amy had her legs spread wide throughout her sex fantasy and she had wondered her husband was a very lucky lad banging that pussy to pieces every day.

Alex took the show into the break and whispered into Amy’s ear a clear message.

She liked watching Amy give head to boys, covered in spunk, and being fucked. Alex said if she wanted to cum without a cock near her, she was the girl for making it happen.

Part 4

Alex spoke, “Hello. Let me introduce my last contestant, Cheryl Cole.”

Cheryl walked onto the stage in a little pair of black boots, a short black skirt and a flimsy-looking red top, which her tiny breasts were showing two little pert nipples from the excitement which had gone before.

Cheryl got on with her cash builder and achieved 4 correct answers, before the entrance of the chaser Sean.

We knew now that this was the contestant Sean was looking forward to the most and was ready to offer an extremely high offer.

Alex asked, “So Sean, happy to see Cheryl hey. What is your high offer?”

“500K to strip naked now and play the game with me watching you with my cock in my hand.”

A sharp breath was taken in by the audience, whilst grins crossed the faces of both Alex and Cheryl.

Alex asked, “You will offer 500K so you can have a wank whilst looking down at Cheryl naked?”

“YES. Low offer, £1,000 if you want to get to the final game. Either way, we know you will be naked, but let me have some fun whilst we play.”

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